Customer Reviews: Weber 6501 Adapter Hose for Weber Q-Series and Gas Go-Anywhere Grills, 6-Feet
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on October 21, 2010
I have the Q grill with cart and the hose(adapter) for 3 years. I love it on the deck and at the park/party, except sometimes the 20lb tank does not work well. I decided to buy a new adapter but thanks to the reviews here I realized a new hose will probably not solve the problem. So I called Weber Customer Service Line 1-800-446-1071. I got the instruction and it works! Here is the instruction:
1. Turn off(close) the tank knob;open the grill lid; turn grill knob to Hi/Start; screw off the hose at the tank side.(I waited for a couple minutes to flush out the hose, I think.)
2. Turn grill knob to OFF;screw back on the hose to the tank; turn on(open) the tank knob STEADILY, not too fast( I actually did it SLOWLY just to hope for the best result); wait for 3-4 minutes for the pressure to build up. This way the grill regulator won't be alarmed and kick in, that's how I understand it.
3. Light the grill as usual -- grill knob on Hi/Start and the hiss and the red button.
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on July 18, 2015
Buy this kit if you plan to use your Weber Q series stationary for a long period of time in conjunction with a standard 20 lb propane tank with Type I connector, it will save you money on the long run versus repeatedly buying the disposable LP canisters. A 4-pack of BernzOmatic 16.4 oz LP canisters at the local hardware store runs $12.99 at the time of writing. The cost to fill up a 20 lb standard propane tank is approximately $10~$15, depending on where you live (about $2.99 per gallon for a total of approximately 4.58 gallons of LP in an empty tank). I've read in previous reviews that some owners run into rodent and wildlife problems that result in a chewed-up hose, rendering a $25.00 investment useless. To rectify this, I recommend purchasing Propane Hose Safety Guard by Brushtech, available on Amazon, and sliding the hose into the hose guard. You'll probably need to invest in three hose guards due to its size versus the length of the hose (6 ft) that is attached to the Weber 6501 adapter kit.

As for the safety regulator that's the source of many confusion, frustration and multitude of users mistakenly thinking their adapter hose is defective, there's a small note in the instruction sheet under the "Check for Leaks" subtitle that would explain how the fail-safe device is triggered, if only said users took 30 secs to actually read the instructions. For the sake of reference, the note as taken directly from the instruction sheet is as follow:

"Make sure the gas controls are in the OFF position before turning on the Cylinder valve. Open the cylinder valve slowly. Wait at least 60 seconds before turning gas control to High for ignition. This waiting period resets the safety device in the adapter hose. If you fail to wait the 60 seconds before turning the gas control to High, you can activate the excess flow safety device in the adapter hose and the grill will not get full gas flow for operation."

If you inadvertently triggered the fail-safe device, you'll need to close the cylinder valve on your propane tank, turn up the gas controls on your grill to "High" or ignition and wait a minute or two for the residual propane in the hose to bleed out, then repeat the ignition process as outlined in the note above.

As you can see, the hose has a highly sensitive built-in fail safe regulator that is triggered by sudden gas pressure. If you open the cylinder valve slowly and then wait 60 seconds before igniting your grill, you're good to go. So no, it's not a manufacturing defect on Weber's part. No, the pin in the connector on the adapter is not "too short" due to "variation" in manufacturing (really?). No, you don't need to buy multiple hoses to find the hose that works only to return the ones that don't work (again, seriously?).

Overall, another solid Weber product, does what it was designed to do and most importantly, easy to hook-up and use!
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on March 15, 2016
I gave this three starts based on price. I'm sure it's a great product as I can attest to the brand quality given I recently purchased the Q1200 for modular and mobility purposes.

HOWEVER, consider this: Char-Broil makes an identical adapter hose that's $16.99 at Lowe's (10% off for Vets), which fits perfectly well. There, I just saved you ~$10. YW.
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on July 12, 2008
You basically need this (or a similar hose) if you want to do much grilling on a Weber Q. That said, the safety protections are very finicky, and it's extremely easy to set it off by opening the valve too quickly, or opening it again too quickly after shutting it off. That is: follow the instructions, and it will work.

Can't seem to change the star rating in this review. This hose was chewed through by critters of some kind (we are not the only ones who've had this problem), rendering it useless. We have been happy with the metal-clad replacement Freedom Grill FG-50HA Stainless Steel Propane Hose Adapter (available on Amazon).
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on July 31, 2008
Apparently this same hose is packaged under several different Weber part numbers for some strange reason. Buy this hose only if you have no squirrels or other rodents where you live. They like the taste (maybe it's grease that drips on it), and bite right through causing a leak. They ruined mine after just 1 month of use. A far better quality product that does the same thing is the Freedom Grill FG-50HA hose. It is stainless steel braid hose, and animal proof. It is slightly shorter, but still plenty long enough to reach from the Q grill at table height to a 20 lb cylinder on the ground. Thanks for earlier reviews that point to the FG-50HA. I bought it and it works great with my Q.
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on November 3, 2012
I was hoping to use the adapter with the propane tank I had used with my larger grill (and would also last longer than the small propane canisters). At first, I thought it would be simple to get up and running. I attached the adapter to the tank, opened the gas valve, nothing happened! Then I decided to read the instructions....saw that after you attach it to your larger propane tank, you needed to wait something like 3 minutes before opening the valve on the tank (Can't remember exactly but I followed those instructions to a "t")....still didn't work! I'm sure there was propane, since I had just put some in it, but it seemed like gas never got to the grill (couldn't smell it). Maybe someone can suggest what else I can do, or how they did it to make theirs work. Meanwhile it sits in a corner and I keep buying propane canisters.

