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on April 25, 2016
I purchased this to replace the Kettle Crazy model which lasted many years until the teflon wore off. By comparison, the Stir Crazy is terrible. Here are my complaints:

- Cheap, thin metal cooking pan. Heats quickly, but also very quickly burns the popcorn if you don't immediately turn it off and flip the thing over to remove the corn, and I'm talking within 15 seconds or you'll have scorched corn. The Kettle Crazy is heavier metal, and you can therefore wait until the pops die down a few seconds.

- Cheap, thin metal stir rod. Doesn't sit evenly on the cheap plastic center pivot, which means it doesn't move corn on 50% of the sweep. No way to bend it down closer to the pan, because of how it already bends from the pivot. The Kettle Crazy has a thick aluminum bar to stir, and it rocks, plus bendable because the angles are different.

- Cheap, thin nonstick coating. Already at the edges I can see where the coating didn't quite get applied. Seriously? Very poor quality.

- Cheap plastic bowl material. Again, comparing to the Kettle Crazy, the bowl is very flexible at the handles when it gets heated by the machine during popping. The handles and bowl feel like they're approaching putty softness, although I haven't seen them deform permanently. When I take the bowl off, it's surprisingly supple, let's just say.

- There is a gap between the metal pan and the plastic inside edge of the housing for the burner. Predictably, water and popping oil will enter this gap when popping or cleaning. The oil then smokes and burns off during the next cycle, which is a complete house-filler. A ridiculous flaw that should never have survived the first draft of the plans for this unit. Your option then is to wipe down the unit with a wet cloth, and somehow rinse away the residue without subjecting to a stream of water, or to orient the gap so that water runs away from the housing (upside down in the sink). The Kettle Crazy is a continuous pan, teflon coated, and easy to rinse in the sink without fear or water entering the unit.

- Cord needs to be 1 foot longer, at minimum. Another inexplicable decision, probably a result of the corporate legal team and the UL conspiring to reduce wire gauge to a minimum while ensuring no one will be able to pop more than a couple feet from an outlet. Irritating.

I can't believe the difference between this product and the Kettle Crazy, both by West Bend. Obviously not a collaborative effort.

Here's what I do like:

- Pops quickly and reasonably few unpopped kernels
- Bowl shape on this has a little more side bulge than the Kettle Crazy, which allows the popped corn to expand and the unpopped kernels to fall back down more easily. It's a minor difference, but I did notice it during use.
- It is somewhat lighter overall than the Kettle Crazy, undoubtedly due to the inferior quality of materials chosen, however.
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on August 14, 2015
this makes amazing popcorn! I got this for my dad for his 70th birthday and he and my mom loved it. It makes it so easy to make fantastic popcorn without such a huge mess. You just need this popper for popping, and then you also are able to use it for seasoning (butter or that coconut popcorn oil) You don't need an air popper for the popcorn then a little pot for melting butter and then yet another bowl to eat from. Its all in one!
My dad and I used 2 TBl Sunflower oil to 2/3 cups kernels ( walmart brand) and then of course used the butter area to melt butter. It worked great and the popcorn was the best i have had! Let it cool a little before trying because when you first try it, it might be a bit chewy, but that's because its still steamy from popping. I will update on how well it pops mushroom popcorn, because those kernels can be a bit trickier to pop perfectly. It took forever to get here! took it 7 days to ship out, and another 2 to finally get to my door, but that's more on amazon than the popper. Also the popper did have a few scratches on the bowl part (hopefully they do not become more than that)
*UPDATE* it pops mushroom popcorn perfectly! But you need to heat it up with the oil and three kernels, but once the 3 kernels pop stop it take them out and add the rest of the kernels.
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on July 1, 2016
I purchased this popcorn popper in December 2015 as an outlet for healthy snacking. I experimented with olive oil, walnut oil, and grape seed oil. Grape seed oil seemed to yield the best results in both taste and ability to quickly heat and pop all of the kernels. I used this machine an average of 5 nights per week. Also note I followed the instructions carefully and cleaned the heating area with great care after each use.

At first, it popped literally every single kernel. This is the kind of performance I hoped for and I reduced the amount of each batch. Around February, it was barely popping half of a batch and then only one-third was popped. I thought the kernels weren't popping because the kernels had grown stale, but subsequent batches from freshly purchased stock yielded the same disappointing results.

I'll have to follow-up on the warranty information to see if it still qualifies. I would not recommend this product due to its short performance life.
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on April 18, 2015
It still pains me to be eating popcorn without salt, but then that was one of the primary reasons for buying the popper in the first place. Doc says that is what must happen and so it does.

About performance: I think I have experienced most the of the bad and good comments on the other reviews. When it is working correctly it is flawless and when it does not is is generally my fault.

