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on July 16, 2016
Made in USA with "Global Parts", very little Stainless Steel (30%), rest is AL Casting or Powder Coated Steel, Save your Funds and buy the Black or Copper version. Set-up takes about 1.5 hrs. Quality of metal parts is good-beveled edges and smooth corners. Compared to my Genesis from 10 years ago, they are really saving on Stainless Steel. Metal thickness is very thin and stiffened by adding creases and seams. Only Outside of Top, side shelves (end Caps are AL), and the Outside of the doors are "sheathed" in Stainless steel. I would call it "trimmed with Stainless Steel", but TRUTH in advertising is no longer a factor-making money is. Cost is $150.-200.00 more for the Stainless Steel Accents-very sad. In my opinion this is not a "Stainless Steel Weber". Hope it helps.
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on August 14, 2015
My previous grill was a $50 Charcoal Grill. It had a small cooking surface, but I could cook two steaks at a time and it got the job down. Cleaning was a huge pain. Loading and firing up the coals was a process. Opening the vents and getting the vents open just right. Keeping the temperature just right. Preserving the heat of the grill. It was a process and it was an art. I guess.

If that old charcoal grill was like lovingly maneuvering the gears of a manual 1983 Honda AE86, my first use of the S-310 was like stepping into a brand new dual clutch Ferrari. I could not believe how quickly the grill heated up. With my cheap charcoal grill I had trouble keeping temp between 350 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Within minutes, it was at 500F. I know a lot of the older Weber veterans exhibit some dismay for the decline in quality and the inability of the grill to reach super nova temps but at 550F, I sear my steaks just fine. To give you a sense of the temperature control, the grill reached 400 very, very quickly. Maybe 1-2 more minutes after 400 it will hit 500. Then another 1-2 to slowly climb to 550. I never have patience to wait any longer. Once some food is in there temps have gone up to 660F and would probably get even hotter but I usually have to make adjustments by then anyway.

Ribeye is my favorite cut. For a cut from Ralph's around 1/4 inch thick, it took 2.5 minutes per side to reach medium rare 550F. For 1 inch cut from Pavilions/Vons, it took around 4-5 minutes per side to reach medium rare at 550F. And for the the 1.5-1.75 inch cuts that you get in a 3-4 pack from Costco, it took 8 minutes per side with all burners on high (started at 500F and reached up to 660F before I lowered the temp).

Time Comparisons (ignoring rest time after cooking):

Charcoal Grill - Cleaning/Prepping Grill is 5 minutes. Prepping Steak is 8 minutes. Charcoal Ignition/Prep is 30 minutes. Waiting for Grill to get to temp is 15 minutes. Cooking Steak is 16 minutes.Total of 74 minutes to cook a steak. Cons include a lot of guess work. Pros include a charcoal smoky flavor if done right.

"Reverse Sear" - Prepping Steak is 8 minutes. Waiting for Oven to get to temp is 30 minutes. Steak in Oven at 275F for 40-55min pending thickness. Using preheated Lodge L12SK3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet, 13.25-inch to sear steak is 4 minutes.Total of 82 to 97 minutes to cook a steak. Cons include a bunch of smoke and oil splatter in the house from searing the steak. Tastes like high-end restaurant.

Weber S-310 - Cleaning/Prepping Grill is 5 minutes. Prepping Steak is 8 minutes. Waiting for Grill to get to Temp is 4 minutes. Cooking Steak is 6-16 minutes. Total of 23 to 33 minutes to cook a steak. Pros include easily replicated precision cooking with virtually no mess, and a combination of restaurant quality and smoky char.

Paired with the Weber Style 6434 Professional-Grade Vegetable Basket grilling veggies has never been easier. Just sprinkled some salt and pepper and a few dabs of oil. Toss it in there for 20-30 minutes all done. Thanks to this grill I've been consuming more veggies now. So easy to cook.

Virtually anything is easy to cook on this grill. I just have to guess a cook time and it comes out perfect. Sockeye Salmon. Hmm 20-24 minutes? Whatever. Turned out perfect. Even ribs.

For fish I use BEST BBQ Grill Mat - Set of 2 for Gas, Charcoal & Electric Grills - FDA Approved - FREE Bonus - Heavy Duty DuPont Non-stick Coated Grilling Mats with 5-year Warranty - Make Grilling Easy since I don't want the fish to fall apart. To keep the temp at 500F, I just keep the burner on the far right on high and the other two on low. I put the grill mat on the left and use indirect cooking.

