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on March 16, 2013
I read a number of reviews before deciding to give this a try. Looking for something fun to play with with my 2+ year old. I know it is a little old for him but figured I could have some fun too.

Assembly was a little more involved than any track set I remember. Tracks are a little more flimsy than anything I remember 30+ years ago - guess that is "progress".

As others mention - it only comes with 1 car - and it is a disappointingly poor quality one at that. It did not work very well at any point.

Being a little thrifty I decided to run it with 10,000mah NiMH rechargable D cells. Though aware they only put out 1.2volts. Ended up insufficient to really get the cars moving and only a few of the ones I tried went around the loop.
So as a DIYer I ran 6volts and 6amps from my full sized car charger - more than enough power though not more than the 6 volts it would normally get from batteries. So it spins the cars at a good pace. Not many cars I tried stay on the track. only 3 of the rally style cars I found work best - they will stay on the track for 3 or 4 laps but ultimately they get stuck in the release chute from the loop. Just a poor design.

I get the impression the people at hotwheels have not spent a whole lot of time with one of these on the boardroom table using it. Because they would not in good conscience have released it as is.

As for my son - he lost interest in a matter of minutes - cannot say I blame him. I would hate to be trying to keep this thing supplied with D Cell batteries and continually recovering cars that crash because of the track - not the crash zones.

Feel like returning but perhaps I will put it aside and maybe in a few years it will be of more interest. Unlike sets I used as a kid - this set is not durable, functional, or adaptable to be used with other track layouts. Bit of a disappointment really! (I may add some video shortly)
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on February 13, 2015
This was a lot of fun for boys age 4 to, apparently, age 40 ! Just a few minutes to assemble, pretty clear.
Reviews say it's loud because it is kinda Loud ! Doesn't make you want to shut it off, but after a 15 - 20 minute play and you shut it down, the silence from the motor noise is definitely welcome.

Two things I would've done differently, had it been me designing it (which it wasn't) - use AC current instead of D cell batteries. Seems a simple thing. I'm sure they had their reasons, though.

The second is even from the lightweight car set i bought to go with this (since older heavier Hot Wheels apparently don't work well on this) - not even all of those worked well on the track. A more powerful motor to propel even heavier cars might've been a good idea, with some track re-design as needed to allow for the faster pace on the track.

Still enough cars did work, and the D cells held out well enough that it's a pretty fun toy.
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on February 28, 2015
Got this as a birthday gift for my son and he has been playing with it for days now. I bought a pack of 28 hot wheel cars as only one car comes with it, so my son has Mustang-only races, Mustangs vs. Camaros, Mustangs vs. Stingrays, etc. The races typically don't last more than once or twice around the track as the cars move too fast and fly off, but he enjoys that as well. Takes 4 D cells and despite the other reviews here, he has gotten at least 12 hours use out of them. I tell him to shut it off when he's not using it. Yes it is noisy when operating but not excessively so.

The track is plastic and probably won't last too long but so far he has been careful with it and gotten enjoyment out of putting it together as well as racing. One of the supports has already begun to be a loose fit so I deducted one star as the manufacturer could have made the pieces a bit more substantial.
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on February 7, 2016
We got this set for our son when he was 3 years old and didn't pay attention to the age recommendation. I wish we had, because it is definitely not an appropriate toy for a 3 year old as there are rubber bands that move extremely fast to make the cars go, and it could hurt a small child. It is really nice, though, so we saved it and he is able to play with it now, but he still can't play with it around his younger siblings. If you have smaller children in the house, this would not be safe around them, but it is great for the recommended age and my son now has fun with it!
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on March 20, 2013
You see the picture. It has bright colors and loops. You think your kids are gonna love it. You buy it. They play with it for about ummm, maybe 2 hours. May they come back to it every now and then, but it's definitely not the highlight of their day.

Straight to the cons - Only certain cars in the hot wheels universe work with this. Using my kids words "that just sucks". They have a large inventory of cars and would love to seem them run through this, but if the cars heavy, it won't work. From my perspective, it's another ploy to get you to buy "special cars".

Another con - this damn thing makes a repeated "clack clack clack" noise that will drive anyone over the age of 30 nuts!!! It's the engine that pushes the car around. I don't care. It's noisy. Cars used to be noisy. Then we canned the model-T. Fix this hot wheels.

Lastly, kids put their hands in to things. They just do. These cars fly out of this thing at damn near 15MPH (estimating). It's a projectile coming out of the shhot. Projectile + kiddie finger = big ouch.
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on November 15, 2013
My 3yr old son is possessed by hot wheels cars - he probably has 300 of them (we used them as a reward in potty training). He spent about 5 minutes with this somewhat noisy, 4 D cell killing machine. We revisit it every few days for another minute or two of excitement or to watch me change batteries. The track works better than most, but as the batteries die out (in just a few minutes), the cars fail to make it all the way around the track, or get stuck somewhere.

As stated, it's better than most other tracks like this, but if there was an AC power potion - it would be much better. The track isn't all that portable, so plugging it into a wall wart power supply would really make sense.
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on February 12, 2015
I bought this for my 10 y.o. daughter who is crazy about hot wheels. She wanted to put it together by herself, but was not able to do it. She claimed that there were pieces missing that should have been included. I thought surely she just needed my help, but NOOOOO. When I sat down to help, I learned that yes, there were about a half dozen pieces missing, rendering this toy a giant waste of time and money. I am guessing that it would have been a lot of fun if all of the parts had been included, but we will never know. We are both very disappointed.
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on October 3, 2014
My grandson loves this unit. I gave his father the rundown of any "negative comments", like battery life, but it has not been a problem because my grandson is good about turning the track off when he's not using it. They bought a hot wheels construction set and make their own lightweight cars for the track that work just fine. A couple reviews said many of the hotwheels are too heavy for the track. All in all, it was a good purchase and my grandson has no complaints and plays with it often.
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on January 31, 2014
My 7 year old received this toy for Christmas as he really wanted a race track. I wanted something interactive (not just pressing a button and watching the cars go round a track) and this fits the bill. He has used it a lot since Christmas either alone, with 4 year old brother who can work it, or his friends. He has fun loading many cars on it and seeing who makes it and who crashes. My husband found the assembly simple enough. It can be carried fairly easily, but does best staying in one place.
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on November 10, 2013
By boys love this!!! The track is solid and already has handled hours of nonstop use. The batteries last a long time and fun for dads too! Some cars do not fit on the track such as firetrucks, they are too tall to go under the loop. Some cars are too wide also. The track does not like cheap plastic "wanna be" hot wheels. They are too light and get tossed off the track. Stick with regular hot wheels and you will not have a problem. I would buy this again and have recommended it to other parents.
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