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on October 30, 2013
Here is some video I shot with the Pyle Sports Camera. I bought the black version.

As you can see, while it's definitely not in the same league as a GoPro, it's still not bad considering it's far lower price. For occasionally using it on my motorcycle or in my truck, it's good enough for me. It would certainly be more than useful in case of some kind of mishap.

The video quality is decent, though it's not as sharp as better units. Colors are decent, though the white balance drifts quite a bit during recording. There is noticeable compression in the recording, though it is better than the sample I posted.

The camera comes with plenty of options to attach it to windshields, handlebars and helmets and the waterproof case (I haven't test exactly how waterproof the case really is) seems to seal up well.

I tested the unit on my motorcycle on my way home from work. I didn't use the handlebar mount provided, but instead used a more robust aluminum mount I bought for use with a previous SD camera. I used the waterproof case because I figured it would help prevent a lot of wind noise - and it did, indeed. I was actually able to hear the motor noise without all the wind blasting through the mic, though traffic noise around me was pretty much muffled to nothing. The camera was mounted to the left side handlebar, so it likely appears I'm closer to the left side of the lane than I really am. I also didn't realize until later that I didn't have it quite level.

Overall, the camera was easy to use and the button extensions on the outside of the waterproof case worked well to control things. However, the only exterior controls on the cover case are for power and starting/stopping recording or taking a still. The mode button is not accessible inside the waterproof case.

The case itself claims to only be splash proof, but I tested it in about a foot of water stuffed full of very absorbent tissue material. Other than a tiny spot of wetness (much smaller than a dime) near where the post for the record button goes through the case, there was no leakage. So, while it seems like it would potentially protect the camera for a short, shallow trek into the pool, I would hesitate to use it in deep or salty water. However, the camera is cheap, so if you really want to risk it, you won't lose much, assuming you use a different card than what the rest of your video and photos are on. Again, the company doesn't call it water proof, so do so at your own risk and certainly test your case for leaks without the camera in it first.

The camera can use up to a 32GB card. That's well more recording space than the battery will let you fill in one charge.

The lens is nicely wide to get a good view of things, but it does distort a bit at the edges.

There is a digital zoom, but it's useless. The video just becomes compromised too much using it. Pretend it's not even there.

Now, the bad:

The worst thing is the audio slips further out of sync the longer you record. By the 10 minute mark, the audio ends up a good couple of seconds ahead of the video. I was able to sync up the audio in my editing program by speeding the video up to 102%. I could have probably slowed the audio down by 2%, but it wasn't enough either way to worry about it being noticeable. This is the worst negative since it makes the video useless for anyone who wants to directly upload the videos they shoot to the web without editing them first.

Second, the unit crashed at one point and wouldn't respond. The power was on, but the screen was blank. However, after the battery drained and I tried turning it back on, it powered right up. That hasn't happened again so far.

The battery life is also quite short - maybe an hour or so, tops. If you plan to shoot a lot on the go, you'll need to carry that cigarette lighter plug with you.

While it's nice the screen shuts off while recording by default to save the battery life, I wish there was an option to override it for those times when you want to use it to shoot something hand-held.

Honestly, I actually wish the whole unit were simply a bit larger to accommodate a longer lasting battery and prevent the issue in the first place. While it's nice that's small, it's unnecessarily so. An extra quarter inch on the height and width would be a non-issue, yet allow a much larger battery to allow for several hours of use. Out on a biking trail, plugging in just isn't going to happen.

The final item is the waterproof case. You probably noticed a buzz in the audio as I accelerate due to vibration. That's caused by the camera rattling a bit in the case. A little bit of rubber lining inside the case would snug things down and prevent the issue. Plus, it would prevent additional vibration in the image. On the mount I was using, the camera itself was sold - most of the high frequency vibration was the camera vibrating in the case. In addition to the loose fit of the case, it also scratches easily - in fact, mine arrive with several hairline scratches on the view port for the lens due to it not being covered by a protective film like the LCD screen of the camera was.

After testing the bracket that is used to screw the camera to the mounts when the case isn't being used, I found it rattles a bit in that, as well. Plus, I had to use a washer to allow the bracket to snug down on the handlebar mount securely - and that was using the mount included with the camera.

