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on September 2, 2011
I've been following Dr. Davis' heart scan blog for the past year, and have learned so much about how certain supplements can stop and even reverse plaque, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, and many other health problems. And he talked a lot about wheat, and the many ways it destroys your health. But I've been hesitant to go wheat free. I love warm bread with butter, cinnamon rolls, pizza, pasta, cake, pie, Ritz crackers, pretzels, and almost everything else made with wheat. So it wasn't easy to make the commitment to go without them.

I pre-ordered this book, and finally went wheat free one week before the book was released. And what a difference. My blood pressure had been averaging 140/88 (taking two blood pressure medications). Now, after only two weeks of wheat-free eating, I've averaged 124/68 for the past four days. I've reduced one of my medications to keep my blood pressure from dropping too low after it fell to 108/58. It's crazy! And I'm not starving myself. I'm getting plenty to eat.

So, why did I buy the book if I already knew what to do? Because this book goes into great detail about WHY wheat is a problem. If you're like me, you probably think of wheat as four-foot tall "amber waves of grain." But that's not what we are eating these days. It's an engineered version that's two feet tall, and is nothing like what I ate as a kid in the 1950s. And unfortunately, it raises your blood sugar higher than eating a candy bar. And if you don't think that's a problem then you need to learn more about how high blood sugar affects your health.

"I don't need this book, because there's no way I'm giving up my bagels and pizza," you say. That's fine---if you don't mind being fat, developing diabetes and high blood pressure and heart disease and a host of other health problems---which is what the typical American is doing these days.

Or, you could buy this book and learn how to live a healthier, and quite possibly longer, life.

Update (9-12-2011): I've now been wheat free for three weeks (as stated above, I went wheat free one week before the book was released), and I've lost 7 pounds. That may not sound like much of an accomplishment, until you consider:
- I am 6'4", and have been stuck at around 210 lbs. for over two years. I have not been able to lower my weight by dieting or exercise.
- 210 is only 20 pounds over my goal weight of 190. And everybody knows how difficult it is to lose those last 10 to 20 pounds---especially at my age (61).
- This is my lowest weight since 2002.
- I have not exercised for the past three weeks.
- Although I have eaten no wheat for three weeks, I have eaten a few candy bars and I've had Blue Bell No Sugar Ice Cream almost every night. (I don't recommend this---particularly the candy bars.)
- I have definitely been less hungry than when I was eating wheat.
- The hypoglycemia I've suffered with for many years has pretty much disappeared.
- I fully expect to be down to 190 lbs. within a few weeks. I haven't weighed 190 lbs. in over 25 years!

Update (11-25-2011): It's now been nearly three months since I went wheat-free, and I've lost 16 lbs., which is about 1.2 pounds per week. So you might think, "Hey, that's no big deal--you could have lost that much weight without really trying." But you'd wrong. Way wrong. As I stated before, I was stuck at 210 for over two years. Dieting and exercising did nothing to reduce my weight. I had hit a plateau and was going nowhere. Now, in just three months, I'm down another 16 lbs., to 194! I'm within four pounds of my goal weight!

And now for another confession: during the three months I have stayed wheat-free, BUT...I have eaten Mexican food at least once a week (sometimes twice), including a basket of (corn) tortilla chips, chicken (corn) enchiladas, etc., an occasional chocolate bar, and other carbohydrate splurges. Yet, in spite of all that, I still lost 16 lbs.! My body fat is now at 14%! It's crazy!

Also, it got a lot easier when I realized I could still have breads--without wheat, of course. I am loving almond flour. I bought the Blanched Almond Meal Flour, 5 lb. and have been using it to make pancakes, muffins, cobbler, :). And it tastes great! Here is the pancake recipe I use:

1 Cup almond flour
2 eggs
1/4 Cup water
2 Tablespoons oil (I use coconut oil)
1 Teaspoon baking powder (double acting)

Makes 6 4-inch pancakes. I top them with real butter (because remember: fat is okay--it's the carbs that are killing you) and Cary's Sugar Free Syrup, 24-Ounce (Pack of 4).
No sugar, low-carb, high-protein, and high-fiber. My wife and I each eat three pancakes and we are satisfied until lunch time.

With regular, wheat pancakes I used to eat six of them, and then an hour later I was falling asleep (after my blood sugar spiked and then dropped like a rock). But with these almond flour pancakes, I stay alert and feel good.

Dr. Davis has a great recipe for Pumpkin Spice Muffins in the book. The suggested topping is cream cheese, but I topped them with sugar-free cream cheese frosting. My nephews ate them like cupcakes. :)

So I've lost 16 lbs. in three months--WITHOUT EXERCISING! Wonder what will happen when I start hitting the weights and the exercise bike regularly? ;) I'm about to find out. Stay tuned...

