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on March 31, 2015
I love it though it is somewhat smaller. The laces didn't go all the way up so had to use another lace to complete it. Still was ok regardless. I got lots of compliments!!!
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on January 27, 2015
I actually like these shoes but I do have a few things I would like to discuss about them
1st I would like to say I purchased the white shoes and was very disappointed when the shoes both came with pretty large yellow stains. Currently I'm trying to get them out but it's an extra step I shouldn't have to take so I deffinatly don't recomend this particular color. If your wanting to use them as Halloween accessories it would be okay but I was wanting to use them as actual shoes the I could walk around In.
2nd I have fairly large calfs so the tongue Barely fits to fully close off the shoe. The widest part of my calf is about 15 inches if yours is any larger I don't recomend these shoes at all. But once on they do look awesome
3rd I read the reviews and purchased the shoes a size larger than I normally would and that allowed the shoe to fit properly. So deffinatly GET A SIZE BIGGER. If I hadn't they would not have for at all.
4th the laces barely made it to the top of the shoe. I realize it has a lot to do with having large calfs so I don't find that to be a big deal at all worst case scenario I have to purchase longer set of shoe laces
5th I was worried when I purchaced these shoes that they would not fit. I have wide feet and when I received them I was pleasantly surprised to find they fit purfactl
Over all I recomend these shoes just not in white! if it weren't for the stains I would have given a 5 star review.
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on October 30, 2016
I really wanted to love these shoes and I could if they were not defective, or at least didn't look as if they were used and if the seller had a better response to my concerns than it's Amazon's responsibility since they dispatch the item(!) but unfortunately I have to say, I am not happy with my purchase and this one is not something you can detect in review pictures. They can look so good in the pictures but dirty, messy, and stained in person. Also, if you are lucky and your pair does not have weird yellow stains or spots, you will have to go ONE FULL SIZE UP to get the right pair for yourself. These sneakers run SMALL. So, in case the cheap price tempts you to buy a pair, go up a full size.

The shipping, fulfilled by Amazon, take as long as promised/expected and the item arrives nicely packaged. However, the horror awaits inside. The boots come unlaced so you will have to do that yourself and fix the right tightness so you can simply zip up/down (yes, there is a zipper which is why they should have arrived laced up). The item was supposed to be brand new but they arrived with dirt-like spots on the white toe box and weird stains inside the boots. These stains are obviously manufacturing glue or something of that nature and the other stuff may very well be sign of use. However, when I contacted the seller, they rudely responded in a couple of sentences that since the shoes are dispatched by Amazon, the site should take responsibility and that I should contact them. Smart, right? I am not wasting all that time for 9.99 bucks. This was outrageous and dishonest. However, if I hadn't noticed the issues or was so lucky that my pair was flawless, I would not have known how terribly the seller treats their customers. With all the appearance issues, these sneakers look great in photos so DON'T BE FOOLED. HORRIBLE MATERIAL is used and well, the shoes may be used. I have attached two types of shoes demonstrating this contrast or misrepresentation.

The material is extremely of LOW QUALITY and super cheap. the stains seem to be of glue type nature and something resulted from a bad manufacturing process or poor quality material. The shaft of the sneaker boots feel like paper and there's a smell stemming from it. You cannot get more than a couple times use out of these shoes anyway. They also run small, one full size. I usually wear a size 10 US. I ordered them in a size 11 and they fit like the usual size 10. So I definitely recommend going a full size up if you like to throw away the 10 bucks that's bothering you so much (lol). Again, maybe you could get some prop-type use out of this product but that is about it. The material is extremely cheap, the smell is horrible, and they run small. Adding to that, the shaft can be a bit too snug no matter how much you loosen up the lace, which tells me that it's an issue of design. You really can't walk in them comfortably, no matter what size or how tight.

While they look deceitfully good in pictures and kids may love to wear it (like I did with a short tutu and denim crop top- feeling like a hip doll), these sneaker boots are not made well, and poor quality material has been used in their making. The state in which the new shoes arrived, tells me that the standards of health and safety were not used in the manufacturing process and this makes me scared for my own health if use them for a long time (as if they'd last). To add insult to injury, the seller pays no attention to the customers' concerns and tries to escape the responsibility by blaming Amazon! I did not even receive a cold business apology for heaven's sake. They are extremely uncomfortable to walk in, even though I ordered the right size, as the poor paper-like material does not allow for much movement in your legs- you will have to walk like a robot. Altogether, I had an extremely disappointing experience purchasing this product from this seller, and I will not be a returning customer.
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on January 5, 2016
I love these shoes. They came with two different pairs of laces, one in black, one in white. It took me about and hour to get them both laced up. I'm so glad there is a zipper on the shoes. Keep in mind, these are actually like boots. I learned the hard way if you just wear regular socks, your foot will be rubbed quite painfully. But with me, a pair of boot socks or thick leggings with feet generally keep your foot from being rubbed raw. Overall very nice pair of shoes.

After about 6 short walks, the back of the sole of one of the shoes began coming off during the last walk, and I ended up with a lot of water in my shoe. I'm rather disappointed since I really liked these shoes.
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on September 29, 2016
These shoes have no rubber on the bottom. I can't wear them! I'm pretty upset as I got them for an event, went to put them on and as soon as I stood up started sliding everywhere because all that's on the bottom of the shoe is whatever is under the rubber soles. I'm hoping I can find something to put over it to make them wearable because I really like them otherwise.
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on May 20, 2016
After reading all the negative reviews, I had very low expectations for these shoes. Turns out, they're pretty awesome. The manufacturer must have worked out a lot of kinks by now, because I saw no evidence of the jankiness others have reported. My laces were plenty long, shoes were clean on arrival, no stray threads or glue, they came in a shoebox, there was a proper number of eyelet holes on each shoe, and they fit relatively well.

