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My review is for the film itself, not the vendor I purchased from who sold me what seemed to be a blatant bootleg copy of the movie. The aspect ratio was all over the place and the film's cover looked like a cheap print from a crappy color copier.

Wheels of Meals is a wacky, goofy comedy that just so happens to feature one of Jackie Chan's all time most intense and brutal fight scenes. The action as a whole is intense and doesn't always mesh with the lighter tone of the actual story. Jackie and his costar Yuen Biao are roommates who also share a business as 1980's style food truck owners. While David (Biao) does the cooking, Thomas (Jackie) skateboards around the crowd serving up orders. They cook out of a crazy food truck that features a bizarre 80's style computer that automates all the doors (for some reason). One night the duo come across Sylvia (Lola Forner from Chan's classic Armor of God): a pickpocket and thief who poses as a prostitute for easy marks. Both David and Thomas fall for Sylvia and take her under their collective wing, despite her thieving tendencies. Meanwhile, their Private Eye pal Moby (Sammo Hung from Chan's other classic Project A) learns that Sylvia is actually the long lost daughter of a rich tycoon who recently passed and willed his fortune to her. The rich man's family is now hunting for Sylvia hoping to use her to steal the fortune, while Moby's employer wants her to get the inheritance she's owed. This puts Chan and his pal on a collision course with the family's henchmen who kidnap Slyvia. The three pals break into the estate and take on the family's thugs to save the girl.
Craziest Shit You'll See Jackie Do: The film is a light-hearted action comedy for the most part, but again it is now mostly remembered for the final fight between Jackie and Benny "The Jet" Urquidez (a real life kickboxing champion). The fight scene is quite lengthy and downright brutal. Rumor has it that to make some of the slow-motion punches look more authentic, Chan and Urquidez decided to hit each other for real while packing their mouths with cotton balls for "cushioning." The fight scene is well worth checking out and you can find it in its entirety on Youtube, but the movie as a whole is worth checking out for fans.
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on February 7, 2012
I bought this version even that i have the dvd ,i love this movie but this blu ray transfer is horrible the special features consist in just 2 interviews, NG shots,trailers and images galleries are not available here besides it just have one audio track cantonese dolby tru while in dvd u have DTS,DD and original cantonese even in the back cover the company realized the have a print error and what they did? it was corrected with a sharpie yes you heard well with a sharpie what a shame
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 11, 2010
Sit back and chill to this comedic martial arts film WHEELS ON MEALS. And if you're wondering about the peculiar film title, just know that its studio, Golden Harvest, opted the superstitious route. Golden Harvest's prior two film ventures of which titles began with an "M" flopped horridly (MEGAFORCE and MENAGE-A-TROIS), and so instead of MEALS ON WHEELS, we get the vicy-versy. Anyway, Peking opera school alums and chums Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao star in the thing and, in my opinion, make it a really diverting viewing experience.

WHEELS ON MEALS features more breezy comedy bits than it does martial arts action, and you'll probably know within the first 15 minutes if this is your bag or not. Moments into the film, there's a neat off-handed visual gag of Yuen Biao emerging from his bedroom door and then Jackie emerging from his own bedroom door (which stands right next to Biao's door)... except you immediately notice that both doors open into the same bedroom. So I liked that quite a bit, as well as most of the gags which follow. There's a certain easygoing, offbeat tone that pervades, and for a while it feels like a series of comic episodic interludes, but wait it out. There is a plot.

The story first focuses on two young Chinese guys with the typically Chinese names of Thomas and David. Thomas and David operate a mobile fast-food service called "Everybody's Kitchen" (or "Cocina Para Todos") somewhere in Spain (Barcelona? Madrid?), and I dig that tricked out yellow van they work out of. Much of the first half hour or so centers on silly shenanigans as these two go thru one particular work day. Later on that evening they run into the beautiful pickpocket Sylvia - played by Lola Forner who would later pop up in ARMOUR OF GOD- and they end up taking her in. Not too surprisingly, Thomas (Chan) and David (Biao) are instantly smitten.

Sammo Hung directs this film, and he's good at it. But it takes some time before his character even interacts with Jackie and Biao, and maybe it's 'cause he's embarrassed of the jherri-curls he's sporting. Sammo plays a bumbling private eye named Moby who finally lands a case concerning a long missing young heiress, daughter to a count. Throw in a crew of goons working for the heiress's evil uncle who wants to ensure that the heiress touches nary a penny of her inheritance. The uncle's name is Mondale which probably accounts for his being evil.

Sammo Hung knows how to frame the jokes, and it says something about him that he good-naturedly ends up the butt of several gags (such as crashing thru an awning that Chan and Biao had previously bounced off from or, during a car chase, falling out of a hurtling van and rolling down a hillside). But, okay, the sanitarium bits are pretty ho-hum. The fights are few and far between, but you have to stick around for the last 20 minutes or so as things ramp up to rousing levels. Jackie, Sammo, and Biao storm the bad guy's castle - and, by the way, check out the fairly spectacular way Jackie scales the castle wall - and this leads up to several climactic fights, with Sammo taking on a Spanish master fencer, Yuen Biao facing off against former American karate champion Keith Vitali, and, in one of the best martial arts duel ever put to cinema, Jackie's epic showdown with the legendary Benny "the Jet" Urquidez. Urquidez is pretty revered by martial artists and by folks who love martial arts movies, and he's one of the few guys who can go toe to toe against Jackie and not look like an asshat. Their explosive fight resonates in much the same way as did Bruce Lee versus Chuck Norris in WAY OF THE DRAGON. I'd even venture to say that this film is worth watching just to see this fight.

