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on June 20, 2013
(Note: Amazon is using the old naming of the products, and I accidentally downloaded and installed Complete - see the Webroot site and the Amazon comparison chart).

I've been using "Webroot" for about four or five years, including when the product was Prevx. Webroot acquired Prevx and eventually replaced their Webroot flagship product with the Prevx product (you can do an Internet search if you want more info). I'll focus this review on my experience with the company and product.

I'd decided to downgrade from SecureAnywhere "Complete", for two reasons - their Backup and Sync feature currently uses Sugarsync technology. So, if you are using Sugarsync, you might want to drop down to Internet Security Plus, which I did. Also, a PCmag article states that the Webroot password feature uses LastPass password technology. Unfortunately, there is no warning from Webroot on this (Sugar Sync and LastPass), you just get to find it out on your own. The other reason is that I do not want the "Permanently Erase with Webroot" for Windows Explorer (XP/7) feature that comes with Complete. If you've ever accidentally erased a file, you might understand why ... a personal preference. (Unless it has changed in the past month, you cannot control how this feature is permanently set on your local computer. When there is a Webroot product update it changes the setting back to default, a downside to cloud-based.)

In addition, their default config may setup Webroot to "Maximum" Self Protection security setting despite the fact their own suggestion is that "Medium" "provides maximum possible compatibility with other security software". If you are using Norton 360 you are likely to get a recommendation from Norton to uninstall Webroot. If Webroot wants to proclaim they are compatible with other programs, then should offer specific settings with a few of the leading products in the marketplace. That would not be hard for them to do.

Regarding using with other security programs ... when using this program, I've always used it with another computer-based security program, in the past with the Zone Alarm full suite (which I eventually had too many issues with after using over ten years), then with Norton Internet Security Suite 2012 and now Norton 360 2013. While I am not a tech, I started in computer sales in 1985. and software sales in 1993, and would put myself in the intermediate category. From this level, I have not seen any significant issues running with another security program. Could there be something on a much more technical level where there is a conflict? That is possible. When I first started using Prevx, it was a very simple anti-virus, anti-spyware program. Now, "Complete" includes a "firewall", backup & sync, password management, etc. So, that opens up more opportunity for conflicts. But, I think I have only experienced one virus in the last five years. So, this dual approach has worked fairly well for me.

Regarding support ... One criteria I look at with software is what support does the company offer, and when. Webroot only offers technical support for consumers from M-F, 7am to 6 pm MT. They have sales there later at night and on the weekends, but not support. In this day and time that is very weak. Recently, I submitted a support ticket online and 29 hours later had not received a response. I finally just called them. After about a fifteen plus minute wait, I got a helpful USA-based technician who answered my questions. If you are having a malware issue, do you want to wait that long? What if it happens Friday night? Update: Well, that issue ended up not being resolved, so I started again this week. After waiting on hold for over thirty minutes, I spent the next hour and a half with a tech that remoted into my computer. He spent time deleting items from my registry (not a comforting feeling) and in the end was not able to resolve the issue. Then I was told it would be escalated and that someone would be contacting me. I asked when and was told basically when they get to it, maybe a couple of days. Then this afternoon, I get an email from the tech that I worked with (I did not know it was him until after we exchanged a couple of emails, that gave me instructions of what to do to resolve the issue (on my own) ... it did not work. Update2: Today, Support answered the phone quickly and this time resolved the issue remotely. Amazon not labeling the software version properly (still not) turned out to be a mini "time" nightmare.

In closing, personally I like "Webroot", but would not use it as my only security program for the reasons stated above. I would recommend their basic product (SecureAnywhere Antivirus) - that I've used for a few years, maybe Internet Security Plus (your needs versus features), but NOT the "Complete" version.
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on April 25, 2013
Originally I had "Kaspersky PURE 2.0" Anti-Virus Protection on my computer. But recently I got a notice to upgrade, for free, to Kaspersky 3.0. That's when my problems started. I tried, several times, to install Kaspersky 3.0 and each installation failed. I had uninstalled Kaspersky 2.0 and it's not available for download anymore. I wasnt really that happy with kaspersky anyway so I looked for a different anti-virus software.

