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on October 8, 2016
Our six cats varying in ages and size all love this food. After doing some research decided with Weruva because of high protein content. We are glad we did, they all love it. Amazon, has the most competitive pricing on these as well.
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on July 28, 2016
My cats love Weruva Paw Lickin' Chicken!! I love it because it contains a lot of moisture, healthy chicken (supposedly organic although not stated on packaging?), and no grains/fillers. FYI, cats (especially males) need A LOT more moisture than they get from dry food. Lack of moisture can result in severe/fatal health issues---blocked urethras, kidney stones, etc. Please feed your cats wet food as opposed to dry. We also swirl some water around in the empty can to give them additional liquid. Our male cats have been healthy ever since we switched to wet alone--Weruva in particular. :-)
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on February 23, 2013
I started purchasing this about a year and a half ago after researching some grain-free canned cat food options. The reason I went with Weruva was because it was fairly affordable and available through Amazon Prime. I don't currently have access to a car, so accessibility was really key. That being said, my cat loved it, and so did my wallet. This year, I decided to upgrade to the 5-oz cans since my cat was no longer a kitten, and I wanted to get her to eat more. Again, the food was fine...but imagine my surprise when I came back just a few months later and found that the price had increased!

Currently, the 5-oz cans are going for $42 when just a little over a month ago it was just $36. I also checked the 3-oz price and it is now $28 when I had been purchasing it every few months for a year at a very consistent $24. Needless to say, this price increase makes me rather unhappy, and I've begun to consider other grain-free options simply because this is no longer the best deal. I am not saying the food is bad - the quality has remained the same.

As for the reviews saying that the in-store Weruva cans have more meat, there's not much I can say about that. I have only purchased this food from Amazon, and I was never disappointed with the ratio of meat to gravy. I would still recommend this product and may even continue to purchase it (provided the price doesn't increase again).

My only word of caution is switching from plain chicken to the other chicken offerings. I unwisely did so, and the other options include veggies which, while pleasing to look at, aren't really needed for your cat. In fact, I found that my cat's digestive system can't handle the bits of corn present in the chicken soup variety (there was a lot of farting..), and that my cat doesn't like peas. I would stick to plain old chicken because really, what else does your cat need?

