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on July 14, 2015
We love our Q3200. I grew up using charcoal but since moving to a condo we had to switch to gas grills. We started off with the Q220. The 220 was a good grill but it was small. Eventually it died and we upgraded to the Q3200. This grill is great! It cooks evenly, has two burner controls for direct and indirect heat, and will get up to 600 degrees.

Our food has been great and cleanup couldn't be simpler. If we had to buy a new grill tomorrow we would still end up with the 3200.
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on June 7, 2014
The Q3200 Natural Gas grill is perfect. Very high heat with no cold spots. Cooks evenly and very fast, so meat stays juicy. Perfect char marks on steaks and veggies, similar to infrared!
It is compact enough for small patios but has plenty of cooking area! It is truly made for outdoors, with sturdy plastic legs and parts, hence no rust! Easy to clean, and no need for tanks!
Assembly took me 1.5 hours. I also got a 4 foot extension hose, to move it around the patio. Also got a 1/2" bronze coupling at the hardware store to connect to the gas supply. And the weber vinyl cover to protect from the elements.
Highly recommended.
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on December 5, 2016
Weber Q3200 is a great grill. Assembly took about an hour. Everything fit well except the for the front plastic Weber logo panels which hides the propane tank. The cover is not sized correctly and is too large to cover front, therefore the plastic panel needs to be bent inward or outward - sticks out due to large size. Does not meet the standards I would expect for the grills appearance. Clearly a design flaw. It should be flat to be flush with the front surface of grill. Contacted Weber and they sent me replacement immediately- problem is the replacement was the same size and same issue. Problem not resolved. See photos

Grill fired up fast and is great for grilling. I have owned many grills. South Florida humidity and rain is hard on grills, they rust in one year. Time will tell on this grill. But I have confidence in materials and craftsmanship

Grill is FANTASTIC for cooking, heated up fast and temperature got to 600+ degrees in a flash. Cooked steaks to perfection. From a design standpoint, the grill configuration is the best for cooking. I was surprised as to the large size of the grilling surface.

I will post update in a couple of months to update on continued use, possible watering and rust if any occur.

Buy it, if you having any doubts.
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on June 17, 2016
I'll start by saying I haven't cooked on THIS one yet - but I have used the in-laws numerous times. Since my big box store grill rusted out, I decided to go Weber. I specifically bought this one due to the materials - composite frame (plastic), and aluminum body. I was looking for something that wouldn't rust, bust, collect dust, corrode or explode. I really like the drop-down shelves to minimize the footprint on the patio.

It was shipped and delivered without a hitch - arriving on time and intact. *The box is large and heavy, but I "rolled" it onto the patio without much trouble (2 persons could carry). After unboxing and unwrapping, I was able to assemble it in about 45 minutes. A phillips-head screwdriver is the only tool necessary. The instructions are more picture based, but pretty easy to follow if you are in any way "handy". A far stretch from the engineering degree necessity of grill assembly in days gone by.

The grill grates are impressively heavy, and they will allow for cooking smaller items without the dreaded drop through. Looking forward to years of juicy steaks, grilled veggies, shrimp, fish, etc. The warming rack stores nicely out of the way on the cart in the rear on designated hooks, and the built-in light on the handle is a very nice accessory (light has an auto-on feature that turns it on when tilted - lid up).

**June 21 update - Cooking on this grill is fantastic. It heats quickly, and efficiently cooks everything I've thrown on it so far - steak, chicken, shrimp, burgers, brats, and even asparagus. I was under the wrong impression that higher BTU numbers in grills meant more heat & "power". I was wrong... [...]

