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on January 1, 2016
First off about myself, the target consumer: I am 6'3" 175 lbs. I was a skeptic about these types of machines and I thought it was a gimmick ever since seeing Chuck Norris on those infomercials back in the day. I bought this for a couple of reasons. I live in an apartment on the 2nd floor, we have a gym at my apartments but it not that great to be honest. I work full time and go to school so I don't have the time to go to gyms as well so convenience is a huge factor for me. I saw this, figured for the price, might as well see if I like it, on Amazon, I can return it if it sucks. Now time for the product review. (If I have the time, may try to get a video added to it as well, I don't see any on Amazon for it).

Set-up: It takes a little common sense to put it together. Not much to it really, couple of pins here, slide this in there and viola, within a half an hour its set up. Package: Its rather heavy, there is a reason it states team lift as with the bulk, etc. you need 2 people to carry the box.

Types of work outs: You can look online at some Youtube Reviews for the Total Body Works 5000. Its the same machine basically and they are informative. You can also buy the fitness charts.

Upper Body: You can do a variation of the chest press. Lie down on your back, angled up and motion is just like the bench press. The only problem is that you can't get a full extension due to the design.
Curls- you face the top, and basically do curls with both arms. You can lower the angle to lessen the resistance.
Row- Same position as curls, but just pull back to your sides.
Chin-ups- You can do over, under, and the middle bars. This is not as hard as regular chin ups however, it will help your form, you can do more reps, increase tension with cables, and it will help your core slightly as well.
You can see in the video how it works.

Legs: This machine is not that great for legs. You can do squat variations and leg presses, but its suspect and you are better off with something else.

Machine Quality: Like I said, I live on the second floor and you would think with the way the board slides it would be thumping the ground hard, which it will if you are not easing yourself down. However, if you are doing it properly, there is no ground movement as its stabilized across 6-8 ft of ground and it makes less noise than a person walking so the neighbors likely are not bothered very much if at all. The sliding motion does make some sounds, however you can add some oil and its not that loud, probably would have to turn the tv up if you were watching it a couple of notches but its not that bad. Durability- the pad is actually so far very good, only have had it about a week but you can till that it will hold up. The metal, I have no questions about so far. Would it be easy to pull in and out before and after use? Doubt it....... its rather long however it would fit under a high clearance bed. I just leave mine out.

Overall: This machine will not get you bulked up like body building, and thats not the point of it. This machine will get you fit, tone and healthy. It will strengthen you in proportion to your body weight plus 50 lbs with the tension cables. It will also increase some core strength as you have to stabilize a little bit with your abs and lower back with exercises and if you do the chin-ups. It also uses movements so the joints are strengthened as well which is a plus. If you mix in sit ups, bicycle kicks, etc. with this you will get very fit. I love it personally. I have torn rotator cuffs and this machine works great to limit the strain on those isolated spots. Also, I get bored lifting weights and the movement of the board is actually fun. Bonus: I can take 25 minutes straight from my home and get a great work out.

Bottom Line:
This machine is challenging if you do it properly and you get more than just a bench, curl, or rowing machine. You get a bit of everything. If you want to build up to strength training, this will get you there. You could also mix in weights to build up later as well. For $150 you can't go wrong, that is the price of 3 months with start up fees at the gym and you get to keep it it. It is definitely worth the investment if you use it every other day.
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on January 9, 2017
Just to start off, I want to say that we have used this equipment for over 6 months with moderate to heavy use (minimum 3-4 days a week by myself and wife) and we love it. I did not buy this product and wrote a review just because, it has been used every week for the past 6 months.

Honestly, there are a lot of hokey gym equipment out there that anyone can buy and most of them are all useless (push up devices? sit up devices? come on now). Seeing the Total Gym on t.v made me laugh until I actually tried it out in person. My younger brother had one in his home gym and I decided to use it for stuff and giggles and to my surprise, I wanted one right away. It was perfect for anyone wanting to build there own home gym and this was a much needed device.

Why did I choose the Wieder Ultimate Body Works over the Total Gym? First is the cost --- it was half the cost of the Total Gym and did practically the same thing. Second was storage --- it can be lowered down and adjusted to smaller dimensions. Third was the resistance band --- 4 bungee cord systems that can attach to the lower half and can be adjusted upwards to an extra 50 pounds, the basic Total Gym did not have this at all. The basic Total Gym does come with easier height adjustments and also glides a lot smoother while in use. Not a big difference in my opinion though, considering the cost of the Weider over the basic Total Gym.