UPDATE May,29,2013
I gave up with the Weber brand of adapter.....and picked up a generic BernzOMatic 4' Appliance Conversion Hose (Model GHA-048)at my local Lowes store, easily hooked it up (without all the steps that Weber gave with their adapter)and it worked right away! Another great perk is that it was about $10 less that the one I purchased thru Amazon! Now I'm a "happy griller"!!! Meanwhile my unused Weber adapter sits in it's box collecting dust!
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on June 7, 2012
Like nearly every Weber Q grill owner, I went out and bought myself a six foot (2-meter) adapter hose to hook it up to a larger 20# propane tank.

Like nearly every Weber Q grill owner, my grill worked fine with the small propane tank and then refused to light with the bigger tank attached.

I think I know what is going on.

Inside the hose, there is a small valve at the end that connects to the grill. It looks like a Schrader valve ([...]). Think about the last time you put air in a bicycle or car tire - that little valve is a Schrader valve. The pin inside the valve has to be depressed to let air flow through it. Push the pin with your thumb and air will come out.

Now, if you look at the regulator (on the grill), there is a pin in the middle of the connector that should depress the valve in the hose (when connected).

My theory is this: 1) if the pin on the regulator is a tiny bit too short, the valve will not be depressed and no propane will flow. 2) if the valve in the hose is a tiny bit too deep, the valve will be too far away from the pin, will not be depressed and no propane will flow. The regulators and hoses are not manufactured to such an exact level and there is some small variation between them.

My advice is this: Buy more than one hose and keep swapping them out until you get one that works for you. Then package up the others and return them to the store.

This worked for me and I don't have to the play the re-set game that is on all of the forums.
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We purchased this adaptor hose for our new Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill, and have been using the grill for several weeks now.

The Q2200 grill is designed to use the smaller disposable propane bottles (it will accept both the 16.4 oz LP cylinders or the smaller 14.1 oz size) and they attach directly to the grill. It's a nice arrangement that also keeps the bottle up and out of the way, but the capacity of the bottles is considerably smaller than a full size tank. They're also not re-usable, so from the standpoint of not wasting resources, I think they are less desirable.

The adaptor hose simply attaches to the fitting on the grill at one end, and is long enough to fit to the propane tank that will simply sit on the ground next to the grill. This grill and cart doesn't provide any provision to hold the propane tank itself, so it's an arrangement that takes away some of the ease with moving the grill from place to place and makes it slightly more cumbersome, but that's ok.

One additional thing that some users might need would be adding these Brushtech Propane Hose Safety Guards to protect the hose from being damaged by critters. I haven't done that (yet) myself, but it looks like it will take two or three of the safety guards to fully enclose this 6' hose.

There are also other adaptor hoses available that will accomplish the same thing. For example:

Bayou Classic M5LPH, 36" Stainless Braided Low Pressure Hose, 1-PSI Regulator, 3/8" Flare Swivel Fitting (note that a Anderson Metals Brass Tube Fitting, Coupling, 3/8" Flare x 1/8" Female Pipe will be required in order to fit to the Weber grill).

The Bayou Classic hose may well be a better choice, since it's made of stainless braided material. I selected the Weber hose simply because I felt that the Weber product should be suitable for our uses, but if I have any issues with it over time I will return to this review and update it to report our experience.
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on April 26, 2013
I've purchased two of these in the past year or two and neither one of them ever worked. I'm sure they were built to spec and that they came off the assembly line as designed. But for reasons others have already mentioned, they often don't work with the WeberQ grills. I don't doubt that it's due to the interplay between the hose and the grill's regulator, but don't make that my problem. Don't make me scour the web to find the workarounds. How does this help me when I'm responsible for bringing the grill to a tailgate party and I don't know the secret handshake to make the hose and the grill work together? It's the manufacturer's responsibility to make these items work, especially because both components (the grill and the hose) are Weber components. These items need to work right out of the box, immediately, every time, without my having to spend hours trying to find the secret workaround. Add a 'reset' or 'equalize pressure' button, or some kind of valve. Frankly I don't care what you do. But make sure the product works when I follow the directions included in the box (which basically say "screw the hose to the grill, then the tank, then turn it on". I did that 50 times and it doesn't work. This is a poor performance Weber, extremely poor.
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on April 11, 2014
If you plan to grill out a lot, like we do, than you need this adapter for you 100 series Weber Grill. It fits
perfect and has extra length is great to use you regular large natural gas canisters. So plan ahead like
we did and buy the complete deal with the Weber rolling cart, the premium Grill cover and this adapter
for regular gas grill canisters and you will be grilling in hog heaven all year long! Weber, the best in
grilling and chilling in the good old summer time!!
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