Customer Reviews: Watts Premier 560014 Membrane 110009 24 GPD Membrane Replaced by 560014, 1-Pack
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on May 18, 2014
This is the original spare part for your Watts RO system. In my case my old membrane had been used for about 4 years with a light to medium demand. So I decided to change.

Note for watts filters: I had expirienced low water production with low water pressure and a constantly running (drain) system. So I started changing the carbon and sediment filters. No improvement. Changed the auto shut off valve (ASOV). No improvement. Dismantled everything to check for blockage. No problem to be found. As a last resort I changed the membrane and everything came back to normal. Great tasting water with a lot of pressure and a lot of it. So if your system is constantly running you might want to change the membrane. The system rubs on a very sensitive balance if pressures. A blocked membrane can cause several problems. Change yours as often as needed. They are cheap and extremely easy to change.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 8, 2014
It was past time to replace the membrane in our reverse osmosis filter system so this was a necessary purchase. Much cheaper to purchase from Amazon instead of directly from the manufacturer. This water filtration system has served us well for many years. Seems expensive when it it is time to replace the membrane and filters so I'm grateful for finding a great price.
Product arrived as described in a factory sealed package.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon May 20, 2015
> Color: yellow. All yellow Premier filters are the same size and fit in the same housing. They come in 18, 24, 36, and 50 g/d capacities. You need to match the capacity to your system. My understanding is that if you install a higher capacity membrane, you may have to add a flow limiter to your system. As it turned out for me, my old membrane was a 36 g/d membrane---but the system seems to work well with the 24 g/d membrane. Note also that the black rubber gasket of my 10-year old membrane was at the other end, but does not seem to matter.
> This filter is 24 gallons per day, which you should check to see if it matches your existing system.
> Genuine Watts #11009---which is important because Watts membranes have a built-in check valve. If you use a non-watts membrane, you may have to add a check-value to your system.
> Measurements: 11 1/2" long overall; body 1 3/4" diameter; to fit in a 2" diameter tube
> Comes with instructions, which aren't great. But did not exactly apply to my 25-year old Watts Premier system, because the housing of more modern Premier RO systems has been redesigned. I needed to grab the end of the old filter with pliers to pull it out. One end has two O-rings (shown in the photo on the far lower right), the other does not have O-rings but is notched. Pay attention to which way your old membrane was installed. It is as good idea to take photos with your cell phone for each step in disassembly.

> Consider replacing all the other filters at the same time---you'll get more life out of the membrane.
> I suggest that you start any maintenance by cleaning the black waste-line (so that later cleaning will not accidentally contaminate your new filters). See below.
> Consider replacing your tank at the same time---the rubber diaphragm in the tank has a limited life (probably 5--10 years).
> Silicon grease is perfect for lubricating the O-rings for the best seal. However, you don't want silicon grease to leach into your drinking water. So if you use silicon grease on the O-rings, be sure to wipe off all excess---just a few molecules thick will do the job. Permatex PERMATEX DIELECTRIC GREASE 22058
> Silicon grease is also helpful on all the "threads" where the filter housings screw together---it allows you to easily tighten them tighter that you could easily otherwise---and when it comes time to replace the filters, the housings should unscrew easier.

PREMIER RO WASTE-LINE MAINTENANCE---a good idea to do before you install the membrane filter.
> After about 6 months of use, the black waste-water tube can become clogged with a bacterial mat. If you pay attention, there is an odd choking gurgling sound when the tube is almost clogged. When it is clogged, the waste water will leak from the faucet itself out onto your counter. The solution (i.e., to prevent clogging of the line) is to regularly clean-out the black waste-water line. An 18" length of "weed-whacker" cord works well. Detach the black tube from your sink waste-line, and feed the "weed-whacker cord" into the tube and scrub it out. If you've had a root-canal procedure, you know how it's done. Note that the bacterial mat is a nasty sludge---have an old cloth towel handy to catch the gunk.
> About 1 1/2 years ago I purchased a "beer line brush" Draft Beer Line Hose Cleaning Brush: 3/16" diameter, which worked well the one time I used it (the 1/4" diameter model might work better). However, it also occurred to me that I could squirt a few drops of Clorox into the air gap to prevent the bacterial mat from forming. Since I've been doing that once every few months, the waste line has not clogged up, so, I haven't needed to use the brush. The following bottle, which works well for this purpose is $3 at the Container Store Nalgene Plastic Drop Bottle. A Beachcombers! 1/2 Oz & 1oz Soft Squeeze Fine Metal Tip Moroccan Blunt Needle Syringe Type Body Art Henna Tattoo Applicators, 5 Tips 4 Bottles would probably be even better.
> The air gap is literally a "gap", that is, an open space, or "well", located is beneath the lever, opposite the giraffe neck. For access to Premier faucets with flat sides (without an access hole on the side), pull the giraffe neck straight up and out, then slide the lever forward (in the direction of the giraffe neck). Drip few drops of Clorox into the "well" Do NOT disturb the small black plastic insert---it is the tiny "faucet" where the red water line discharges "brine" into the air gap or "well". To reassemble, push the lever backward (in the direction of the air gap), so that the legs slide under the "T", and then push the giraffe neck back into place. In Premier faucets which have domed bodies (without the flat sides), the air gap is accessible via a hole on the same side as the lever---perhaps for the very purpose of making the air gap easier to sanitize. If you install a domed-body faucet with the lever toward the sink, the hole is most easily accessible.