Why would I buy a cable/pulley system for my home gym? 1) cheaper than real cable/pulley systems that Big Gyms have. Most folks don't realize this but those Gym's that have cable systems can run upwards to $600-1000 bucks and are huge, where are you gonna store or place that equipment in a house?. 2) Perfect for folks who how have muscle injuries/need physical therapy --- I have shoulder and back injuries from deployments in the military and have issues using dumbbells and heavy weights. This is perfect for my body. 3) You can virtually work on almost every muscle group with this equipment alone. Granted you won't get huge, cable systems in my usage are mainly for stretching/low weight-high rep work outs/ and also for my wife. She doesn't like using weights and this is also perfect for her.

What kind of exercises can I do with this? Use your imagination or google/youtube some videos. I've seen some comments here stating that the package came with no instructions on how to use it. Yes that is true but you can google/youtube videos and descriptions on what to do. There are literally hundreds of videos on youtube show casing what exercises you can do with these equipment. There is no need to buy the exercise chart unless you have extra cash on hand and just want it.

1. Cheaper than Total Gym
2. Resistance Bands
3. Stable, won't move around while in usage
4. Good Cable system, no kink's or problems with mine. 6 months of moderate/heavy usage
5. Storage

1. Not as smooth as the Total Gym
2. Handles might need to be upgraded (cost considered, this isn't a big con)
3. Height adjustment is not as good as the Total Gym. Uses a pulley on side which might be harder for folks to adjust

All in all, this is a good buy if you are looking to add something to your home gym or just need something to begin with. If you liked my review on this product, please press the Yes button below so that I will know what to review again next time. Thanks! --JY
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on March 29, 2015
I cannot believe what a great product this is for it's price. I've been using it since I got it out of the box and can't get enough of it. I also purchased the Total Gym exercise chart and paid $20 to get it laminated at Kinkos.... So worth it! The two machines are practically the same so it translates perfectly. It's fun, easy to use, and it really works. I'm actually sore and showing results in only one week of use. I can't wait to see the long term results.
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on November 18, 2016
I have such great things to write about this. I had been looking at this Weider Ultimate Gym Works for over a year. Kept debating on purchasing it. Procrastination is probably a better word for it... I was alwasy into fitness but as time went on the 'fitness mentality' sort of left me (apart from walking at the park which walking is great as well). I needed more though. I wanted the toning and stretching that I felt I could get with this machine. Well, on my birthday this year I broke down and finally got it. Everyone, this machine is a must. If you are a beginner or more advanced you WILL get something out of this machine and that is RESULTS. I kept the top of box as it lists with photos many of the exercises that you can do.

Since I started using this I've found that most of my muscles all over are stronger. I look more toned. My core is stronger. An issue I had with my knee is now healed. I think strengthening my quads (muscles on front top of leg) on top of that knee has supported my knee which is what I needed all along!. When our muscles are not at their optimal state it can trickle down and affect our bones, too. I am telling you, this machine is just awesome for a host of different reasons. My endurance is better, as in I do not get as tired so quickly or as often. Working out with the Ultimate Body Works has helped to lift my mood as well. Our bodies need to move and strengthen. You cannot get this from sitting around or from walking only. Our bodies want to be challenged even if just a little depending on your workout level. You never want to overdo it either let me make that clear. You can adjust the resistance with the bands from hardly no resistance to the maximum pull. Again, great for beginners all the way up to advanced. And, you get to work out in the privacy of your own home, no need to get dressed up and have to drive somewhere, so more excuses! Nothing bad to say about this machine. Don't procrastinate like I did. I am so happy I finally purchased it!
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on December 11, 2015
This is a well made machine. I am 6'5" and 235lbs and this unit is very solid and stable. The platform glides very quietly. The pulleys are smooth and I get full range of motion on all exercises. The color is black with red accent stripes not tan. Assembly was easy (three bolts), and it breaks down easily for storage. It is approx 60" tall and 14" deep with the squat platform removed (two pins). I would suggest tightening all the bolts on the unit just to be sure they are all snug. This is more than likely the reason why some have said it is not stable. This item arrived in perfect condition and very quickly. Many have complained there is not workout chart but a simple Internet search will give you everything you need to put together a great routine. Just google "Total Gym workouts" and click video or images. You can do just about any exercise that the more expensive Total gym does (depending on attachments) or you can take pictures of the box which shows just about all the exercises you will need. You can also use the pull up bar as a inverted shoulder press attachment by moving it to the squat platform spot. I'm 52 years old and don't foresee outgrowing this equipments limits, If I do need more resistance mission accomplished. Time will determine the durability of this machine, but based on my first impressions, it is well worth the investment. At this price you get a very well made machine for a very reasonable price. Update: the cables were too short for some exercises due to my long arms. I bought two 6 inch lengths of chain and two more clips to extend the cable length and problem solved 5.00 at local hardware store. I can now do full extension shoulder press without bottoming out at the top of platform.
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on February 10, 2016
Great piece of equipment, *especially* for the price. Took about 30 minutes to put together and has been used daily for the past few months with no problems.

