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on September 20, 2017
I should start with a little back story:
We live in the small town and there is a large field right by our house. That makes for perfect mouse bait! Like many others we had tried EVERYTHING, (Peppermint oil, which works but you have to-diffuse it or spread it pretty much daily. Traps, which again work but then you have to dispose of the mouse bodies and don't catch all the mice. Poison which generally leaves the mice dying near your house and smelling. Etc ) So you see our problem! It got to the point where I felt our only option was to move.
UNTIL! I found these! I am absolutely in love! It took about 1-2 weeks (as these make a noise that irritates the mice). At first that thought detered me from buying these when it actually should have pushed me to buy them earlier!
You can use peppermint oil or traps in the meantime but these are worth EVERY PENNY!!
I know it's hard to trust a stranger on the internet for their opinion but I do not give it lightly.
I paid 59.99 for it and I would pay it again! My only regret is not buying them sooner!!
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on September 1, 2017
I live in the country, my home surrounded by fields and so mice and rats are a frequent problem that I've been endeavoring to combat for years. I cannot use poisons in and around my home because I have small dogs and I fear they might ingest the dead vermin and thereby be poisoned, So I've always thought my only recourse was traps. I've kept snap traps and sticky traps both in my garage, which seems to be the primary entry point, as well as in every room in the house where I've seen evidence of mice. But in the last several months the mice were getting worse and apparently had grown trap savvy, as I was no longer having any success with catching them. Not even on the sticky traps. A friend recommended ultrasonic pest repellers and at first I did not believe they worked nearly as well as she claimed, but after I began seeing even more evidence of a whole house mouse invasion that ever before, I was desperate and ready to try anything. I ordered a package of six from Amazon and while waiting for their arrival cleaned up all evidence of their invasion. I live in a small, three bedroom, one bath home and the moment the repellers arrived I immediately plugged them in, placing a repeller in each room of my home, plugged each into wall outlets located about a foot above the floor. Once that was done, I went through the entire house again, making certain to clean up any and all new evidence of the little pest's presence and, based on the documentation supplied with the repellers, assumed I'd have to do it several more times before the repellers finally drove the mice away. I was wrong. From the day they arrived and were plugged in, I have not seen so much as one sign of mice, or any other pests in my home, for that matter. No spiders, no ants, no mosquitoes. No little invaders of any kind. If I could give this product ten stars, I would. It did exactly what it claimed it would do. Only difference is, it did it even better and more quickly than it claimed it would. I'm sold. These things work. REALLY! Even better than promised!
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on September 1, 2017
I'm giving the product 5 stars for now. My package arrived on Wednesday this week (on time), so I've only had these plugged in since that evening. Luckily, I had no defective devices, so this counts as a plus! I noticed that on Thursday there was no activity from the roaches that have taken over our kitchen countertops. This morning, though, I did notice two or three running around. I can't say that it's not working, as they've only been plugged in for way less than a week to really notice any difference. I'll come back and add an update next week!

Current con: The little blue light. I have this installed in my bedroom. It is surprisingly bright. I use an eye mask to sleep, but during heat waves (like the ones I'm experiencing now where I live) it's an uncomfortable thing.

Current pro: Easy to install! There aren't any buttons or things to fiddle with to get it to work. Just plug it in and let it do what it's supposed to.

*Update: 09/04/17
The product details stated that you would notice some activity from whatever is infesting your home due to their discomfort of the high-frequency noise the repeller emits. My dad tends to wake up early to get to work and noted that he saw some cockroaches running around the counter during the 3rd and 4th days since installment (Friday), but not as frequently as before. My mom noticed 3 in our largest cabinet on Saturday, which prompted a thorough cleaning. On Sunday, no one in the house saw any cockroaches in the kitchen. Today (Monday, 6th day since installment), we did not see any cockroaches either.
I guess these repellers are working really well. It's hard to tell whether our problem is actually cleared, though. It's possible that they're just hiding elsewhere in the house even though I've installed all six in different rooms. Anyone wise would suggest to hire an exterminator and use these to repel any other possibility of infestations, but these would be a current, seemingly safe, and cheap fix to an annoying problem.

Other than that, here are some interesting things I've noticed since installing them:
(1) During hot days, tiny flies would always buzz into our house due to the attraction of our ceiling lights. Since plugging these in, I haven't spotted a single one flying in the house or hanging out on our living room walls (where they tend to be most of the time).
(2) House flies always tend to make their way into our house a split second after opening our garage or front door. If one does fly indoors, their stay is not long. I read some reviews that pointed out the devices' use against flies, and I was curious to see if they actually worked to repel flies. To my surprise, it seems to be working.
(3) My dog is totally fine! She doesn't seem to notice them at all. She also sleeps in my room and isn't bothered by the bright, blue light as much as I am.
(4) I installed one of 6 higher than the recommended height due to the high activity of roaches in this area: my kitchen counter. It seems to be working well, so I think it would be okay to install higher than 30 cm above the floor.

*Update 09/25/17
Since my last update, I haven't seen much of a difference in activity. Sometimes it stops and we don't notice any pests for about a day or two, and then suddenly we see a couple rushing across our kitchen counter. My sister recently installed two of these devices in her home and she had noticed many spiders coming out of hiding. I don't think I've ever seen that many spiders in just a few spaces away from each other.
If anyone is wondering, upon seeing the pests, we quickly get rid of them before they hide elsewhere. But as anyone may know, it's not so easy to get rid of roaches. I'm inclined to buy another set sometime soon to install a second device in our kitchen at the recommended height to see if there is any improvement. I also want to test them out in our garage where all the spiders tend to hide.

