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on June 8, 2016
We go to the lake often and I wanted something to keep my camera floating in case I ever dropped it. Initially I was just going for a keychain float but I'm so happy I found these! So far I've only tested it in the pool but it keeps my AW130 right at the surface. The size is larger than expected but I guess it kind of has to be to hold this brick. Also came with a regular wrist strap which I was not expecting. Received the product in 1 day with prime. :)

***UPDATED 8/25/17*** - Its been well over a year and I still LOVE this product. It keeps my camera floating and I don't have to worry about losing it to the depths of the lake. I recommend it to anyone who has a waterproof camera that is in or around the water often.
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on July 25, 2015
I purchased these to attach to my waterproof phone pouches and they do their job great. They keep the phones afloat!! Even an iPhone6 with a steel case. I purchased them for kayaking so I wouldn't lose my phone. They do their job and i am very happy with the product.
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on February 21, 2015
Effective; could float both my Olympus and my GoPro to the surface. However, they are rather large loops. Thus, when down scuba diving, there's no way to tighten the loop around my wrist - so I was worried about them accidentally coming loose. I ended up taking the floating loop off my wrist and securing the thin camera strap onto my wrist. (Photo shows me about 50+ feet down taking photos with a GoPro attached to the floats).

Not sure how to fix that, or if it's possible with this type of design, but would have been more comfortable to have the extra security.
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on August 29, 2017
I'm using these with a iPhone 5s in a Lifeproof Nuud case, which all weighs about an ounce under what these say they will float, and that's what my test confirmed. They came with 2 plain straps as well which is handy. As far as using them, it depends what I'm doing, sometimes it's fine and sometimes it's a little awkward. (I though I'd leave this tucked in a pocket with the float hanging out while paddleboarding, but have discovered a neck strap with one of those stretchy silcone holders works better for that. But for kayaking or just being around the water this works out pretty well.)

The cord is difficult to take on and off my particular case so I tried leaving just that part on when I don't want either wrist strap. That didn't work so well, the plastic piece on that side is rather thin and fragile when the 2 parts aren't snapped together. I wound up cutting the plastic connector off one of the plain wrist straps and leaving it snapped into the one one the cord on my phone, so it's like a little ball hanging from my phone. That has kept the current one from breaking. I wish the plastic connector seemed a bit sturdier.
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on May 27, 2017
These are great. I purchased another set of them last year before we went on vacation to Florida, and decided we could use a few more before we headed to the Caribbean this year. We use them on the waterproof cases we have on our iPhones and with our GoPro. They keep the devices afloat, make them easier to find in our beach bag, and make them much easier to hold onto while in the water. Just make sure you keep them behind the camera or the bright colors find a way into your pictures! Definitely the best item like this I have found and highly recommended.
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on February 4, 2015
This is a nice product and quality is great. The floats are well made, light and feel comfortable on the wrist. The yellow color is bright and they are large enough that I think they will be very easy to spot floating in the water if my camera should get away from me.

Update: My camera actually did get away from me on my recent trip to the Caribbean, far away from me while stand up paddle boarding in choppy water and I was able to easily see the float bobbing in the choppy surf. I had my GoPro suction cupped to the bottom of my board and it came loose. The float actually supported the camera and the suction cup mount without trouble (I had tested it in the pool beforehand). Also, the strap is large enough that if you have it around your wrist it is snug and comfortable, but the lanyard allows you to comfortably hold the camera in your hand. Worked great for snorkeling.
I am very pleased with this product.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 15, 2014
Here is a product review video of the Nordic Flash Floating Camera Strap for your digital Waterproof camera. I am using a Samsung HMX here but it works also on Your Underwater GoPro/Panasonic Lumix/Nikon COOLPIX AW110/Canon PowerShot D20/Fujifilm FinePix/Olympus Tough/Sony.

This is a handy thing to have if your going to use your camera while fishing on the lake, swimming in the Ocean and even in your backyard pool. Here is the cool thing about it - it is a 2 pack. That means you get two floats for the price of one.

At the end of the video I show me using both floats on the camera. Being in the pool industry I know one thing about water - it will destroy everything eventually - especially salt water. So if you are using this a year from now and the plastic or strap has been weakened by constantly being in water and it snaps while you are swimming in Lake Baikal in Siberia Russia your camera will sink 1,637 Meters or 5,369 feet (deepest lake on Earth). But wait, you had two floats holding your camera so all is well Comrade ;)

That is one of the major complaints I was reading about these floating straps - but the Nordic Flash solves this problem by giving you two floating straps. Very nice.

The Nordic Strap is very comfortable while on your wrist and the strap has good slack so you can shot videos or photos while the camera is strapped on. The color is bright enough to see from very far away and it floats very well with the camera attached if it were to come off your wrist. But it fits on your wrist very snug.

Did I mention it is a 2 pack? Excellent product.

Oh, I received this product for free for a review on my YouTube Channel - but I thought I should post a review here also.
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on June 5, 2016
I just bought two more of these in anticipation of a bioluminescence kayak outing where I'll need to bring a couple of waterproof but non-floating flashlights I'd like not to lose in the Atlantic ocean. They float a lot of weight - one floated my chunky Fujifilm XP80 just fine on a trip to the Keys, and smartly detach with squeeze clip so you can set them aside without untying them when you don't need the flotation or the bulk.

The new set even came with a nice non-floating wrist strap than can be attached to the same fitting, so you can snap them on and off and have a "normal" or flotation strap on your device without untying anything -- very smart.

They also look great and so far seem quite durable -- the sun and saltwater of a week of paddling in the Keys did zero damage to the first one, which is something considering the same conditions ruined a deck bag and two snorkel bags.

Five stars -- exactly what we needed, at a great price.
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on September 18, 2017
I ordered these to protect a Garmin GPSMAP 64 and a Garmin Virb Elite.

I tested both Garmins in a trashcan filled with water. Each item was successfully floated by a single float. In each case, about half of the float loop was sticking above the water, which would make the item more visible if the items ever got away from me in the water. Exactly what I was looking for. Additionally, the package included a pair of normal wrist straps; perhaps just a fortunate bonus as the product description says you'll get one of these.

In the attached pictures, I passed the thin part of the strap through the float handle to shorten the length for my test so that my Garmin devices wouldn't touch the bottom of my water filled trashcan.
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on May 26, 2014
I bought this to ensure my Sony Action Cam doesn't drown in Bermuda. It did its job.

I went and looped it through itself and then to the end of my retractable camera rod, tossed it into the Atlantic Ocean, and there it is!....floating! It's lightweight, portable, easy to attach and easy to wrap around the wrist. It's soft, has no smell, and can be seen far off into the distance.

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