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on April 19, 2015
First, my expectations were fully met. I wanted to have a similar experience in swimming as I do when I run which is to have a distraction to focus on while working out. I read many reviews before buying this product. Many mixed reviews. So I was skeptical. I purchased this product as a Christmas gift to myself from my spouse. There was some trial and error experimentation before I perfected using the headphone and iPod combination. Much of this has been covered in other posts, but I want to reinforce what worked for me. I have now been using this Waterfi product for 3.5 months.

1) As the instructions shipped with the product state, select the largest from the given rubber ear sleeves (shown in grey in the picture of the product) that will fit in your ear comfortably. This is a must to prevent water leaking into your ear canal and shorting out the speaker. If water does short out the speaker, don't worry. After it dries out once you are out of the water, it will work again. My first few tries, this occurred and just kept swimming because I could still hear music from the other ear.
2) Wear a swim cap that will cover your ears when you swim. The cap holds the ear buds in place and prevents other body parts from knocking them out or having them pop out from normal turbulence while rolling of the head or flip turns. I put on the cap and adjust it so it covers my ears before inserting the buds in my ears. Then expose my ears to allow the ear buds to be inserted. Also put on your goggles.
3) Turn on the iPod and select the genre of tunes if you have set up the iPod to play different music for different activities (I have one for Swimming and one for Running).
4) As the instructions shipped with the product state, pull the top of your ear up, when inserting the ear bud. I also will stick my finger in the pool water and then insert it in my ear before inserting the ear bud to act lubricate. It works! Make sure the correct bud goes in the correct ear (each bud is labeled with either R or L). I typically start with my right ear. Then I clip on the iPod to one of my goggle straps. Then insert the left earbud.
5) Once the earbuds are in place, cover your ears again with your swim cap.
6) Move the little black ring that keeps the separate wire of the two ear buds toward the bottom of your neck to limit the slack of the wires.
7) I typically check on the condition of my cap every 500-700 yards. Occasionally, the cap will drift above the ears. Just pull it back down and don't get frustrated because this is normal.

Hope this helps.

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on April 6, 2015
I received mine about two weeks ago, I typically swim 2.5 hours at a time. The iPod works great, the buttons are a little stiff because of the waterproofing, but after you have used it a few times you don't even notice. At the beginning of the waterproofing leaks out, I think because of pressing the buttons, but not biggie, just wipe it off. Sound clarity is just as good as any other mp3 player, it just depends on the quality of your mp3 file.

A few things I have learned (Pro Tips):

1. Before you start swimming, dip your finger in the pool, shake off the excess water and give yourself a 'wet willy' coat the inside of your ear with a film of water, not much, just enough to allow the earphones to form a seal to help keep the pool water out; because once the water goes past your earphones, sound quality drops and sometimes the earphone will stop working until dry.

2. DO NOT adjust your earphones while your head is underwater, do not push them in, do not move them because your seal with be disrupted and water will enter the ear canal and therefore your earphone causing loss of audio quality and perhaps even causing that earphone to stop working until it dries out.

3. The headphones come with three sizes of earbuds, I chose the largest that would fit inside my ear as to form the tightest water barrier and I would recommend the same, too small and water easily goes in, too large and the earphones will fall out.

4. Buttons are stiff until you've used it a few times and you either get use to the stiffness of they loosen up.

5. Waterproofing 'gook' will leak out at the beginning because you're pressing buttons and displacing that stuff, pushing it out of the iPod.

6. Always wash off your iPod and earphones after a swim to get the chlorine off, it can damage metal (i.e. your iPod and earphones)
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on September 16, 2012
I got the waterfi ipod shuffle kit for my birthday, and it has intensely enhanced my swimming experience. I swim laps about 5 times a week for an hour or so, and the product turns the dull exercise into a rejuvenating experience. The ipod can be connected snugly to the back of your goggles and you won't even know it's there. The only potential problem comes from the head phones, which are probably the weakest link in waterproof music. I did plenty of research on a variety of headphones, and it seems they just haven't perfected the technology. The waterfi headphones come with several sizes, so it is easy to fit into your ear. I experience a problem occasionally if there is not enough slack on the wire, which can cause an errant stroke or turn of the head to jostle the ear bud enough to allow a little water to sneak in. Otherwise, excellent product--I thoroughly recommend it.
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on August 9, 2013
5 Stars for the ipod!
3.5 Stars for the Headphones.
1.5 Stars for amazon warehouse/shipping.