For cleaning I use BBQ Grill Brush By USA Kitchen Elite - Best Barbecue Grill Cleaner - 18"- 3 Stainless Steel Brushes in 1 - Perfect for Char-Broil, Weber, Porcelain and Infrared Grills - Free Handy Bag + Basting Brush. Not completely satisified with it but it enough elbow grease it gets the job done.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 29, 2017
The grill looks great - that's about all that's good with it. The 3rd burner stopped working about 4 months after purchasing. I've tried calling customer service multiple times to troubleshoot, only to bet met with surly representatives who talk over me, and don't seem to be listening to the issue I'm describing. I've been sent a new igniter kit (they're claiming I requested this, I don't know an igniter kit from a grill cover) and are now blaming me for having them send me the wrong part to fix the issue. I've avoided calling back because I don't like being berated over the phone, so I had my son-in-law call in only to be told we're now about a year out of warranty - prompting this review. We're on record having this issue almost immediately after we bought the grill, yet they won't honor the warranty and fix the issue...even if we are out of warranty, how about an exception? It's a $900 grill that's only 2/3rds working! It's not like this issue recently started happening. Horrible customer service, we won't be buying another Weber again and will spread the word among family and friends about our experience.
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on October 30, 2016
Grill arrived with three components damaged quite badly. Weber sent replacement parts very quickly (ie. FedEx) and their customer support is nothing short of spectacular. As far as the grill operation, again nothing short of fantastic. Very even, easily controlled heat, great flare control, quick time to cooking temperature. If you are looking for a great grilling experience and to remain so for many years to come, then this is the grill for you. Definitely worth the price.
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on August 14, 2016
This grill replaces my old Weber now in 24th year! This was actually the second grill ordered as the first one suffered from some damaged parts (looked like the side and rear panels had been run over by a forklift). Amazon provided new grill and are arranging the pick up of the old one in a painless way. The visuals/images that make up the assembly instructions are not foolproof! I installed the rear bar connecting the two side panels wrongly twice! The straight bar is manufactured with U shaped formed steel and the open side faces vertically down with the bolt securing the part facing outward. This gives you the maximum "opening" or width for the heavy base. If the bolt hole in the heavy base does not line up with the hole in the frame then the rear bar is probably not in place correctly. 2 hours later I had the grill assembled and ready to go. Cooked a large lamb shoulder today and can declare the product works well. The 500F plus start seared the outside perfectly and the lowering of the left and right to minimum while turning off the center held the temperature at a favorable 250F. Works as advertised.
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on June 19, 2014
Excellent quality in fit, finish and performance. Packaging was designed to protect everything well during transit - Arrived with no damage. Took about 2 hours to unbox and assemble with the assistance of a helper. Assembly illustrations are accurate and easy to follow. Use your own socket wrench instead of the tool supplied for easier assembly. Be careful not to over-tighten bolts - Firm hand tight is adequate (don't use a powered screw gun or threads will strip). Cooking area heats evenly. Haven't messed up a single meal during the first 3 weeks since it arrived. Tri-tip, Carne Asada, Fillet, Pork Ribs - all cooked perfectly. Grill is high quality and cleans easily with a brush. I could not have made a better choice.
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on July 16, 2015
Arrived on time, and packaging was very good, 205 lbs. total weight. As my wife & I unboxed it I was impressed by the attention paid to protection & separation of all the parts, and the combination of packing/shipping materials. Weber has obviously been dealing with warehouses, loading docks, fork lifts and truckers for a while. The instructions were great, big & clear illustrations. Must have been written here - non of those translations where the phrasing comes out wrong & throws ya' for a loop. 1/4" drive ratchet, 7/16 & 1/2" sockets, #2 Phillips and medium flat blade screwdrivers were all that was needed. Took about 1.5hr. to assemble. Fit & finish was excellent. Also mounted the rotisserie motor bracket that came w/opt. kit. Hardest part was peeling all that protective film off, but it had done its job - no scratches. This grill replaced a Weber Silver two burner we had for so long we had replaced the flavorizer bars once and grates twice [20+ yr. outside - covered but in the snow]. When I went to clean it this year, the burner tubes were done. So, the Genesis was ordered. Been using it for about six weeks now. WOW. Heats up quicker & new style/relocated temp gauge works. This three burner setup makes indirect heating [using right & left burners w/center off] gives results, esp. with the rotisserie, that we thought never would happen on our deck. Actually think it uses less fuel than the two burner Silver. Stainless is the only way to go. You thought those cast grates were heavy, wait till you pick up these stainless welded rod grates. The flavorizer bars are stainless too. Looks like this one will outlast me. If forced to find a fault, I wish the rotisserie motor had a little more power. As long as the roast or whatever is centered on the skewer rod it's OK. Overall, I'd recommend the Genesis S-310 highly.
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on August 20, 2016
We have had this grill for a few months, and are extremely happy with it. It cooks evenly, and heats up quickly. My husband enjoys using it, and has become the "master of his grill" this season. :)
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on October 17, 2013
My first impression were all of the positive reviews. I had to hunt through several pages before I could find anything negative about the grill and that seemed top be human error not a problem with the grill. The grill arrived on the date as promised. Putting the grill together was extremely easy, the only additional tool I needed was a screw driver. All of the parts were removed from box and I organized the smaller boxes after viewing the instructions. It took approximately one hour and fifteen minutes to put it together. The open area of the garage floor really helped out, placing the smaller boxes in one area and putting the grill together in an other.

I have cooked on the grill several times, from steak to chicken to an 8 pound brisket. I found the exterior hood thermometer to be fairly accurate and heating of the grill to be even throughout the surface area. For me switching from propane to natural gas was the way to go. I am not worried now about running out of propane or having to change a tank in the middle of a Sunday afternoon BBQ. This was really helpful while cooking the 8 pound brisket, I put the brisket on at about 7:00am and it finished around 3:30pm, low and slow all day. The results were fantastic. So far I am impressed with the grill and I am hoping to have a long cooking relationship with it !!!

Covington, LA.
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on May 29, 2014
I have the previous genesis all stainless model. The frame the grill sits on is not stainless and rusted out completely causing structural instability and the doors to fall off. Weber will not replace as it has been 5 years. I have had $150 grills from target and kmart that lasted longer. If you think you are paying a premium for a grill that will last 20 years, think again. Picture of rust: [...]
review image
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