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on October 28, 2016
I bought a couple of these and they look really good- modern and just a little bit industrial, maybe even a little beachy. We put them in rooms with recessed lights I read other reviews so I knew about the large wall control that comes with it, but seriously, it is so unbelievably large (the size of an 80s cell phone/brick). I bought a couple of fan controls at lowes (5 speed) and they worked out great. Note: I hired an electrician to install these- I don't know how much extra work the different controls were, but each fan took him about an hour to install.
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on March 17, 2016
Looks good but functions poorly
I purchase this fan to put in the detached garage/shop I just finished building, but I regret it. I really like the look of this fan, but I have to say that I am very disappointed with its functionality.
First, even at full speed it simply does not move much air. I have ceiling fans in my home that even while on their lowest setting put out the same airflow this does while on high.
Second, the fan is quite loud. Do not place this fan in any room if you want to hear anything besides the fan. The fan does spin at an incredible speed, which makes it sound like a turbine. I would be okay with that if it was moving considerable amounts of air, but it simply makes a lot of noise but moves very little air.
Third, the wall control that comes with this unit is deplorable. No one in their right mind would want that bus on their wall. I read other reviews stating the wall switch was huge but I figured I could get around that and get a new wall switch, which brings me to the forth bad quality. It is not compatible with any other wall switches, even those manufactured by Westinghouse such as Westinghouse ceiling fan wall control model 7787200.

Looks good

Moves far too little air
Huge, ugly wall control
Not compatible with other wall controls

This fan needs a serious redesign to make it a worthwhile purchase
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on July 22, 2017
I've bought quite a few products lately to try and combat the heat here and this fan is one of them.

Our main issue is we just recently had a baby and the nursery is above the garage. Being above the garage and having a traditional attic, that room gets very hot and is not easy to cool down.

When we built the house we did make sure the garage was fully insulated, so all walls and the ceiling. I have done a few thing to help the garage not heat up as much and I am working on modem insulation in the attic as well.

What I did with this fan though was put it in my garage. Right now there isn't much else I can do with my garage other than air condition it and I have no plans to do that. So, I mounted this fan ok the ceiling in the area that would be about center to the nursery above the garage.

The thought was that during the day the heat builds up in the garage and rises to the ceiling which in turn heats up the floor of the nursery. Putting the fan there will help pull the heat off the ceiling and keep the garage a more uniform temperature. It also helps to cool down our car after driving it and then parking it in the garage which helps prevent the car from heating up the garage as much as it normally would. I also plan on moving the yard equipment and things out to a storage shed so that I can put up cabinets and put down a floor coating to make the garage a cleaner place to work on things. So this fan will help make working in there more bearable once I am finished with all that.

So far I think it has helped. I wasn't expecting huge results since it's just blowing around the same hot air but, for $70 it was worth a try. It also wasn't necessarily about saving money each month as much as it was about making that room easier to cool down. Because as it is now, on the hottest days, we can't get the room down below 76-77 and it hasn't its own dedicated thermostat for that room. So if my bill stayed the same but I could cool that room better I'd be very happy.

I tried to measure the temperature of the floor before the fan and after and it seems to be about 3-5 degrees different than before. It's hard to get concrete results because the temperate and humidity etc....have not been exactly the same but they've been close. The temperature before was around 80-85 depending on where and now it's around 77-81 depending on where.

As far as the fan itself, it is probably the easiest fan I've assembled and put up. We just recently put up one in the nursery that was not as simple.

My control box looks quite a bit different than others, I'll post a picture, so I did not replace it as it's not too bad looking.

When cranked all the way up, this fan moves a ton of air! I can see why people said it was loud. It's not the fan operating that's loud, it just blows so much air its like a planes propeller on our ceiling!

Because mine is in the garage I could not use the long rod it came with as mine is in between the ceiling and garage door. So I just cut down the rod, drilled two new holes and reassembled. The holes I had to drill hold in the small metal bar which is what secures the ball joint that mounts to the bracket on the ceiling, so it's very important to be able to drill those two new holes before you cut up the pipe.

Because I cut it down, I wasn't able to use some of the decorative shrouds that hide the wires, but that's ok since it's in the garage.

Assembling the blades was a piece of cake and so was mounting. Just throw a couple screws to the mounting bracket and ceiling and then hang the fan. Once it's hung you can splice the wires and you're done!

Now, where I put this fan was not designed to have a fan or even a light, it was just a smooth ceiling. All I had was two outlets on the ceiling which power my garage door and my remote garage door opener. It's one we got from our security company so we can open and close the garage from our phone.

In order to make this work, I bought a two outlet adapter, from Amazon, so that the fan and or remote sensor could be plugged into the one outlet. I wasn't worried about load on the circuit since the remote opener barely uses any power.

Next, I took an extension cord (VERY IMPORTANTLY A THREE PRONG GROUNDED CORD) and wired it to the fan wires. Because this has no light it would've been an easy white to white, gray to gray and black to black wiring. However, this also comes with the control unit that needs to be wired in. Again, since this fan wasn't traditionally wired, I had to come up with another way.