Update (1-22-2012): It's now been five months since I went wheat-free, and I'm still going strong. I originally stated that my goal weight was 190. But my secret goal weight, the goal I didn't actually think I would ever achieve, was 185. Well, guess what? I am now at 188! I'm gonna make it! I'm down 22 pounds since August. And believe me, when you're 6'4", a weight of 188 allows for very little fat.

In 2004 I hit my highest weight: 238. Now I am down 50 lbs.! I was able to lose the first 28 pounds by cutting back on the calories, mostly by not eating out so much. But once I got down to 210, my weight loss stalled for four years. I just couldn't lose anymore. Then I went wheat free---which is not a diet, but a new way of eating, and the excess weight began to fall off.

I'm loving it! Thanks, Dr. Davis!

Update (1-29-12): I've talked a lot in this review about my weight loss, but that's only half the story. Seven years ago when I weighed 238, my triglyceride count was 300. I started to cut back on the eating out and the snacking, and began to take fish oil capsules. After a couple of years I was down to 215 and my triglycerides were 155. Then I doubled my fish oil intake and improved my eating habits a bit more. Two years later my triglycerides were down to 99, which is pretty good, and my weight was 210. That's where I plateaued.

The following year I experienced atrial fibrillation, followed by an angiogram and two stents. This was about the time I discovered Dr. Davis online and began following his blog. So I started taking Vitamin D and Magnesium. I couldn't bring myself to give up wheat, even after trying it for a week and losing five pounds.

Then, about a year later in August of 2011, I bought his "Wheat Belly" book as soon as it was released and I finally determined to go wheat-free. Since then my weight has gone from 210 to 188-my lowest weight in over 25 years. I recently had a yearly exam and my triglycerides were down from 99 to 69! Wow! Dr. Davis likes to see his patients at 60/60/60 for triglycerides/LDL/HDL. These are numbers that most doctors would think wildly unrealistic, if not impossible.

My HDL is still a little low at 39, but considering the fact that my HDL has been low for many years and at the time of my last yearly exam it was 26, that's pretty amazing. My LDL was 44! Yes, I know that LDL is a calculated value-but still-44! I will continue to improve my eating habits. I still eat too many carbs. But I know I'm headed in the right direction.

When I see people who are overweight, have heart problems, diabetes, and all the other problems that could easily be addressed by going wheat-free and taking a few supplements, I feel so bad for them. But perhaps as they see more and more of us having long-term success they will finally read this book...and believe.

Update (8-8-12): It has now been nearly a year since I went wheat free. Do I still miss wheat? Yes, but not enough to start eating it again. If I went back to wheat, I would lose these benefits:
- My weight dropped from 210 to 186 (I'm 6-foot-4). I lost most of that weight within the first three months.
- My triglycerides dropped from 99 to 70 and my HDL went up from a dangerous 26 to an incredible 57! And one of the best indicators of heart attacks is the ratio of triglycerides to HDL (google it). A good value is 2 or less, the ideal value is 1 or less. My number is pretty fantastic: 70/57 = 1.23. Before going wheat free it was: 99/26 = 3.8, which is very bad. It's no wonder I ended up with a 75% blockage, and had to have stents two years ago before I discovered Dr. Davis.
- My chronic sinus problems went away. Before I gave up wheat, every time I put my head on the pillow, my nose stopped up. I could not breathe through my nose at all. That does not make for good sleeping. Also, I used to get regular sinus infections---usually a couple of times per year. No more. My sinus issues cleared up almost immediately after going wheat free.

Will going wheat-free cure YOUR sinus problems. I have no idea. It might make your left knee quit aching or make your headaches go away. You won't know until you try it.

