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on April 26, 2010
This NAS is simple to use via the web interface and gets good throughput with the gigabit interface. Setting up permissions is straight forward and log entries are useful when troubleshooting. Unfortunately the device is NOT reliable. I had it configured in a RAID5 configuration with 4 (1TB) disks and my office experienced a power outage that lasted longer than the backup power supply (UPS) I was using. When I powered the NAS back on it was reachable on the network (via web interface) but it would not recognize my user ID and password and therefore could not access my files (even the ones in the public folder). I contacted WD and they recommended using the reset button located on the back of the unit to reset accounts back to factory default. After doing this the unit no longer booted up successfully and I was not able to access any files. They then told me there was nothing else they could do and offered to RMA a new unit to me. I spent 3 weeks trying to recover my RAID5 array using R-Studio to no avail. The WD technical support was also not able to answer questions (stripe size, boot sequence, etc) on the RAID5 setup which made it impossible to recover my data. I was really disappointed with the quality of their technical support and to see that a power outage would cause the entire unit to fail in a RAID5 configuration.
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on September 23, 2011
This unit arrived Dead. Amber LED was on (Critical Error).
I had to "do the dance" with the Tech Support. Level I, then Level II.

One phone call. After jumping through their hoops, when they heard I
bought from Amazon, the Level II tech said "Return it to them, because
it is brand new. They will replace it, and should not charge you for
return shipping! We would have to. And we would probably send you a
REFURBISHED box back, and make you pay for return shipping. And it will
take longer."

I LOVE AMAZON. They are replacing the device, already picked up the bad
one. I will have the new one tomorrow. (And they already picked up the
one I had).

Finally, I am a GEEK. I am using this unit to test the recovery process
for a client with 3 of these boxes. I liked the USB Backup feature of the
device. A LOT. Having just had one of my original MyBooks fail).

You can ONLY put in Caviar Green Drives. This is because they run slower,
quieter and require less power and put out less heat (it is not a conspiracy),
the case was ENGINEERED for 4 of these drives, and is REALLY QUIET.

I already have spare drives for this unit. I will be testing the RAID 1 (mirror)
recovery. If ANYONE is going to do this, BE WARNED, the drives you put in MUST
be BLANK (unformatted) or it will not REBUILD THEM. In my case, I will be testing
FAILURES, using the same drives over and over to recover/repair or reboot. Knowing
this is huge!

Also, if you replace a failed drive. DO NOTHING but replace the drive, and power
on. The unit will REBUILD THE Drive automatically (assuming its green light comes on).

As a reminder (from the manual): Just because you MOVED (key word) all of your files to
a RAID box does NOT MEAN you have a backup. The RAID can fail (and the drives WILL FAIL).
That is why the next feature is so important.

I really like the 1 touch backup and the HANGING other devices off of the device. And for
those who do not konw. Once you configurare a MyBook or something for a backup. You plug
it in, and hit ONE button. It backs up. If the backup was ALREADY DONE BEFORE, it does a
VERY EFFICIENT RSYNC (only copies over the changes!!!! This is great for photos, etc. If
you add photos, and then "BACKUP" again, it will only copy the ones you added.

I am not enamoured with the speed, and REALLY wished they had offered a Firewire or
USB 2.0 to PC connection (the usb connectors are only for other drives). When I was
doing an initial load of 1.5 TB, it took days.

I only took off one star because the device does what it is supposed to do. The DOA
device turned out to be a good reminder as to why I LOVE AMAZON :- And honestly, the
support worked.
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on January 8, 2010
I've had this NAS for less than 2 months. Acceptable response times unless >1 PC is accessing it. 2, maybe 3 simultaneous reads are ok but 2 or more and the device in unsuitable as a decent media server. It's barely acceptable as a file server. If timing is not an issue, this product is ok.