I found "Bitdefender" and bought it. My mistake, however, was in reading positive online reviews from computer magazines and other so-called professionals. After I installed it, I started getting the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) regularly. Then I read the reviews on Amazon and learned that many others have had the same problem of the BSOD and slow-loading pages. So I uninstalled it. The company offers a refund in the first 30 days and I hope they'll make good on it.

After more research, I bought "Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2013" through Amazon. It's so inexpensive, has such a small footprint and downloaded so fast that I'm still in awe. Start-up on my computer is now lightening fast and everything loads much faster than ever -- even when the computer was brand-new in 2006. Thanks so much!
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on August 18, 2013
McAfee came with my laptop, but almost a year later, I could tell it had holes, so I went shopping.

I looked through cnet, pcmag. some trusted geek blogs, each companys employee satisfaction rate (pros/cons/ what they would tell management), amazon negative reviews and narrowed down my choices to 4

1. Norton- Much to my surprise, this doesn't seem to be the swiss cheese that it used to be. It was even the top 2 for awhile.
Until I found out that it has a tendency to clean up what you haven't been using. As in, Norton decides which files it decides to delete for you. If you haven't looked at that letter/document/photo in a certain amount of time, say good bye to it.
You can change the settings, but you have first know that you need to change them, and then monitor that your settings haven't changed back after you... reboot? add an app? download update? Even the thing that triggered it was unsure. Knocked it out of the running for me.

2. BitDefender- Good reviews.
BUT---downloads 'things' you didn't order without your consent.
Even after uninstalling, it still leaves a 'backdoor' ghost signature. It takes a genuine hacker to get rid of it. Employees are REALLY unhappy, their wondering how long BD can "Get away with stuff like this." Well, that sounds kinda scary. No thanks.

3. Kaspersky- Nice and solid. It's big and bulky and slows down your computer startup. It also has one of the longest scan running times in the industry, but it works.
If your going to get it, buy it in the store and download from the disc. The Albanian? payment merchant seems to, occasionally, have a minor case of kleptomania with your account. Wading through international commerce to get my money back didn't appeal to me. I might have bypassed online purchase and bought the disc at walmart though.

4. Webroot- I never saw this one before, it looked good, but could I trust a complete unknown (to me)?
Smallest signature, protects in the cloud so there isn't that window between booting and protection, scans fast (under 2 min for my computer).
Only one tested to pick out 100% of the malware. 100%? Now way. Yes. Here is what it does, in addition to quarantining the known viruses, its intelligent and watches the behavior of execution through your various portals and processes. The longer you have webroot, the more it gets to know you, and what goes in and out of your system, and watches the applications/downloads/trojans/worms etc until it spots one then zaps it.

If you do have an issue, support can help you. I understand that support could be better. But I haven't needed them, so i couldn't tell you about that. (Since writing this, I have used support for questions. Its mostly email based and get back to you within 24 hours. I still haven't had any issues where I need to call them for an emergency)

My friends friend watched some porn on my computer. My computer became infected in an obvious way. Luckily, I had already decided, and bought webroot. I downloaded it over the Mcafee (It was fast!). It immediately found 3. I uninstalled Mcafee, rescanned. it found another one. For the next couple days, every time I started up my computer, I did a scan (It's so fast, why not?). Over the course of the next week, I think 9?10? were found. [Just to see, I porned, and it caught those before it even got to my computer]

Annnnd that was the end of my computer freakin' out problems. Boot up is faster too.