All I know is that I am a much healthier person thanks to Dr. Davis.
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6,395 helpful votes
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 24, 2016
About a year ago I began having pain in the upper abdomen, a little toward the right side. I went to my primary care doc. He did a brief exam and said he thought it was gall bladder and that I would need to have my gall bladder removed! I was in a state of shock! I have NEVER had a gall bladder problem in my entire life!!! Nor had my weight fluctuated a lot during my lifetime. Of course, I called my sister right away. She said to try gluten free just to see what happens. This was on Friday afternoon. I decided to give it a try! I had nothing to lose. So, I went online to learn everything I could. I did not know much, but, I can tell you, I did not eat anything with gluten and I was PAIN FREE! Holy cow! I eliminated gluten and managed to keep my gall bladder and avoid surgery! Now came the learning process. I had been able to see Dr. Davis on Public Television. Wow! A lot of information. Of course, I immediately went to Amazon and began my search for Dr. Davis' book. This book is very detailed regarding eating gluten free The book also has so many recipes! They are really good and pretty easy! You can make an apple muffin in a large mug, in the microwave! Delicious and easy! I recommend this book to anyone learning about gluten free and also someone who would like good information and good, easy recipes! If you found this review helpful, please click the YES for me! Thank you!
309 helpful votes
310 helpful votes
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on November 19, 2015
Wheat bloats you up! I cannot rave enough about how accurate this book is in regards to losing weight and improving your health. If you look at the difference in my size shown in the accompanying picture, you will realize that reducing your intake will also reduce your size. There are many health advantages beyond that. Dr. Davis truly has unlocked the key to America's obesity. Employ the techniques in this book to save yourself, your friends, and your family. Improve your life and get the body you always wanted!
review image
174 helpful votes
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on February 13, 2017
This book's "diet" is changing my life. Seriously. My doctor recommended it. I am on my third week. I'm a sugar addict so its really tough for me; but the weight loss around my belly and the absence of sugar fog is incredible!
96 helpful votes
97 helpful votes
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on September 13, 2012
It's definitely a paradigm shift..."What no grains are you nuts?"
but the results are fantastic!
Once you understand what wheat does to your body and mind it is easier to follow the no wheat diet.
Within a month my wife and I lost 10 lbs each, my blood pressure went down to a notch below normal level and an unexplained skin rash disappeared.
I also cut back on my cholesterol medication.
Its the best 20 bucks you'll ever spend!
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on January 11, 2017
This is an excellent book if you want to know about how wheat has been changed or modified in the last 30 or 40 years so that it is now actaully a harmful food. There are lots of fact and figures and research on t his -- but written in an interesting way.
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on March 31, 2014
Davis makes clear just how and why wheat (and other gluten related grains) has changed, and why this food source has become an undesirable contributor to the serious health issues we contemporary humans face today. (Over the past 50 plus years wheat has been genetically modified - humans have not!) He explains, with clarity, the chemistry of our bodies and the negative reactions currently modified gluten products place on our systems. Telling us what to avoid and how to create a healthier lifestyle, Davis gives us the options and recipes for avoiding many of the plagues of diabetes and heart conditions.

Following the recommendations in this book requires a willingness to change. If you are ready to get off the couch or get out of the recliner, exchange croissants and puff pastry for a healthy heart and a clearer mind, this book is for you!

Thank you Dr. Davis!!!
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on October 22, 2012
I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy many years ago and the cycle of craving and then feeling bad/tired and hurting in all my joints is exactly as he states. Since starting this book 3 weeks ago I have lost 8 lbs and I feel so much better in my joints and not nearly as run down and tired. I just started by avoiding everything that "screams wheat" like breads and pasta as well as nearly every dessert you can think of. It is not easy but if you will just start with the things that are totally obvious as being wheat products and keep a jar of peanuts or any other nuts or protein snack on hand it will help you make the transition. It is worth the effort. My wheat allergy also exhibited itself in dizziness problems when I have an excessive amount so over the years I learned when to stop to avoid that but still was hurting myself with weight gain and joint pain. It is not worth it just to have cookies and cake in your diet. Let fruits be your sweet items. Substitute rice for pasta when you have spaghetti. Start somewhere and see if you don't feel the difference.
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on February 16, 2016
Here's the truth... this book could save your life. Both my wife and I, with what we learned and by following the suggestions in this book lost weight but more important started feeling generally better. My second daughter and her husband... who is a training and nutritional expert, has told us for years about the dangers of too much sugar and wheat... it was my sun-in-law who recommended the book to us. It is not magic... if you over-eat and are not active... even without the bad things found in Wheat, you will still put on weight. We think everyone should read the book.

Bob T.
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on October 13, 2013
Wheat isn't what it used to be. It has been so changed through deliberate mutation and breeding that yields have doubled. Unfortunately, the new wheat has new proteins that are causing the incidence of obesity and diabetes to skyrocket. These new proteins also turn out to be similar to opiates and can be addictive. Dr. Davis says that food manufacturers are aware that adding wheat to their products can cause their customers to eat more and crave their products.

Dr. Davis makes a compelling and well documented case for eliminating wheat from our diets. It was not an easy concept for me to accept, even though I had all but eliminated wheat from my diet already. Dr. Davis' message flies in the face of all that we have been told about eating "healthy whole grains" all these years. But, for someone with diabetes, or a pad of gut fat that stubbornly remains after diets and exercise, Dr. Davis offers some real hope.

Dr. Davis with a humorous and easily readable style that makes the book as engaging as a mystery novel. It is an enjoyable, if unsettling read.
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