My biggest complaint is the warranty service. One of the drives failed. That in of itself is a problem since I've had this device for less than 2 months. I was unable to complete the online warranty service unless I wanted to RMA the entire ShareSpace. After speaking with their customer service, I may just return it. After removing the failed drive to use its serial number for the RMA, the customer service rep (who spoke broken English, although that's not why I was on the phone with him for over 40 minutes) informs me the warranty for the drive is "out of region". I could care less. I just expect them to fix it. The customer service rep informed me that I would have to remove all of the drives to obtain the serial number of those drives before he could complete the RMA. Ridiculous. I have no interest in tampering with good hardware for such an insane process. If the RAID were restored, fine. But without RAID that data is too important to risk for this nonsense. I expected I would be able to retrieve this information through the embedded web server, nope. The customer service rep had no idea if that was possible, and from what I can tell, it is not.

Bottom line, buyer beware.
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on October 4, 2010
As a production company, we have used every storage solution imaginable. We've got everything here from FibreChannel XServe RAIDs to smaller RAIDs such as this unit.

This particular device is, without question, the single worst standalone RAID storage solution we've ever encountered. It's troublesome that these things are still on the market considering their enormous failure rate and countless issues with software that are frankly unforgiveable.

Within two weeks of bringing it online, the RAID Volume simply failed with no warning, and all of our data was lost. No drives failed - the RAID Volume simply evaporated, and the device reported that the Volume was in the "Failed" state. Fortunately, we always use multiple devices from multiple vendors for redundancy, and we were able to recover from our active backup from another vendor's solution.

Searching the Internet led us to discover an alarmingly large number of users having various forms of critical failures with this device.

Besides the complete failure of the RAID Volume itself, the software on the unit crashes more often than not. For example, as I'm writing this, I can't access the web interface. It throws up the following error:

Fatal error: Cannot create references to/from string offsets nor overloaded objects in /proto/SxM_webui/admin/inc/wixXML.class on line 67 Warning: Unknown(): open(/tmp/sess_67e855bea72dcd0319e83bd7a7c63653, O_RDWR) failed: Read-only file system (30) in Unknown on line 0 Warning: Unknown(): Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/tmp) in Unknown on line 0

However, later today, I may be able to access the device again, should I just randomly try. Or, I could reboot the unit, and hope for the best. Errors such as these are common on these devices if you search the Internet a bit.

As much as I like Western Digital generally speaking, they should remove this device from the market if for no other reason than the ethical implications of marketing a product as a long-term, safe storage solution that is widely known to be so incredibly unreliable.

You will not be able to sleep soundly at night if you're relying on this device to store anything that you actually care about. Avoid at all costs.
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on September 2, 2011
After a recent power failure, my system lost its configuration information. My RAID 5 volume now has drives with good data, but the ShareSpace offers no way to rejoin the drives to the array without formatting the drives. On contacting the manufacturer, I received the following response:

"RAID is redundancy for a hardware failure and should not be considered as a backup. In this case the hardware did not fail, but the data on the drives has become corrupted. It might still be possible to recover the data from the RAID array as long as you do not try to repair the drives or rebuild the array. You will need to contact a data recovery company as Western Digital does not provide data recovery services."

So, while a true RAID 5 controller would allow you to bring in a set of prebuilt drives, the ShareSpace does not. If anything goes wrong with the configuration, you will not be able to recover your data, and Wester Digital will provide no assistance.

I strongly recommend against this product as anything other than a network drive. WD does not stand behind the product, and offers no tools for you to use in the event of a failure.
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on November 21, 2011
I have had this Product for more than 18 months in operation now. I use it for storage of huge number of family photos, music (currently over 7000 songs) and all digitized Videos (Video 8/Hi8/DV)from the past 15 years. I also use it as a backup server for all my family client PC's (5 laptops). The built-in StreamServer streams music to client PC's as well as over my Sonos wireless Soundsystem. It all works perfectly well. I have not used the Video streaming yet but the few tests I have done seems to work.