If you have a Kindle, go to the app store, download the free app and you can manage it though a new account or the account you had already set up. The small foot print is perfect for this.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **************ATTENTION******************** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 thing you need to know. It does NOT save your passwords (in firefox, saved some in chrome) so write down all your user names and passwords so you don't lose em'. I had to go and hit the "forgot your password" button on some stuff. You can have passwords and usernames remembered by going into your webroot account and managing them there, but I'm lazy, and haven't gotten to it yet.

I'm really very happy with this.

I added the passwords. It was stupid easy. Click the Icon to sign in. Once signed in, go and log into the site you want. At the top of the screen, it asks you if you want webroot to save the password. yes. Under which area? [I made a 'folder' for work, play, social, and mail. That pretty much covers it all for me]highlight (play) click. Done.

Now every time you log into your account, it fills it out for you.

I still like this. I think it works really well. It's very good at keeping the nastiness away.
For awhile I had paired malware bytes with this, but found I really didn't need it. Webroot seemto work fine as a stand alone. It now protects 2 computers and 3 tablets. [For your kindle, go to the app store and download that one. Also, secure web browsing doesn't apply/work on your kindle, but if you grab the secure browsing for your android tablet, it applies]

6 month opinion? I think I found my secure anywhere. Thanks webroot. Well done.

9 month review.
I don't think I needed 5 licenses. For the Kindle and Tablet, just go to the app store and grab it. The secure anywhere browsing is $2(?) and the antiviruses can be had for free or a small fee.

You want to make sure that you're getting the browser for the tablet. This is important, let me repeat it.

In the app store there are 3 webroot options for you tablet/kindle needs. There is your antivirus. 1 free version, 1 paid version. (I bought both to check it out. I can't tell the difference. Your choice) Also they have a browser protector. This is your firewall/filter. So the data doesn't go directly to your tablet, it gets routed through the webroot strainers and filters out the nasty viruses.

It doesn't work with/apply to the kindle. I'm starting to wonder if a kindle has more of a self-contained platform like a Mac does and that's why it can be difficult to find compatible items like kindle web browsing protection.

Anyway, I'm letting my friends piggyback because I still have unused lic. Webroots found something each initial time I've hooked them into the system. Then it gets cleaned, and life is lovely.
I really only need 1 lic. That should save me $50 or so bucks.

A year later. Still happy with it. Still recommending it.
The only thing I would add would be each time you get your new keycode, add a new dashboard, because it'll make your life easier.When you don't, it seems to get a little confused between the dashboards and keycodes.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 26, 2012
First, I am John, Bzmum's husband/IT manager/keeper of her estate, etc. I have to maintain three PC's; an old Dell Dimension 2400 (single core processor running XP Home), an older Inspiron E-series laptop (Centrino dual core processor and XP Home edition), and a newer Inspiron laptop (dual core running Windows 7). I have used all the major anit-virus suites in the recent past (Symantec, Trend, McAfee, and Kapersky), and all were slow to update and run. They all tend to be resource hogs, especially on the old Dimension 2400. Once our Kapersky subscription ran out, I tried the demo versions of Webroot (installed on the Dimension), AVG on the older Inspiron, and the new Kapersky on the new Inspiron. The Webroot trial loaded the fastest, scanned the fastest, and allowed the older Dimension to run like a bat out of Hades. I could actually run multiple browsers, my Livescribe pen software, listen to online radio content, and upload pencasts to servers simultaneously (I teach an online Chemistry course and I have to upload large lecture files regularly). That was next to impossible with Kapersky, especially when it decided to do a scan. Additionally, Webroot found a virus on my hard drive that Kapersky or Semantec was not able to find. AVG ran well on the Inspiron E-series, but it would tie up resources. Kapersky on the new Inspiron worked OK, but it had problems using the network printer....items would spool somewhere for a day or two before printing on the network printer. I deceided to jump in and buy the downloadable version of Webroot Complete for 5 devices. The download and install on all three machines took only half an hour to complete (I have wireless for the two laptops, and ethernet for the desktop Dimension). The half hour includes the initial start-up scan of Webroot antivirus.

