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on February 26, 2017
I purchase this popcorn maker on january 2016, At first I loved it! Pops popcorn nicely. However after one month of use, the inside is coming off,(see picture) how disappointing! Now I wonder am i eating the metal with my popcorn?
review image review image
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on July 18, 2015
The first time I used the popper it made weird squeeking noises, but popped the corn just fine. In the subsequent uses (I have only used it about 6 times, have not yet used all of the little bag of popcorn which was bought with it) the stir-arm did not sit quite like it should, it was at an angle instead of sitting level. Used the popper last night and the arm stopped turning at all. Looked at the machine closely after taking the arm off as if to clean the machine, and the plastic screw part on which the metal stir-arm sits has MELTED. Wish now I had not tossed the box it came in. Will be writing to West Bend and see if they will honor their warranty. My old Stir Crazy was wonderful and lasted for years. This machine was a piece of poop.
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on November 13, 2015
I've used this twice since receiving it and can only say that it works fairly well. I read several reviews that helped me. One reviewer said they waited a couple of minutes and put a couple of kernels in to test whether it was hot enough to start popping. Second suggestions was not to use too much oil and that works also. I am using a gourmet popcorn and believe I will try a less expensive brand next time. The corn just doesn't seem to be light and airy so it is not crunchy. Also, the actual supplier who shipped it to me inserted an invoice that listed a less cost amount than Amazon charged me. When I contacted customer service I was told they would not give me a credit for the amount.
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on August 21, 2016
Popcorn at its best. Fast and easy to use. I use Walgreen's brand popcorn, and it pops up so nicely. I don't put the butter on the dome top, I just melt it in a small gravy boat for easy pouring and less clean up. Each kernel pops up nicely and nothing burns. I wanted to get away from the microwave popcorn with the concerns I've read about. We tried just using paper bags and popcorn for air popped and it did work, but this really is the best tasting way to prepare it. The children love to watch it pop, and they are always ready to help finish the bowl and pop more. I use about two to three tablespoons of olive oil and half a cup of popcorn per batch. It does get very hot, so you need to be mindful of that when handling the base.
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on June 23, 2014
Great popcorn maker! Fun to use; we enjoy watching it pop! Sometimes I use sesame oil or peanut oil to pop them in to give the popcorn some extra flavor. I also sometimes sprinkle brewers yeast over a drizzle of olive oil on the corn when it's done for some added nutrition and great taste. We buy organic corn from the bulk section and that way I feel better about eating corn as a snack since it's not genetically modified or filled with crazy pesticides and such. This was a good way we could know what we are eating and have a delicious treat for our movie nights.
Pros: --Clear dome for viewing popcorn pop, hehe
--Super fast to heat up and pop the corn
--Simple, easy cleanup
--We know what we're eating

Cons: --Don't know about the black plastic lid on top of the dome - we might need to take that off because it interferes with cleanup, and we know to avoid burning ourselves on the steam.
--Can be difficult to get clean, as with anything coming in contact with oil, but we found that just using straight soap with no water worked well to cut the oil
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on August 2, 2014
Fresh popcorn is one of my favorite snacks. I had a stovetop popper for years and it was finally getting kind of old and yucky so I decided to get an electric one.
I really like that this one has a built in bowl, very convenient. It pops a huge amount of popcorn at a time pretty quickly. It heats evenly and pops almost all of the kernels so there isn't any wasted.
I wouldnt bother trying to melt butter in the top of the bowl while it's popping. The butter either drips onto the hot plate before the popcorn is popped and burns or doesn't melt enough before the popcorn is done and now all your butter is stuck to the bottom (once you flip it) of the bowl instead of on the popcorn. The plastic lid that covers the bottom of the bowl is just like a regular Tupperware-style lid so DO NOT forget to remove it before popping, it WILL melt! I haven't done so myself thankfully but I can see that the lid can't take much heat so once the popper is finished I give it a minute before snapping the lid on and flipping the bowl.
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on June 11, 2016
Loving loving this pop corn popper ! 2 thumbs up .... as soon as it arrived i used it and this was my amazing experience, first of all I would recommned you buying the top of the line pop corn and pop corn oil, it will make a difference. So i bought me the Orville Redenbacher's 100% natural no GMO original, and the Orville popping and topping oil.....OMG! i had 2 pop corn seeds left yes 2 count them seeds left the first time i used and on the second time using it i had a half pop and half seed left. this West Bend gets the job done. a little oil goes a long way popcorn was NOT greasy at all it was light and fluffy the popcorn was also big.. they were popped to their fullest size pretty big size popcorn. I would recommend this item and I would purchase again.
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on January 16, 2016
I've been a long time user of this popper. After many years I needed to replace it. The one I received only popped maybe a quarter of the kernels. Knowing how good this popper is I figured some old kernels. Bought fresh kernels and it wasn't any better. Contacted the manufacturer and did everything they told me and it still didn't work any better. Finally they replaced it under warranty. The new one worked identically to the old one. Very disappointed. I returned it for a refund. I came across a similar popper from Presto, model 05200 at Walmart for $30. I noticed right off the quality of this popper was noticeably better than the Stir Crazy. The lid/bowl is thicker so it's not so flimsy when washing it. Also the plastic nut holding the metal stir rod has a metal threaded insert instead of the plastic threads in the Stir Crazy. However, the best part is it popped a half a cup of kernels leaving seven unpopped kernels. Yay! I can enjoy popcorn again.
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on August 8, 2013
I bought a Stir Crazy in 2006. It was a solid product, we liked it. We probably used it a couple of times a week (my wife's a big popcorn fan). Worked fine for five years. No teflon flaking. OK, yea, the thin 'stir' arms got bent up and started scraping off a narrow groove of non-stick coating, and the bent arms didn't do as good a job of stirring around the kernels. But in general it worked.

What it did have an issue with, was that the plastic dome lid began to develop cracks, until finally after five years an entire handle broke off in 2011.

At that point, I knew we were buying another, but I decided to upgrade to the West Bend 82386 Kettle Krazy Popcorn Popper and Nut Roaster. If you like the Stir Krazy, you'll like the Kettle Krazy even better:
-Heavier 'cast' arms - no bending into contact with the non-stick bed here. And you don't have to worry about them getting bent out of alignment at all.
-Ok, it's a bit 'multi-function', you can also roast nuts in it - though I think you can do that in the Stir Krazy as well. :P
-Plastic dome strength? Well, it seems to be about the same as the cheaper model. BUT, what I did discover in the interrum, when cracks started appearing again in the Kettle Krazy, was that West Bend has replacement parts available from their web site! $13 and a week later, and I had a replacement dome for my fully-functional Stir Krazy.

So on balance, no one else really does this 'stirred' niche as well. So a Kettle Krazy and a plan to replace the domes as needed may just be a solid option. :)
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on November 27, 2013
I have a love hate relationship with this popcorn popper. I have yet to find one that makes better-tasting popcorn, but in the last few years, the quality of this product has taken a severe nose dive. We had our first stir crazy for at least a decade, our most recent popper lasted just over a month, then died the same way as the last one: the plastic shattered when it fell on the floor. Granted, I don't really expect appliances to survive a nosedive off the counter, but I do expect that the bowl won't crack after two months of normal use (though it does). The teflon bottom breaks part easily, probably because the stir arm is improperly rubbing against it. After a few months of use, it will occasionally pop less than half your popcorn (heating problem?). Also, this makes the most horrific shrieky noise while it stirs, even when it's brand new. I'm searching for a comparable alternative, but so far I've got nothing. :(
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