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This movie is a classic. The futuristic grungy sets are amazing, even 20+ years later. The costume design is spectacular. One of Kevin Costner best films. I've watched this movie countless times and it never seems to get old. Special effects are as impressive as can be expected on a 20+ year old film.

What would the world be like without land? Watch this movie and you will find out.
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on October 14, 2016
I know this movie has received some really rotten reviews, but I really enjoy it. The scenery is fantastic and Costner does a pretty good job acting in it. I love the girl in it (I've forgotten her name), but Dennis Hopper makes the movie. His acting is a little over the top, but he's a good bad guy. I highly recommend this movie.
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on August 10, 2016
For me, the criticism of this film does not add up. I think its bad wrap behind-the-scenes (the director storming off set and quitting among other events), somehow contribute in large part to its lacking public favor, even prior to its theatrical release. However, the movie actually did not bomb, contrary to popular belief. Look it up. It's a creative story line with even more creative set design. For an early 90s movie, I feel this was an ambitious undertaking. What's even better is the score by James Newton Howard. He's a wonderful film composer who may have finally topped the caliber of this action-adventure score more than 10 years later with Peter Jackson's KING KONG. Alas, WATERWORLD is a King Kong in its own right, despite what many apparently attempt to claim.
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on December 9, 2017
Dumb, dumber, dumbest. Apparently people get stupider in the future. I'd have thrown the woman overboard just for the constant slack-jawed stares. How could this mess cost so much money to make? The only reason I gave it 2 stars rather than one was Dennis Hopper's performance and Amazon doesn't even include him in the cast! Utter fail all around.
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on January 17, 2017
When I first converted from VHS to DVD, this is one of the first ten moves I re-bought. I saw this movie when it first came out in the theater with my best friend. I drove 45 mins to even get there. The theater was packed with....
the two of us. ONLY. It's pretty rare when you can get a personal screening of a movie, but this movie managed to do it as no one wanted to see it.
Why is that do you think? Did people just really hate Kevin Costner? I've always imagined that's why. He had been in Robin Hood somewhat recently and personally I've always liked him. He also was in Postman which also was universally hated.

Anyway, reviewers called this "Mad Max on water." Guess what one of my top ten favorite movies are? Mad Max! (originals and new).

I love this movie. While there are some kinda lame things about it, and some major cheese, overall, I still love it. I do not care what the haters say or if everyone on the planet but me and Kevin Costner hate it. What other movie offers Mad Max on water?

SPOILERS and overall thoughts after watching it

=I'm not a huge fan of how the girls were treated on the boat. It seemed kinda weird but in a world like that, that's how it would be. Walking dead certainly supports that. That whole part seemed a bit funny but a bit awkward and strange at the boat trader section of the movie.
=The one dude: IT'S PAAAAPER. I'm always quoting that. haha
=The boat was so awesome! I was very sad when it died. To me his boat is what Mad Max's car was to him (The Road Warrior + Video game).
=Seems kinda fake how he could just decide, hey I'm going down to the city below. Seems like it would be spread out and harder to get there.
=Dennis was AMAZING in the movie. He was the personality and helped make the whole movie.
=Their oil tanker base was hilarious. Saint Joe
=Their set for the water/base city that was destroyed was cool.
=Bonus Jeanne Tripplehornn nudity
=The little girl, Tina Majorino grew up to be on Veronica Mars and Deb on Napoleon Dynamite
=I loved the scenery
=I can't say Kevin's acting was the best, but it wasn't terrible.
=The ending, I don't know. It isn't what I wanted but it's not a terrible ending.
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on September 21, 2014
Keven Costner portrays a new type of human adapting to living in the ocean. When he comes across some people searching for "Dry Land" a mythical place where people can live on land, not on the seas, he helps them find the place called "Dry Land." One of them has a handful of dirt to prove this place exists. There are plenty of perils along the way and pirates, one of whom you will recognize from "Easy Rider" Dennis Hopper, who runs a ship of pirates. He imprisons a little girl that the Mariner (Kevin Costner) grows fond of, and the action really takes off as the Mariner fights to get her back.

This was one of the very first dvd's I purchased. It was well worth it. I now have over 3, 000 dvd's but, still remember this along with the other Keven Costner DVD I bought at the time "The Postman" another great movie.

I highly recommend this dvd.

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on June 12, 2017
Love this movie, and the added scenes in the extended DVD are a nice addition. Adds to the story line. I highly recommend it to fans of this movie.
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on March 11, 2017
I too have both this 2 disc extended ed and the blu ray, and its true, the extended edition is the better of the two, no audio commentaries.
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on November 29, 2017
Gotta love it...Rented it for 30 days on Prime because I had a Dinner and a Movie Date with a gal that had never seen it. She loved it...
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on June 16, 2013
Many people dislike this movie, certainly its has plot holes but when you watch this film that's not what;s important. In order to fully enjoy this piece, you have to just relax and accept Costner's vision of a water-covered world for what it is. Kevin's character is a quiet solemn dude. The girl and the woman are nice characters as well and they did a good job in their acting.

Dennis Hopper is fantastic. He's such a funny bad guy in this film. One of my favorite lines that he said was, "Wanna smoke? Nothin' like a good smoke when ya' miss yer' mom." lol. The action in this movie was cool too. The Smoker attacks were very well done. It is the best movie that has ever been made? No. It's got some flaws. But, it's definitely a very cool film to watch and I think everyone should at least check it out once. Everyone dumped on it but I don't know why. The visuals and the acting and the plot all came together in solid form in my opinion.
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