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on January 8, 2015
I got the Weslo treadmill and absolutely dig it. I'm 6'2", 230 lbs. and like running outside (about 2.5-3.0 miles each go). When the weather doesn't cooperate, I "try" to go to the fitness club. However, I feel it's such a pain to pack my stuff, drive there, find a treadmill, and then drive home sweaty in my car. So when I started researching for a treadmill, I was discouraged by the critically acclaimed ones costing $1000 on up! Finding this one for the price is STEAL! If you want something basic, but has some cool features, here it is. When you unpack it, don't freak out about how thin it is. I was used to the wider running room on treadmills at the gym and almost didn't even unpack out of the box when I opened it. However, after running on it, it was plenty of room. You can also transport it easily through doors while collapsed. I attached pictures to show my 12" shoes on it to show. The runs have been smooth, durable and impressive for such a large frame like mine.

Here are some highlights that I personally like:
Easy to put together. It took me 30 minutes. It may take two people to install the bottom 4 bolts.
It is collapsible! (see attached pictures)
It has a basic digital read that flips through calories burned, time elapsed, distance, and mph as you run. No other crazy info I never used at gym.
It has six run presets that are just right and adjustable as you run (pics). What I love is that you can slow down (hitting the "-" sign) and the treadmill will allow it for a "segment" (about 60 seconds), but then start back up on the original run settings for you after the segment without hitting anything. At the gym, the treadmills stay at the new "lower" setting during the whole workout, thinking that you bit off more than you can chew. This one does NOT. It goes back to the original workout thinking you just needed a rest or something. This could be annoying to some, but I like it.
It is QUIET. I had it on 8.0 mph and my dishwasher is louder.
Inclining the treadmill is as easy as lowering the back two feet (pics).
It has a Thumb Heart Rate Monitor, which is good for those who want to know.

The manual suggested you plug the treadmill into a surge protector, so have one ready.
There is an extended service plan option that comes in the box 1yr $59.99, 2yr $79.99, 3yr $99.99.
There are two hex keys and an manual that tells you how to adjust the belt (re-center, slipping, slowing, etc.). Don't lose them! It's just a simple quarter turn left or right into DEEP holes in the back to fix these problems. But without the keys, you're in trouble.
275 lbs. is the weight limit according to the manual.
It also recommending turning off (the switch is underneath the front) or unplugging the treadmill all together when not in use to protect electrical components, which could be annoying to some.

I have heavily relied on reviews when buying anything on Amazon. This is my first review. I wanted to do my part to highly recommend this treadmill. I hope this helps!
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on December 7, 2014
I was a bit wary about buying this treadmill (chosen because it's SO affordable) because of many negative reviews, even though many of them (not all, but many) were obviously resulting from not following the directions or reading the manual before assembly/usage. I have had three manual treadmills but this is my first electric one. I'm very impressed with my Weslo Cadence G 5/9. I love that I can adjust the speed increments from say, 1 MPH to 1.2 or 1.3 or 1.5, etc. without having to jump to 2 MPH or 3 MPH, etc up to 10 MPH. Tenths of a mile are good graduations for a senior just starting to get active again after being sedentary for far too long. I can't comment on running on it because it's not something I do at my age, at least not right now. I don't find it all that noisy like some complained but again, it's my first electric treadmill so I have nothing to go by in that regard.

Assembly: It was extremely difficult to do alone because of its weight & mostly because of the two screws that hook the upright to the body of the machine. Lining them up was rather nightmarish, but I propped the machine up on some of the packing materials so I could turn the wrench further without disengaging it. Finally, I managed it with much persistence and prayer for strength but I can honestly say, that part alone would have been worth calling a friend to help. However, I did it, I got it set up and running and it works great. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

I did not buy the extra years warranty yet, I have 90 days to cogitate on that... but knowing me, I probably will just take good care of her and not worry about spending more. Oh, lastly, it folds up and moves easily... I was surprised because of its weight/bulk so after I set it up in my dining room & didn't care for the look (also couldn't see the TV from there) I decided to test the fold up & move it capability and it worked just great. Now it's in the living room where I can watch TV while I walk off some pounds & give my circulatory system some needed exercise.

