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on April 11, 2012
I just received and installed this pump. It can be heard while it is working but it's not that annoying. It is filling my tanks (13.2 gallons total) very quickly. I have pressure gauges on the incoming water supply and the tank. It would take forever for a 50 GPD watts system to fill the tanks after it gets past 10 PSI. My TDS is reading 3 ppm higher now and I don't know why. I'll know more as it finishes filling the tanks. my TDS with 0 pressure on the membrane is 9-10 ppm and it's 12-14 now. The tanks are still filling.

It was a surprise to find out the description does not tell you what comes with this system. I was proactive and went out to an actual store to prepare for installing this on a manifold RO. (its different). I received a 3/8" tee, 3/8" line Stop (for plugging one of the ports which is required for adding this pump to a manifold RO), 2 short lines of 1/4" and 2 3/8" x 1/4" connectors for the permeate connections between the RO and the pump. EVERYTHING you need to install this pump is in the kit.

BEWARE: The instructions are from 2004 and not what is on Watts website for installing this pump on a Manifold system. From what I understand, The configuration in the instructions will not work because it would require the finished product to travel backwards through the pump. The most updated instructions are on the Watts Premiere website and it requires plugging one of the ports on the manifold with the included plug and a few inches of 3/8 tubing that you supply.

I tested the output while the tanks are still filling. I got 2 GPM from the RO faucet. I've never seen an RO system with that much pressure before. This is worth it for that alone. One of the drawbacks for me with an RO system is you usually get 1 to 1 - 1/2 GPM at the RO faucet when the tank is full and that usually only lasts for the first gallon. Keep in mind 2 GPM is with the tank at 40psi, it will go higher then that with this pump. The pump turns off when the tank pressure equals the drain line pressure which is usually equal to your incoming water pressure.

This pump brought my tank pressure to 65 psi. (Line pressure is 68 psi). Water output from the RO faucet was 3 GPM. Filled a gallon jug in 20 seconds. I can't expect any better then that, especially for something so inexpensive compared to a booster / delivery pump that requires no power. The only drawback in I wish it was silent, that would be perfection.

I highly recommend this if you are unhappy with your RO's performance / waste water / water usage.
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on August 22, 2013
I was rather dissapointed in my RO system's tank storage capacity (rated at 4 gallons) as I was lucky to get a little over a gallon from it before the output slowed to a small trickle. Some suggested installing a second tank and connecting them with a manifold. Did not have the room under my sink for that option. I found these pumps, read several reviews, talked to my RO vendor and decided to give one a try. Now I can get over 2 gallons out of my tank with plenty to spare, the output pressure and flow has improved drastically, and I can fill a 1 gallon container about 5 times faster. I had to contact Watts Premier to get the updated installation manual that contained a diagram for my particular RO system as on-line documentation did not contain a solution for my system. Installation was quite simple, taking about 30 minutes and everything I needed came in the install kit (had extra parts that were not used). The only complaint I have and the reason for 4 stars is the same as has been stated by numerous other reviewers, this pump is loud when it is running, not a constant hum, but more like a "clunk" wait a second and then another "clunk". The wife is adapting to the noise since the pressure and flow have been significantly improved. The pressure is so much higher than before that one now has to open the RO faucet slowly or risk retting some extraneous splash in the face. I really wish they had a kit containing the 500 series pump as it reportedly has resolved the noise issue, and I have a 50 gallon/day system, but it is only sold as a stand-alone pump at the present. One would then have to go and get the other parts if you can find them. The 500 series pump is the same price or even more by itself. If this pump ever breaks, then I will purchase the 500 series to hopefully alleviate the noise as I already have the parts kit used to connect all the hoses and tank. It really made a difference in my system.
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on June 25, 2014
This is the fourth of these pumps that I have used for 4 RO units installed in 3 different houses.

The pump is easily the best improvement for an RO system. The pump uses the brine from the RO process to briefly and intermittently isolate the membrane output and pump collected permeate (water that has passed through the RO membrane) into the holding tank and to the tap. On the backstroke, the pump reduces back pressure on the membrane and pumps the brine into the air gap and drain.

