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on August 13, 2013
This is the first time I have read anything from this author and I must say..AWESOME...AWESOME..

This book is Spencer and Brandon's journey...This book just caughte me from the first chapter till the very last word..This is the first book in the series and to me it was kind of like 50 Shades of Grey but only better. It is not a BDSM book by any means..So maybe I shouldn't be comparing the two but the love that Brandon has for Spencer is the kind of love that will last forever and even when odds are against them at times the love that they both share prevails against all odds. Believe me when I write that there will be many wrenches that are thrown into fire.

Your gonna want to keep a few boxes of tissues handy however...
I have read the entire series in one day. The author had me way hooked..Kudos to tha author. You really shouldn't be planning to do anything when you sit down to read this book cause I coudn't do anything all day I was so wrapped up in Specer and Bradon and when this book was done I was like Hello I gotta get book 2 and I melted again. Your gonna want to get this series..
Happy Reading and when reading this book do yourself a favor and do nothing but read cause Brandon and Spencer's journey is an awesome one..
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on February 13, 2013
I have to admit, I didn't expect this book to be sooo good. I felt anxious from half the book until the end; I even bite my nails. I was like WHAAAA?!! I can say I even prayed for Spencer's sake. Everything was too good to be true and then WHAM.! Unexpected turn of events.

What I liked about "Where I need to be", is that the author gave us a down to earth story with real life scenarios. The story takes place in San Francisco, California so that gives us a reference of where the Characters are from and also makes you feel like if you were the one experiencing the story. I read in recent reviews that the book had sex everywhere and it DOES! Isn't that what we all do when we are crazy for someone we are dating and practically just met?! No?! Well I do LOL :S. Brandon super HOT a is a gentleman. This man is so mature, confident, supportive, sexy, rich; he has everything a woman wants in a guy.

What I didn't like...DAMN I loved the story and enjoyed every part of it. so no dislikes.

The story takes place in San Francisco with a woman named Spencer who works as an EA to a CEO from a web site that provides fitnes and nutritional information to people. She recently broke up with her boyfriend because she caught him banging his secretary at his office LOL. We all have read books about this situations but honestly I was so glad the ex aka TravAss was just mentioned at the beginning and we had a slight peek of him halfway but that's it. Her boss is writing a story about a gym called Club 24 and gives her a free 2 week pass and there's where she meets her very own "Gideon Cross" LOL. Sexy knowing smiles pass by, flirtatious looks, but then, her best friend broke up with her boyfriend too...So what do they do?! Of course they go to VEGAS baby.!! This was actually a very good plot and I really enjoyed it. I even do extra time in the treadmill while reading this story. At the end everything is sorted out as always with a "HEA" or at least that's what the author makes us think. We will have to wait until "wanted" gets published to know how this ends.

I'm gonna give this book a 5 star.

Thank you Kim.
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on May 14, 2013
I was dying to read this book after reading one simple teaser on Kim's blog about a month or so before it was released. Can I say OMG if that one short teaser had me itching to read this, imagine how I was after reading it. HOT HOT HOT! I mean damn can I meet a cutie like that at the gym please? or maybe accidently bump into a HOTTIE like Brandon at a club and have a moment like Vegas?? Damn, I would say that chance meetings like that are impossible but I know a few people that have met their current husbands by chance in a gym so anything is possible. But anywho back to my review. The book was amazing, chance meeting, girls getaway leads to another chance meeting. throw in crazy, psycho ex Mrs. Robinson who isn't taking the hint and voila! you have a FREAKING-FAN-TASTIC read. Love Love it
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on November 9, 2014
After catching her boyfriend cheating on her with his secretary, Spencer Marshall has had enough. She decides to have a girls weekend with her best friend, Ryan, and ends up catching the eye of a handsome guy. A guy, who also has been trying to catch her eye in the gym she goes to every week.

After a steamy dance, she wonders if this guy really wants her. She's a firm believer that the guy has to make the first move, so will he?

A good story and very entertaining read. I didn't really connect with the characters though, and Spencer and Brandon's relationship felt...I don't know, a bit forced? I didn't really feel the love they were supposed to be feeling for each other or how predictable the ending was, but besides that, I didn't have a problem with the book. I loved the secondary characters, like Ryan, and I really enjoyed all the humor in this book. Also, I liked how the story was well-written and flowed well.

I recommend this book to others.

My favorite quote:

"Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional."
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on October 20, 2016
Wow! This is an amazing read. Brandon and Spencer are definitely made for each other. Sparks start flying from the very beginning and they don't stop the whole book.

