Customer Reviews: Weber 7516 Grill Out Handle Light
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on October 27, 2011
A lot of people commenting on this grill light are complaining that the light is bad because it flickers, it doesn't come on all the time, they have to tap the side to make it work, etc. All these people don't understand what the problem is. I have two of these lights on my 2001 Weber Genesis Silver B gas grill and experienced these same problems myself in the beginning and it took me a while to figure out what the problem was.

There is a plastic cap on the side that holds the three batteries inside. This little cap turns and twists in place. The contacts for the batteries are located on the other side of this cap. When the cap is properly twisted in place, it will make good contact with the batteries and the light will work. However; the cap tends to somehow work itself loose if you don't have it fully tightened. When this happens, the light won't work. You will then have to go back and twist tighten that cap again and the light will work fine. Ever since I figured out that this was the problem, I have never experienced a single problem with this light and I have had two of them on my grill for years.

There have also been complaints about the light not turning completely off when the lid is closed in the down position. People have complained that when the lid is closed, the light still remains on the least little bit. The light isn't supposed to turn off completely when the lid is closed, it is only supposed to dim. This is so you can find the handle in the dark as you approach the grill. If you want to turn it off completely, you're suppose to use the on/off switch on the front of the light box. Henceforth, this is not a design defect or flaw, but was intentionally designed this way for a specific reason.

As for the light not being bright enough? The grill surface was never intended to be an operating table. The light is more than sufficiently bright. However, if you desire a brighter light, then do what I did: Get two lights! I have two of these lights mounted on my handle. One lights up the left side of the grill and the other lights up the right side. Problem solved!

The light works fine. Mine has for years. These people who are on here complaining simply don't understand what the problem is. Go out and buy the light. Its a good deal for $20.
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on May 29, 2008
I use this light on my Weber S320 grill. It has a switch to automatically turn on when the lid is open and off when the lid is closed. It also has a day/night sensor to prevent it from wasting the battery while grilling in daylight.

It will light up the entire grill with a natural colored light. The light does not distort color. This is very nice for checking how well done the food is.

I highly recommend this to light.
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on June 7, 2011
Hmmm, now I have seen it all after reading the one or two bad reviews for this product. But it prompted me to provide my review for a simple little gem of a light that I just love. Indeed, someone hammered this light because it apparently didn't fit after this hapless person finally found someone to install it. Really folks, it just snaps on with no tools needed, what is the problem with these couple of bad reviewers? Maybe they really work for the competition because frankly, if you can't "install" this unit without help you have problems, not the light. My suggestion would be for those couple of disgruntled consumers to send the light back with a note explaining that (s)he was unable to install and operate such a sophisticated product.

As far as the position switch working, mine works fine - every time and guests think it is VERY cool. I find myself putting off cooking until after dark because this thing is a fun little accessory! It also has a great big soft switch to turn it off and on - ya can't miss the switch. It is true that when the lid is down, the LEDS glow ever so dimly by reflected light so that one can see the light switch is still in the on position. I think that is a very handy feature and has saved me battery life - too bad some didn't "get it".

The light pattern is square like the grill box so it illuminates the grates much like a museum portrait light only illuminates the painting. Another very nice design feature. As far as replacing batteries, turn the round battery cover one quarter turn (righty tighty, lefty loosey), take out the old batteries and put in the new ones. If you need help with that you had better not be around hot grills or sharp objects.

All in all, this is much better than the generic gooseneck grill light I used to use. Also, I expect this new light to last forever just like other Weber products I have owned.
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on March 24, 2009
This little gadget throws a lot of light and fits snugly on my Weber Genesis. The only thing keeping me from giving this 5 stars, is that the mechanism that is supposed to shut the light off when the grill is closed, still lets a bit of a current leak through to the lights, so that if you don't press the button to turn off the unit completely, your batteries will drain in no time. Aside from that though, this product is a must for people with Weber grills in areas where the lighting isn't so great.
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on May 28, 2013
Overall this is a pretty good product but it has some issues, especially at this price point.

1) It just barely has enough light for a three burner Weber 320. For $25 I don't think it's unreasonable to expect the thing to light up my grill clearly. I can see why so many people here have installed two of them on their grills but then that's $50 just for flashlights! Weber should have at least two more LED's on this puppy so one unit is enough even if that means $10 more on the price.

2) The instructions are horrid. I am usually very good with cryptic instructions but it took quite a bit of fooling around for me to determine that I needed to ignore what the instructions appeared to say and use brackets A1 and A2 to mount on my Weber 320.

3) If you don't turn off the light it says in semi-on mode until your battery dies. Stupid plan. When the lid is down it should go all the way off, and when the lid is up it should turn on; it shouldn't even have a power button for water to get inside. I think the semi-on mode is so you can find it in the dark, but I still say it is a bad design. That or they should have added a small LED on the front to let you easily see when it is powered on from a distance.

All that said, once installed it does work okay and it looks good. The auto on/off when you move the lid is a nice touch and the way it mounts it stays out of the way when the lid is closed so you can put a cover on your grill without an issue.

The minimal light is my major gripe and if you have a grill with 4 or more burners you may as well just buy two of these from the get go as I may even end up buying a second one with my three burner grill...
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on January 28, 2015
Got these lights for the grill when I didn't want to use the big lights or just needed extra light or lights at night. Only one is really needed but I got 2, they light the grill up amazingly. You can see the grill everything you're cooking and both sides from the extra light. I would deff recommend these!!
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I had one of these on my beloved Genesis Silver B. When I gave the grill a new home to upgrade to a Genesis S-320, I ordered this the same day.

If you're grilling after dark, this light is just flat out awesome. It's just bright enough to cover your grilling area, without attracting every bug in the neighborhood. And because the lights are LED's with a gravity switch, you're never burning through batteries. In fact, I never used the power switch on my old one, and the three AAA batteries kept the thing going strong for at least a year.

Seriously, once you use one of these, you will never, ever go back.
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on March 3, 2015
This is by far the best item we've EVER purchased! It's simple to install, looks great on the grill and works like a charm! What more could a "griller" ask for??? If you want the best - this is it!! All you need is 3 AAA batteries for each one ( I purchased two - one for each side of the grill ), and a Phillips head screwdriver to install. ( Trust me, if I can install this in less than 5 minutes anyone can!! ) Simple, wonderful and bright! No more flashlights or floodlights at the grill - thank you Weber!!
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on June 30, 2010
I don't use the auto-on function because when you close the grill the light doesn't turn completely off. If you forget about that, your batteries will drain overnight. This is a design flaw as far as I concerned. But it's not a deal-breaker because there's an on/off switch that works just fine.

The housing for this light is plastic and it gets pretty hot when the grill is over 500 degrees. It hasn't melted in a year of grilling so I stopped worrying about it, but all that heat can't be good for it.
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on November 15, 2014
I have found my Weber grills (current and previous) to be very high quality, and am happy to buy their accessories in general. This item is an exception.
1. It is a very low quality light, very cheap build quality. Seems to have been outsourced to the lowest bidder. I've gotten used to this with so many products, I probably wouldn't even take off a star for it if everything else was ok.
2. It puts out very little light. As you can read, many of the reviewers happy with the light have two or more on one grill. This is not a deal breaker, because I don't need much light. But still seems like a design flaw.
3. For me it completely broke after one season of use and being left outside on the grill over winter, protected by a Weber cover. I live in Northern California, pretty mild weather compared to many other places. This is the deal breaker for me and why I won't buy it again or recommend to anyone.
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