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on June 11, 2013
This meter has a few problems that I'm going to pint out, but that being said, I've been able to make very good use of the unit I purchased here. First thing I want to point out is that, in spite of what other reviewers have said, this unit does NOT have batteries. The reason folks have gotten that impression is that the maker has installed some back up capacitors to maintain readings and calibration when moving the meter from it's operational location to a place where it can be calibrated. Capacitors act somewhat like batteries, but hold their charge for a much shorter time. Some reviewers have said that it loses accuracy as the batteries go dead. This is because the voltage falls off much faster near the end of a charge on a capacitor than on a battery.

Issue #2: I've never seen a ph probe that didn't require that it be stored in a solution of some type, the most common, and the best, being Potassium Chloride, and this is what every meter's ph tip I've ever purchased came packed in. The solution is placed in the protective tip cover and keeps the tip wet. This meter had no solution in the tip cover, at all. There did appear to be a bit of crystallization around the glass bulb, indicating that solution may have been present and had dried up. But, if a probe is dry for very long, it becomes totally inaccurate, yet this probe seems to be working properly. If these probes do not require being stored in solution, that would be a huge plus, but I can't be certain of this, as I've never heard of such a probe when consulting experts at the manufacturer's tech support, and here is where another problem arises--lack of support.

Issue #3: The manufacturer of the unit isn't identified, other than to say that it's made in China, and the company that is selling it won't tell me if they have designed the meter and commissioned its build in China, or if they are buying a generic meter offered by some unidentified Chinese distributor. so, if yo have problems with it, expect NO support, other than the offer of an exchange under warranty by the seller. And when the probe dies, as all ph probes do, getting another one from the seller, or the maker, will likely be impossible. However, as the probe connects via a BNC connector to the meter, any other brand of probe can be substituted when the need arises, which it will.

Issue # 3: In spite of the fact that the instructions say to calibrate this meter using the 6.8 calibration screw and the 4.0 calibration screw, the meter has only the 6.8 screw. Every other meter I've ever seen calls this the 7.0 calibration screw, and the instructions that come with this meter even call for a 6.8 calibration solution. However, the 7.0 works just fine with the meter. You won't need to search the planet for 6.8 solution. How does it work with only a single calibration point? Not that well, as when I get it calibrated at 7.0 and then ask it to read the 4.0 calibration solution, it's off by about 2 tenths. However, this isn't a huge error, and the ph of soil or hydro solutions isn't written in stone and can vary over quite a wide range without harming your plants, and when I put this meter's probe in my nutrient tank alongside of the probe from my more costly NutraDip Trimeter ( http://www.amazon.com/ND1100042-Nutra-Dip-continuous-meter-Temperature/dp/B0001XGQ2C/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1370978825&sr=8-3&keywords=trimeter , WHICH IS NOW ALSO BEING MADE BY HANNA IN EXACTLY THE SAME FORM ( http://www.amazon.com/Hanna-Instruments-Tri-Meter-PPM-TEMP/dp/B0012BMEVY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1370978953&sr=8-2&keywords=trimeter ), I get an identical reading, though this meter reads to 2 decimals instead of the Trimeters single decimal point, which is nice. It's also worth noting that there is a rubber slip cover on the unit that appears not to come off, but it will slide over the temp/EC probe if you stretch it. This cover has a second set of 2 holes below the one for the 7.0 adjusting screw, which would indicate that there is a more advanced version of the meter out there with as many as 3 calibration points and screws for ph. There is also a hole for a 2nd calibration screw in the EC area of the meter. I've asked the seller to ask the maker about this and to tell me if there is a higher grade of the meter being made. They offered no answer, at all!

So, if you are experienced with ph meters, have a bit of technical knowledge and possess a good green thumb, this meter can work for you, and even save you a few bucks over the other trimeters out there. However, it's only a few bucks saved, and it just may not be worth messing with for that little savings, when the guys at NutriDip make a great meter and will give you excellent support, even via phone, if you can deal with the time difference to Australia, where the meter is made. I own 2 NutriDip Trimeters and have never had a complaint about either. I even had one that was in use outdoors get it's plastic case melted a bit by the intense central California sun. It still worked fine, and they replaced the case for me--no charge! And Hanna now make an identical meter here in the states, or at least the company's offices & support are in the states. But, personally, I like the support at NutriDip better. Happy farming!
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on August 14, 2015
This item does not work properly I can calibrate it but when I drop the probe into my water tank it goes to 1. Only thing I can think is maybe its not meant for a 45 gallon tank of water? Also there's no 4.0 calibration screw and the 7.0 gets stuck and it's hard to turn. I can pull a cup of water out of my tank and test it but I can't put the probe in the tank it won't get the reading as soon as it touches a large body of water it just goes to a 1 on the screen. This item is 100% worthless to me if I can't leave it in my tank of water to constantly monitor the pH.
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on April 2, 2016
I got this meter to keep track of a hydroponic system' reservoir. Let me tell you; it is GREAT. My only issue with it has been an issue that most water quality meters are affected by; electronic interference (in my case from the ballast of my lights). Which causes the meter to inaccurately measure the salinity (only while the lights are on, and plugged into the same outlet). Even with the interference occuring; ppm is the only measurement affected; and the problem is solved completely by switching the lights off while I take my readings.
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on March 20, 2016
I bought one, within a week the glass prob fell off. They sent me a new one , same this happened the PH prob glass came off again. Super bad quality .
Don't waste your time or money, spend a little extra and get a good one.

Went with the Blue Lab...... Much better.
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on August 30, 2013
Have had this working in my tank for about 3 months...It does need calibrating, and as part of regular maintenance it should be recalibrated regularly meaning you should have calibrating solutions on hand...It works great and is extremely accurate once calibrated. The price cant be beat. Its easy to read and has not given me any problems since day one. Well worth the purchase and am actually thinking of getting another for my second tank instead of moving it for the readings.
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on May 4, 2016
Would not buy again. Returned. Would not calibrate correctly. Instructions leave lot to be desired as is often the case when they are translated from another language. Carrying case damaged, missing one latch
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on April 7, 2017
PH meter didn't work from day 1...didn't hold calibration.
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on October 25, 2016
Did not calibrate properly for pH. Never even got to use the product.
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on May 28, 2015
Never worked upon arrival. Set screw was broken and could not adjust at all. As many others have said the probe was not kept in any type of gel and obviously wouldn't read at all
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on March 14, 2015
For the price I thought it would of lasted longer it started flashing and not calculating properly after about 1 year not a good buy purchase something that will last especially for this price.
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