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on December 29, 2016
I love to grill, and after I did my research, I'm glad that I picked up this Weber Grill over three years ago. During the summer and nicer months (in California), you can find me grilling at least 4-5 times a week. I keep it outside and it has withstood a lot of weather. There is no rusting and is easy to move and clean. I can cook with charcoal (or wood) and still have amazing tasting food. The ash tray below is easy to remove and empty. All in all, this is a great sized grill for anyone. Large enough to cook enough food if you have guests, and small enough that if you have an apartment balcony, it will still fit.

Easy to clean
Easy to assemble
Large wheels help for ease of moving around
Ash tray is easily removed and emptied
Lid thermometer is a nice feature to let you know how the the inside temperature is
Rust resistant exterior keeps it looking nice for years

Plastic covered handle gets too hot to handle, so gloves/oven mitts are recommended to remove lid if you are checking on meat

Over time, I will update my review for longevity and quality of the product. If you found my review helpful, please vote with a YES/LIKE. It would be greatly appreciated!
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on March 27, 2014
I wanted to purchase a grill that would last a while and Weber is known for their long lasting grills. It's fairly windy where I live and I didn't want to take the chance of the ash blowing over into the neighbors yard so I purchased the Gold. $50 more over the standard grill for the tray is a hefty price tag but figured it would be worth it over the long run. The temperature gauge is an added bonus.

Compared to family and friends Weber grills, they have cut costs by using cheaper parts on the newer models. I can't complain too much being that most companies have. However, I will complain about the first grill that was shipped out to me. The box arrived in great condition so I was surprised to open the box to find one of the handles completely smashed in one direction with dings and paint chips. The only way this could have happened is by being dropped from a reasonable height before boxing it up to be sold. Why someone thought it was ok to go ahead and box it up is beyond me. The paint on the inner part of the grill even looked as though they sprayed too much on and let it run inwards.

I contacted amazon shortly after opening the box and they had a 2nd grill shipped out to me with 2 day shipping in no time.
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on August 30, 2014
This is my 2nd One-Touch Gold grill. The first one lasted about 15 years and would have gone longer if I hadn't managed to bounce it out of my truck traveling to a camping event. The Weber kettle design was, I believe, one of the greatest advances in the 20th century. It provides very even heat and with various accessories like the charcoal side racks, or the electric rotisserie add-on, it lets you cook darn near anything perfectly. I've done steak, ribs, leg of lamb, salmon, various cuts of chicken, corn, shrimp, halibut, and asparagus and have been very happy with the result.Also, I've found that soaking wood chips (hickory, cherry or mesquite, for e.g.) and adding those to the side racks after the coals are going provides a great bbq-smoker flavor to whatever meat I'm cooking. The removable ash catcher is my favorite feature. With the 'Silver' model, the only practical way of emptying out the ashes was to pick up the grill and upend it. With the 'Gold' model, you just shovel the ashes into the ash catcher (I use rubber gloves), remove it, dump it in the trash, and put it back on. I've noticed the newer model doesn't have that handy rack attachment that holds the hood off to the side when you want to leave the top open. I 'migrated' the rack from my old grill onto the new one, drilling holes to accomodate the attacment. That would be especially handy when you're grilling and it's snowing or raining and you really don't want to just put the top on the ground beside you. The thermometer on the newer grill is designed better - it filts flush on the cover. However I don't believe I've ever paid attention to the thermometer while grilling. Timing, and looking are better indicators of what's happening. The handles are now some sort of plastic (heat resistant, I'm sure) instead of the old wood handles. They look cheaper but probably last longer. Downsides for this grill and charcoal grills in general: 1.) Unlike gas grills, you have to plan ahead. It takes about 30 minutes for the coals to come up to cooking temperature for quick-cooking items like steak or salmon. If I'm using indirect heat (the side racks), I start the coals in a chimney and then distribute them between the 2 side racks.That takes about the same amount of time. I've found an electric starter is the most efficient, although I generally wear those out at 3 per year. I've also found that a commercial wok ladle is ideal for moving the coals when I need to. Coals should be started in a central pile (or the chimney) and once they're grey and ready to go, can be spread out to a single layer. I know one complaint is that you can't adjust the height of the grill rack. However once you get used to how much charcoal to start for various operations, that really isn't a problem. 3.) Once you're done cooking, it will take the coals a while to die down. I avoid putting my Weber back in the shed until the next morning.
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on June 19, 2014
I received it a couple of days ago and the exterior of the box was perfect. Opened it up and the cardboard had compressed dramatically and the lid was sitting inside the kettle metal to metal. All torn up and scratched. Weber should fix this because the amount of internal packing is inadequate as far as I am concerned. I am sure they did it to save some $ which I understand but I am returning it and will buy local to inspect it and that is a waste all around in the end. I want brand new.... not new and scratched all to heck. Maybe I am being picky, but that's not really the point.

Beyond that I have no experience with it yet though I purchased the cast iron grates etc and am SUPER excited to get a replacement.