The unit itself is sturdy/stable for both myself (5'10", 155lbs) and my husband (5'11, 200lbs). Even when I push off the base to do jump leg splits, it doesn't move across the floor. I use it without the additional resistance/bungees and get a great workout. He currently uses 2 of the 4 bungees to add resistance for his workouts. Ours glides very smoothly and is quiet, which is nice because I frequently exercise while everyone else is sleeping.

When not needed for a particular exercise, we loop the pulleys onto the padded arms at the top of the machine to keep them from clanking. We loop them on the upper arms in between workouts, so the little ones aren't tempted to pull on, or play with, them.

Ours did not include the exercise sheet, so we cut out the pictures of the exercises from the box itself to use as a quick-reference guide.

We watch the videos from "Total Gym's" Youtube page and perform the exercises from it.

Even though I measured prior to ordering, it was still surprising to see in person how long (about 90") this is when fully extended. The upper arms are 27.25" wide. The cushioned slider is 13" wide by 44.5" long (at a glance, it doesn't seem very wide, but we both fit comfortably on it).

Overall, this is an excellent piece of equipment for an amazing price. We're both extremely pleased with it and have recommended it to family and friends.
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on April 1, 2016
I have had the Weider Ultimate Body Works machine for almost a week now. Overall, I like the purchase. I work in physical therapy and we use the Total Gym in several clinics with our patients. This is extremely comparable to Total Gym, but at a fraction of the price. There are pros and cons as with anything you buy, here is a list that I have come up with so far to help others in their decision making:
1. It is mostly assembled right out of the box, taking no more than 15-20 minutes before you can use it once you open it.
2. It comes with the squat stand, pull up bar/leg bar, cables for various exercises.
3. The sled seems to be made well/durable. Good stitching on the vinyl, sure to last a long time.
4. It is easy to transition straight from one exercise to another allowing you to work on strength and cardio at the same time.
5. It folds down and can be stored under the bed, in the closet, or wherever else you want to put it. You do have to remove the squat stand/pull up bar to go under most beds. These attachments are held in place by two pins each, easy to remove.
6. It rolls really well on the track, and has metal guards welded on the sled to prevent it from jumping off the track.
7. The price is far less the the big name competitor.
8. At the highest setting it will provide very good resistance for most upper extremity exercise and trunk/core exercises, for me it is not that resistant for squats. HOWEVER, it does have four resistant bands that you can use. you can use any combination of one or all 4. With all four it does provide a fair squat workout. I knew this would be easy for me for squats, I got it for all the other exercises.

1. I was a little disappointed with the shipping/packaging. It was shipped only in the manufactures box, not an Amazon box. The box was torn in a few places, the plastic straps were digging into the box. When I opened it up the foam around the pull up bars had a couple spots that were continuously pressed against something in the box causing a couple indentations in the foam that are permanent. Also, the metal frame the cables attach to have a couple dents in the metal. This is not a functional problem, more a slight cosmetic issue. Not with the hassle of replacing for me, I just wished it looked "brand new" as I bought a new one. Again, these two issues are mildly cosmetic, and do not detract from the function of the unit.
2. The cables are permanently attached to the frame. There is no quick release to take them down/off. This is only problematic when you are doing exercises that don't require use of the cables, and the only problem with this design flaw is that the cables clink and clank some when the bounce off of the frame. This too is not a functional problem, merely a slight noise problem.
3. Even though it can be adjusted/folded down after use to store away, it is relatively heavy. I am able to fold it away myself, and pretty fast too. However, it is a little big, bulky, and heavy for my wife to fold and unfold it by herself. This is obviously a nonissue-issue for those who have space to leave it set up at all times for use, but thats not an option for us. All she has to do is tell me when she wants to use it, and I can get it set up pretty quick for her.
4. As many other have complained about, mine did not have an exercise card that shows the different exercises you can do on this unit. This is not a con for me personally. As I previously mentioned, I work in physical therapy so I am very familiar with all the different exercises you can do oaths machine. Maybe even couple it was not designed to do. For everyone else though, quick Google search should get you all the exercises you need. OR you can spend the $15 to buy a separate card on Amazon.
5. For some reason almost all of the nuts, bolts, screws on the unit were finger tight/loose. I had to use my sockets/wrench to tighten almost every one of them. I don't know if this was on purpose or if it slipped past their quality assurance team. But this only took me a few minutes to do with minimal effort. No big deal, unless you don't have any tools at all.

Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase. If it would have been packaged better, and did not have the dents in the metal in a couple places nor the permanent indentations in the foam I would have given it 5 stars. Its one of those things were its still perfectly fine to use as is, and will probable last quite some time, but when you buy something brand new you want it to at least look brand new when you first open it. I am a little OCD though and this may not bother most people. If you are on the fence between getting this or the Total Gym and if the price difference is your biggest factor, then don't hesitate in this item. I like Total Gym too, but you are definitely paying for the name. Hope this helps those who are still undecided.
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on February 20, 2017
This equipment is surprisingly AWESOME! It's easy to use and gives a great workout. It feels sturdy and the bench glides quite smoothly as well. Shipped fast and setup was only a few easy steps, always a plus when that happens.
I've been watching YouTube videos to see how to do various workouts and it turns out, most of those videos were from people using the Total Gym. I haven't found a workout though that the total gym does that this can't. The Total gym just seemed to have a few extra accessories but I haven't needed them.
The price point is amazing as well. I almost expected a cheaper quality product. Even though the price for the Weider machine is very good, it would have been worth paying a little more for it. I'm very happy with this purchase and I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a similar product.
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on October 13, 2016
These types of home gyms are great for toning. Not so much if you're trying to bulk up, which free weights are the best. The resistance bands are a great addition and allow you to add an extra 50 lbs, or add additional resistance if you want to move quickly from one excerise to another without raising or lowering the height. However, the height is very easy to adjust. The telescoping design of this model is the better option for these types of machines, unlike other models like the Total Trainer or Total Gym which have foldable rails. The latter design causes the glide board to run over the crease in the foldable rails which is annoying, and requires precise welding and alignment for the rails to line up without horizontal tension to prevent shearing of the alignment stubs. My prior TT2300 had that problem which caused premature failing. Overall the quality of the Weider machine is decent. The only thing they could have done better was having better quality bearings in the wheels. Your glide board should glide smoothly, if not, and there is no imperfections in the rails then the problem is likely the wheels. Mine initially had this problem and the company sent me new wheels at no additional cost. The value for price is worth the purchase. You can buy three of these machines at retail cost before you reach the price of the next comparable model.


- Weider has done everything to reduce to the cost of this machine putting it in a market outside of it's competitors. It doesn't not come with an exercise guide, only pictures on the outside of the box of a few exercises. Your imagination, Internet searches, and YouTube will give you plenty of material for various and new exercises.
- You will need at minimum an adjustable wrench to attach one leg to the machine, however, most of the machine comes preassembled.
- If you loosen the bolts on the bottom of the glide board then you can pull all of the protective plastic off without any residual plastic left.
- If you feel the cable is not long enough, then you can pick up small links of chain at a hardware store to extend the length.
- The pulley system is not detachable, however, when doing excersises that don't require the pulley system, you can loop the handles over the pull-up bar to keep them from dropping and clanking.
- After warranty, the cost of replacement parts is rather ridiculous. Given the low cost and wide distribution you can find lightly used models going for next to nothing on CL. Then you'll have an entire machine of replacement parts. I have no concerns about the build of the frame and it seems rock solid. At most, overtime you may have to replace the wheels and cable/pulleys due to long-term wear and tear.
- The machine doesn't have wheels that would allow you to roll it away for storage, however I think a couple furniture sliders under the legs could help you push it across the floor if needed.
- There is a trick to easily telescope the machine for storage. Since this is only a review, you can write me for instructions on how to do that.
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on April 5, 2017
The pin to adjust the grade is hard to pull. I always struggle with it. Today, I smashed my hand, and while I can't be sure until I see a Dr, I think I broke it. I stupidly placed my free hand on the bar so I could get better leverage to pull the pin because I was struggling to get it to come out. The pin suddenly yanked free, bringing the entire machine down onto my other hand.

That aside, I do like the machine. It gives me a good workout. Look up some total body videos on YouTube and then experiment on your own to find what works best for you. I like to use it for some pilates moves as that gets my abs pretty well.

Really wish the pin wasn't such an issue.
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