I used a yoga mat underneath the Weslo to keep carpet fibers from getting up in her mechanism... it's working fine so far, too.
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on January 26, 2016
BUYER BEWARE: I gave it 5 stars so people would read this review. Amazon's Service was great, however keeping in mind this machine is not top of the line and doesn't have fancy features, that's why it is has a lower price. It does have many plastic parts, such as the foot rails and control panel. Mine arrived in 3 Business Days. I took photo's of the box at delivery and during unpacking, the box wasn't damage, after opening the box I immediately seen broken plastic piece's sitting on the tread mill, and 2 pieces in the box. Upon inspection it appeared that both Foot rails had piece's broken off, the right side had 2 broken pieces and the left, 1 broken piece. This did not hinder operation, so I decide to keep it and assemble the machine.

ASSEMBLY: Fairly easy about 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your skills. I chose this Treadmill because it was not super heavy, super bulky, and can be moved to different areas of the house fairly easy, plus it still serve's the intended purpose. It can be handled an assembled by 1 adult, use 2 if your unsure of your abilities. The machine works fine after assembly, if you plug it in and it doesn't work, first try turning on the power switch located by the power cord. I registered the product Warranty Online through icon Fitness.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: I contacted Welso Customer Service the next day, about 20 to 30 minutes on hold, I used both the phone and online chat service and took the first to answer. I explained it came with broken parts and gave the phone Rep. the Key Numbers off the Parts page in the included Manual, In my case I had to order both the Left and Right Foot Rails and 1 broken Washer Screw from the foot deck. (NO CHARGE) FOOT RAILS are Out of Stock, so this tells you that these are probably broken a lot during shipment. Got a parts confirmation number, so I will update this review after the parts come in. It Will probably be quite some time since they are Out of Stock. The Machine still operates and is safe to use even with the broken parts I have, Locks up into a storage position and has wheels that allow you to relocate it as necessary.

WEIGHT LIMITS: I'm 6', 265 lbs. The actual walking running surface is 16 inches wide by 50 inches long, the speed of this machine is great from the beginner walker to the fastest runners. Since women tend to be smaller in stature then men, this machine works great for women. My daughter is 5' 2" and this machine is perfect for her. I can easily walk and jog on this machine, however I probably would never try and sprint on it at my size, for Women this would work fine. It has 6 programmed work-outs 3 for Fat Burning and 3 for Intensity. It comes with a Cut Off Key and clip to hook to your self, so if you fall the machine stops. The Incline is very small, maybe 5 % and manually adjusted, by lowering the back foot pegs. Remember your also not paying an extremely High Price for a Tread Mill.

RECOMMENDED BUY: If your looking for a Treadmill that fits easily into your home and you can still move it around as needed, while being able to get a good work-out without killing your Bank Account. I recommend this Treadmill for Beginners to Intermediate work-out abilities. If your a Running Nut then this is not for you, you may want to spend the extra dollars to get one of those enormously over priced machines, that have no guarantee they will work any better than this one, and from the reviews I have read on those, many of those come broken and not working. This Welso Treadmill is a Good Machine, decent size, handles a pretty large weight limit, fits great in a small or large home, doesn't kill the Pocket Book. Customer Service is OK, but not the greatest. I did purchase the extended 4 year Parts and Labor Warranty, which also covers normal wear and tear and costs about $65.00 with Tax. If you don't Register your product with ICON Fitness, then your manufacture Warranty is only 30 days for Parts and Labor, after you registered your tread mill you get a 90 day Warranty for free. After 90 Days I believe only the motor is covered for 1 year, but I wouldn't risk it.

IMPORTANT TIPS: 1. It comes with a Thumb Print Heart Rate Monitor, make sure to remove the fine protective film on the display panel before checking your heart rate, it will not be actuate if the film is still in place. 2. Purchase a folding mat if you have hard floors, Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat (84-Inch by 36-Inch) sold separately $27.99 on Amazon, and some LifeSpan 100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant, $14.99 on Amazon, you will needed these for your treadmill to continue to work properly. 3. Purchase the extended Warranty when you register your product with ICON Fitness, this protects you for Parts, Labor and in home Service for the number of years you purchase. With all this said you will have a decent Treadmill in your home with a 4 Year Warranty and the necessities to maintain it for a Grand Total of about $395.00, that includes the treadmill and everything I stated here.


