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on February 28, 2016
Some things I like about this mower are:
-the pull start feature is one of the easiest to start I've ever had...I will use the pull start and not even deal with the electric start feature.
-Its quiet...the other riding lawn mower I have is really noisy.
-The engine is easy to access for maintenance and cleaning
Things I don't like:
-steering is squirrely...I don't seem to have good control over the direction of travel
-The reverse operates poorly and sometimes not at all. I an unclear as to the reason to turn the ignition switch to there some kind of electric assist? This extra step in getting a reverse direction makes for cumbersome operation
- the regular mowing speed selector seems to be having the mower traveling faster than I would like...the steering control is not good at that speed.
-No oil drain...I guess I'll have to buy some kind of pump to pull the old oil out...I don't like that at all.
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on February 3, 2017
I made some mistakes with the wheels. Needs a bit more maintenance than I had hoped (gas found it's way into the oil). Good for a small yard, cuts well a little, good engine, too much for me to handle, this was my first riding mower. Sold it to my neighbor, he's a pro yard guy and he is happy, so I think you would need some experience with riding mowers to really enjoy this machine. He uses it for the small yards.
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on January 30, 2015
Does the job but could use larger wheels as it would make it a smoother ride and not get stuck in small holes or ruts
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on June 29, 2013
Blades needed to be sharpened, and the ride is really rough. Difficult to assemble. Not nearly as well made as I had expected.
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on September 13, 2010
I wanted a small riding mower for my large back yard that would fit through a 36" gate and not a tractor type. All I wanted was a mower; nothing to pull a load or any heavy stuff. I saw an add in the newspaper for the WE-ONE and it looked to be just what I wanted. I went to the store that ran the add and they had just sold the last one they had in stock, and couldn't find anyone in the store who knew anything about it. So I went online to research it. I read multiple reviews on different web sites and there were a lot of reported problems regarding power, going up inclines etc. My yard is flat but I have 7 trees and three raised gardens to to work around. After a few weeks I decided to order it. I checked all the web sites and Amazon had the best deal with the free shipping; (one of the big box stores had the same price but shipping was over $150). So I ordered it online from Amazon. I couldn't believe it when four days later a semi was in front of my house to deliver it. I live in a St. Paul, Mn suburb and it was shipped from Texas!!
It took a while to uncrate it but the steering assembly and seat took only a short time to put together, filled it with gas and it started right up. After checking the adjustments in the manual I tried it out on my grass which was about 4" tall at the time. After mowing a few times these are my observations.
Very quiet operation for a riding mower, no louder that my walk behind and just as fuel efficient.
No problem going over tree roots that are a few inches above the grass surface.
The grass looks better than using my walk behind, doesn't seem to show a row-like appearance. Don't have a mulch attachment yet.
After about 15 minutes, when I put it in reverse it wouldn't go backwards. I loosened the two bolts attaching the shift lever and moved it a little bit and it helped, at least it moves but "extremely slow", about 12" in 5 seconds which makes it very difficult to get out of corners and change directions but I still have to put pressure on the lever when I'm backing up and the turning radius seems very long but may be nomal with riding mowers.
There is a large difference on the deck height from the highest to the next. There should be one in between for my grass. Too high or too low.
There is no drain plug to drain the engine oil. What do you use to suck it out from the top?

Overall I really like this mower. I will have to figure out a pattern of mowing to make it more efficient so I won't have to use my walk behind to go around all the trees and gardens before using the rider. Hope it holds up and glad it's USA made. I wish their web site had info on problems or how to fix them. If anyone has answers to my questions send them to me.
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on April 8, 2011
I have now been using my We-One for two seasons. By and large it has been a good tool. It has never failed to start, it is not rusting anywhere, and the fuel economy remains better than my push mower. I mow 1 1/2 acres with some hills and dips. The We-One has proved to be more stable on the slopes than I thought when I first started using it, but there was a learning curve because the steering is not very tight. There are three forward speeds and one reverse speed, no throttle, so reverse is slow and the lowest gear is slow, but one can use the brake pedal to modulate the fastest speed so this has not been a practical issue for me. Overall for the price I have been satisfied.