Cons: weird plastic smell, very narrow (fine since I have narrow feet), ill-fitting around the ankles (too much fabric, so the shoe sort of slumps down around the ankle and at the top of your foot). The opening at the top is also a bit too large; there's a small gap at the back of my calf—maybe a thumb's width— that doesn't go away, no matter how tightly I lace the top of the shoe. The saggy ankle is not really noticeable on the gray plaid shoe, but I think if you had a solid color this would be more obvious.

Pros: These are pretty amazing, considering the price. Chuck Taylors of this type would be at least 3 times as expensive. The zipper seems nicely constructed, with a solid, ergonomic pull tab on it. I got the gray plaid, and they came with white and black laces. They don't have arch support, really, but they are tolerable, comfort-wise. I wouldn't want to walk great distances, but for casual wear they are comfy enough. The eyelet holes on mine are all symmetrical, so I didn't experience the crookedness that other photos show.

I have athletic calves, about 15" at the fullest, and these are nicely proportioned for me. If your calves are thinner, you may find that the two sides of the shoe close together too much, or worse, touch, leaving no gap at all where the tongue is visible. I've been wearing them for almost a whole day now, and my feet feel a bit clammy since there are no ventilation holes.

I wear a 9, ordered a 10, and they are a pretty good fit. A 10.5 would probably be perfect (I like them roomier), but it's not worth the hassle of exchanging for an 11. I can fit a cheap foam insole in them. They do take a while to lace. It's worth it to do this slowly so you can get the laces all straight and even, etc (a tidy lace-up job makes them look nicer than they would if you just rushed through it).

Bottom line: love them! Would definitely order another pair. Giving 4 stars because of weird smell and baggy ankles.
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on January 26, 2017
Sizing: They run an entire size smaller. I'm usually a women's 10, but luckily I got an 11, and even the 11 barely fit. If I'd ordered a 10 they wouldn't have fit at all (in length). I am 6'1" and have very long, THIN calves (circumference at the widest part of my calf is <14") . I had to lace these as tightly as possible, and I still had to cut a lot of excess lace. With such long length of lace, I think even people with monster calves should be easily accommodated. (Just make sure you size up). Because my calves are so long, these boots don't go up to my knee at all, as seen in my pictures, but I was expecting that. For size 11, the boot measures 16" from heel to top. In my pictures you can see that this boot looks really cute with a long pair of knee socks, either folded over top of the boot, or not. Just make sure they are thin socks, because this shoe runs small.

Con: The bottom of the shoe has NO traction whatsoever, and I found myself slipping on hard surfaces (I actually thought there was a sticker caught on the bottom of my shoe or something at first).
Con: The quality looks pretty mediocre, but at this price point (I paid $10 for mine) I can't complain.

Pro: I ordered two different styles, and for each, they included an extra (different colored) pair of laces. The color of the boots I ordered were black/white, so they included both black and white laces to choose from. Nice!
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on January 15, 2017
These sneaker boots are great! They're so comfortable, and fit my wide feet perfectly without being too big at the sides. I can wear them all day without discomfort, and that's saying a lot for shoes. They're my first pair of sneaker boots; I usually go for black battle-boots, but I wanted something more casual and comfortable- no regrets buying these!
I love the pattern; I would have preferred simple black (my size was sold out), but the graffiti pattern is cool without being too loud, and the two sets of laces (black and white) are a nice touch. The best part is that they keep my calves warm, and fit nice & snugly under pant-legs.
They arrived on time and as described- no issues on that front.

I give these 4 stars instead of five for two reasons:

1.There are strings coming out from the inside seams, all over the place. The canvas was trying to unravel the moment they came out of the box, so much so that strands got caught in the zippers. This isn't a big deal to me, since I paid only $10 for them, and a bit of fabric glue will prevent further unraveling.

2. There is little to no tread on the bottom. It's almost like wearing socks, and there is a danger of slipping on non-carpeted floors or wet grass. I have to adjust my step on certain surfaces in these shoes, but for $10 I won't complain too much.

For a pair of knee-high Chuck T. knock-offs, these sneaker boots hit the mark. Just be careful on slick surfaces, please.
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on July 21, 2016
My daughter saw these shoes online and just had to have them. When I first saw these shoes online I thought they were cute, but was afraid they would look too gawky and may be a little too bright. It turns out I was completely wrong. They arrived on time as the seller had promised. Seeing these shoes in person makes a big difference. They were really cute once my daughter put them on. It turns out they were not too bright and definitely were not gawky. They fit her perfectly. These are super cute and well made shoes.
My daughter likes to wear them with almost anything in her closet. She even tried to sleep in them the first day she got them! Everyone compliments her on them when she wears them out in public. She says they are also comfortable to wear, which is very I,portent to me when buying a new pair of shoes! She has had them for over 4 months now and they are still holding up very nicely. She cleans them regularly and has not had any stains or dirt she couldn't easily wash out. Cleaning them is a breeze. The seams are still strongly sewn together and the soles of these shoes are still in great shape. These are not cheaply made shoes, they are very well made to last quite a while! The fabric the shoes are made out of is not thin, it is a very thick fabric and has been very durable.
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on September 15, 2016
I ordered a size 8 in these, my normal size. When I received them they were a size 7, I was very fortunate that this happened because they fit great, slightly tight, but not uncomfortable, I wore these to work all day, I work at a daycare. They fit great, I love them and so does everyone that sees them.
Bought for my Halloween costume, but I ordered two more because I love them, plus only $10! That is amazing.
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