I recommend you take a look at the webroot site, as I have found their products ratings honest (from independent sources), and product performance is equal or superior to other products. On my older Dimension 2400, it allows the machine to run faster than it has in years (I do perform regular disk clean-up and optimizing). I have scanned two external drives, 1 TB and 2 TB individually, through USB 2.0 ports within less than half an hour each. The Amazon download/cloud is the way to go if I need to add a device or re-install software. While I have read of other users having problems with older versions of the product and downloading from the Amazon servers, my install was fast and efficient. Anyone currently having problems with cloud downloads, especially this version, of this product, either has a problem with their broadband provider or is an employee of the competition flaming this product. I could not be happier with the price or performance of the product! I only wish Amazon would sell the small business/enterprise version of the product, as it would make my life easier to update software, such as Adobe Flash, from a console on a single machine to our other computers, as well as limit the content to the near-future kids machine.
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on August 2, 2013
I just installed this. While scanning, it showed there were two "infections". But it only showed the virus that they thought it was. They never showed all the EXEs that it applied to. If it had showed me the EXEs that it thought were infected, I could have prevented it from deleting them. But there was no info about the files. So I clicked OK to proceed, assuming it had found some infected files that Avast had not found. It then deleted all of my own EXEs (I write my own programs) without alerting me of them.

Then when I copied back one of the EXEs, it detected this "infection" again. But this time, it let me clear the check box that says "Delete?" But when I clicked Proceed (or Next), I got a BSOD!!!

I had to restore the C: drive with my last image, then restore my Data drive.

I am ticked off about this!
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on March 14, 2013
Other vendors spend more money on marketing. I read reviews years ago that this was the best product, so I bought it. Have not been disappointed through the years. Don't be put off if you've never heard of them. I prefer the downloadable version from Amazon, get it instantly and cheaper than Webroot's website.
I have no complaints.
I've been the source of many sales of Webroot. When friends and neighbors ask for anti-virus and such type of help first thing I tell them is to buy and install Webroot.
Works great. Highly recommended.
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on January 13, 2015
My fourth year with WEBROOT SecureAnywhere. I remain positively impressed with how it simply "protects" without "bothering" me while I do my work, as all my previous (expensive!) security program providers have. Best: It's not "on" my machine but jumps into action when needed. If there is an "alert", I get a minimal notation about it and make a elementary decision. "Click" and done! I hasten to mention that WebrootSA only costs 1/4th ($$$$) of what I had been paying for years of previous bloated, clumsy, interfering, over-sophisticated competitors' programs.
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on September 18, 2013
I renewed my Webroot subscription because after a year of using this software I have found it to be unobtrusive, lightweight (it doesn't hit performance on my system or prolong boot times). As long as you are always on the internet (our home desktops are always connected unless our ISP goes out) this is a great software product... I first found out about this software on a review from Maximum PC and am glad I started using. I have used Norton, McAffee, and Bit Defender and this one seems to be the best so far. I still load Malware Bytes as additional protection so having the two working side-by-side has not created any problems.
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on May 28, 2017
Excellent. My friend who is into computers and has worked on them worldwide recommended it. Renewal reminder is sent to my email before it expires and when I called for help with a question, I actually got a human being right away. Great customer service as well!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 16, 2013
I've liked Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete for several factors. One main one was it's password manager. I had (past tense) about 60 password and auto logins saved before I renewed. We I renewed, I contacted support. They assured me. Everything would be fine, just enter the new code, you have 30 days.

Well, guess what. They lost all my passwords and auto logins. Tech support could not explain what happened. "We don't know what happen". There is an option to back up. I had an older back up, but I still lost a lot of passwords.

I cannot depend on Webroot's passwords manager. I will stick with Roboform. I know it is always being backed up, and Webroot needs to get it's act together.
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