LifeSpan 100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant
Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat (84-Inch by 36-Inch)

PURCHASED: I purchased this on 1-21-2016 and It arrived on 1-25-1016
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on November 20, 2015
I bought this treadmill just over a year ago, and was very happy with my purchase--up until a few months ago when I started noticing that the walking belt seemed to be caving in. Within a matter of a few weeks it was completely broken--split right down the middle. In total this treadmill lasted 10 months.

I'm 5'10, and weigh about 175 pounds. I run (6 mph)/incline walk (3.7 mph) about five to seven miles three times a week. I don't really feel like I put an unusual amount of wear on this machine. I also realize that this is not a top-of-the-line treadmill; however, I do feel like the money that I spent on this warrants a product that would last for more than a year.

I reached out to Weslo via their customer portal, including the information above; I asked if there was anything that they could do, as the manufacturer's warranty is good for only 90 days. I got an automated response saying that I would receive a response within two to three business days. Ten days passed and I finally got a response from them--a blank email. I followed up on this, and have yet to receive a response.

Based on this experience, I really do not feel like Weslo is a company that is committed to providing quality products, and/or decent customer service.

Edit: I did finally receive a response from Weslo (after going back and forth with them for about 30 days trying to explain that all I received was a blank email). They apologized for the inconvenience and explained that I could buy a new walking belt for $84.95 (I'm guessing this is not including the shipping).
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on January 6, 2016
This is an awesome treadmill for the money. In case anyone was looking for a review from a runner - having ran several half marathons, and a full - now training for my next marathon, this treadmill is perfect for those runs where I don't want to go out into the midwest winter weather to get in my miles.

For reference, I'm 5'4, 166lbs with a pace of around 9-10 min/mile. Running 6+ mph is no problem on this. Just last night I did 5 miles on this with no issues.

The belt looks more narrow and short than it is in real life. I move around a lot from left to right when I run sometimes, and never once did my feet go off the belt. It's not nearly as wide/long as a commercial treadmill, but what are you expecting anyway for this price point?

Also, as far as packaging goes, this came undamaged.

- easy to put together (my husband and I had it up and running in less than 40 mins)
- easy to store (it folds up)
- its super quiet compared to others I've used (we have ours in the basement though)

- it's not obvious there is a switch that must be flipped on before you can use it
- the display isn't backlit, but as long as you're running in a room that is well lit you should be fine
- the shelves for placing your drink do NOT fit a Nalgene bottle, but does fit a regular water bottle
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon March 15, 2017
I deliberately waited 3 months since I got my treadmill to write this review. If you are looking to purchase a decent yet inexpensive treadmill for your home then chances are, just like me, that this Weslo Cadence G5.9 is on the top 3 of your list. And after 3 months of rigorous daily use between me (Daily Avg: 3 Miles @ 5 to 6 MPH) and my wife (Daily Avg: 2 Miles @ 5 to 6.5 MPH) I can definitely confirm that this is a great treadmill that we really like for its quality, quiet performance and ease of setup.

- I'm sure you've seen the horror stories/pics of people receiving the treadmill in horribly beat up or broken condition during transit and the one thing I couldn't get answered in reading all the reviews was "What were my chances of getting this treadmill in one piece ?" As you can see from my pics my treadmill arrived in an equally beat up condition ... But I was lucky (read on..)
- The entire treadmill package weighs about 150+ pounds and that is more than one person alone can carry/handle , even with a dolly. And at most points during the transit the loading/unloading are done by a single truck operator which increases the chances of damage as they would have push, shove, cartwheel the box to move it around
- I live in Southern California and the package was sent to me from a warehouse in Kansas. In my mind more the distance the more chances that the box is going change trucks/hands and get beat up more
- In terms of the packaging of the treadmill the four corners of the treadmill are protected be extremely thick cardboard corners and foam which should withstand tough impacts. Also the two shorter sides and the top of the treadmill are protected by thick wooden planks which form sort of a protection frame for the box .
- So even if the treadmill box is cartwheeled then the corners protection is sufficient to keep it safe. Also if any other packages are kept flat on the box , their weight would be borne safely by the wooden frame (see pics)
- The only issue in the packaging is the lack of protection on the plastic motor hood, if any heavy weight is put directly over it then the top cardboard can collapse and potentially damage it
- Considering the above, I kept my expectations low and I was mentally prepared to return it in case mine was physically damaged however due to the well protected corners, sides and the top surfaces ( and a bit of luck?) , despite the box being beat up to hell , there was barely a scratch on my treadmill!

