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on January 1, 2012
This is the dumbest game ever invented. We played it over Christmas for about 17 hours and just simply could not make any sense of it. A banana? You have to have a BANANA? Seriously, when my son the college graduate played the 'You Lose' card and lost, we had to look at the rest of the text on the card which stated 'No, really, you lose.' I lost two games by pointing. Have you ever TRIED to not point?

We only stopped playing when we started falling over from fatigue. This game is addicting, stupid, humiliating in the oddest ways and guaranteed to make you question your political views.

I have to go, we are going to start playing again....
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on September 25, 2015
I bought this game on a whim a few weeks ago, and I've been having a ton of fun with it! I've been using it as a drinking game by replacing the word lose with drink, and everyone in my house has been having a blast! I'm currently filling up the blank cards with random rules and having just as much fun doing that, as I've had playing the game.
Place in front of someone. From this point forward, all cards must be picked up and placed down using T-Rex arms. Failure to do so results in a loss.
Rawrrr means “I Love You” in dinosaur.
Sippy Cup
From this point forward, every time someone drinks, they must use two hands. Failure to do so results in a loss.

This is my preferred style of drinking anyway.
You're a star, baby!

Place this card in front of someone. Every time they drink, the other players must clap and cheer. Failure to do so results in a loss.

I’m your biggest fan. I'll follow you until you love me.
I have a ton more. This games kept my household thoroughly entertained these past few days, best $10 I've ever spent on amazon!
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on February 25, 2014
This game is great for in between games, when half of your party are out smoking or eating. Games really do only last 30 seconds sometimes, and I think our longest game was around 4 minutes. It is fun, hilarious, and well worth the money.
review image
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on April 29, 2016
This is a very quick, easy, random, fun game. It's a light filler that can be used in between harder games, or it can be a great repeat stand-alone game for those casual drinking nights with friends. The game plays different every time, and even as you learn what some of the cards may do over still never know just what to do to prepare or react to them.

Note: This game is not for everyone in that it is very light-hearted and nonsensical. Some serious or older folk may be instantly turned off due to the randomness and lack of basically any strategy or merit. But those things are what make this game so great is how wonderfully unpredictable it is. I'd also recommend getting the "We Didn't Playtest This Either" expansion to add some more variety once this version gets stale if you play it too much.
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on September 9, 2016
The first time we played this game, it was my husband, myself, our three kids (who were ages 13, 11, and 8 at the time) and both my husband and my parents. We sat around the dining room table to give it a try, but were confused on the cards, and didn't enjoy the game much. After our parents left, we sat down and re-read the directions, and gave the game another try. So glad we tried it again. This game is for those that have a sense of humor and want to play a game that makes no sense. Each game will only take about a minute or two. There is no luck to the game, just random cards, which makes it great game that anyone can win. We have since taken it to family holidays. Like I said, each game only takes roughly a minute or two, so you can play several times within a short period of time. Everyone laughs at the crazy cards, and no one gets upset when they lose, since everyone pretty much will end up winning. If you want a quick game that several people can play, that is fun and crazy, then this game is it. Not to mention, the title is great! P.S. you might want to have a banana on hand when you play this game.
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on May 16, 2017
Here is what you should do. Buy game. Gather friends or strangers of you lack friends. Play game. Realize how empty you life has been.
This game is so simple and yet so fun. Right out of the box we had eight people laughing our selves sick. After 3 hours I still have not won a game and have never had that much fun losing. Most of our games lasted 2-3 minutes. You will not go wrong with this game if you have a good sense of humour. If you do not have one, I still suggest you buy it.....maybe it can help you find one?
There is absolutely no way anyone would pay me for this review. So you know I am giving my honest opinion.

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on May 9, 2016
This game is so great. When I first received it and opened the box, I read a few of the cards and felt like it just seemed strange so it sat in my room for about two weeks before we decided to try it. Once we started playing, we didn't want to stop! Here's the reasons why I love this game:

1. The games go quickly. Whether it's because of this or the nature of the game, you aren't so upset when you lose. My family is very competitive and no one got upset when they lost this game, and I think part of the reason why is because there wasn't so much time invested. Everyone also wins a few times so it ends up being great and pretty fair that way.
2. It's hilarious. Sometimes you lose because you are wearing blue or you don't have a banana. This is probably another reason why it's hard to be upset about losing. And the first time someone played the "Oh Noes" card??? Fits of laughter. Nothing will beat the first time that card was played.
3. Even though the deck is fairly small and the cards get repeated a lot, there is always a different outcome. Each card has another card that has the ability to cancel it out. Sometimes you win because you're short, and then sometimes you think you'll win again for being short but then someone spites you or has an extra life. It's always a different outcome.
4. It's easy. There's hardly any instructions except to draw cards and do what the cards say. It's pretty easy to learn and play for any age.
5. It has a Chaos Expansion Pack. If you get sick of doing the same thing with the deck you can use a Chaos card and switch the game up a bit. For example, last night we played a Chaos card which made it so that before every turn you had to name a food and state that it was delicious. If you failed to do so, or if you said "Mmmm" or said the word "hungry" during the game you immediately were out. My brother said "steak is delicious" and I literally slapped my hand over my mouth because I started to go "Mmmmmm!" I mean, really. Steak is the best.
6. It's cheap!! For someone who plays games like Catan, this game is so cheap. It's random and fun and super entertaining. I might even buy another set to keep in my car for times when I am sitting around with a group of friends and we need something to do.

I would definitely recommend this game and will be buying the other Playtest sets from this company. Five stars!!!
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on March 13, 2017
This is one of the few games my monthly gaming group can all agree on. It's pretty self-explanatory so we can all keep up even if we've had a few.The cards that control which words you are and are not allowed to say are the best because everyone ends up sounding ridiculous. This is also not a good game if you are super competitive or a sore loser as you may end up being "out" before you even get to play. If your group is laid back, this one is a fast-paced, low-stakes winner.
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on March 22, 2016
This game makes no sense. That's not to say it isn't fun, my daughters and young son and I all really enjoy it. There are no rules, so you have to be comfortable with that. We love playing it, it always bring out many giggles from the little ones. My husband and older son however, get a little more frustrated. It really irritates them that you can just lose for no's possible my husband may have ripped a couple of these cards in frustration :) All in all, I recommend it if you are the type of person that can just go with the flow!!
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on April 3, 2016
I wasn't really sure what to expect of this game except that it would be rather chaotic and random from the start. I wasn't disappointed on that front. This game is silly and quick so don't be expecting something that will you will play for hours and hours per game. We usually play several games of this before we get bored. There are so many random things in this game. Do you want presents? Can you win in Rock, Paper, Scissors? Do you touch your nose or don't you? Those are just a few of the questions that you be immediately faced with when playing. Each of the cards has a counter card in the deck so one time you may want presents because it's a kitten and the next time it might be a poisonous snake that kills you. There is an element of unknown in this game that makes it enjoyable but after a while you get familiar with the cards and can predict what's coming. One of the things we wished this game had was more cards so that it was even more random than it already was.

Also, in general, my group didn't enjoy the Chaos deck that comes with this set. It includes random things like having to say a letter of the alphabet each turn before you go or having an imaginary friend get cards as well. It only added a bit of fun to the game sometimes and more often than not we found the new rules frustrating and unenjoyable. Though I really think that would depend on the group of people you were playing with. Overall we had fun with it and it's not a bad price for what it is. But I don't think this will be a mainstay game in our gaming group.
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