I also found a cover that fit quite nicely with the side shelves folded - which is what I really wanted (Veranda x-small 38" -
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VINE VOICEon August 24, 2016
My Sam's Club grill started acting up on me recently. It wouldn't get up past about 350 and I assume something was clogging the gas lines, but I didn't want to fool with it. I've always been very upset about that grill. I bought it based on a big sticker that said it was ready for Natural Gas hookup and I had built my house with a natural gas line to the back porch so I could be free of Liquid Propane tanks and the inevitability of running out of gas when you needed it most for a big cookout. When I got the Sam's Club grill home, it turned out that I needed a special kit, that they didn't have in stock and cost $80... So I never got around to it. This was the excuse I needed.

So I got on Amazon and started researching. I kept coming back to this grill. It was almost 100 square inches smaller than my old grill, and I was very worried about that. But it turns out that the design of this grill actually makes it easier to use all of the area, while my Sam's' Club grill had sides that wasted a lot of the space and I really am not finding myself running out of room at all.

The Weber Q3200 Natural Gas Grill heats up FAST and I love the metal grates. They hold the heat much better than the steel rods in my old grill. The shape of the lid seems to help it heat up faster and the thermometer shows the temperature easily. I wasn't too sure about the LED light, and it is a little bit dim, but it works much better than some of the reviews led me to expect. I'm actually ok with it.

Startup is a dream, just press the button and turn the gas on and whoosh, it lights right up. The options to use the inner tube, or the two outer tubes, or all three, is outstanding and gives you a variety of heating options, direct and indirect heating.

Another reviewer really nailed it when they said, "This is the grill you never knew you needed" or something to that effect. This grill is really great and while I was afraid I would need more space, so far I haven't needed more or wished that I had more space at all. It is reliable and consistent and makes me enjoy cooking outside again and hooking up the natural gas was easy. I did have to go to Ace Hardware (or Lowes or Home Depot would work too) and I spent about $7 on brass fittings to get everything to mate properly, but it was easy and inexpensive and now I never have to worry about running out of gas again (did I pay that gas bill, or not?).

I would recommend this to anyone short of the guy that really HAS to have that side burner searing thing on his grill. For anyone just looking for a good sized, reliable, nice looking gas grill, this is the one!
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on June 26, 2016
Mine was a 2014 Q320(0). Wonderful grill, outstanding heat uniformity. Cooks better than any grill I've ever owned, HUGE heat output contained tightly within the porcelain top means great searing. The LED light is a gimmick and should simply be dropped; the heat quickly kills the battery and renders the light useless (idea: make it solar-powered rechargeable; do you really need six hours per night of light to grill especially considering that the light only illuminates when the lid is open?). The 2014 ignition is an exercise in patience as it took up to ten tries to ignite, including playing games like shutting down and opening the lid and trying again; I see the igniter looks different on the new version and perhaps they have fixed that.

Left it unattended with both burners on medium. Came back half an hour later and the grill had melted its way down through the plastic and the lid had embedded itself into the U-tube underneath. I mean it melted more than an inch down. Cracked the lid trying to work its way free of the plastic. The grill not only destroyed itself but it could have been an actual fire/explosion hazard - I see reviews of the grill catching fire and I can see how that have happened very easily. Most frustrating, the stand is absolutely undamaged and I can't seem to find the grill (either old or new) by itself to use with the old stand and save some money. I'm ordering a new one and hoping these problems have been fixed, because it genuinely is a great grill.

Except, that is, when it melts!

EDIT: Cancelled the order (actually refused delivery per Amazon customer service instructions) as Weber came through at the last moment and confirmed it was in-warranty (five years, and they had the serial number on file so I didn't have to come up with a receipt - that's worth a star back and I'll jump it to four stars if and when I get the replacement and confirm it works).