Kudos to Amazon though... always the best and easy returns!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 14, 2014
My parents had a Weber charcoal grill they used for more than 25 years, and I believe they still have it. That thing was a beast of heavy iron and steel but also high quality construction (considering it was made in the early 80s) and worked well. Naturally, the great Elton John Circle of Life has turned and I now have my own family and small son who loves grilling in the backyard and decided to return to Weber. (that and the fact that Weber has a high recommendation rate here at Amazon)

I went with this 22.5 inch model because it has enough space on the grill to cook for 5-6 people at once and has a foldable steel grate for pouring in more charcoal. I also like how the top lid has a rotating oxygen vent and a thermometer that seems to me to be fairly accurate. The cooking top and urn (bowl) itself are fairly thick steel and have a tough porcelain enamel finish that is fire baked on in the factor. Which is nice, since they do not scratch easily or look cheap after only a week. The grill also has Weber's One Touch cleaning system, which is really just an ash catching pot below and a moving lever at the bottom of the urn which moves ash into vents so that it falls into the pot. While it may be a bit gimmicky, I like it and it makes cleaning up the day after an easier chore.

The few negatives about this model would be fit and execution. When assembling the tripod wheeled base, the cheap metal legs do not fit into the base of the urn very well. Also, the ash catching kettle does not fit into the underside retainer ring very well. This entire grill is made in China and I suspect what is needed is a few re-measurements for better fit and higher tolerance. One or two skilled technicians on the assembly line could probably correct some of these simple flaws. They do not harm the main cooking purpose of the griller, but they do leave a cheap feeling in your mouth when you first assemble it.

Other than that, and I really like this Weber so far. My first few weekend grills have gone well and I will update this review in a few months once I more experience with this Gold One Touch.
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on June 30, 2014
I purchased this for my husband's 1st official Father's Day. You know, an expected gift. It's been about a month and I swear he's obsessed with his new "friend". It heats and cooks so incredibly fast that he's stated that he never wishes to cook with any other kind of grill again. If you're a charcoal lover like he is....nothing beats a Weber. Turns out, it's not just hype! And **TIP** He has never once regretted me buying the model with the ash catcher. I was unsure if it was necessary at first but it's saved him a lot of mess & annoyance.
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on August 13, 2014
Ok, last year I bought four-burner gas grill stainless grill from wally world. Less than a year later, the drip pan has rusted, the burner covers have rusted, and the darn thing is a piece of junk. I've always thought Weber grills were a little proud of themselves considering an off brand kettle grill like this one would be about $50.

Then, I really started to pay attention to quality of materials used, and fit/finish on the grill. After assembling the grill and now having used it over a dozen times in the past two weeks (I love to grill), I can honestly say that this perhaps the most versatile, well made, and stupidly simplistic grill ever made. The whole thing took me about 20 minutes to put together which just entails screwing the handles onto the lid and base, installing the thermometer, and assembling the legs. if any part was tricky, it was the legs but even then, if you follow the instructions (which consist of just pictures surprisingly enough), it isn't all that difficult.

So far, I've made burgers, steaks, chickens (whole and breasts) and a turkey breast. Everything has been delicious with excellent flavor using plain ole Kingsford charcoal briquettes and a chimney starter. The Weber chimney starter is also a very useful item and well worth the $14 if for nothing else, it saves you that much alone in lighter fluid plus none of the nasty smell or taste.

What can I say, it's so simple yet so brilliant and produces excellent food. Well worth the investment I'd say.
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on August 7, 2014
This is my 2nd 22.5 inch with the pan underneath. I gave mine away when I crossed over to the dark side (started grilling with gas). The grill works fine. My complaint is that when I went to assemble it I found that one of the legs with a wheel was somewhat squashed and bent. Also, one of the side handles was bent quite a bit and scuffed and had cracked the porcelain at the connecting points both inside and out. The box was OK, so this happened somewhere other than shipping. There was a previous shipping label cut out of the box, so they might have just shipped me a returned item without checking it first. Somewhat tacky if I do say so myself. The quality of the grill also seems to be declining from those made in the past. The legs are now cheap aluminum and the pan assembly under the grill is really flimsy.
The grill is a Weber Kettle and works as good as they always have. I would buy one again if I needed to. If Weber quality control is responsible for the bent parts then shame on them. Luckily I could bend the parts back into shape and the bare metal spots showing can be fixed with some high temp paint I just wish they would go back to using sturdier parts in the grill.
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on December 31, 2013
This is the 2nd weber kettle grill I've purchased and we love it! The 1st was for my husband, who loves it. The 2nd was a christmas gift for my parents, who rave about the food when it's grilled over our charcoal grill. The removable ash catcher makes charcoal grilling easy - no more dumping the grill over to clean it out. I purchased along with the premium kettel cover. Our grill gets used all winter long and sits outside under this cover and still looks like new. I gave my parents the grill, along with the cover, some matchlight charcoal and some frozen Omaha steaks and it made a great gift.
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on October 12, 2013
I've used gas grills for the past 10 years, never had my own though. It was always at a friends or apartment complexes. I remember my grandpa using a charcoal grill and feeling like it took ages, but as an adult I realize that it doesn't take that long for charcoal to get started so I went with this grill. It has a catch pan for the ash, the difference from the cheaper one is that it can't blow around on this one because ash is not exposed. Also I believe the cheaper one doesn't have a temperature guage on the lid.

I do love this grill, but I only gave it 4 stars because construction seems flimsy and poor. The paint job on the inside of mine is runny and thick which you can see by looking at it, the bottom assembly where the ash is caught did not stay circular so taking the pan off and putting it back on takes some time because the pan Iis round, but the assembly is more oval. I also received a damaged grill, they sent out a new one, which also had some damage but thankfully I had both grills at once and could swap warped parts. The last thing is you can hang the lid on a handle, but its a plastic handle and will melt under the heat of the hook. Great idea, poor execution.

Overall I'm happy with my purchase, I've used it a dozen times and its easy to take apart and clean. I also purchased a weber chimney and cover.
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