The 4 Disks are configured in RAID5 which gives 2.68TB net storage. Last July I discovered that one disc was faulty, however I was notified and the system continue running. I got an RMA from WD and sent it in for warranty replacment. After a couple of weeks I got a replacement which I plugged-in (Cold swap) and re-started the system. The re-build took some 25 hours but worked as described in the handbook. WDC took quite long time to adminster the replacement (more than 2 weeks!), but it was middle in the holiday season (August). That was still too long though.

If you consider this product, buy an UPS unless you already have one. I bought an APC CS350, which is recognized by the ShareSpace (if you have latest Firmware) so there is no need for separate PowerShute program.

I have only one complain with regards to the log file management. There are severeal possibilites to log system events, but it seems that it can not buffer that much and it is not easy to store the logfiles automatically in order to avoid full log files.

It is small, silent and does not consume a lot of energy compared to a normal server.

I can highly recommend this product! It is great value for money!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 7, 2011
I purchased an WD 4 TB ShareSpace and was very excited to get my photos on a raid backup device. I was pleasently surprised by the unit itself and the options available through the web interface. This was the cheapest 4 TB unit that I had found, maybe that should have given me something to be concerned about. My biggest complaint was the speed of the unit. I knew that there were some issues with OS X Lion compatibility and that WD claim they are working on a software upgrade that would solve the problem, but their tech support is horrid! They don't answer your questions, rather instruct you to find answers to your problems in their support forums. However, nobody in the forums can answer the speed and Lion issues.

In the end, I sent the unit back to Amazon who was great with the return, and purchased a 3 TB Time Capsule from Apple. This unit allowed me to backup my laptop in just a few hours with Time Machine which is very fast for the amount of data I have on my computer. Trying to perform the same backup on the WD lasted three days until I gave in and tried using FTP. This method again I let run for three days until I just couldn't wait any longer.

I think if you have a Windows PC, the system will probably work OK if you have time to let it run. It is dreadfully slow though.

Good luck and hope this helps.
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on November 28, 2011
I got it setup pretty easily. The accompanying software did not show me any buttons, but I've had experience setting up small networks so I was able to do everything through the http interface provided by the unit. The unit was working great for two weeks, then it reported that it was running in degraded mode. After resetting the unit the status showed that disk 3 had failed. Why would a hard drive fail after two weeks of use? I looked for help on the WD forums and found a good number of people who reported the same experience. It looks as if I'm going to have to go through a process with WD to get a new hard drive through the warranty, then rebuild the RAID array and hope nothing else bad happens. PITA.

That said, when the unit works correctly it is a wonderful solution to centralize your data. I'm able to view the pictures and video, and listen to the music stored on the box through my Blu-ray player. I was also able to easily setup ftp to the box so that I can save stuff to it from my phone.
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on July 8, 2010
I bought the 2 TB Sharespace system and had it hooked up in no time at all. It's a good thing that Windows 7 has XP compatibility software built in or this wouldn't work with Windows 7. I still havent gotten the hang of the downloading the files from the internet as the MIONET service provided is a little complicated at first, but easy to grasp as you pay attention to what you are doing. As I read in some of the other reviews the 4-8TB system is anywhere from $600-$999. I bought the 2TB on sale at $294 here on amazon and purchased 2x 2TB WD HDD ($99 each) that just slide right in and now i have a 6 TB sharespace for under $500. It also let me plug in my 2x 1TB WD MY Book Externals that I already had and i can access them as if it were apart of the sharespace. Now thats 8TB's I dont know what im going to do with it all.

Cons: The data transfer rate is a little on the slow side.
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on June 7, 2012
I bought this drive and have had many problems.

It worked well for a while, but then I was unable to get to the data on my drive. I was told (at first) that it was data corruption. I reset the drive back to factor condition and had to lose all of my data. The reset took over a week. Technical support did not answer my questions.

After the reset it was still not working. I was told that I could have a replacement, but that a replacement was not in stock and would not be in stock for another 7 days. After complaining, I go them to offer me a data replacement service, but this was too late because I had already reset my drive back to factory condition (or tried to).

Do yourself a favor and do not buy this drive.
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