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on September 28, 2016
 “Your sense and experience of who you really are is the first step toward making money. Because if it’s going to be that old collection of hurt feelings and fears you call “you” then we’re in for a rough ride. For you to create wealth in ways that are free, imaginative and prolific, you have to have access to your higher self. Higher self? The real you—you at your best. You when you surprise yourself. Don’t you surprise yourself once in a while? That’s the “you” I’m talking about. That’s the real you. The rest is fears and bad memories.”

~ Steve Chandler from Wealth Warrior

Steve Chandler.

This is the fourth Note I’ve done on the good man’s work (see Time Warrior + 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself + Fearless) but the first since I’ve worked with Steve for the last 2 years.

What can I say? I love the guy.

He’s awesome.

I’m a better human being as a direct result of his coaching/mentorship and I’m eternally grateful. If you have the chance to work with him, I highly recommend it.

At the very least, if you like this Note, go check out the other Notes and dive into his books.

And, visit his site. (I think it was last touched by a designer in 1999 and—laughing—I think Steve loves that fact.) Check out his blog, sign up for his newsletter and all that jazz.

Let's explore some of my favorite Big Ideas:

1. Want to Make More $? - Serve more. Period.
2. Sorry - Temporarily out of service.
3. Go Warrior - And change yourself.
4. Turn Your Dream - Into a project.
5. Fix Your Attention - Eliminate the noise. (Now.)

Here’s to serving profoundly and giving our greatest gifts in greatest service to the world as wealth warriors,

More goodness— including PhilosophersNotes on 300+ books in our ​*OPTIMIZE*​ membership program. Find out more at brianjohnson . me.
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I am really impressed with the high level ideas in this book. Chandler does not waste a lot of ink embellishing and drawing a lengthy theory about how to do this. Instead, just a lot of simple profound shifts in viewpoint / understanding and you do the work by paying attention to your actions and thoughts. What I am saying is while this book may make sense intellectually its real power is getting into the cracks and causing me to rethink assumptions and change behaviors and feel more excited, daring and exploratory with less of the usual anxiety (will this work?, great for his business but how does that apply to my business, etc.) I felt expanded, encouraged and supported by the authors' tone and examples. One of the best, most profound business/life books I've read.
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on September 13, 2012
I've been a die-hard Steve Chandler fan ever since I read "17 Things That Are Holding You Back... And The Truth That Will Set You Free" but this latest installment in his "Warrior" series (I hope it's a series!) has blown me away.

Right away Steve begins to share from his personal experience that I felt so connected to -he takes us on a ride through how to change your own mindset and create wealth in our own lives. Everything I've read on the subject seems to work from the outside-in while Steve's work is about the inside-out.

I've decided to camp out with Wealth Warrior for the next several months -I'm going to read it over and over again until I internalize these principles and start to experience the fun and LIFE that is possible through creating wealth and great work!

Thank you Steve for pouring your best into this work! I love you man!
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on October 5, 2012
Wealth Warrior (by Steve Chandler) is aptly named: useful for anyone who wants more wealth, and is willing to adopt the bold mindset of a warrior. Chandler's book is written in bite-sized chunks, making it easy to read, even for those of us with no white spaces on our daily schedules. Chandler combines new ideas with time-tested ones; he refers more than once to Napoleon Hill's classic work ==Think and Grow Rich==, with its 13 essential principles, a book that sold 70 million copies by the time Hill died in 1970. My favorite part of Chandler's book is his appreciation for the value of books, when he writes: " ... books change lives. Over and over I see it. And what are books but heartfelt messages from one human to another?"
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on April 2, 2013
I have read all of Steve Chandler books. His work as a one of the most effective coaches in the world and as a leader not only within the life coaching area but as a business consultant, teacher and innovator, and for people like myself, as a role model, makes him one of the most interesting, creative and world's society contributor person, recently as far as China. How do you make this world a less messy place?. What can I do to participate in world's improvement without having to be like Mother Theresa (I mention her not in a demeaning way, because although she did make a difference, very few people will follow her). Why? because everybody(as well as myself) want's to have a better life, including finances. Steve's idea of service and the key word is THAT WHATEVER I DO, I DO IT WITH PASSION AND I GIVE THE BEST OF WHO I AM AND IT WILL NOT BE FREE, RETRIBUTION: MEANING: HOW CAM I SERVE YOU TODAY? is to my knowledge the perfect solution for an imperfect world. Wealth warrior looks simple at the beginning, but as you get more into it, I can assure you, you will want to re-read it, because when you get the insight of his main idea. I have not a single doubt, that this book is the most honest, fearless and best written on style, and simplicity, as well as a very deep and fruitful message, and THE MOST IMPORTANT FACT OF STEVE CHANDLER'S IDEA IS THAT IS SOMETHING THAT EVERY PERSON CAN DO. I have read this book at least 10 times and when I finish it, I am excited to do it again, because it motivates my purpose and I can say that this book made a huge impact in my life as a Life Coach and human being. I have new meanings and most importantly since the first time I read it MY PURPOSE IN LIFE WAS CATAPULTED He has the courage to stand up for what he believes. His Idea of Service as a meaning of making wealth and at the same time, changing peoples life styles, one by one, and one day, is my hope humankind will have a different view of reality, because of what happened to his own. This idea is one of the most profound and down to earth ways I ever known to improve ourselves and slowly the entire world.

