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on October 19, 2012
THE WATCHMAN OF EPHRAIM (Cris De Niro, Book 1) by Gerard de Marigny is an intense and sometimes disturbing book that will awaken your every emotion conceivable. Our main character, billionaire Cristiano De Niro, suffers the unimaginable loss of pregnant wife and soul mate, Lisa, in the terrorist attacks on September 11th. Cris is left to raise his two sons as a single father while he mourns his loss and tries to come to terms with a world that changed on that day. What is born of his loss is "The Watchman Agency": A counter-terrorism agency with endless resources and team of mostly ex-military heroes intent on keeping America safe from further terrorist attacks. Fast paced action coupled with the fear of what has been in the past and could be again will keep you turning pages. This book is filled with references of the main character's faith. There were times while reading this book that I was as conflicted as the main character. Well done Mr. de Marigny.
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on June 4, 2013
This was one of the sloppiest-written books I have ever seen. The text not only contained an extreme number of typographical errors and punctuation errors, some of them egregious (the coffee chain is not "Starkbucks"), but also misplaced synonyms (e.g., "peaked" over the car; "poured" over the map, etc.), but was also hindered by confusing phrasing in many places. Usually, these types of errors (even in lesser quantities) in a book are such a distraction to me that I stop reading. And yet, in this case, despite the errors, I enjoyed the story and the characters. So this author does have talent, but he should invest in both a copy editor and a proofreader. Why mask talent with these easily-correctible errors? After all, the English language is simply a communications system with certain conventions that make the message between the sender and the receiver easily understood. If this particular book had been, say, a computer program targeting a missile, the missile would have ended up in Topeka instead of Tehran. I do look forward to the author's subsequent books, but hope that they are not as gramatically or otherwise challenged as the first one. I appreciate that the above is only talking the talk -- so that I am also walking the walk, I will make an open offer to the author to proofread this book, for free and with the proper releases, so that subsequent readers can achieve full enjoyment and the author's talent can shine through without distraction. Just message me here, send me a hard copy of the manuscript, and I will have it back within a week.
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on May 31, 2016
As a reader of and avid fan of geopolitical thrillers, I found this author's plot imaginative and just plan good. (I liked his motivational blogs as well.) The world we live in is increasingly violent and ugly. This is a timeout from that setting. I simply cannot believe that there is nothing we an do about heinous hatred and violence. The most disturbing thing to me is that changing these acts is not something that can be done by politicians and laws. The change has to originate in each human heart and be a result of a code of morality learned by Judeo-Christian study. As we know that is not something that is valued globally. In fact it is very hard to find anywhere. Our churches are empty. Our families are broken. Many times we are amoral. We are fast becoming what we soon shall be. As a daily reader of the Bible, I believe. In closing, the mindset of the author, represents an acorn. And we all know the result that planting such an acorn can have, if we give it the nurturing it needs. Loved the book and look forward to reading more of them this summer in our reclusive summer home in the Outer Hebrides. Keep up your wonderful work Gerard!
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on August 11, 2014
This is the first is a series of action adventure books about a group called The Watchman Of Ephraim based on a Bible verse that describes those who watch over the land. Cris De Niro was a high powered head of a major hedge fund until he lost his wife and unborn son in the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11. It was after this event that he bought a group of experts together to create a super counter-terrorism agency.

Their first encounter involves a planned nuke attack over Las Vegas. Iranians, Mexicans and Russians are all involved. Strange gatherings of many people on the Mexican boarder alert the team to possible trouble, but they had to act fast to protect the country and De Niro's remaining family.

I really liked the theme and action of this story. The idea of legal justice and/or moral justice was interesting. Reminds me of some other TV shows and books that follow along this same theme which always conflicts me, but never looses my interest. I listened to the audio which added a lot to the emotions evoked with this story.
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on March 22, 2012
"The Watchman of Ephraim," was a ride. I love every minute I spent with the story and characters. I found myself getting choked up with the description of the events of 9/11. I was totally drawn into the story and couldn't put the book down.
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This wasn't a bad novel at all, but it isn't one of my favorites. There were somethings that just didn't sit well with me and maybe because I felt there was personal agenda by the author hidden within the story. When I think of how to describe this book, I would have to say it has an Avengers (without the powers of course) type of feel. Maybe even a bit of an Alex Cross or Bond feel, too. Another thing I found interesting is how the main character just always seemed to have at his fingers a way to solve his problem no matter what was thrown in his way. He just got our of trouble a bit to easily in my mind. Granted the man has millions of dollars, but still it just seemed the right people or opportunity was just around the corner. I mean how much luck can someone really have?

This novel is enjoyable and entertaining. Just not on my list of top novel series to read. I may read the rest of the series one day, but I'm not dying to pick up the next book like I do with other series out there.
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on May 21, 2014
The Watchman grabbed my interest from the very first chapter. The action never stopped. I found the crossover from real life places and events to his fictional twists fantastic. It was one of the books that once I picked it up to read, I did not want to put it down. I have already purchased the rest of the books in the series to avoid any down time between them.
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on September 18, 2014
I was pleased to find the story to be such a exciting adventure. I like the characters and the storyline.. I would recommend this author and his books to anyone that like good action adventure stories.
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on September 19, 2011
This book enveloped me in from the beginning. The first chapter in this book really gets the reader emotionally involved with the main character Cris. Cris is a billionaire that lost his wife on 9/11. Flash forward 10 years. This book chronicles Cris's life, personally and professionally. Cris deals with issues of the heart as well as the desire to avenge his wife's death. I do hope that Gerard includes Cris in future stories. Cris is the "hero" that one looks for in a main character.

I have been an avid Nelson DeMille fan for the past 4 years. I enjoy his fast paced, political thrillers with engaging characters. This book not only provides the reader with thrills and adventure. But it also provides the reader with the emotional connection with the characters. If you are a Nelson DeMille fan, you will like Gerard De Marigny and the way that he writes.

The Watchman of Ephraim is written with fluidity and balance. The reader is taken from chapter to chapter in just the right sequence that you are able to continue your thoughts and feelings for the storyline and characters. Actually, it causes you not to put the book down.

Another thing that I appreciate is that the finale provided me with closure. I am a reader that gets so emotionally attached to the characters that an abrupt ending causes me to feel less loyal to the author. Especially when researching what future books to read.
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on December 8, 2013
This is the start to a great new series. Gerard de Marigny has created a group of people you will like and care about. Once you read this book you will rush out to get the next. I would rank him with Silva, Flynn and Thor.
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