*Last Update: 11/10/17
This will be the last time I review the product. I found them to be fully functional for a little while, but now they don't seem to be as effective. Lately, we've had more roaches come out of hiding in our kitchen, particularly babies. It does seem like they've grown used to the high-frequency noise, or rather adapted to it. I've seen a couple of them actually try to hide behind the device itself after switching on the countertop lights. I've previously discussed that these are recommended to be changed once every year, or so, to keep pests at bay. In my case, I've had these installed for about 10 weeks and I'm not keen to buy another set. If you're looking for a long-term solution, I suggest hiring an exterminator AND THEN installing these as a precaution from letting other pests inside your house. (I consider rodenticide or pesticide as a last resort.) The devices may work for some but unfortunately did not work for me. I'm only docking a star from my rating, as the devices did work fairly well for a short amount of time.

***Something else I came across while researching these: Depending on the pests in your home, they tend to get used to the high-frequency noises emitted from the devices as time passes. It is suggested to buy new ones every year or two if this becomes your short-term solution before choosing professional exterminators.***
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on September 8, 2017
Works great in my garage and throughout my home. I have noticed less flies and insects in my garage, love it!!
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on August 25, 2017
These things work beautifully. I used them to clear up a frustrating little mouse problem we were having in our kitchen (we have an older house with old construction). Give a day or two for the little pests to realize what is going on and make their way out of your home. But after they leave, they will not come back as long as you keep these plugged in.
I don't know why, but I expected some sort of humming sound or faint vibration from these things, but there isn't any. They are totally silent and motionless. The only indication that they are on is the little night-light (and the fact that the rodents are gone!).
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on October 25, 2017
We had some of these a long time ago and they got lost moving. I was tired of the ants, mice, spiders and other creepy crawlies from outside. I got these about a week ago and I have literally not seen a bug or mouse since then. Everyone should have these.
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on October 28, 2017
Moved into a new house with some pest issues, but these things seemed to have reduced the ants significantly and kept other critters from coming in. You need to have one in each room and can't block it- but otherwise very easy to use. These are silent. I've used others in the past that make a faint buzzing noise or have a flashing light.
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The third book of the WW II Europe/Africa series I have read written by this arthor. Jeff Shaara again hit the ball out of the park with this account of the war planning for, executing the Normandy landing and the drive to defeat Nazi Germany. Well written historic novel which blends in everyday soldiers with the leaders who led the war. I totally enjoyed every page of this novel and will now order the fourth book of WW II written by the author which takes the reader to the Pacific where my brother Marines who served before me led the fight to defeat Japan. As a Marine officer retired I have read perhaps hundreds of books about the military and its battles. I place this book and series among the top.
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on November 18, 2014
AMAZON review:
I bought eight new copies of this universally-beloved little book. I'm a Unitarian Universalist and picked up a dog-eared copy of it for 25 cents at my church's last book sale. That's the one I'll keep and I'll give a new one back to our book sales, and add another to our church library. That will leave six for Christmas presents.
Perhaps Mister God, This Is Anna has been circulating at our book sales for years, passed on from one to another. If so, it's because Anna's feisty, deeply questioning, spontaneous, chatty, forgiving, widely embracing, crazy about science & math, outrageously heretical, and definitely self-generated religion appeals to UUs, even if most of us don't have Anna's continual conversations with God (and some doubt his/her/its existence). Personally I'm a student of Process Theology, or Panentheism, so I tend to agree with a great many of this little genius tomboy girl's ideas. The most popular UU adult education curriculum, ever, is called "Building Your Own Theology"--and that's what Anna does, building her own theology throughout this inspiring and glorious book! It's listed as nonfiction, but I don't know how much of it contains the real ideas of a small child awash in innocence and love, how much are novelistic devices and speculations of the author, Fynn--a pen name. Did someone named Anna really live in a slummy section of London and die at age 8 just before Britain entered World War II? Or did Fynn end it there, knowing how difficult it would be to juggle the narrative with the drafting of young men his age and the exile of children to far away villages during the Luftwaffe bombing? Who is, or was, Fynn? If he's still alive he'd be very old. It doesn't really matter. Anna's personality and ideas are what touch the reader. I love this book, and Fynn, and Fynn's mother, and the shopkeepers, and Anna's prostitute friends, and her boredom in the parish church that preaches what she considers crazy ideas about God. I especially love Anna. She creates love, leaves it in her footsteps.
If you want more details on Fynn and Anna, Fynn's age when he met Anna, hints of his career (not the one I'd envisioned), then read "Anna and the Black Knight, with Anna's Book", also available from Amazon.
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on May 30, 2015
Very good third volume in the trilogy covering the war in North Africa and Europe from 1941-45. Felt a little bogged down in the day-to-day struggles of one of the main characters, but in retrospect, it gave what I am sure was a very accurate portrayal of the drudgery of combat life in between actual battles. The sections on Eisenhower, Patton and Montgomery were outstanding. It truly brought to light those individuals' skills and shortcomings. Eisenhower simply did a masterful job of leading the Allied efforts -- his ability to set aside his ego and focus on getting the job done while surrounded by so many others who could not (would not) do so was the mark of an outstanding commander. More than anything else, this entire trilogy raised his stature in my eyes and made me truly appreciate how effective/indespensible he was.
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