- Since this is a budget treadmill, it does use cheap components and this is reflected in its meagre 6 Months warranty (3 Months default + 3 Months Bonus for registering)
- But the really good thing about this treadmill is that its manufactured and serviced by ICON FITNESS, which is one of the worlds largest exercise equipment manufacturers and owns all the major premium treadmill brands like : NordicTrack, Proform, Gold's Gym, FreeMotion etc.
- Because of the budget nature & short warranty on the treadmill I would definitely recommend getting an extended warranty (one of the few occasions where its actually worth it). I was offered a SquareTrade warranty at the time of purchase but did not get that one. Instead I purchased the 2 Year In-Home Warranty ICON FITNESS offered for $40 bucks at the time of registering my treadmill . Considering the vast number of Premium treadmill brands they own, going with the manufacturer's extended warranty was a no brainer for me
- I felt that the treadmill is well built and does not feel cheap in any way

Now that I've covered the main items that I did not find a lot information during my purchase (I hope they help!) , here are the other things that I liked about the treadmill :
- I am 5' 10" and weigh 180 pounds with long running strides , even then the track width and length was more than enough for me to jog/run at a fast pace. At no point did I feel it was too short or narrow
- Assembling the treadmill was super easy, it literally involved just lifting the frame and bolting about 10 or so screws with no complex assemblies. Everything is already pre-assembled. I was up and running in 15 mins
- It is well balanced with no wobbling
- It has about 6 different pre-programmed workouts , but I usually stick to my own custom routine
- I liked the inclusion of the heart rate monitor , which is fairly accurate compared to my Fitbit
- It is not too loud
- It has a very nice practical area on the front tray where you can place your tablet or phone for easy viewing while working out
- Folds relatively compact, enough to be moved into my walk-in closet/storage

- The main display is not backlit and hard to read
- The calories burned estimates are way off compared to my Fitbit as it does not take into consideration your sex, weight, age, height etc.
- For my height, I found the handles a bit too low , but its not too big of an issue for me
- Even though there are spaces to keep water bottles on the sides, they are not of the cup holder type and hence prone to tipping

- I highly recommend getting a silicone lubricant to lube the treadmill belt once every month and investing in a good floor protector. I got the Gold's Gym High Impact flooring puzzle which works brilliantly in absorbing impact and vibrations
- Tighten all the visible screws on the treadmill, even the ones that come factory assembled (especially the ones on the running deck) to prevent squeaks and rattles are they are not screwed very tightly out of the box. Repeat this during your monthly lube maintenance
- I also recommend investing in an extended warranty to protect your investment and the hassle of shipping/replacing broken parts

Overall both my & wife love this treadmill and if you are looking for an inexpensive treadmill from a reputable manufacturer then this is a great choice. Just keep in mind the inherent downsides involved in having a heavy bulky item shipped from a distant place and definitely get that extended warranty. Other than that Happy Jogging/Walking !
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on December 20, 2016
I hate to give it only 2 stars but I've been repairing treadmills for over 30 years and know what you are going to be facing in a short amount of time if you buy this and are a serious exerciser. I've read the reviews by users that just got the machine and had plenty of room to run, thought it was great, etc. but the truth of the matter is you simply cannot buy a treadmill for $300 that is going to last a long time for the average person. With that said, my grandmother had a very similar model that she bought at my suggestion when she was in her late 70's and it lasted with her light use until she left this life in her mid 90's. I would maintain the machine when I visited her house on occasion and it never needed a repair.

It is the right treadmill, in the right situation, for the right person but that would not be the average person unless you don't mind repairing it. I did that with a hot tub that I knew was substandard years ago and I was able to keep the machine going only by buying a few parts from time to time and I got 10 years use out of the hot tub but I knew how to fix it. That is going to be the experience with this machine for the average person who tries to use this as a regular machine.

I don't have all negative to say about this machine so here are the positives: 1) It has a very simple design so you aren't going to see the software issues or complex computer designs that you see in some of the more expensive machines. In the first photo, you can see the simple design of the console and that's a good thing! Many times, simpler is better. 2) The engineering is the best in the business. The factory behind this machine, Icon Health and Fitness, has the best engineering in the world and that trickles down to their entry level units like this one so it has the latest technology and design. 3) The belt and deck system are fantastic! Although they use cheaper materials than their more expensive units, these materials are more than adequate, even for the person who is going to be using it for heavier use than we suggest. This will keep the operating amps lower so it will last longer than some of the cheaper engineering jobs done by Chinese factories.