[the Amazon warehouse crew sent the non-kit i-pod when I order the kit, refused to admit they sent the wrong thing, I had to send it back, and have a new one sent. This is an issue with Amazon, not the product; I only mention it so that you make sure you get your full order if you order the kit.]

I can't say enough good things about the Waterfi i-pod! It's fantastic, 100% waterproof, easy to use (if you're an i-tunes user or not, it's crazy simple), it attaches easily to your goggles with the clip (headphones via the Velcro), and it's so small/lightweight that you'll forget you're wearing it. Zero issues with drag. Once you get it, press all the buttons a couple times to get it loosened up like it says, and you're good to go. Basically it does what it says it will, and it's awesome at it!

The Kit comes with the i-pod and a decent set of waterproof headphones (X-1 Flex In-Ear Sport Headphones, which sell for ~$18 separately). I had few issues with these. You do need to test out the ear tip sizes, get the best fit, put them on when your head/ears/headphones are totally dry. Like many in-the-ear sport headphones you get a way better fit by pulling up on the top of your ear as you put them in. If you're having issues with them falling out, make sure you have a swim cap which will help ensure they stay in. I had problems getting the angle to wear them at figured out, but after they I almost had zero problems. They do start to feel uncomfortable after 20minutes or so though. The sound is pretty good. They're ok, not great, not wonderful, ok.

BUT! If you swim frequently and/or for long distances (I do ~1hr a day, everyday), you're going to want to consider upgrading. While visiting my mom, her puppy somehow got a hold of and actually destroyed my Flex headphones, so I replaced them with an upgrade to the Surge Mini in-Ear Headphones X-1 (Powered by H2O Audio) SG-MN1-BK Surge Mini Waterproof In-Ear Sport Headphones (Black) which are FAR BETTER than the Flex model included in this kit for a couple reasons, including a better-fit, no falling out whatsoever, crazy comfortable, and significantly better sound (it's kind of astonishing how good they are underwater, Jay-Z or Bach your ears with be happy. You can check out my more detailed review of the Surge Mini headphones here []. In it I tried to explain how/why they were better.
At first I really thought most waterproof headphones would be the same, and I didn't want to spend $40+ on headphones I'd most likely use just for swimming, but you can really tell the difference, the Surge Minis prove worthy of their cost, and are great out of the water also.

I'd think about what kind of headphones you want before buying the kit, you can buy the i-pod and/or headphones separately, which is what I would recommend doing.

The waterfi i-pod is really what you should purchase when considering a waterproof device, it lives up to the hype! Way to go Waterfi, Thanks for make such a fantastic waterproofing/product!

Last note: if you're looking for a case, which I absolutely recommend (esp if you own a puppy), this is the one I bought and I'm happy with it: CASEBUDi - Small case for your Earbuds, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPhone Charger, Coins, or small Bluetooth headset-Black

UPDATE: It was Amazing for the first 3 weeks! then... all the buttons except for the on/off switch stopped working, i.e. can't switch songs, can't change the volume. Amazon was totally great, but I can only return not replace it since the one I ordered is out of stock. Am I crazy bummed and a bit wary of waterfi, absolutely. Am I going to buy another device and hope I don't encounter any problems, yes. After this though, I honestly don't know how to rate this item...
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on June 14, 2016
The headphones didn't work out of one ear and didn't stay in my ears as soon as I started swimming. I contacted Waterfi support a couple times to see if I could return the headphones but keep the iPod. After a couple attempts over the course of a week and no response, I have no other option than to return the whole package (headphones and iPod) and purchase a new iPod through another provider. (I've already purchased headphones from someone else and LOVE them.) I'm not happy because this puts more work on me, the customer, but a company that cannot return support emails does not earn my business.
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on March 19, 2017
I should have done this sooner. I swim laps three or four days per week and what a difference this has made. 2GB and right now I have about 160 different songs and music loaded onto this little device. Everything from classical to Eminem. Easy to use. Easy to download from iTunes.
My only problem is that one of the earpieces usually leaks after 15 minutes or so. Then I have to dry the earpiece and reinsert. Other than that I'm very happy with my purchase. I'm waiting for a cap that I ordered and will see if that helps. BTW...... I'm a 70 yr. old male and I highly recommend this for anyone who swims for fitness. Makes the time fly by.

