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on May 18, 2016
This is a fantastic, easy to use, easy to clean maker that my 16 year old is now addicted to. He loves his popcorn, and swears he'll never miss the microwave crap he used to make. Just spoon in the coconut oil (another added health benefit) and spoon or pour in the kernels, put the big cover on (without the smaller black cap... leave that off so the steam doesn't make the popcorn stale), plug it in and in just a few minutes, you'll have a big, fluffy batch of popcorn to sprinkle salt on. If you like it buttered, I suggest melting butter in a small dessert dish in the microwave and pouring it over the batch before salting. Enjoy the movie!
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on November 11, 2015
perfect! does what it is supposed to do. my kids love watching it pop. i followed the directions exactly and it really did take just 6 mins for the most amount of popcorn you can make at once. i unplugged it when i didnt hear popping anymore. nothing burnt or soggy. everything worked as it should. it was the best popcorn ever! much better than microwave popcorn! i used canola oil by the way and i put vegan butter in the butter tray. the lid is not perfectly sealed, it will move if pushed, which is totally fine but dont let your young children lean or push on the lid while its popping of couse because the lid will move a little. parental supervision required :) i would recommend this to anyone who really loves popcorn and doesnt want to buy microwave popcorn because it has palm oil and real butter in it. :)
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on November 4, 2016
I make popcorn virtually every evening and use organic popcorn. This is the fourth 82306 west bend popcorn popper I've had. The first one was terrific, it lasted until it was inadvertently pushed off a counter and a handle broke off. The second one lasted between 2 & 3 years before it started having issues with the number of kernels that wouldn't pop. I was unlucky with the third one and it developed the same problem as the second one where it would leave a large number of kernels that were not popped. The new one is working terrific, virtually 100% of the kernels are popped. The only issue is the potential amount of time the popcorn popper works effectively. I suspect that what happens is that the heating element starts to go bad and this is what results in the unpopped popcorn.
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on March 23, 2016
Previous owner of Stir Crazy units, going back to the 80's and units made in US, yellow bowls and all.
Bought this without reading reviews, based on past performance. This version falls short compared to our past units.
To be fair, our first Stir Crazy probably cost twice or even three times what we paid for this one, taking inflation into account.
Stirring rod motor was too weak to turn with un-popped corn and oil - would stop and reverse direction, then "rinse & repeat".
Whether from lack of stirring or low heat, about one third of popcorn was not popped.
And after reading other reviews, I believe it's safe to say that new owners/manufacturers may have quality control issues, i.e. inconsistent.
Shame, because the thin bowl used in previous versions has been fixed with a thicker one. Added one star for the improvement.
But, I'd rather pay $10 more for something that lasts.
Unit returned.
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on November 28, 2015
I purchased this based on reviews, and a couple of the traits of this particular West Bend Popper are more problematic than I had expected prior to purchase. Bear in mind, it works well enough that I'm not willing to go through the nuisance of returning it, but once it dies I will not purchase the same model again. Here's why:
1. The coated popping surface isn't removable, and this was an appealing feature to me until I got the popper. It doesn't come off to clean it, but it is not sealed on the edges, either, so oil, hull, salt and pepper, etc... all get between the base and the popping surface. It's a clean-up nightmare because I can't get into the spaces to clean it well, the soap & water damp sponge clean up that is recommended allows moisture and soap to get under the popping surface edges, and even with pipe cleaners I'm unable to get all the stuff out of the cracks. I expect that some of the debris is even pushed further under the surface! Ugghhh!
2. The bowl/lid is very flimsy AND while popping, it collects condensation inside the lid causing some of the popcorn to be wet. Again, Ugghhh!!! I fully expect that one of these days, while I'm washing this flimsy lid by hand, it's going to crack and then, I suppose, West Bend anticipates that I'll purchase a new lid. Hmmm....
