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on August 9, 2012
So many reviewers seem to never actually read the description of the products they buy. This little fan is, by nature and purpose, "little." It is meant to cool you off within reason. It is the perfect little fan to have near you, by your desk, nightstand or next to your favorite lazy-boy chair. Why do people insist on trying to force it to be more than what it is meant to be? All I can tell you is that I bought this Wespointe fan two years ago for my office desk and then decided to purchase another for my home desk. They are built like a tank, all metal, no plastic anywhere in sight. They provide exactly what they are meant to deliver: a pleasant, quiet flow of air to cool you off. Want a heavy blast of air? Buy something else. Want a little workhorse to cool you nearby? Get this little gem.
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on October 26, 2015
The Q&A section said these would be fans that can be plugged into a wall outlet. The description from the seller was silent on this point. I took a chance that the answer in the Q&A was correct. My gamble did not pay off. The fans that were delivered were for plugging into a USB port on a computer. It wasn't worth the hassle of trying to send them back. I was going to rate the fan as 1 star because in my opinion, the product was not properly described by the seller. However, I located an old USB hub we had in the other room that we were not using right now, and was able to use it to power the fan so they get 2 stars -- it wasn't what I thought I was getting, but I was able to manage to get them to work with some extra stuff that I had to provide. As to durability...only time will tell. They've been working fine for the past 10 minutes or so. Maybe they will last for years, maybe only days. I don't expect them to last forever given that they are relatively inexpensive. On the positive side, they are very small fans which is what I was looking for, so in that respect, if they last for a while, I am satisfied. However, as I mentioned, since in my opinion, the item description was at worst wrong, or at best, incomplete, I am sticking with my 2 star rating.
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on August 7, 2015
Ok, the product description is missing key info which is why the 4 stars. But I had to write a review (my first ever) because I'm so surprised by a particular feature and I haven't seen anyone mention it: this fan seems to have a rechargeable battery?! I mistakenly unplugged the USB cord and was shocked that the fan kept running. It's now been running for an hour cordless! Who knew?

So, here's the two important features the product description fails to mention: (1) this fan is USB powered (also came with a combo USB power cord/iPhone charger which I don't use). And (2) this fan is battery operated so it can run cordless for a period of time.

Other comments: it blows just the right amount of air for my use. And it puts out a very nice quiet white noise. It's sitting on my desk next to my computer and is exactly what I need.

Finally, pay close attention to where it's shipping from. For whatever reason mine shipped directly from China via China Post. Took forever. Like a month. I actually forgot that I ordered it. I was so surprised when it showed up.
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on September 18, 2015
I purchased one of these for a home-made air conditioner project that required a 4-to-5-inch-diameter fan (see YouTube). The overall (physical) build quality is good-to-decent considering it's made of metal. The amount of air this product pushes out is good for its size; I can see this being effective as a simple desk fan blowing on your face/chest during warm days. As other reviewers have mentioned, there is no speed control (only on/off), and the power switch is on the back of the fan itself. The power cord is quite thick, the wire probably 24AWG. The AC power plug on the end is extremely bulbous too due to safety circuitry inside, in addition to a fuse (yes, there really is a user-removable fuse in there!).

The reason I rated this product 3/5 stars is simply due to noise. No, not fan blade noise (e.g. white noise), but a repetitive high-speed clicking/grinding noise coming from what sounded like the motor itself (probably ball bearings?) that became significantly worse if the fan was angled even 4-5 degrees upwards or downwards. I assumed I got a lemon and had a replacement sent out -- which had the exact same issue (in fact it was worse -- it made this noise at any angle). I let the replacement run for 2 hours in such a position, thinking maybe it just needed to be "burnt in" (given that I'm not sure what the root cause of the noise is), but after about an hour the noise had amplified 2-3x in severity, leading me to return the product for a full refund. A bummer, too, as I had high hopes for this thing given its build quality.