As with all great and fruitful mankind ideas, only time will prove that Steve is right

Ariel Martinez
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on January 21, 2013
"When the student is ready, the teacher appears." That's how I feel about finding Steve Chandler and his book "Wealth Warrior."
I read his preceding book "Time Warrior" this past summer as part of my graduate school curriculum and I recognized it as the perception shift I needed in order to move out of the busy, hyperventilating-through-my-life, not-enoughness and survival mentality I was steeped in, into the non-linear, trusting, focused, purposeful, and Thriving way of being that I am stepping into. I enjoyed "Time Warrior" so much that I wanted to know more about one of my new teachers - Steve Chandler. I googled him and found his website, signed up for his e-motivators (I highly recommend) and discovered "Wealth Warrior." Do I want Wealth? Am I ready for Wealth? Yes. I ordered the book.

Although Steve is writing about and sharing his wisdom of many years, and is sharing about what really is a massive shift in consciousness (although very doable)- he writes and expresses it in such a gracefully digestible, enjoyable, humorous, and encouraging way. He is grounded and has earned his way here, and yet comes from such a place of humility and generosity, and to me that is a sign of a true master.

I am going through a time of great personal reinvention and massive (consciously chosen) changes in my life, and "Wealth Warrior" is lighting the fire inside of me to reclaim my Faith, my Creativity, and my Personal Power. It's not "power" in the egoic sense. And it is not "making money at any cost." It is an Authentic Power that comes from making the most loving and personally responsible choices I can, and coming from an intention of deep service to others. Steve talks about the joy and true fulfillment of this level of service, and I can feel it as he shares. I'm aware that I'm writing about this on the day we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. who says: "Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve..." Through the service of Steve Chandler, I am beginning to understand this the way MLK defined it - and I look forward to discovering, creating, expressing, and living in, my service to others. This is just the beginning...

"Wealth Warrior" is a terrific companion to have if you are ready to step into a more awake, alive, fulfilling, abundant, and joyful way of being in the world - if you are ready to step into your Greatness. I am grateful to have discovered it. I will read and re-read this book and take its lessons to heart as I apply its wisdom via action in my Life.
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on December 27, 2014
Everything I've read by Steve Chandler has been deep; right to the heart of the matter. This one did not disappoint.
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on October 5, 2013
I came to Steve Chandler kicking and screaming (no offense, Steve) and on a whim grabbed this book for reading during a recent flight. I've never been so sorry for a flight to end.

It's simple. It's an easy read. It's lots of "I knew that!" and "I'm already doing that!" moments.

Perhaps it's where I am in my personal journey. Perhaps it was the alignment of the stars. Perhaps Steve really has a way with words.

What I know is reading this gave me the permission to create and to apply myself in ways I've been too scared to give myself.

This book for me was transformational and I highly recommend it.
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on October 31, 2012
This is the first book I've read by Steve Chandler. With very easy to read chapters, and using simple stories and anecdotes from his own life, he helped me start connecting with the Wealth Warrior that up until now has been hidden inside of me.

The day after I finished reading this book I was meditating when I heard a loud voice inside of me say 'He's coming tomorrow'. Who the heck is coming tomorrow I asked? There was silence.

The next day I kept waiting for someone to come. No one came. Then I remembered what Steve had shared in the book, "No one is coming." No one is coming, until I myself, show up fully and authentically in my own life and start taking charge.

That day it was the Wealth Warrior in me that finally came. I came home to myself.

Thank you Steve for sharing so much of you in this book! I can't wait to be in one of your workshops and programs in the future!
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on September 13, 2012
This book will not be for everyone. However, for me, no-one produces the mental sparks that both fire me up and help me get results than Steve Chandler does. I bought this book while facing the urgent need to turn my floundering consultancy around. I was bored, discouraged, tired. Within a few chapters I was looking at everything differently. I took actions that were long overdue. I got excited again about what I do. And within 2 weeks things have turned around. The things Steve recommends are simple and have cost me nothing. In addition, because my actions / plans / strategies are based on the philosophy in Wealth Warrior, they will be the foundations of success for years to come (clue: service).

Some may not like it because it doesn't focus on the technical 'how to' 'tricks' & 'short cuts' of business, money, investment. True. But it deals with something infinitely more valuable. Your own mindset. With that in place the rest is easy.
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