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on November 13, 2015
I've used this twice since receiving it and can only say that it works fairly well. I read several reviews that helped me. One reviewer said they waited a couple of minutes and put a couple of kernels in to test whether it was hot enough to start popping. Second suggestions was not to use too much oil and that works also. I am using a gourmet popcorn and believe I will try a less expensive brand next time. The corn just doesn't seem to be light and airy so it is not crunchy. Also, the actual supplier who shipped it to me inserted an invoice that listed a less cost amount than Amazon charged me. When I contacted customer service I was told they would not give me a credit for the amount.
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on July 18, 2015
The first time I used the popper it made weird squeeking noises, but popped the corn just fine. In the subsequent uses (I have only used it about 6 times, have not yet used all of the little bag of popcorn which was bought with it) the stir-arm did not sit quite like it should, it was at an angle instead of sitting level. Used the popper last night and the arm stopped turning at all. Looked at the machine closely after taking the arm off as if to clean the machine, and the plastic screw part on which the metal stir-arm sits has MELTED. Wish now I had not tossed the box it came in. Will be writing to West Bend and see if they will honor their warranty. My old Stir Crazy was wonderful and lasted for years. This machine was a piece of poop.
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on February 5, 2015
After reading several reviews, I decided on this model. The reviews on the newer model weren't so good. I received it today and followed a recipe from another reviewer who uses Flavacol seasoning and Coconut oil & good quality popcorn. I must say, it came out EXCELLENT!!! I didn't even need a butter topping. Be sure to read the directions.. you're not supposed to keep the black lid on while popping, only after you have finished popping. Another reviewer recommended not using the top for butter as it makes a mess and actually using real butter makes popcorn soggy. You really don't need it if you use the above ingredients. Just put in the Coconut oil, Flavacol and then pour the kernels evenly around the pan, put the bowl on and let it pop until it starts to go real slow & then unplug it. Some also recommend heating up the oil for a little before adding the popcorn if you don't like it so as buttery. I then unplugged the cord from the unit itself, let it air out for a minute & then put the black plastic lid on & turned it upside down and you have PERFECT popcorn! Clean up was easy.. you can unscrew the black knob in the center and just wash the black knob and metal stirrer. Use a wet cloth or damp paper towel to wash the base and wash the bowl with soap & water. I cleaned it while it was still warm so it cleans up a lot easier.
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on August 21, 2016
Popcorn at its best. Fast and easy to use. I use Walgreen's brand popcorn, and it pops up so nicely. I don't put the butter on the dome top, I just melt it in a small gravy boat for easy pouring and less clean up. Each kernel pops up nicely and nothing burns. I wanted to get away from the microwave popcorn with the concerns I've read about. We tried just using paper bags and popcorn for air popped and it did work, but this really is the best tasting way to prepare it. The children love to watch it pop, and they are always ready to help finish the bowl and pop more. I use about two to three tablespoons of olive oil and half a cup of popcorn per batch. It does get very hot, so you need to be mindful of that when handling the base.
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on June 23, 2014
Great popcorn maker! Fun to use; we enjoy watching it pop! Sometimes I use sesame oil or peanut oil to pop them in to give the popcorn some extra flavor. I also sometimes sprinkle brewers yeast over a drizzle of olive oil on the corn when it's done for some added nutrition and great taste. We buy organic corn from the bulk section and that way I feel better about eating corn as a snack since it's not genetically modified or filled with crazy pesticides and such. This was a good way we could know what we are eating and have a delicious treat for our movie nights.
Pros: --Clear dome for viewing popcorn pop, hehe
--Super fast to heat up and pop the corn
--Simple, easy cleanup
--We know what we're eating

Cons: --Don't know about the black plastic lid on top of the dome - we might need to take that off because it interferes with cleanup, and we know to avoid burning ourselves on the steam.
--Can be difficult to get clean, as with anything coming in contact with oil, but we found that just using straight soap with no water worked well to cut the oil
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