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If you’re reading this you probably have already searched a variety of tech sources for the “best” antivirus software and, like me, consistently found Webroot near or at the top of the list. Buying antivirus software is one of the most dreaded computer-related task most people face … just reading the daily headlines reinforces that computer hacking is real and proper protection is necessary. You want to make the right choice in buying antivirus software but there seem to be so many negative horror stories about antivirus software. Here’s why I ended up with Webroot.

The first thing I want to share is that I have been buying antivirus software for over 20 years, for business and home, and I am not married to any one brand. In fact, over time, I have bought and used nearly every brand sold. And yes, some of them were true horror stories.

When WIN 10 came along I made the decision not to add any third-party protection at all to what is already part of the WIN 10 suite (Windows Defender). While most independent experts agree that Defender isn’t the best solution out there, they also agree that it is good enough for most people who use their computer for casual everyday use. Defender has the huge benefit that it has almost no negative impact on computer speed or performance and it works totally in the background and never nags or bugs you (unless there is a reason to alert you to a problem). Another major benefit of Defender is that is updates itself (in the background) so you are always assured of being protected against the latest threats.

IF you want to add more protection to your computer but you like the positive benefits of Defender, Webroot is one of the best options out there.


1. Unlike most software there isn’t really an “old or new” version of Webroot. As long as you are running one that is compatible with your computer’s operating system Webroot works like Defender in that it is really merely an interface to their online services where all the actual “smarts” are located. That is why Webroot won’t work unless you are online. You don’t have to worry about updating to a “new” version each year or doing periodic downloads because (as Webroot calls it) it is “always up to date”.

2. Because Webroot doesn’t install a large number of files directly on to your computer, it utilizes very little of your computer’s resources, thus most people will probably never notice any difference in computer speed or performance.

3. When the term of your license runs out you don’t have to buy a new disc and reinstall the program. Buying a new license just allows the software to continue to run for another year (or whatever the term of your license is). There is good news and bad news in that. The makers of Webroot don’t seem to have figured out how to reward existing customers who want to renew their license. Instead, when their “offer” is sent to you as your license is about to expire their “special” price is ridiculously high. I mean all they’re doing is giving you permission to use their software for another year, you would think they would/could offer you a special price for you loyalty, but no. Which forces people like me to simply buy a whole new disc from whoever has it on sale for the best price at the time. Fortunately my renewal time is around Black Friday each year and I am able to buy a whole new disc for peanuts.

4. People who review Webroot usually have mostly positive things to say (except for the license renewal issue discussed above) but too many of them mention how Webroot has a nag box that appears on your screen every time you turn your computer on. Not true, or at least not fully true. Yes that will happen, but all you have to do is uncheck that feature in the advanced settings box and you will never see any messages from Webroot unless you have an intrusion alert (or your license is about to expire). The fact that Webroot doesn’t have nag boxes is one of the major reasons I prefer it over Brands X, Y and Z.

5. When you first install Webroot it does a quick scan and tells you your computer is “safe”. Don’t believe it. The FIRST thing you should do is force a deep scan. Webroot makes doing that harder to find than most of their competitors. To do a deep scan, open you file manager (the screen that shows you your hard drives) and right-click on each available drive, starting with your boot drive (usually your C drive) and choose “Scan with Webroot”. Then sit back, the deep scan will take a long time, depending on how full your drive is and how fast it accesses files it can take up to a couple of hours. There will be a dialogue box with a progress bar, how many threats were detected, elapsed time, etc. It’s best not to do anything else (multitask) at the same time until the scan is completed.


This is the third consecutive year I’ve made the conscious decision to choose Webroot over other brands of antivirus software. In that time I’ve never had a virus infect my computers, I’ve never noticed a slowdown of my computer’s performance, I’ve never been annoyed by needless advertising popups, and I’ve been able to protect 3 devices for a full year for about five-cents a day. I like that.
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I've been with Webroot for about 3-years and it's still as good as ever and light years better then Norton. I've reviewed prior versions before but the renew process for it is a breeze... just open your account, type in the new number and you're done. The only downside is your 365-days begins the day you renew and you lose whatever days you may have had left on the expiring version so if already have it and can put up up all those annoying popup reminders to renew wait until the last few days before you enter that new number.
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on May 27, 2017
Great Product, Have been purchasing Webroot for many years, Have tried em all before, Norton, McAfee, Panda etc. None of them compare, webroot uses very little memory and it runs in the background trouble free.
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on October 10, 2017
Third time I have used this software. The vendor tries to sell an update when it renews however I find it is always cheaper to buy a new copy and just delete the old. Nice that it supports up to 3 different computers for the price of the 1 disk.
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on May 3, 2015
I don't like to load with a key code. I ordered a disc and it loaded immediately with no trouble. It seems to be working well. The price was good, especially for 3 computers. I had Norton 360 for 3 computers last year. I got it at a nice introductory price . I had no problem with it, but when it was going to renew for another year automatically at about triple the price I decided to shop around. Once Webroot was up and running for awhile I thought I might as well uninstall the Norton antivirus. When I did that it did something to my computer. It would no longer recognize my remote devices, camera and MP3 player. I have extended warranty on my HP computer and they helped me get my computer to recognize them again. I am no computer guru. I'm just saying Beware on uninstalling Norton. When I Googled it I read several other people had the same problem. I still have Norton on 2 other computers. It is no longer active, but I intend to just let it sit there.
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on June 29, 2016
Webroot is a very good product I only buy Webroot very user friendly if your not a computer person this one is very good and very easy to use and understand I have no issues with Webroot
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VINE VOICEon July 31, 2017
I've had no problems using this software for anti-virus protection. Some small problems installing new version. It is curious/odd that it's more economical to purchase new disc than upgrade from the manufacturer.
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on March 23, 2017
I've been through a ton of antivirus software. This software doesn't come with bloatware, it's doesn't take up a ton of ram or tax your cpu, it's quick and efficient. It's cheaper and better than their competition. I was pleasantly surprised when I got the dvd, instead of just getting a digital download. It's a good thing.
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on August 6, 2017
This works very well, I initially saw PC Magazine gave it an Editor's Choice Award for 2017. I ran several competitors
scanning software checks and everything came up as clean as a whistle. Recommended !
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on March 30, 2017
As pictured As described Good seller
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