Note: I had a lot of trouble with the earbuds leaking. Waterfi sent me three different pairs over the next couple of months. Finally the fourth pair works well. What a class act this company is. When I told them I was having problems, they immediately sent me another pair, they didn't wait for me to return the old ones. At one time I had three different styles of earbuds before I found one that worked for me. Their Customer Service is exceptional. They really go out of their way to make sure you have a good experience.
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on October 24, 2015
The iPod shuffle sold that esn't work well at all. It seems like the waterproofing messes up the electronics. Biggest problem is the play/pause switch does not connect/work. Add that to the fact that it won't turn off (which means I have to keep it plugged in all the time so it will be ready when I want to use it), and the experience is frustrating, to say the least. In addition, the balance on the earphones is about 80/20, another annoyance.

I swim frequently, so I have tried to live with these problems as have become addicted to tunes in the pool. However, after about 3 months of these annoyances and also deciding that the problem was not my stupidity I decided to send the set back for a replacement. I am told that I waited 3 weeks too long.

So if you buy this set and it doesn't work exactly like an iPod shuffle should work, it is not your fault. Send it back.
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on June 11, 2015
I purchased this three years ago and finally feel it is time to provide a review. I have used this at least 2-3 times per week to swim (around 2-4 km each time) for the past three years (some weeks none, some weeks five times). And I have had few to zero issues with the device itself. It took some time to figure out the best configuration, including for the headphones. But once I figured it out, it has worked really well.

I replaced the headphones once last year (I think around $12, so very reasonable) after one went out. I rarely use any of the top buttons and opt to just listen to a mix of random music and magazine articles while I swim rather than trying to deal with multiple play lists. (When I first purchased, I seemed to have issues with switching among playlists -- although I'm not sure whether that was just user error or something caused by the waterproofing.)

My one complaint, which they may have rectified since I purchased, is the headphones come with a really long cable that needs to be wrapped around the goggle straps. It works but a shorter cable would also do the job.

Overall a great product. This was my third music player for swimming but the first that I was satisfied with. I sometimes swim for 90 minutes without any adjustments whatsoever.
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on April 2, 2016
I bought it on march 25 2015. it was broken on march 31 2016.

i dont advice you to purchase it. i just used less 20 times.

also remember: the insurance company will repair your damaged item, not replace it.
review image
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on September 1, 2017
This is my second Waterfi Waterproof iPod Shuffle. My first, purchased about 3 years ago, was generally very good. It was indeed waterproof for swimming. The sound quality, with the special earplugs was excellent. I used it only for audiobooks, but I am sure it would have also performed very well with music. My reasons for giving this device only 4 stars: 1) my first Waterfi, lost its battery power retention at about 1 1/2 years and had t be replaced by the seller, which they did very readily, with a unit which still performs well, although 2) the button which allows me to change between audiobooks is now very hard to activate, I need to use a pen to push the button to cycle through the different books stored on the device, and 3) this replacement unit somehow did not tell me the titles of the books when I pushed the change button, only saying "audio book 1, audio book 2.....etc" and every time I changed any of the audiobooks on the device, the numbered location of a book would likely change, so quite a bit of effort was required to dial into a specific book (the 2 GB capacity allowed me to keep up to 10 books at one time). My four stars reflects the fact that overall I still like the Waterfi and, having heard that Apple was discontinuing production of the Shuffle, I wanted to be sure to have a back-up for when/if my replaced Waterfi Shuffle failed completely again. So, overall I am satisfied with this product, with the annoying provisos indicated.
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