One final item is a missing one. It would be nice if the camera came with some sort of satchel or something to carry it in if you need to take it with you (or stash it out of sight) when stopping someplace where it might get stolen. Any cheap little drawstring cotton or microfiber bag would be better than nothing at protecting the camera lens. With all the brackets and everything else provided, this is a huge oversight.

Overall, for the price, I'm willing to deal with the issues. However, I can't recommend it to anyone who isn't fully committed to being willing to forgive the shortcomings.

If you simply want a camera that can record your adventures without risking something more costly, this will do the job. If you don't need audio, that helps things since the sync won't matter.

In short, it's a cheap alternative to a GoPro for those who can't swing the bucks for one or for those who simply want to have something to document their driving in the event of an accident. Taxi and courier drivers who might find themselves sued by scammers might find this unit helpful.

For those who want quality recordings of their action sports, pony up for a GoPro.
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on July 30, 2014
It looks like a nice built camera with a few design flaws and I don't know what happened to quality control the day mine was built. WHERE IS THE G-SENSOR? I don't think the camera has one in it, the advertisement does but not the camera. (Is that really a 12 mp sensor? The kit comes with a large assortment of mounts which is nice though the windshield suction cup swivel mount broke and fell in two pieces first use. Actually before I even turned it on - it also shakes alot. The other sticky back swivel mount is sturdy and worked well. though with a sturdy mount all the buttons rattle and you can hear it on the recording. It all seemed to do fairly well in the day, nice sharp picture though maybe a bit over sharp. I tried all the settings and still saw alot of pixels and at night it was a screen full of dancing white pixels all over . The streetlights were on and I had my headlights on but the recording was useless. Mine must of either had a bad sensor or a light leak in the sensor lens mount. Maybe Quality Control gets in trouble for reporting problems there in China... My battery was doa and wouldn't take a charge and the only recourse, according to Amazon was to return the whole product not just the battery. So considering all the issues it is probably good advice. Don't know why mine is so messed up but someone was sleeping and it wasn't me because I sent mine back.
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on March 24, 2014
I bought two of these for my sons (7 and 9) for Christmas. The first time we took them snow boarding the latch that keeps the water proof case shut broke on one of them rendering it useless for the day. The other one, on the same day, would not toggle into video or viewing mode - it was stuck in still picture mode. The same week I called the customer support line (Feb 10). After an hour or more of being on hold and wrestling to explain to someone whose first language was not english what the problems were, they indicated a new case would be sent and also emailed packaging instructions for me to send back the broken camera for rework. While waiting for the latch to arrive in the mail, we paired the good camera and the good case and tried it again. Before we even got the camera on a helmet the same latch that broke on the first case broke on the second one. We still are waiting for 2 cases to arrive and since I sent the broken camera on Feb 10 (today is Mar 24) we have yet to see a reworked camera. I recommend spending more money for the real deal GoPro. We tried to save a buck but now realize these knock offs do not have the quality or customer service behind them.
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on June 26, 2014
This is one of the best gadgets I have purchased ever. Purchased before a vacation trip to Mexico with zip lines caves and underwater river caverns. Not only it comes with all source of mounts but the resolution on this little one is as expected or better. The video quality as a 1080P is one of excellent quality and the photos are awesome. Everyone was asking me for the brand and after I showed them the videos they were impressed. I was expecting a good helmet cam but what I got was an all around piece of engineering. Underwater footage was excellent. Very easy to operate and installed. I will recommend this anytime and for the price, it beats the go-pro by a mile. I am getting me another one for the kids.
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on March 10, 2016
 An amazing little camera for the price. I switch cars using it whenever I travel. I have mounted it on my passenger window and honked my horn when I see someone texting just to see the look on their face when I point to the camera!!

I have used it following a school bus watching for violators passing the stopped bus. I have 4 grandchildren and am concerned about the number of violations reported by bus drivers! The resolution through the windshield is not sufficient to get license plates but I'm sure it could be enhanced to read the numbers.

I was a bit disappointed when I discovered that, even though I entered the time and date when I purchased the camera, that data is not recorded on the video, probably a simple software update.