Spencer has broken up with her boyfriend of two years and has become a couch potato. Her best friend and roommate, Ryan, tells her she needs to get out more and makes her promise to get motivated to move on. Spencer does a two week trial at a new gym for a article at work and sees Brandon while she's there her first night. She spots him a few other times while she is there, but never gets the nerve up to talk to him. They happen to run into each other in Vegas. Sparks really fly as they are dancing, but then he disappears. They run into each other once again at the poker tables and get to talking. When she returns to the gym the next week, they start dating and working out together daily. The only problem is his psycho ex that will not leave them alone. They go through a lot together, but it only makes them stronger. I cannot wait to see what happens next.
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on January 2, 2013
Kimberly Knight's "Where I Need to Be" is a page-turning erotic romance that has a fresh, breezy style to it. Reading this sassy novel, you almost feel like you're on a late night call with your best friend, and she's giving you all the dirt on what happened to her that day -- and in this case, that dirt is centered around her encounters with a hunky guy (he owns a chain of gyms) with whom she is soon having "melt your panties" hot sex. Do not buy this if you don't like sex scenes, because Kimberly provides LOTS of steamy encounters between her two lovers (which I loved)!! I also liked the fact that there wasn't a lot of teenage-style angst and the characters have a familiar, real feel to them.

Tbe first half of the book grabbed me the most, especially the sizzling hot scene at the Vegas club when Spencer first connects physically with Brandon on the dance floor with some unexpected dirty dancing. That was one of the best seduction scenes I have read - I was squirming in my seat as a I read it! I kind of wished the characters would spend more time in Vegas, because that part of the book was so hot and the location offers so much potential for erotic shenanigans (e.g., I wanted to see that threesome happen that Spencer teased Brandon about in a drunken text!!). The story moves to San Francisco and we get to follow the characters as little by little they fall in love against the backdrop of that beautiful city.

There are some intense twists introduced in the overall storyline centered around her psycho rival Christy who Brandon broke up with but who is unwilling to let him go. I won't include any spoilers in this review, but I was definitely kept interested by these unexpected developments! She's pretty crazy. As a debut novel, this is a great effort, and I have a feeling that Kimberly Knight is going to keep raising the bar as she writes the next books in the series. Highly recommended!
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on May 12, 2013
I Love this book. Spencer and Brandon have a love that develops without words. They feel the connection for each other at first sight. The sex in this book is Hot! I loved the club scene and the dream sequence was so well written I was mad reading it. The last chapter was a nail biter and I think the drama isn't going to stop there. Can't wait to read more of Spencer and Brandon. 5 HoT Stars!!!
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Brandon is sizzling!

Spencer (yes, this is a girl's name) is on the rebound. By pure coincidence she keeps running into Brandon at the gym, then on the plane traveling to Las Vegas, and finally at a club in Vegas where they dance. From the very beginning there is no question they are meant for each other.

I enjoyed reading this love story. It has excitement, a douche-bag ex-boyfriend, and other "added attractions" ( no spoilers here)that draw you into the story.
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on February 11, 2013
Wow.... What a great book... I found this by mistake! I just have to get through the next month and a half before book #2 is released! Brandon was just an awesome guy. Again, I hate the cheating boyfriends and he is TRULY in love with Spencer (his girlfriend - which I love). During the book, I thought he was going to end up being a cheater, but proved me wrong. I'm so proud of the authors today.... they are writing these books as love stories instead of cheating stories - THANK GOD!
This was a fast paced book at 147 pages and I finished it in one day. However, it had lots of details, sex, and events throughout. I would not compare this to 50 shades or Bared to you, however it is just as good, if not better because of his love for Spencer. I would say Brandon is more of a loving man than a dominant man. I see that this is a 3 book series... I can't imagine what happens in book #2 and #3 where this story line remains a love story and not a cheating story. I'm hoping that this will be a HEA story!!!! So worth the read!
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on May 11, 2013
There are all kinds of stories about boy and girl meet/dating girl catches boy w/ his pants down banging his secretary. Well..that's just how Spenser finds her scum of a boyfriend in his office as she's trying to surprise him. Surprise is on her. After sufficient amount of moping time her best friend Ryan and Spencer take a trip to Vegas where Spencer sees a guy she was crushing over at the gym the last week.

Brandon knows he wants to spend time with the girl from the guy. Now to work it out. As they meet and begin a relationship Brandon's past and Spencer's try to undo their new relationship.

I found this book to be well written and on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next! I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series.
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