Update: After doing some research, I switched to Natural Balance Canned Cat Food, Limited Ingredient Chicken and Green Pea Recipe, 24 x 6 Ounce Pack. This is a grain-free option and the price is currently $31 for 24 6-oz cans. Basically what Weruva used to cost before the price increase.
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on October 16, 2015
This review is really written by my cat Marley, a finicky eater for 11+ years - Meow (Marley calling for this food), Purrrrr (Marley while eating this food). He loves it. It is really nice because I'm making him happy while giving him better quality. I also give it to my other 2 cats, and they love it too - so I go through a lot of it and it's not cheap, but worth it. I put out small amounts at a time because they lick off the gravy first, and from there, the food spoils fairly quickly - the now-unmoisturized chicken dries out fast and becomes straw-like (I would rate it 4-stars for this reason but Marley says 5!). So I give small amounts and they know they have to finish all the chicken before they get more - but there is a little bit of waste. I still have to give dry food and sometimes a cheaper pate can (lasts longer) if I'm going to be gone long and have to set out lots of food. Some reviewers of this food were upset that it has so much moisture (85%), but that is one of the main reasons I buy it - (also grain-free, made to human standards). Cats in nature get most of their moisture from their food. And their natural prey would contain about the same moisture as this food. They really don't drink enough water to get their hydration. And hydration is so important to help kidneys, uti's, etc. The 5.5 oz cans seem to have a higher chicken ratio than the 10 oz. cans, though both say 85% moisture. I also saw a somewhat negative review about the potato starch - it is the 3rd ingredient after chicken and water. The reviewer said the potato starch has been increased by Weruva - I don't know because I've been using this food for less than a year - also don't know if potato starch is beneficial but I'm going to check it out. Lastly, the amount of vomiting among all 3 cats, especially Marley, has decreased drastically since I switched to this. Vomiting can't be healthy or fun for them - they are purging themselves of food they are having trouble digesting. And they get little or no nutrition from the puked-up food. And I get a cleanup and wasted $ on the wasted food. If that is factored in, maybe the price (per digested ounce) is about the same?
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on June 22, 2017
Bought this Weruva because one of my cats has developed an allergy and all his fur is falling out. I suspect it may be a chicken allergy, but apparently every cat food contains chicken regardless of flavor advertised on the front label. This brand is actually fish.
First I tried Outback Grill and my cats were just not interested. No idea why - it smelled good to me, and I have no doubt that if I were to try eating it, they'd all try to take it away from me. But they were just not interested. It was an awful waste of money but I found someone to buy it from me and their cats grudgingly ate it.
Then I tried Mack and Jack. This is a total winner! Maybe because it's got tuna? No clue. But they love it. It's expensive, but I'm happy with the ingredients and the cats are happy, too. Results may vary, obviously. Different cats like different stuff, but if you're on the fence about which flavor to buy I would recommend Mack & Jack for starters.
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on April 13, 2017
I feed my cats a variety of highbrow (Weruva) and cheap (Friskies) wet foods. I love that this comes in a 10oz can because I only open 1 big can instead of 2 for 5 oz (or, much worse, 4 for 3 oz). This is obviously a higher quality cat food. It has a lot of sauce, is very wet, and yet has a good amount of meat as well. My cats seem to have gotten tired of it, though, so I only offer this every couple days (interspersed with other foods or flavors in between). My problem is that I bought a case of just this one flavor, so now I'm avoiding all variety packs of Weruva which have this flavor. Now that my spouse has agreed to let me feed fish flavored cat food again (on the condition that I feed them on the covered porch instead of near the dry food in the house), I can buy other big-canned Weruva flavors.
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on April 16, 2017
Usually my cats like a pate consistency in their food, but after carefully researching over 100 different wet cat foods to find one that is grain-free, free of gums and affordable, I only found this and Instinct brand grain-free chicken.
The price seems high, but the cans are very large AND my cats love it!
"Winner, winner! Chicken dinner!"
Use silicone lid covers to fit these cans.
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on May 5, 2013
We've added some other flavours to the cat's meals lineup, but they still definitely prefer Weruva fish flavours (Polynesian BBQ is by far the one they go nuts for but they like all of the varieties for the most part). Concerned about talk surrounding the additive "K3" (also known as mendadione) I sent a message to Weruva asking many questions about it and got a wonderful reply which was entirely personalized and put the issue in context and persective. Weighing everything together, I still have to let you know that the difference in activity and health since switching to these canned foods (especially for our boy, Ishmael who had weight and urinary tract problems, even while on expensive "prescription" diets for years) is nothing short of amazing. He even stopped shedding hair, nearly entirely for 6 months and the softness of his coast is night and day. He is now thin and active and now that he's going on 9 years old, he seems more like the cat he was when he was 2 or 3 (though slightly lazier). The combination of this food plus a a bit of 3 other grain-free very well made dry formulas we've found has been nothing short of miraculous. He's a new cat... and the little one, Georgie will never know what its like to eat like he did. What's more is that all of the flavours look and smell like FOOD... I've even tasted some of them and it truly is human grade or very close to it. Great product by a concerned company.
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on March 7, 2016
3 years ago my cat was hospitalized due to a urinary tract issue. upon release he was prescribed a prescription-only food. after my own personal research on prescription food I decided not to give it to my cat. after talking to the local pet food supply owner she agreed with my decision to skip the prescription food and recommended the high moisture content varieties of Weruva. I have been feeding to both of my cats ever since. they love it and, not only has the urinary issues never returned, but they have had no issues of any kind. my other cat would frequently vomit shortly after eating. since feeding Weruva that issue as well has become non-existent as well. not to mention, their fur has become noticeably softer. while the food is pricey, it is worth it when you factor in the savings from potential vet bills and the overall health of the pet.
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on February 9, 2015
Both of my wet food cat eaters love this flavor of Weruva cat food. Since cats are meat eaters they do no need all the other fillers that so many manufacturers include in their dry and wet foods to make it more profitable for them. I also feed my dogs Weruva brand wet food but prefer the shredded meat flavors over the ground. If you are concerned about where it is manufactured do the research and you will find that the company is owned by David Forman a U S citizen who chose to manufacture Weruva in Thailand do to their strict human grade policies and high standards. While doing some research I found this link especially helpful and informative. http://www.radiopetlady.com/blog/any-doubts-about-weruvas-food-made-in-thailand/
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