Customer Reviews: Weber 592001 Q-240 Portable 280-Square-Inch Electric Grill
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on April 2, 2013
Easy to assemble and very, very, very convenient. Quite safe, and you never run out of fuel. You MUST adjust your cooking style...those reviewers complaining about the performance of this grill aren't using it correctly. There's a trick to it:
1. Turn it on, oil the grill with oil on a paper napkin, close the lid and LET IT HEAT UP FOR 10 MINUTES. DON'T OPEN THE LID DURING THIS TIME.
2. Prepare your food, getting everything ready.
3. Open the grill and quickly place your items on the grill, BUT DON'T "CROWD" THEM, leave at least an inch in between items.
4. Close the lid, and LEAVE IT ALONE! IF YOUR LOOKIN' IT'S NOT COOKIN', don't peek at it constantly, give it 80% of the recipe assigned cooking time, then QUICKLY take a glance at it, or use an electronic temperature probe to check core temperature rapidly.

Adjust your recipes as needed, and take notes! If something works, write it down to make it easier the next time. I use a timer and set it to 80% of the assigned cooking time, which cuts down, considerably, on the temptation to peek at it.
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on March 8, 2012
I purchased this grill about a week ago and it performed better than I had expected, its a "Real Grill" without having to get fluid and charcoal. I done some steaks on it and my girlfriend said it smelled like she was at a Steakhouse! I had never seen such beautiful grill marks. Since then I've made burgers and they were delicious. Money very well spent!
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on August 19, 2012
My HOA doesn't allow gas or charcoal grills, so it's electric or nothing. We researched very thoroughly before buying this one and we're really happy with it. My thoughts:

Space: it's not huge but it's pretty darn decently sized. We like to slice and grill veggies so it usually takes more than one round to do all our meat and veggies, but that's just us. You can definitely fit 8 good-sized patties or 4 steaks on this.

Heat: contrary to what you might read, heat generation is not a problem - this thing gets HOT. The problem is controlling the cooking - due to excellent insulation and heat reflection, things usually end up cooking faster than you want. For example, if you're cooking burgers, you'll find that the burgers are basically done by the time you flip them and you're just leaving them on to create grill marks. The trick is leaving it open for juuuuust the right amount of time for the cast-iron grate to do some cooking, but not so long that everything loses its heat.

Cleaning: I won't lie, this thing is a pain in the neck to clean; all the serious grease funnels into a pan at the bottom, which is easy enough to swap out, and the grate itself it really easy to clean (like I said, everything gets really hot), but the sides / bottom are a giant pain. If you don't make an attempt to clean it every few uses then all the built-up grease will smoke and contribute a nasty, burnt-grease flavor to your food, and of course once it's hot you'll be unable to do that, so the trick is to remember to clean every 2-3 uses _before_ using the grill. I get a handful of paper towels, set the grate aside on another few paper towels, and do my best to clean around the heating element. This is the only negative about this grill, but I can see how when, given the choice between retaining heat or being easy to clean, the designers / engineers at Weber made the choice to keep it hot.

Overall: much better than I expected out of an electric grill.
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on June 13, 2012
Q240 gets the job done. Although its a little slow to heat up, and some items (corn, for example) take longer than they should, the Q240 is as real a grill as you can expect for an electric unit.

Gets plenty hot to cook thick steaks with ease. Suggested cooking times seemed a little long, and the first go around ended up with steaks that were a little over cooked for our preference, but a little adjustment on the cooking time will fix that. Rare to medium-rare rib eyes are done in 10 mins.

Only criticism would be that the cord could be longer. Most people will need an extension cord.
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on December 19, 2012
I have owned this grill for about a year. I have the Weber 6549 stand as well.

The stand is a little bit flimsy, and because of this the stand will only get 4 stars from me, but the grill itself works great. Here's some things that might help out if you're looking to buy:

The stand is a bit flimsy, but probably a must-have if you're using this as a home grill. You will need some 7.5" by 5" drip pans (I use the Weber 6415 disposable ones). The grilling surface is cast iron and takes about 15 minutes to heat up when it's above 60 degrees f outside, a bit longer if it's near freezing.

While the grill stays very hot when you open the lid, the ambient air drops very quickly and can take a few minutes to get up to temperature. Because of this, either cook with the top open or the top shut. I always cook with the top shut and only open when I need to move things around.

Do not use soap on the grill! It's seasoned cast iron!

It takes about 5-8 minutes to cook a 1" steak to medium/medium rare like I enjoy it. Skin-on bone-on chicken breasts take a good 40 minutes on medium heat -- but the skin comes out nice and crispy and the chicken juicy all the way through.

I love cooking kabobs on this guy. It takes a bit longer than you expect, but the end result is always fantastic.

One quick word of warning: Be careful when pulling the control/plug out of the unit. It's very easy to tear the knob off. This is not a knock on the manufacturing -- it's made very, very well -- but a knock on my own lack of paying attention to what I'm doing sometimes.

I love this grill and you will too! I actually use it on my open porch under a metal roof. I have an infrared temperature gun, and the roof temperature never even changes, so it's not a safety issue for me.
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on May 12, 2012
We moved into an apartment last year and learned that charcoal grills are taboo.
After a bit of research we decided to try the Weber Q-240. I wasn't very happy with
our initial hamburgers, but the pork chops were better. Then we. discovered Lowe's hickory chips
and results are fine. We are now grilling steaks with confidence.

Well made and something that every apartment dweller should consider.
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on May 2, 2012
Pricey but if you live in a condo, etc... (like we do) then there's no other option. Looked at all other electric grills and found this grill (it's smaller model) to have the most consistent high mark reviews. Simple, heats fast and cooks faster. Buy it!
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on May 19, 2013
I am a condo owner so propane grills are prohibited. The last electric grill I had barely hit 200 degrees. I could grill hotter with candles.
I love this Weber even though a little pricey. But you get what you pay for. When I preheat, it gets up to 550 degrees. So searing meat is no problem.
I've owned this grill for about a month now and have used it about five times.
Each time I am more and more thrilled with my purchase.
Loved cooking on a propane grill when living in a detached home and this grill brings back the experience.
Highly recommend.
Only draw back is bringing out the cords to get it up and running....but in the end well worth the effort.
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on June 14, 2013
My building only allows Electric Grills. So this was probably my best choice... It feels a little cheap... I guess because I'm used to having heavy duty stainless steel stuff. because this is made of aluminum. it's light... but I guess that is a good thing... Heats up quickly, I haven't used many times so far. The reason I write this because I was mistaken thinking I can buy the optional side tables that would give me work space but After I talked to weber I found out, Electric models can't have side tables. it's not available.
I was trying to choose an Electric Grill and I was sold when i saw the pics of this grill with side working surfaces. But it wasn't the grill that i was buying, Weber makes a propane grill that look almost the same and those models have attachable side tables that gives you space for your plates... So if you think you can buy the side tables for this grill, don't. It would've been perfect! I guess I have to hold the plate with one hand ad do the grilling with the other one... Customer Service was quick and knowledgeable... I still love the grill!
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on November 14, 2012
This is the perfect size for an apartment balcony or patio. I chose the larger of the two because we often have company. You can easily fit 8 burgers. The meat tastes very good. Easy to move around. No propane or charcoal worries . If you move frequently or must have an electric grill...spend the money and get the Weber, you won't be disappointed.
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