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on August 10, 2015
So I know next to nothing about buying a garbage disposal, for the past ten years I’ve lived in huge cities and haven’t had any room (or necessity for that matter) to purchase one. Having recently bought a house, all that has changed. From dishwasher to washer to dryer to garbage disposal, I’m having to educate myself about them and purchase them with informed decision making skills. Yikes.

With the garbage disposal shopping, I quickly learned that the big brands are Waste King and Sinkerator and that those were the two best places to start. After going over several models and two trips to two separate best buys (who, by the way, really need to amp up their customer service model) I cheated and had my mom choose one for me. Sue me. So she chose this particular brand, and wow—it works really well, I can’t believe how easy it makes my life. I can put bones, and tough food products down the disposal, and it makes cooking really simple. Go figure.

Update: As an aside, I also learned from my research that the best way to clean my disposal is to use citric acid. Having previously had no idea what citric acid was used for, I decided to order some from Amazon, going with the brand my sister uses: Citric Acid Powder - Ultra Fine Pure Powdered Crystals - Natural Preservative Food Grade Quality (16 oz) and gave it a whirl after 3 months of using my disposal. I let the citric acid sit with some water in the disposal for about ten minutes, and then I let it run for a solid 2 minutes. I repeated the procedure a few times and after about 30 minutes—wow, all the leftover gunk and food was flushed out of the disposal, leaving it clean with a very mild citrus scent. I feel like I’m becoming a real DIY at home kind of guy.
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on February 20, 2015
This thing is exactly as everyone else has described. I, like many others, replaced an old ISE Badger with this unit, and it's heads and shoulders above in quality, function, quietness, etc. It grinds everything in seconds (as opposed to batting it around in the chamber for multiple cycles like the Badger). The original plumbing from the Badger lined right up and worked the first time. I'm very pleased with this item... although, there is one thing that I want to note; I read somewhere that if you use the EZ mount system that comes with it, you won't need plumber's putty - one can just use the gasket. This is true ONLY if using a flat lipped SS sink, and even then the rubber seal is optional as opposed to the putty (you can use only one, the putty or the seal with a SS sink, but not both). It's better said that you WILL need plumber's putty, and if you have a stainless steel sink, you have the option to use the thin rubber gasket (I'd use plumber's putty). Other than that minor detail (which made me take an unexpected run to our local hardware store), this unit is great. The one last thing I will say is around quietness. I've read some reviews that talk about how quiet or not quiet it is. I don't understand the desire to have an ultra-quiet garbage disposal. I mean, one needs to run water while the run the disposal, and a full-blast of the faucet going into a spinning basket creates a notable level of sound anyway, plus I want to be able to hear the load of the disposal so I can know when it's clear. This unit is by no means noisy, but I just don't see the desire to go ultra-quiet. Again, this big-boy Waste King is awesome.
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on September 20, 2016
I'll admit it. I had not heard of Waste King and was nervous about buying anything outside the top two brands (ISE and Kitchen Aid). The low price and positive reviews convinced me to give it a try. So far, so great! After nearly a year of use, the unit still works flawlessly and has never jammed.

At one point, I did have a leak that I eventually determined was due to improper installation. (This was by the same "professional" plumber who reversed the hot and cold supply lines when installing a kitchen faucet. He just didn't connect the drain hose properly.) While investigating the issue, I called Waste King to inquire about possible in-home service or warranty replacement. I was blown away by their level of customer service: no waiting on hold, just an immediate connection to a person who really knew the product and was unexpectedly diligent in resolving my problem -- which, as it turns out, wasn't even their fault.
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on January 18, 2015
Quite easy to install!

leaked after 5 years,
1/2 horse power,
about the same weight as King 1Hp
louder than King

King sink ring is made of plastic so won't rust but may get scratched easier when moving pots in the sink.
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on September 15, 2016
Moving from the half horse badger up to this bad boy was a good move. Oddly enough it is quieter, but the power is there. It sounds much deeper when running. In some strange way, it reminds me of a lawnmower. I put watermelon rinds down it as a first test. They were pulverized and then vanished within seconds.
Great value, easy installation on a stainless sink.
Buy this one!

*update* -1 star
after several uses, one flaw becomes evident: the throat of the mounting hardware is a bit narrower than the insinkerator. The splash guard is stiff and sits much lower into the disposal as well, meaning that waste may have to be a bit smaller to get in. I have had to "help" pretty much everything get into the grinding chamber which is not ideal. We all do it, we use a spoon or dish brush to push the food down while the disposal is on. That said, results are awesome once waste does get in there. I put several whole over-ripe bananas down it tonight. No problem at all. Peels, stalks, and all.
I know there is a kit that allows the use of the old insinkerator mount, but I paid for new, so I am using the new hardware.
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on September 19, 2016
I bought this disposal when it was a lightning deal. (87.00) It has been the best disposal I have ever owned so far,

1. Easy to install.
2. Comes with (almost) everything needed to install.
2a. In my case the wiring was not via a plug. I had to use a pigtail and add a strain relief to the disposal.
3. It is much quieter than my previous disposal.
4. This thing is 1HP! and will eat anything within reason that you can throw at it.

1. I would have liked to see it come with a strain relief since they are so cheap but one was easily acquired at Lowes.
2. Even tho it is a great disposal - I think the everyday price is a bit much. Add it to your list and get it when on sale. (It seems to go on sale quite often.)
3. The fitting that connects my dish waster to the disposal was a little bit larger than my old disposal. Due to this - I had to purchase a larger hose clamp. (Not their fault but something to keep in mind as you plan your install.)

