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on January 4, 2015
I've read and re-read the various versions since it was first published and sitting on the shelf in the Wichita Public Library. It's always been helpful, it's always updated for current contact information, but the changes in the last few years have been profound.

If you are facing bleak prospects doing work you hate (which some survey's says is now some 80% of the US workforce) or you are unemployed and unhappy with the choices you are facing or you just can't seem to get any sort of offer, read this book.

This edition has information about starting a new business that I complimented Bolles for including, others must not have thought as highly of it as me because it was left out in the 2014 edition.
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on May 7, 2016
I know everyone touts this, but I honestly didn't find it to be that helpful. Yes, the problem is that we generally don't know what we want. However, I've found that the only real way to figure this out is by trying new things, discontinuing those that aren't feeling like a fit, and emphasizing those that are. There are no shortcuts here.
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on October 11, 2010
I was disappointed in this product. It was recommended by a friend, so I bought a used copy for $8. Nothing to lose, I guess. This book is amateur in its advice and in its delivery.

It is written with EXTREMELY poor grammar. The author even makes note of this at the beginning of the book, where he devotes two entire pages(!) to bitterly rejecting past critiques of his grasp on the English language. I found the entire book painful to read as a result.

It is filled with cartoons and ridiculous charts. I cannot believe he managed to fill 400 pages! I estimate there being approximately 75 pages of substance contained within this book.

Much of his advice is foolish or, at the very least, impractical. If you are shy or nervous about speaking to people about your job search, he suggests you conduct some practice speaking sessions. To do so, think of something you enjoy (baking, for instance!). Then, think of someone you don't know who might also enjoy baking. Perhaps a person in the flour section of your local grocery, for example. Approach this person and say, "Hello, may I have ten minutes of your time? I am trying to get comfortable talking to people, and I hoped you might let me talk with you about baking for ten minutes." Then, when you're finished, ask if they can recommend someone else with a similar interest who might be willing to speak with you. Ask them to set up a meeting for you. --- I'm being serious, this is actually in the book (written with much worse grammar, of course).

For amateur job-seekers, this book may provide some insights. It puts a lot of emphasis on networking and face-to-face interaction. This is good advice, as it almost always trumps e-mailing your resume in response to online postings. However, for someone with common sense and a little experience searching for work, I'm not sure this is the book for you. He tends to repeat himself OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, not offering much in the way of substantive advice.
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on February 10, 2016
I used this book years ago, when I went through a career change, and I went through the new edition at the start of this year as part of figuring out what to do next. It has a lot of helpful ideas for figuring out what skills you have, so that you can then find a job that uses them. It's an interesting and effective approach to finding, changing, or tweaking a career.
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on February 9, 2014
This is a good book for those of you looking for a change in your career. I am fortunate to NOT be one of the many Americans out of a job. But I am very unhappy with the job I do have, and am eager to find a new opportunity. What this book did for me was open my eyes to the fact that I always look for the same job, but just with a different company. It is a never ending cycle of job dissatisfaction! After reading this book I am eager to start my job search with a new found approach. I know what I am good at and what I enjoy doing, and the book helped me realize that I need to completely change what it is I do for a living. A new field. A new type of company with a different culture. So I highly recommend this book. There are several tips and really good guidance that will be helpful regardless of whether you are out of work, or simply looking for a career change.
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on March 8, 2007
A good friend sent "What Color Is Your Parachute?" in 1977 with a paper clip around a group of pages of the Preface (or Introduction as the case may have been). His note said, "If you don't read any more than this, at least read the part I've marked with the paperclip." It was one of the best gifts I've ever received. I'd just been shown the gate by my employer and was living far from friends and family, newly married, and just generally in deep [stuff].

I began reading the book and it "grabbed me." I did not stop reading until I "loxed out" at 3 a.m. In the morning, I resumed and finished the book. Mr. Bolles refreshes the book each year based on comments from readers and changes in job markets that are relevant to job-hunters and career-changers.

I got the best job ever using one of the principles discussed in the book, and I never really got to the point of methodically hunting for my job. I was lucky! But I did stop following the wrong methods, and that alone improved my mood. Sending resumes and reading, "Thanks for your interest in [our company]. Unfortunately . . . at this time." has a real "down" effect on one's ego --- have you noticed? :-)

I have returned my friend's favor over the last 30 years by giving the book to people whom I think would benefit. This has been a banner year for me; I've given four so far and it's only March!