I have yet to use the waterproof case supplied with the camera but it looks well designed and sturdy.
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on September 24, 2014
Use it as a dashcam for the most part, but have used it underwater also. Great camera, super clear videos, easy to work and RELIABLE, even after sitting on the dashboard in the heat! I've had others that just failed, but this keeps going.
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on June 8, 2014
My number one tip - DO NOT TRANSFER YOUR VIDEOS OVER THE USB CABLE! More on that later.

The video quality is fine. You won't be blown away, but I'd say it's on par with that of a smartphone from just a couple of years ago.
I dig the wide angle lens a whole lot. Good feature for a camera in this price-range.

The mounts that come with the camera are nice. The handlebar mount is fine but not for a camera with no stabilization. The helmet mount took some trial and error on my part but works nicely now. My habit of looking around wildly makes for dizzying videos, but I didn't get shakiness or waviness.
The suction cup / windshield mount is my favorite though. In my car, I mount it on top of the drivers side window and lower the window so that the camera is above the window. It makes for nice angles and keeps you from needing to clean your windows before using it!

The camera shield that comes with it has never failed me yet, but I'm done tempting it. It just doesn't seem like it could continue to hold the camera if you were to hit a bump or something. Only if I need to capture audio on the camera would I use that again.

The camera does not hold a charge for long if you mess with it. But I've got upwards of 3 hours of footage by charging it fully, attaching the waterproof housing and suction cup mount, popping it on my sliding glass door, pressing record and letting it go. The screen will go dark after about 2 minutes and as long as you stop or pause it will stay dark and your battery life will be fine.

The microphone is fine/weak when not inside of the waterproof housing, but inside it's muddled and not very good.

The touch screen works, but it's a touch screen on an HD action cam that's often available for > $50, so what do you want?

The day I got my camera, it stopped working. I was transferring a few test videos over the included USB when I was alerted by my computer that the camera was disconnected. Try as I might, I could not power the camera back on after that. I then put it to charge and for hours, HOURS the red light was on, indicating it was charging. I took it off and still no power. Then I reconnected the charger before bed and in the morning the light was off and the camera works. I had to go through this a few days and even initiated a return with Amazon for this reason (as of this writing I have not returned it but may do so soon and get a replacement, hoping this problem won't exist in that one).
The solution for me was to use a MicroSD adapter (they've always came with the MicroSD cards I've bought) and pop that into my computer or card reader.
That trick alone has made this camera usable without much headache.

You get what you pay for. And you have to look at it fairly. I spent $35 on about $30 worth of cool camera mounts. If you look at it that way, you should be anticipating a video camera that's worth about $5 and I'd say the camera alone, no mounts or housings, is a pretty good value depending on the price at which you purchase it.

Is it super crisp HD video? No. Not at all. Is it a GoPro? Be serious. But for a truly portable action camera, it does the trick! I'm a YouTuber and will use this to capture footage that doesn't need audio or with an external recorder (AKA cell phone with mic) for other projects.
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on April 4, 2016
This little camera is the everyman's go pro. The screen is tiny and not very pretty, but the pictures and video it takes are entirely decent for most hobbyist use. If you produce professional adventure videos maybe you need the more expensive equipment, but if you're looking for a durable camera you can take on your family adventures, this is the one for you. It comes with all the mounting hardware I could possibly want and a protective waterproof case. I only tested the waterproof case for a few seconds underwater, so I don't know about full submersion, but it certainly survives being dropped into puddles and mud and rainstorms.

I love this little camera. For the price it's the best value.
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on January 28, 2014
Awesome quality, videos came out great. Mounted on the front of bike and was awesome. The only thing I would say was that I had to get a different mount because it wasn't super stable and a piece of the plastic broke off the mount
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on January 5, 2015
I bought this to take some video when I go to the drag strip when it warms up. I put a 32GB card in it, charged it up, and it seems to work well. Even has car mode so I can put it in with me when I go down the track should I choose to. Has a helmet mount, suction mount, waterproof case, regular snap case, and a handle mount. Also comes with a vehicle charger and a wall charge/ sync cable, however , not a wall plug. Seems to work well for pictures and says video has sound but when replayed on device there is no speaker so no sound. I have not synced a video to computer yet so not sure about the sound carrying over. Will report back once I actually start putting heavy usage on it. This is my first impression after my initial operation check to ensure it is fully operational. Also feels rather fragile so I keep it in the waterproof case for storage and in my night stand drawer.
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