Important points: Measure everything. The little booklet gives one the guidelines as to how much of what and it really makes a difference. I cook a great deal and am pretty accurate on guessing amounts of things, but not accurate enough for the popper. Who would have thought too much oil could be a problem. Also be sure and use fresh popcorn. When I started, I bought a new jar of Orville Redenbacher's popping kernels and it worked perfectly but as the corn aged it pops less thoroughly. There is only two of us and I pop 1/3 cup at a time. I have also discovered before you pour in the popcorn, if the oil heat is left to heat up a bit along with a couple of kernels and when they pop pour in the corn and put the cover in place, it results in a more thorough pop. This is especially true with older popcorn. The product was a advertised and I have not complaints, fact is I am please with it. Cleanup is a snap. I hand wash the dome and it easily gets squeaky clean. I just wipe down the base with a small amount of slightly soapy water followed by a good wipe down with a paper towel.
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on December 20, 2015
I have been using an air popper for years and it finally died. I was hoping for a flavor close to what you get when you pop popcorn in a cast iron skillet. I however ended up with oily tasting popcorn because you had to use oil and couldn't use butter to pop it because it would burn. I ended up giving it to my dad and he loves the popcorn that it makes and the flavor. I was using the Orville Redenbacher butter flavored oil.
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on May 2, 2016
This is my second unit. Got my first one as a "prize" 5 years ago since I volunteer in my kid's school making popcorn for some 300 kids (using a big tilt kettle).Last month I was asked to make popcorn for a community event for some 100+ kids and since my popper has been heavily used the past few years, I figured I should buy a new one as stand by just in case. The old unit popped just as fast as the new one. Glad we had 2 units to work with.
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on June 10, 2016
I purchased this popper when I'd decided microwave popcorn poppers just didn’t make tasty popcorn. This popper has an easy clean, nonstick surface and a rotating rod to help keep kernels moving; two features I really like. The large, plastic, handled dome makes a convenient serving bowl. The unit heated up enough to start kernels popping in just 2 minutes with the popping cycle completed in 4 minutes (for approx. 1/2 cup or so of raw popcorn). This popper does the job well however, there were a fair number of unpopped kernels left in the bottom of the domed bowl once emptied. (hence, the 4 instead of 5 star rating) There were no burnt kernels but it should be noted that I unplugged the unit immediately once the popping cycle had stopped and flipped the popcorn into the dome top. Given the high temperature of the surface, I would not leave the unit unattended for too long for fear burning of popcorn could occur. This is a reasonably priced unit I would recommend to anyone looking to buy a new popcorn popper.
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on February 1, 2015
Like it? I LOVE it. But only giving 4/5 stars in the hope someone at West Bend will read reviews like this and make a few optimizations. I'm on my second one (first one lasted years, then water got in the spinning mechanism; then we tried the Kettle Krazy and didn't like it nearly as much, though it did have some build advantages), and I've given several as gifts to good results.

Pros: Delicious, delicious, perfectly popped popcorn. Far superior taste to air-popped, and works great with olive oil (no burning). Easy. Pretty easy to clean. I use it several times a week.

Cons: The lid on top warps, even with hand-washing, after a while, and makes it a little harder to get a perfect seal, Would rather have the on/off button that the Kettle Krazy has, and also the integrated spinning mechanism--seems safer and smarter.

On Butter: Melting butter using the top portion is lackluster since much gets caught in the depression around the rim rather than easily going through the drip-holes. When I use butter, I just melt it separately and toss it with the popped corn afterwards and that works fine.
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on December 18, 2016
Wouldn't pop all the kernals almost from the start and then just stopped popping any kernals. Tried everything even considered it was the popcorn. It wasn't the popcorn. Our old Stir Crazy was a trusted workhorse until the non-stick coating started to wear off and now we're stuck with a lemon of a popcorn popper. Exactly two months since the purchase. Amazon only gave a one month window for return. Do they know something I didn't know? Will try contacting the manufacturer and see if they will stand behind this terrible thing.
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on January 7, 2016
Everything seems to work great but the resulting popcorn is very rubbery. I tried less oil then even less oil then I tried a little more oil and none of that made any difference. I tried a little longer cooking time, I tried a little shorter cooking time, but still rubbery. This is using the same fresh popcorn that I have been using with my previous popcorn maker. Maybe I'm too picky but I have been using a microwave popcorn maker Nordic Ware Microwave Popcorn Popper, 12-Cup, White for quite a while that makes great popcorn or at least it is to my taste. The only thing I don't like about it is, if you use any oil to cook with, some of it gets out and you have to wipe out the microwave. This Nordic Ware maker will actually make pretty good popcorn without any oil but the seasonings and/or salt won't stick, you have to use a popcorn oil spray or something like that. I only bought this Stir Crazy maker for convenience, so I didn't have to wipe out the microwave but it's not worth the sacrifice of bad rubbery popcorn. I am returning it thanks to Amazon Prime and going back to the microwave popcorn maker.
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