However...Be aware that the steering wheel attaches to the column with a plastic spline that will strip out sooner or later (mine stripped at the end of last season) rendering the mower unsteerable. This is a replaceable part (part # 186737, about $16.00), and the replacement is metal. Next, the left steering linkage will bend, also rendering the mower unsteerable. You can only hammer the linkage straight again a couple of times before it snaps off. This part is also replaceable (part #428033, also about $16.00) and has been improved over the original.

These are the only maintenance issues I have experienced so far. Three stars because of the poor quality of these steering parts, otherwise I would have rated the We-One at four or even five stars.

I am sad to report my We-One suffered a critical breakdown during its third season of use. It was the first mowing day of the new season. The job was about half done when the left steering link (the one I replaced in season one) bent again. I got out the tools, hammered the thing straight, hopped aboard to finish the job, and then the drive train seized. The We-One would neither shift nor move. I attempted to diagnose the problem but couldn't work it out, instead hauled the We-One to a repair shop. Turns out the rear axle had snapped, something about a bushing that had worn through it. None of this had been visible or obvious. The parts were on backorder, it took several months to get them, and the cost of the repair was $300. I have since bought a Club Cadet. I am keeping the We-One because it does do a good job of picking up and mulching leaves in the fall, but otherwise it will sit in the shed until November.
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on June 13, 2013
it is very unstable so if you have a hilly area this is not for you does great on a area
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on June 23, 2012
Well i got my lawn mower on a monday. Not real hard to put togather. When you go to mount the seat. The directions do not indicate that inorder to use the seat mounting ajusting bolt. You have to remove the shoulder bolt thats already screwed into the bottom of the seat first. The big washer around the seat adjustment bolt will hit on the shoulder bolt an will not alow the adjusting bolt to screw into the threaded hole for it.
The mower is easy to use. It rides rough. If the ground is reall bumpy. I have to use the lowest gear an drive slowly. Other wise I get bounced around an the mower is difficalt to control.

If you store the mower in a barn or garage. If you have to go up a ramp to get into the barn. You have to go forward. The reverse gear is not strong enought to pull the mower up a ramp in reverse.

I am satisfied with the mower. It does what I need it to do. I live in a trailer park. I cut about 5 lots around my trailer including my own lot. All flat ground. If you catch the blad on any thing the engine will shut down. Over all a good mower for the price. Would not recommend to be used as a bush hog in heavy thick fields or brush.
As one other customer pointed out. There is no drain plug on the engine to change the oil. You will need a pump of some kind to get the old oil out of the engine. I use a old Karosine hand pump. It takes about 25 to 20 pumps to get all the oil out of the engine.
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on January 20, 2013
Great price but no one has the correct parts for replacement of the wheels as they are an odd size.I would not recommend buying this.
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on May 13, 2011
The comedy began when ABF Freight delivered my Weedeater One. It was actually a very prompt delivery but only a single man came out. The truck had no mechanism to lower the box and it was in the street in front of my house. I had to ask a neighbor to help and I used my own dolly to bring it to my garage. The box was cardboard with sliver inducing wood reinforcing on the outside.

Next I had to open the box. There were no instruction on the outside (I later found the instructions inside the box). I demolished the box, not at all as I was supposed to do.

I assembled the unit rather well, considering that the instructions were poor (Weedeater could use a technical writer). At first, the unit wouldn't start (I had overlooked an interlock). I didn't think there was a battery. The instructions said the the battery was below the seat and it wasn't there (It's below the seat a couple of layers down and totally inaccessible).

The clutch and foot brake are on the same pedal (on the left), and the parking brake is on the right. You push with both feet to set the parking brake. But, the parking brake is just a little nub. It looks unfinished! The ignition switch is also pathetic.

The mower goes forward when the transmission is set to neutral. When I engage the mower clutch, the engine almost stalls and going into reverse is almost a joke. I wanted something small and maneuverable but the turning-radius lack something. I am still getting used to the mower and expect improvement.
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