So, I bought 18 gauge wire, the same as the fan wiring, and used it to wire the switch. All you have to do is splice on wire to the black wire coming from the fan and then splice another wire to the black wire coming from the extension cord. Those two wires are ran along my ceiling to the back wall where I wired them into the switch. There are two connections labeled A and F that you screw the wires into. F is the wire coming from the fan, A is the wire coming from the power. Once those were connected and the fan plugged into the outlet it worked like a charm!

So far I am very pleased with how everything is working. The fan moves a ton of air which was the goal, it doesn't wobble or make noise, was affordable and easy to install. All in all a great product that I would definitely buy again and would highly recommend.
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on March 5, 2017
WARNING!! This fan lasted only 6 months of light service and then locked up. I called the Westinghouse customer service for the warranty. They stated that since I used a universal remote control, it voided my warranty. You can only use the speed control provided with the fan. If you use anything else, it voids the warranty. Note that Amazon lists a different speed control to possibly buy with the fan.
The description of this fan does not state that you cannot use a remote.
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on June 1, 2016
I've had this fan for about a year. I have a normal 8' ceiling and the fan came with a down rod that was way, way too long. And, that left me to try and find a short, white down rod. Took some time and extra money but, mission accomplished.

After that, the next thing you'll notice once you get it installed is how terrible the fit of the trim is on the fan. It looks cheap.

Lastly, the fan is out of balance and I can't run it past its 2nd lowest setting without thinking it will throw one of its blades into my wall like a knife. This is probably a safety feature because I would imagine that at high speeds this fan's metal blades and momentum would chop your finger off.

All that said, I guess its called an "industrial fan" for a reason. I'll be replacing mine.
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on April 19, 2016
Pictures in add are not of this fan. Fan delivered was stronger rated and different specs. The shape of the draft under the fan seems very mount is extreamly firm but the hanger system has the fan hanging from a ball joint with no way to tighten down once the angle is achieved. The problem with this, is the fan will start to rotate inside of the hanger in the joint at speeds above 3. It also starts to make a blower style fan noise above 3 it does move ver fast. On 1 or 2 it is quiet and moves air well.
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on July 25, 2011
TWO important notes about this fan. First of all, I love these - we have two installed for residential use and they have exactly the modern/industrial look we were going for. Looks exactly like photos. Other reviewers have captured the good and the bad. Here are two observations that I didn't immediately find in other reviews:

1) 1970 called, and it wants its fan control back. SERIOUSLY. The fan control, aka the switch that makes the fan turn on and go 5 different speeds, is a throwback. It's like mounting a VW bus to the wall. Take a look at custom photos to see what I mean. NOTE: the good news is that others are available! Search Amazon for 'westinghouse fan control' for better options. HIGHLY recommend, for ease of install and appearance, that you go with one of these instead. But hey, maybe you miss the 70's and this is your ticket to disco, swinging, and blow. I'm not judging.

2) DO NOT install around children or in any situation where someone might hit their head. This is an industrial fan made of metal. Even at low speeds, it will hospitalize you, I'm quite sure. Careful.
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on July 3, 2016
Unfortunately I didn't heed the warnings on this one. I wanted to use it in a bedroom (with 9' ceilings) and the noise level is quite noticeable. The fan moves a moderate amount of air, not great, but better than some. The blades are something you DO NOT want to get near when moving. They would cut you in a heartbeat. Would be an OK fan in a room with 10' or taller ceilings so they aren't within reach of any body parts. Also the controller, as mentioned by almost every review, is ANTIQUATED and HUGE! If you buy the fan plan on buying a different wall switch if aesthetics are important to you. I am a pilot and ended up with a Fanimation Studio Collection Prop 60-in Brushed Nickel Downrod Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan with Remote Control (3-Blade) ENERGY STAR Model # LP8323LBN and IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!! Absolutely quiet and moves more air than the Westinghouse. Totally different look, but worth the $$! Comes with a wireless remote as well. I hope this review helps and if you have questions please ask away!
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on June 16, 2017
First it blows very little air. I bought this as used in good codition thru amazon. two of three blades were bent and the lock knob to hold fan in place was broke and gone. i managed to straighten blades out and dont look to bad. I wonder what it takes to say not so good. I would not buy from them again, dont want to have to take it down and repack so ill just make do. a total waste of my money!!!!
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on April 29, 2014
This fan is fine for your garage but way too noisy for inside. Also the controller is awful looking and huge. It looks like it's from back in the 80's. I will try and post a pic of it.
That said, it's a cheap fan, you get what you pay for. As for the controller you cannot mount it to a junction box with more than one switch. The controller is a surface mounted devise that will require a stand alone single gang junction box with clearance on all sides. Once mounted it will stick off the wall about 2-3 inches.
Mine is hitting the trash as I already had a veritable speed controller from the fan I replaced.

Also beware of the pole that the fan hangs on. The pole that comes with the fan is 12-inches long, if you wan an 18-inch pole you would normally go to the hardware store in the fan department and buy a longer one except that the pole that came with the fan is only 1/2-inch in diameter. Most fans that I have installed come with a 3/4-inch diameter pole. So of course my local hardware store did not stock a 1/2-inch diameter pole so I ended up buying a piece of threaded pipe from the plumbing department instead.

I gave this a 3-star because of the noise and the controller, if I had read a review like mine I most likely would not have bought this fan.
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