About the only real downside to this film is that there aren't any bloopers during the closing credits. This particular DVD is from some distributor called Media Asia Distribution (although the back of the DVD case mentions "Bonzai Media Corporation"), and it does offer the uncut version. According to the blurb on the back of the DVD case this version "features the van washing scene that was cut from other DVD versions." I haven't seen any other DVD versions so I don't know how accurate that comment is. For what it's worth, I can confirm that the van washing scene is in this DVD. The bonus features here are: a one paragraph movie synopsis; cast & credits (with bios and filmographies for Chan, Hung, and Biao); trailers for HEART OF THE DRAGON, WINNERS & SINNERS, and MY LUCKY STAR; and the 4-minute WHEELS ON MEALS theatrical trailer. This DVD also offers both Cantonese and original English language tracks, and English sub-titles.

If you can, try to get a hold of the 2-disc DVD version that's distributed by Hong Kong Legends. From what I've heard, that one has really good extra features: among other things, an in-depth Bey Logan commentary; interviews with Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Benny Urquidez, and Keith Vitali; and movie outtakes. The only downer to the Hong Kong Legends release is that, at this stage, it may still be designed solely for Region 2 viewing. Someone tell me if I'm wrong, please.
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on October 17, 2010
Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao.... if you are a fan of their style of Martial Arts movies, then this is a must see film, if only for for the final fight scenes alone. Sammo Hung does not use his full abilities in this movie. Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao are the featured artists in this collaboration. Sammo's character is used more in moving the story along than in action.

From the opening training sequence (showcasing the speed of Chan and Yuen) to the short fight against the motorcycle gang in the Square to a few more smaller fights scattered throughout the film, it all culminates in a fantastic fight sequence at the end. Jackie Chan's biography lists this as his best fight on film. He and Benny "the Jet" really deliver a hard hitting, fast paced fight. Yuen Biao's chase/fight is to me, as entertaining and awe inspiring, if you enjoy acrobatics (but much different than your normal fight scene).

For a martial arts film the story is not too bad either. As the Three Brothers help a young Spanish woman out of some difficult situations.

If you enjoy this movie you may also want to see "Dragons Forever." Another collaboration of the Three Brothers. It has a rematch of the fight scene between Jackie Chan and Benny "the Jet." It also has Yuen Wah in a very entertaining role.
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on October 27, 2013
I love Wheels on Meals, it's in my top 5 favorite Jackie Chan films. It has that charming mix of comedy and action that's a signature of his work, and though it's not quite as definitive as his more well-known features (like Police Story or Rumble in the Bronx), I like it a lot for it's light-hearted, breezy feel.

But anyways. This DVD here is very likely a bootleg, because although the only two available audio tracks are English and Cantonese (which is a Chinese dialect), for some reason, splashed all over the DVD box is the JAPANESE language title "Spartan X". Even more telling, whoever manufactured these DVDs spelt and wrote the Japanese title completely wrong on the spine (they split parts of the katakana characters in places, AND they wrote it upside-down!)

My first exposure to Wheels on Meals was from a well-performed English language version that was officially available on YouTube's movie channel a number of years ago. This DVD does not have that version --- rather, it sounds like a cast of foreign voice actors not very fluent in English attempting to produce a dub (the dialogue is very stilted, and it feels like there are heavy accents throughout). It's not horrible, but it can be hard to understand, and it's not as good as the other dub I watched, which was disappointing. If you're a fan of watching Jackie Chan films in the original Chinese, though, it's at least here, and sounds pretty good.

It would be great to finally get some legit quality releases of the lesser-known Jackie Chan works.
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VINE VOICEon September 25, 2007
I can't give this five stars, although I really enjoyed it, because it's one of those comedies that's funny but not really very good in terms of script/acting/direction/etc. However, if you want to see Jackie Chan run around acting silly and getting into semi-exciting fights, this is the movie or you.

For better Hong-Kong action/comedy, you'll do better with Chan's more recent (but pre-americanized) films like Drunken Master or any of the SuperCops.

Still, it was a hit at our last Samurai Film Fest, where it followed Seven Samurai - Criterion Collection - 3-Disc Remastered Edition and other Kurosawa-seriousness nicely.
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on January 18, 2011
When I first saw a clip of the fight scene between Jackie Chan and Benny "the Jet" Urquidez on Youtube, I knew I had to get this movie. While the dvd copy didn't appear any different from the VHS version, the audio and visual quality were still decent. The chapters could've been edited a bit better (instead of being broken into 4 separate chapters. The English dubbing wasn't bad (what you'd expect from an 80's martial arts movie), but some subtitles would've been nice as well. All in all, a good version of an otherwise great classic.
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on December 28, 2008
Filmed in Spain in 1984, this movie has it all- Jackie with his two 'brothers', jaw-dropping stunts and action, great comedy. This is a must-have for even the slightest Chan fan, seeing the three brothers in action together doing what they do best is unbeatable. This film has a great plot, and was filmed around the time that Chan was getting married and expecting his son, Jaycee. Benny the Jet plays a somewhat large role here, and he and Jackie show off probably the greatest/most entertaining fighting sequence ever filmed. If you only own one Jackie chan movie, this should be it.
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on April 28, 2012
This is a little-known early Jackie Chan movie. The title is awkward only because the director was superstitious enough not to begin it with the letter M (it should have been "Meals on Wheels") following a string of flops with titles beginning with M. The pacing of the film is surprisingly slow for an action movie which makes it more dramatic and leisurely. The fight sequence between Jackie and Benny the Jet is top notch.
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on September 4, 2016
The dvd was ok, but the label and the front and back pictures on the box were extremely bad copies!
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