This improves the efficiency of the RO process. Result: higher pressure and greater flow at the tap, shorter refill times, reduced brine waste, a fuller holding tank and reduced noise from the air gap. The pumps come with good instructions, push fittings, etc., and are relatively easy to install.
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on July 18, 2015
Pumps are defective!

I have experienced multiple premature failures of the ERP-1000. I've noted many other similar issues in online comments. At the cost of this item, a couple months service is unacceptable.

As a retired Mechanical Engineer, I decided to cut open the last failed unit. My discovery: the spring was in three pieces. The material for this item appears to have little or no durability. I sent emails to Aquatec suggesting an immediate source or material change.
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on January 16, 2017
100% works. I'd give 50 stars if it was an option. I have well water with a 30/50 psi switch and the Reverse osmosis is a nightmare without this pump. It would run day and night before this pump, causing my septic system to fail. Fills the RO tank in about 2 hours and keeps the pressure. LOVE IT!!
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on October 19, 2014
I've had it installed since August 2014 and it does what it's supposed to do but as others note, it has a fairly loud clicking sound (about 1 click per second when it's active). The clicking is amplified under the cabinet and from how the pump mounts to the side of the cabinet. I've tried isolating it from the mount by hanging it from a rubber bicycle tube but it doesn't help in my case. I have a stainless steel sink and it lets more noise through than a cast iron one would. Also, the vibration from the water being moved with each click of the pump gets transmitted along the red waste (brine) tubing to the valve handle on the sink which adds to the impact of the sound.

I like its functionality but not the noise. I may have to try replacing it with the ERP-500 (560054) which they claim is more quiet.
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on March 31, 2016
A must for any RO system. It cuts the waste water more than half and the refresh rate is amazing. My water pressure was less than desirable before I installed this permeate pump. Now the pressure is back to normal. A must buy!
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on December 20, 2013
I'm not clear on exactly how this little pump works, but it does. I was not getting enough pressure to my ice maker in my refrigerator. The line runs from the sink, under the house, and back up to the refrigerator. The ice maker had a tendency to make really small ice cubes at a very slow rate. Moreover, the water dispenser tended to leak because the pressure was insufficient to turn the valve completely off. Once this was installed, both the ice maker and water dispenser work great. There's also more water in the tank.

Install was a breeze too. All I needed was a pair of scissors and a screw driver to install the mounting bracket under the sink. I noticed that some people complained about the sound. I added some rubber foam to the mounting bracket and didn't tighten it down all the way. I don't think I've ever noticed the noise, even when standing at the sink. Just as importantly, my better half hasn't noticed it either.
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on April 14, 2012
Works well, I installed it along with the booster pump and now my 3 gallon tank fills in less than 45 min. RO tap pressure is also much stronger and it also feeds a hot water tap and ice maker without any issues.

The only annoying thing is it makes a loud clicking noise when it's on.
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on February 7, 2013
UPDATE: about a year in this unit failed - it stopped clicking, my pressure dropped, and I could taste a difference. I contacted the manufacture and they recognized an issue (failed spring?) - I paid like $5 to ship it to them and they sent back a new or referb (no idea) within a couple days! I was impressed. Hopefully new one lasts longer - they said a change to the spring so it should.

This kit was excellent - everything I needed and spare. Instructions were well done. I'm not sure how much better the pressure and speed of fill is yet, nor is durability clear.

1) if you are purchasing to boost your pressure (as I was from well water), do not plumb with the auto shut off valve. The auto shut off valve limits your max dif pressure. Plumb with the Permeate pump only, no shut off valve. I went from ~40 psi on the 65 psi well to ~62 psi. Great pressure now and actually fills my 10 gallon tank instead of partial fill.

2) It is 'loud' - clicks as it works. Don't mount in your kitchen. I have no problem with it in the basement

3) seems to fill substantially faster. I have not timed it, but just gut check says it's a lot faster (which means less waste).
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