The negatives: 1) Cheaper price means they have to use cheaper materials. The PWM used on this machine shown in the second picture is one of the cheapest motor control units I have ever seen. The minimum quality controller I would put into a machine personally in a PWM unit costs about $50 a board (my cost) and there is no way this factory could afford to put that level of quality into a $300 retail machine. 2) Tiny motor means that if used by a 200 lb. person, it is going to overheat eventually. The third picture is one of the motor. You will notice on the label, they claim it is 2.75 HP "treadmill duty" but there is no accepted standard for this type of rating. They claim 2 HP continuous duty but that is at a sustained 15 amps (convert their wattage and voltage claim to amps) and this motor would burn up at a sustained 15 amps. We have actually tested some of these fractional HP motors and you will find out that if tested on an accepted standard in the intended use, these are far below 1 HP motors. 3) Tiny warranty. On the parts that are going to wear out, you have almost no warranty. Get past the 90 day warranty and you will pay out the nose for replacement parts. Although we sell replacement parts for these, I would hate to have you as a customer 5 days after the warranty because that is never fun.

I give this treadmill 2 stars because on one hand, it works much better than the Chinese junk that some importers bring into the US and then provide absolutely horrible after the sale service upon and also because this machine works better than anything in the entry level range. If you do have a problem, Icon can be hard to deal with because they sell millions of machines a year and it is hard to get through to them at times. If you think of big company service, you will be in the right mindset to deal with it. On the other hand, I wouldn't buy anything else in this price range personally if I were limited to this type of budget.
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on February 15, 2016
I don't typically write a lot of reviews, but I feel strongly about my opinions on this treadmill. Regretting buying this. Horribly made...horribly packaged. Extremely cheap materials. McDonald's toys are made of higher quality materials than the plastic that this thing is made of. I'm extremely surprised by all the 4 and 5 star ratings. Giant waste of money. It actually feels like a death trap when running/walking on it. Do not waste your money. Pieces of the base broke or were broken straight out of the box. The top and the base are almost impossible to screw together as the screw holes don't line up and that metal is the only structurally sound part of this contraption. The piece that holds it up while "stored away" is a joke. It's just holding up one side -- and not very securely I might add. The 4 and 5 star ratings skewed reality.... Pay attention to the ratings that show pictures of the broken pieces. I am going to attempt to contact the company to get some kind of resolution... but after you purchase a 117 lb item and then spend the time putting it together... Having to take it back apart and package it back up; returning is basically a nightmare. I'd rather just put it out by the dumpster.
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on April 25, 2017
I bought this with the intention of my and my wife using it to lose some weight. Welp, a couple weeks into it and its a toy for my kids to walk on and argue over whose turn it is to giggle as they walk. Like they couldnt do that outside and you know, join society. But no, that seems too weird, so on to the treadmill they go, wasting the valuable life that this poor thing has, and from some of the reviews its a short life. But I havent had any problems with it. It gets used fairly well, mind you by 3 monsters that range from 40 to 90 lbs but still its running smooth. It was fairly easy to put together with no help from the spouse. FYI she literally told me she would help and just sat there staring at me while I put everything together like I was supposed to invite her over when she had already said she would help................ I feel like I got off topic a bit. But anyways, for the price you cant beat it.
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on April 13, 2016
This was a great purchase. The treadmill is everything I hoped it would be after reading countless reviews. It's the perfect size for our small home gym but is big enough to be comfortable when walking/running. I don't feel like I'm going to fall off the end or sides. It's easy to use and easy to set up. With the help of my husband we were able to assemble this in about 30 minutes. The display is easy to read but is not backlit. There's enough room for me to put my water bottle and iPad. I will say that when I'm running, I notice the treadmill is kind of loud. I'm usually wearing ear buds and either listening to music and reading a book, or watching a movie so it's not really a problem for me but worth mentioning if you're planning to set your treadmill up in a public area like a living room or bedroom. If you're on a budget or just looking for a treadmill that will fit into a small space, this is the one for you. No buyers remorse here! I would definitely recommend!
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