Customer Reviews: Weekend Warriors
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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
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on January 5, 2011
For those folks who were wondering, the Sony Special Markets is a reissue but not remastered like the previous 3 studio efforts. I went ahead and bit the bullet on this one out of curiosity and then compared it to the previous Epic release. The SQ is identical, so if u already own the original release, then don't bother purchasing this one.

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on December 8, 2001
This was the last great Ted album. Having graduated in '79 in Minnesota it was natural to be a huge Ted fan. It was the peak of the partying years and not too many nights went by without pounding some Ted into my head. Saw him twice live and it still gives me goosebumps when Free For All starts up. It seems like Ted faded with the 80's just like the fun did. This still doesn't have the overall greatness of previous albums but manages some good guitar riffs and decent lyrics.
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on June 5, 2002
Nicely put together album, good from start to finish.
There's a couple of tracks, 'Venom Soup' and 'Smokescreen' that resemble the European rock a lot, not quite his usual style, but they're good just the same. It's just that I wasn't expecting the change.
Some of the songs are among my Nugent favourites, especially 'Need you Bad' and 'Weekend warriors'. That is not to say that the 'not so fast' ones like 'Tight spots' or 'One woman' are not just as good.
Don't miss this album, it's worth having.
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on April 7, 2016
First of all I love the material on the cd. Heard it first on 8-track when it came out in the 70's. Here's my gripe: out of all his recordings this one is the worst by far. Come on Ted, no bass and very little treble; all midrange. Its a shame cuz this one has some of my favorite material on it, but it becomes painful listening to it. Do a true remaster of this and I'll be all over it like a hobo on a ham sandwich; but gotta refrain til then.
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on August 20, 2016
Weekend Warriors is a good solid record from Ted Nugent; but it suffers from a couple of things: 1st: The departure of long-time guitarist & vocalist Derek St. Holmes. I would liken Ted & Derek apart, to Lennon & McCartney apart: "Good"; "but not as good as they were together". 2nd: Along with a missing St. Holmes, Warriors is missing something else: "A classic Ted Nugent tune". His 3 previous studio efforts boasted quintessential 70's classics, like "Stranglehold", "Free For All", & "Cat Scratch Fever"; but Weekend Warriors suffers from a lack thereof.

Though no timeless classics reside here; don't let that stop you from purchasing the record. What Weekend Warriors lacks; it makes up for in consistency; which sets it apart, & makes it one of my favorite Ted Nugent records. Stand-out tracks: "Need You Bad" , "Weekend Warriors", "Good Friends & a Bottle of Wine", & "Name Your Poison".
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on May 4, 2005
This album was the start of Ted Nugent's downfall. The songs and production for this album were nowhere close to the previous album, Cat Scratch Fever. What a letdown after such promise by the Nuge. Derek St. Holmes departed before Weekend Warriors was made, and the band was never NEARLY as good as when he was a part of it. His song writing and singing were a huge reason why the first three studio albums by Ted (Ted Nugent, Free For All, and Cat Scratch Fever) were excellent. Besides the weaker song writing and singing, the production for this album, and his next few ones (State of Shock, Scream Dream, and Intensities in Ten Cities) was AWFUL. The sound is weak, meak, failing to capture the power and loudness and CRANK of Ted Nugent.

Charlie Huhn does a good job on lead vocals for this album, but the quality of the songs is the big downfall of this release. (By the way, Charlie is now the lead vocalist of Foghat and does a tremendous job of taking Lonesome Dave's place!)

There are a couple of good tunes on the album, with "Venom Soup" being my favorite (boy, how good this song would sound with better production).

Cat Scratch Fever was Ted's high point, and for that awesome album to be followed up with Weekend Warriors was one of my biggest disappointments as a hard rock fan back in the late 70's.
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on January 16, 2013
I orig. purchased this album in vinyl form in 1978. Just recently, I ordered this in CD format & it's good to hear these songs again. Probably my favorite song on this CD is "Good Friends & a Bottle of Wine" as it was back in '78. "One Woman" is also pretty good & it kind of reminds me of "Cat Scratch Fever" @ times & basically reminds me of a striptease song. "Venom Soup" & "Name Your Poison" seem funny musically & lyrically. "Tight Spots" & "Need You Bad" are also real good songs. This album is definitely recommended.
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on May 9, 2011
After reaching their peak with the breakthrough 1977 album Cat Scratch Fever the and live classic, Double Live Gonzo!, Nugent and co released 3 more worthwhile albums between 78 and 80. Weekend Warriors was pretty much the beginning of the end. Opener Need You Bad has some nice riffs but overall, it fails to grab a hold of you the way his other great openers like Stranglehold and Free For All. One Woman is also nearly a stagnet track, ALMOST ripping off the Cat Scratch Fever riff itself in the beginning then descenting into a slow blues guitar work out number; some cool guitar playing but nothing else much to offer. Same goes with I Got The Feeling, coming off more as a live on the stage jam than a cohesive track on a record. Not until Tight Spots do we hear any real inspiration. The bass and drum groove going real nice here and the riff too, its slightly catchy and bops along, moving into a pretty good solo section. Venom Soup is another track that starts out heavy and with potential but phases out into filler eventually.

Smokescreen also follows suit, a song that sounds like it'd be cool on stage, lots of guitar work but none of it really comes at you because of the lackluster production which is really something that plagues the whole album in general. It doesnt feel alive and doesnt have that crunch the other Nuge classics has. The title track and Cruisin' livens things up a bit but its Good Friends And A Bottle Of Wine that sort of like Tight Spots manages to breathe fresh air into a pretty low key batch of hard rock. Name Your Poison falls somewhere in the middle, as the band pulls it together for the final track. The production is really the worst thing about the album, the songwriting already being extremely weak the sound of the album does nothing for it either. Sadly this was Derek St Holmes last album with the band and his departure proved fatal, following 2 more OKAY albums Nuge would never make a decent record again. Weekend Warriors is definetly not his best but its not a terrible effort by any means
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on August 12, 2011
Song gave up remastering ted and should have done all his stuff. this one , live, scream dream, state of shock" are all good releases from ted and deserving the remastering and bonus track editions. Oh well. the last three nuge releases were among the best metal ever released and then this one came along. It doesn't have the production value or greatness of songs as 'nugent' , 'free for all' and 'cat scratch fever' but it's got alot of fantastic ted songs on it. "weekend warrior' and 'need you bad' , 'good friends and a bottle of wine' are standouts. IN fact two of those songs are still played by ted sometimes live. The cover was from 'playboy' who did a article about ted back in 1977, ted liked this painting which the mag had as part of the article, so it ended up on the cover of this one. It fits ted completely. This is primal ted and for fans of melodic metal or just nuge rock this is a must have. I just wish they'd remaster it.
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on July 28, 2011
This album begins good, with "Need You Bad" making the grade. Ainger Charlie Huhn also has a good voice. But the songs themselves and production are lacking. This was the beginning of the fall for Mr. Ego. But, overall, I think this is a still enjoyable album.
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