The book is about the whole process of finding the kind of employment that will suit the reader and it begins by analyzing the most popular methods, responding to "Help Wanted" advertising by sending a resume with a letter. Anyone who reads the first chapter, will begin saving money on postage and Kinko's copier bills! Mr. Bolles lays out the numbers and lets the reader figure the odds. He then discusses a better approach.

The idea is not simply to find "a job" but to use a methodical approach to finding "the job." Not everyone who reads the book will follow all of the guidelines; some will find a job before following them and will put the book aside. But anyone who thinks things through and follows the guide honestly, will find a job doing something he really wants to be doing in a place he wants to live.

If you are not doing what you want to do in the place you want to live, or if you have a friend who fits that description, pick up a copy of this book. The book has been reorganized (maybe too many people were skipping the Preface!). The mandatory reading now is the three-page Introduction ("The Three Essential Life Skills") and Chapter 1 ("The Five Best Ways to Hunt for a Job (and the Five Worst)").

When you find "your job" and get settled in, be on the lookout for a friend who needs to read your book and give it away! You will always be able to find one if your needs change -- or if you find another friend in need. Remember, this book is not for just the un-employed. Most people to whom I give the book have crummy jobs they hate or have become dead-ended. They need something to encourage them to "get off the dime" (as the old saying goes).

First published in 1970 and revised and republished every year since 1975 by Ten Speed Press, consider this: there is a reason Ten Speed Press is doing this!

Most enthusiastically recommended! Five stars don't even begin to rate this book!
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VINE VOICEon July 1, 2008
My husband was laid off when the company he had worked for was acquired. My husband has very little experience with job hunting. I work as a Staffing recruiter so none of the information in here was news to me, but after my husband went through a month of disheartening job hunting... I ordered him this book. Sometimes it's just better to hear what you need to do from something or someone other than your wife.

As a recruiter I love this book, it goes into the concept of job hunting, interviewing, and how to decided exactly what it is you want to do. If everyone behaved as instructed in here during their interviews, interviewing candidates would not be such a harrowing experience. Many will read the interviewing part and thing "Duh, of COURSE I shower before an interview" but you would be surprised at how many do not.

The foundation of the education you will get in this book is basic social skills... now we all have them, but many of us have let them lapse or become less formal. I was also glad that he pointed out just how important and unimportant the resume is. I personally rifle through a couple of hundred resumes in a stack looking for something very specific - if I find it, you go in the very small, "I'll think about calling them later" pile. That is really the most important job your resume has, is to get you into the "I might call them pile."

There are also many self awareness tests that this book contains to help you find out a little bit more about yourself and what it is that you are looking for. There is an entire chapter devoted to the 50+ worker who either wants to return to the work force or make a change in their career. The starting your own business section was also nice, but I felt should have contained a little more information showing both the good and bad aspects of this idea. Probably the most helpful aspect of this book is that it provides websites for additional research on every topic. Hopefully those that read the book will be inclined to look into several of these websites.

For job hunters, career changers, and those curious about what else might be out there, this book is an excellent starting place. It should cover most of you basic questions and give you valuable information both about yourself and about the job market. Then the author is courteous enough to show you where to continue your research. I highly recommend this book, and believe it should be mandatory for exiting high school and college students.
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on October 18, 2015
About halfway through and this has definitely opened my eyes! A great book if you're stuck in a job rut. The first half coaches you through job interviews and online resume building while the second have dives into what you want out of a career.
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on December 6, 2016
Great book, It allows you to take the opportunity to thoroughly look inside yourself, guided with by an adecuate methology, and define your strenghts, weekneses, identify what you like and what you don't. Next, it teaches you a different approach to job hunting, instead of send CVs wait and see, that allowed me to land two job offers in less than 2 months with no competition for the positions.
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on February 22, 2016
Anyone looking to make a career change needs to read this book. It was full of insight and great websites to visit to get clear on what is going to make you happy going forward. The flower petal exercise is such a great tool. You should read this book at least once. In my current job search it has been fun doing inspirational interviews with people and when I mention the book they say things like, "I read that 30 years ago." Great way to get on common ground with people.
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