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on February 13, 2016
Time: The first 1-12 LED's are the hour markers... Second 10-50 are the ten minute markers... The 1-9 are the minute markers...
Setting time: Hold down the smaller button with a sharper object. The first set of LED's will flash. Use the regular button to set the hour. To switch from AM to PM, cycle through the 12 LED lights. Press the smaller button again to switch to the ten minute setting. Use the regular button again to set the ten minute setting. Press the small button again to switch to the single minute setting. Use the regular button to set the minute. Boom. Time set.
Press the small button again and it'll switch to the date. Similar directions for setting the date.
Date: The first 1-12 LED's are the month markers... Second 10-30 are the ten day markers... The 1-9 are the single day markers...

Also, if you can't get the LED lights to turn on after you've messed with it. Calm down. Just hold the button down and it'll light up.
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on January 24, 2014
Holy cripes, It took almost 2.5 months from the time I ordered it till it got here.

What the hell was the hold up.

I picture this. one guy hiding near the great wall of China get a message from pidgeon hand written in a language he doesnt understand yeet, so he has to learn it. After he learns the language he can see it's my fricking order. Then he has to borrow a pick axe from his brother in law a few villages over and climb a mountain to get the raw materials needed to make the watch. After he learns to smelt and all that jazz. he teaches himself how to Basric Eletrik watch maker? Which of course he has to go to the university for in america. then after all this time he graduates with "Skills" to make my kick ass watch. Then after he makes it. he rows rows rows his boat to flipping Florida. and delivers it to my place.

BY THE WAY, No Manual showing how to program it.
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on December 15, 2013
Well I really did like the style of the watch. I guess I was hoping that instead of lighting up every 10 min or at the press of a button it would've just stayed on. Although I do see the problems in having it on all the time: could be very distracting to some people, very battery draining (which I'll get to in a sec), various personal preferences so I guess it was at a good compromise. Due to personal preference I won't really dock any points, just thought it was worth mentioning.
I did dock half a star because the main part would come off of the wtist strap. Sure its a cheap watch and I knew that when I bought it, and to be honest it was a quick fix. I wouldn't have cared if it happened occasionally or after rough care, but it happened frequently and easily came apart. But like I said its a cheap watch and a quick fix, so only half a star.
Now to the battery, after - oh... 1 month of having it it stopped working. Dis-a-ppointing.
Minus 1 star

Also worth mentioning

I read that the lights flood over into the next number so you can't get an accurate time - False. Sure some lights do cross over, but its mere ambient light, the LED light that is on is a lot sharper and brighter than the one that it "leaks" into.

I did get a lot of people compliment me on it. Although I did limit it to certain crowds as one should do

The part that you tighten the watch with was frustrating, at least to me. I found it was annoying to take off. After fiddling with it for 2 minutes the watch part would end up detatching itself from the wrist strap... *sigh*.

All in all
I recommend this product, even if it does work only for a month
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on January 30, 2016
Just got it through the snail mail. Replaced the batteries immediately because I knew the originals wouldn't work. Set the time using the instructions. So far so good. It lights up really cool and has the wow factor. So now only time will tell if it lasts or not. Get the pun?
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on March 15, 2014
Received the watch in the mail, packing was sufficient. Firstly the thing lit up, upon pushing the buttons and attempting to follow the instructional, within 3 minutes the batteries died. I went to the store and purchased 2 CR2016 batteries to replace the defunct units. Within 10 minutes, while attempting to set time, etc., the batteries were dead. The instructions are difficult to understand and for the most part useless. I bought this thing just for the heck of it, it looked sort of neat...I am certainly glad I didn't spend more than I did on this thing. I do NOT recommend this item to anyone. CAVEAT EMPTOR!
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on December 3, 2014
I love quirky things and this was right on point. The only down size I have for this watch is it doesn't come with instructions on how to set it. I had to hand it over to my IT Department at work to set it for me. People thinks it's a very interesting and cool item especially with on the new risk wearable that or hitting the market these days. Frankly, this is more affordable and a get conversation starter. I'm not sure how long this is going to last but the price it's lasted longer already than I expected upon purchase.
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on December 5, 2013
I went looking for a new watchband for my favorite wristwatch. Instead, I got this for a lark. Less than $10? Couldn't refuse!

First, complaints: The band feels really cheap, though it looks decent. It's hard to set on-the-fly without a pen or other object - the setting button is recessed. The band is extra-wide, so it may be difficult to find a replacement (haven't had to look yet).

Now, compliments: It looks *really cool*! Nice, clean look. Bright LEDs! I've gotten comments on it from perhaps 20 people in the three weeks I've worn it. It wears well, too - considering its size and shape, not uncomfortable for me at all. And definitely eye-catching! So far, I haven't experienced the low-battery symptom others have complained about - but for $7, I would still consider it a win if I had to buy a new $3 battery, too. And, even though the face is glass, and it's lasted through both days of construction work and of being shoved in pockets and backs - not a scratch yet.
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on June 19, 2013
This watch is really cool. Getting the time set is a bit difficult, and thankfully I had a small jeweler's screwdriver to depress the second button required to set the time. Once set, it is fun to watch the watch. All of the lights light up when the first button is pressed (sequentially), then the ones not used to display the current time turn off (also sequentially), and it makes for a nice visual effect. Several of my friends now want one of these now after seeing mine.

UPDATE on 7-02-2013: I ordered 4 more of these items to give to friends, received the 4 new watches, and am giving them out now. They are such a hit, and so affordable, I've already ordered an additional 6 more of these watches.
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on October 21, 2015
Don't bother buying this "futuristic Japanese" led watch because my had no future. I set the time then I set the date then I just had to switch from am to pm and... the watch broke. Paid only $5 and it lasted 5 minutes. I opened it and tried to fix it or reseting it by removing and reinstaling the battery but its futuristic and advanced technology would not allow me to do so.
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on June 20, 2016
Nice little gadget if you wanted a cool way to tell the time! Relatively cheap as well! The strap for the watch is fake leather but it does hold up pretty well though every day use. The actual watch itself utilizes individual LED bulbs to light up the time.
Although, wear and tear is a given, the watch itself lasted for about a year and then died. But, for something like this thats under 20 dollars.. It deserves this rating for me at least!
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