Although I could not convince the not-very-technical customer support person to let me speak with one of the design engineers ("sir, I am sure they know all about this and these problems are always caused by grease" - uh, no, radiant heat decreases by the inverse square of distance and radiated energy increases by the fourth power of the absolute temperate and by the way I'm a physicist and a grease flareup is not why your cookbox MELTED the cradle), I have a suspicion I know what actually caused this. At the time, the lid was down but slightly open to allow the handles of some kebab baskets to poke out. As anyone who has ever worked with a long-flue furnace (like a coke furnace or a smelting furnace) knows, the temperature goes up tremendously when you get a draft blowing through. A fire is never hottest when it is completely exposed, too much air cools the fire more than the additional oxygen heats it. Your hottest temperature is when air has partial, but not complete, access to the outside so it creates a partial vacuum and sucks high-speed air in through venturi effect. In one place, the instructions say to cook with the lid "closed" but in most places it says to cook with the lid "lowered." I'll bet that the lid is really supposed to be completely closed and if it is cracked open just the right amount and the gas output is set just right, this grill turns into a furnace. I didn't think to look at the thermometer readout but it must have been fantastically high, two years' worth of charcoal buildup inside the lid was completely gone (the inside of the lid looks like it just came out of the box) and I see on Wikipedia that's at least 660 degrees F (the built in thermometer PEGS at 600) and can go as high as >1,000< degrees...that's no grease flareup!

FOLLOW UP: I eventually received all the replacement parts (when Weber said they would replace the "cookbox" I thought they meant the entire cooker, but that turned out to be just the bottom, so I had to subsequently request a lid, cradle, and igniter switch - the light was also melted but I didn't bother with that). Oddly the lid is jet black, I thought they only came in gray and red. Anyway, back in business and back up to four stars. By the way, the new cradle sits higher than the old one (I can clearly see the drip pan between the cooker and the cradle, whereas before I could not) and upon inspection I found that they have added ceramic discs to the feet of the cooker, no doubt to insulate the plastic from heat and prevent exactly the kind of meltdowns that I experienced. Also, the new design has limited airflow intakes on either side that greatly boost cooking temperature - with both burners set to medium (and remember, the burners weren't replaced, so these are the originals) temperature climbs to over 500 degrees. On medium! So while it is annoying that I'm burning burgers while learning to adapt to the improved heating (I'll start cooking stuff at low, or using only one burner and save gas), that tells me that they have made tremendous overall improvements. Oh and even though the igniter element is original, with the new igniter activator installed I'm now getting lights at the first or at most second try.

Two and a half stars for the one I originally bought; four and a half stars for the current model.
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on June 20, 2016
This is my 2nd Weber grill. I only had to purchase a new one because my grill is left outside at a beach house. When this one wears out, I will buy another!! Best grill I've ever owned.

The self-starter on this grill is great. The grill heats up fast and evenly. Temperature can be checked with the outside thermometer on the front of the grill. It has a nice design, with a panel that hides the propane tank. I love that it has two side tables that flip up and also hooks on the front for spatula, scraper, etc.

The grill surface is really large. I can cook 10+ burgers at a time. Highly recommend.
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on August 7, 2015
We have limited space on the patio, but we do a lot of BBQ meals. This grill has a small footprint, foldable shelves, and lots of heat. It does a good job of cooking. This group of Weber units is designed to be fairly easy to clean. For example, the lid removes with two lynch pins. Take it away and clean it completely. The disposable drain pans are handy. My only complaint was that it took quite a while to assemble. I got it wrong the first time and had to reset and try again. Finally ok.
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on July 12, 2017
We purchased this grill about 3 years ago and it is the best general purpose grill of this type we have ever owned. The grill area is very large in proportion to the total size of the unit. Side shelves are ample and when folded the unit is relatively compact. Heating is very even and things are cooked very well. My son is a "semi-professional" griller with very expensive wood-fired grills and he agrees that this is the best gas grill of this class he has ever used. Three years after purchase it still operates perfectly.
Highly recommended!
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on June 2, 2017
This would be very hard to be improved upon. For those wondering if the grill gets hot on natural gas I hit 550 on a 80 degree day. Assembly is easy except for the screen between the legs that I eventually left off. You will not be a Christian by the time you try to finish installing it. I highly recommend this grill.
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