> Click on “Stoney” just below the product title to see my other reviews, or leave a comment to ask questions.
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on June 12, 2011
Bought this watts filter for a watts RO system. Good price, free shipping, now the water system works properly again. One note, watts seems to like changing their filters as time goes on. The original part number I needed was years obsolete, I went off the 24 GPD rating.
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on January 1, 2015
I used to have a higher capacity membrane, a 35 gpd unit. I switched back to the 24 because the old one was too noisy. I find that 24 provides way more capacity than I need anyway and I use the filtered water for just about everything including watering my house plants and giving a final rinse to my cars when I wash them. The reality is that you are using water out of the tank, not the membrane. The membrane puts out only a trickle, but running overnight, the 4 gallon tank will be completely replenished no matter which membrane you use. 4 gallons is all you are going to get to use during the day and that is plenty. Even a super high capacity membrane doesn't put out enough per minute to be of much use directly. If you really need more water per day you are far better off adding a second 4 gal tank to your set up. The 24 membrane can easily fill both of them overnight. Then you will really have a true 8 gallons of water to use during the day.
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on May 8, 2012
I ordered this filter for my Watts system (after calling Watts to be sure this one would fit). The filter did not fit our housing. Emailed seller who never responded. My husband measured the filter size (he is a tool maker and has the tools to make a precise measurement) and found it to be bigger than the old filter. Since this company did not respond, we called Watts and sent it back to them. They also measured it and found it had two extra turns on the membrane, making it to large to fit the housing. Went to Lowe's and found a GE filter that fix exactly. Not impressed with this seller at all. This is my first negative review in all my years dealing with Amazon. Would definitely not deal with this seller again.
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on November 12, 2015
I have used this product for several years and never had one fail or fail to produce adequate water. I have gone to a large storage tank and it still performs well. That's the thing about RO filters, the more you use them the better they work! No problems, a fine product.
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on June 12, 2010
I ordered the Watts brand, but I received a different brand. What's up with that? I couldn't return it cuz I needed it right away. This was the first time in my Amazon orders that I ordered a particular brand and receiving a different brand. I am rating the item a 4 star because it works just fine but I do not appreciate receiving the brand I did not order. I just hope this kind of issue will not happen in the future here with Amazon.
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on March 8, 2016
I've just installed this RO membrane and the results are spectacular. My old, worn out, membrane wasn't filtering at all. It was way past time to change because there was no difference between the PPM reading for the regular tap water and the RO filtered water. Yes, the filtered water tasted better but that was all. Here are the new readings: tap water 242 PPM, RO water 17 PPM. The will be slightly lower when the residual water from the storage tank goes away. The installation was super easy and only took about 15 minutes which included a complete change of the other filter stages in my RO unit.
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on March 26, 2014
My Watts Premier 560014 Membrane 110009 24 GPD Membrane Replaced by 560014 box arrived on time and in good condition. I was worried upon receiving my filter, because I thought it wouldn't fit into the filter housing. When a product is replaced by another product, it usually means something was changed, but luckily for me this wasn't the case here. This filter is one of four filters I needed for my R.O. system. It is the most expensive filter of the four, but it is the one I replace less often. I recommend this product. I give this product a 5 star rating.
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