For an alternate choice, consider the OPOLAR Mini USB Table Desk Personal Fan (Metal Design, Quiet Operation; 3.9 feet USB Cable, High Compatibility - Black), which is USB-powered (so if you need it AC-powered buy a USB-to-AC adapter or a "USB charger" for a few dollars) and pushes almost the same amount of air (slightly less) but makes absolutely no noise other than the fan blades pushing air, all for about the same price.
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In out new house there is a spot under the counter for the wine fridge. It's only about an inch wider than the fridge, and maybe three inches taller. This
Meant air flow was bad, and the fridge was having a really hard time. In fact, the counter was getting hot to the touch on some days.

Luckily the spot is deeper than the fridge. So I bought this to go behind the fridge and angled it up. At first it was quiet, but after about 2 weeks became louder. Not overly loud, but the transition was so fast that I'm a bit worried about longevity.

But the real kicker is that this thing saved my fridge. It's no longer a pool of hot air. The counter no longer even gets warm. And the fans in the fridge have slowed down to normal speed.

All in all, a great buy.
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on December 2, 2016
I am very happy with this product. I was under the impression it had multiple settings after reading the "manual" but upon checking the listing description I realize it is 1 setting only. The manual must have been also for the 9 inch fan. I love that is has an AC adaptor that plugs into the wall as most mini fans are USB - not what I was looking for. This fan is perfect for what I needed. It will provide a very light breeze directed in a specific area while being extremely quiet.
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on June 20, 2014
I threw out a cheap Chinese fan after it failed. It cost 8 bucks and was worth it. It lasted several years (with regular cleaning and lubrication.)

I bought the Westpointe fan because it said "Made in USA"
"Made in USA
Ideal for personal cooling and use on a table or desk"
The ad shows a three-bladed fan with a different stand.
The label on the fan I received says "Intertek True Value Company Made in China"
This identical fan is available from other free shipping sources from between $9.00 up to $39.00! (Walmart!)
As an Amazon Prime subscriber, I could protest.
Okay, at least I know exactly what I have, and exactly how to take it apart and repack the bearings, and how often I should do it.
I only use it to cool my audio equipment in my entertainment center anyway.
Amazon should police these ads when customers report false advertising.
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on May 20, 2016
First, I was actually looking for a USB fan. This fan came up because of all the reviewers that were complaining about this being USB and not AC. Considering the smallish size and the lack of information in the description I figured this had to be USB. Well, when I got it I found the fan I received was actually AC powered.

While it wasn't what I ordered, it was just small enough for my desk so I tried it out. It was pretty quiet and moved a good amount of air, so I kept it. Well, just a week ago it failed on me. No warning, but just stopped working. It seems that the sleeve bearing isn't allowing it to turn easy enough so it won't work any more. I did get about 10 months use out of this cheap-o fan. But, I would not recommend for anyone unless the price drops even more - and they put honest information about the power source in the description.
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on March 23, 2016
These are great fans. They're really small, portable and blow quite a bit of air. They also have a rather long cord. One year warranty and are cheap.

So whats bad?

When things are Made in China, and cheap, you never know what you're going to get. The most recent fan I ordered has a warning label on the side that the product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. This means to me that the black paint is lead based. I don't remember the previous fans I ordered to contain that message. So it probably won't matter unless the paint starts chipping, but then its just blowing it in the air.

I am aware that nearly everything is Made in China, but you would probably be safer with a fan that is pure metal and no paint.

Otherwise they are great fans for their size, and if you don't abuse them, or keep them in extreme heat, then they probably won't crack/peel.
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on June 20, 2014
I never write reviews but felt compelled to in this case to let potential buyers know about the terrible craftsmanship of this product. I bought this for use on my desk at work. Within an hour of using it, the fan stopped working. After looking inside, it appears there is a random part floating around that bent the fan blade into the motor. Very inconvenient to have to repackage and ship back. Save yourself the hassle and choose one of the many other fan options out there.
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