Even with the cons I still have to give it 5 stars due to the ease of install vs others. The noise level and warranty play a huge factor as well.
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on August 14, 2016
This entire experience was just incredible. I ordered the disposal from my Amazon app on the sidelines of my son's football game about 11am on a Saturday morning. With Amazon's same day delivery, I'm not sure how long it actually took to get to my house, but it was waiting for me when we got home at 8:15pm. After we got settled, I dug in to look at what I would need to get from Lowe's the next day to install this thing. After reviewing the instructions, it turns out the package has everything I needed. I did not already have a disposer, but luckily for me there is a pre-wired switched outlet under my sink and all the existing PVC drains are hand-tighten type. In fact, I was able to configure my existing drain pipe to accommodate the new disposer without any cutting or purchasing of new pieces The instructions state that the new sink drain comes with a gasket that does not need putty with a stainless steel sink (again, lucky for me). if you have a different kind of sink, putty will need to be used.

My dishwasher is already plumbed into the drain under the sink, so I did not utilized the dishwasher drain feature on the disposal. There is a plug installed in that drain from the factory. If you want to use this, you just simply pop the plug out and installation looks very easy.

Installing the unit was as easy as it gets. remove the existing drain, install the new drain. Once the drain is installed the unit uses a quick connect coupling, with a quarter turn twist it's installed. attach the drain, plug it in and boom you're ready to grind some slop. From start of project to cleanup, the whole thing took about 50 minutes.

Operation is nice and relatively quiet compared to other disposers I've been around. Plenty of power as it made quick work of a couple old lemons I had in the fridge without slowing down or sounding like it was straining!

Overall a great experience and In less than 12 hours from placing the order, I had a garbage disposal installed in my kitchen.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon May 28, 2016
We bought this Waste King L-8000 Legend Series 1.0 Horsepower garbage disposal during a lightening deal, to install in our new home that didn't have one...

I used to sell appliances and Waste King was the number one brand we'd recommend. They use stainless steel for parts many other brands have gone to plastic for. They're also the only garbage disposal manufacturer who boasts a lifetime in home service guarantee— Hard to beat!

If you've had an apartment disposal before, you've probably dealt with your share of problems with clogging or breaking. Usually, most property management companies are now installing a one quarter to one third horse disposal. Nicer rental units have a half to three quarter horse which can handle much more with less issues.

This unit is a full horsepower so it's roughly twice the strength, durability, and size of most in apartments. Having previously been a property manager, our maintenance team always advised residents to never put peels of any kind, especially onion, potato, etc into their disposals.

We also advised against ice (some say it sharpens the blades but that's a myth) and rice or pasta because starchy foods thicken and make it harder for the disposal to operate.

To freshen up a funky smelling kitchen, you can run food through it with a bit of dish soap and the smell of the dish soap will permeate your kitchen and not harm your disposal. Back to the unit...

If my husband had everything he needed for install, it'd have taken him well under an hour. He Googled the product name and found a YouTube video on install since he hadn't installed one before.

Since we didn't already have a disposal, he had to run to the store for fittings and a hack saw. He has no experience with plumbing and had no issues installing it.

Very quiet (for a one horsepower model). Works quickly and easily, without hesitation. We've had ours for four months without problems and are quite happy with our purchase. I'll update this review later down the road should any issues arise but can recommend this model from experience in selling it.

Solid quality, well made, built to last. We didn't have returns on these and the manufacturer service is great if you do ever need it. Smile. Hope this is helpful!
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on September 14, 2016
HUGE unit but installed very easily and well with the adapter. No leaks and it just works. Dropped a star because the thing is easily twice the size of my original insinkerator but only a bit more power. Also not THAT much more quiet. instead of a loud clacky grinding it sort of hum-grinds now.

Also, what the heck is up with the three-prong wall outlet? I am glad they said you can direct wire it and allow you to take the bottom panel off, but i ended up cutting the prong off completely and hard wiring it into my junction box like the old insinkerator was. (MAKE SURE TO TEST WITH MULTIMETER IF YOU DO THIS) runs great. easy install.
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on September 29, 2015
So far so good.

After the plumber installed our disposer and turned it on to test it, it was like a 747 landing in the kitchen; however, after all the other junk I keep under the sink was replaced, the sound is really not too bad - kind of a "rolling thunder in the far distance" sound. (Plumber explained that our existing SS sink does not have a lot of insulation on the underside, hence the amplification of the sound. Fortunately, I keep quite a bit of "stuff" under the sink (dishwasher detergent, boxed pans I don't use often on adjacent shelves, dish detergent, trash bags, box of SOS pads, etc. and by the time I got it all back in place I had plenty of sound attenuation.)

DO buy the recommended stopper. Our plumber anticipated leaving the Kitchen Aid SS ring and stopper from the old disposer. (This one is chrome - shiny, but that will go away I'm afraid.) Old ring could not remain so I will order a better stopper. The one that comes with this Waste King 8000 is like something from the 1920's - rubber circle with a knob on top. Surely WK could add $1-2 to the price and provide something with a little more class, given the emphasis we are all putting on our kitchens these days. (I hope the one recommended by Amazon to go with this unit is of a higher quality.)
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