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We purchased a new Whirlpool refrigerator earlier this year. The new refrigerator has all the marvelous improvements developed in the last ten years for refrigerators, including a water filter.

The water filter really does deliver better water. However, the water filter seems quite expensive to me. Whirlpool, and other manufacturer's that use this type of filter, recommend the filter be replaced twice a year, whether you need to replace the filter or not.

The filter is relatively easy to replace, but be aware of what happens when you pull the filter. To remove the old filter you push a button next to the filter, typically to the left of the filter. Then pull on the cap covering the filter and pull the filter out. Make a note of how the filter was oriented when you pull it out.

The filter will now begin dripping water, so have a paper towel or small bowl available to let the water drip into. You can either let the filter finish dripping into a sink, or throw it into a plastic bag that you can seal to keep the water from dripping out of the bag. Be sure you remove the cover from the filter before you toss it. On our Whirlpool the cover twists counterclockwise for removal.

Install the filter cover onto the new filter. It takes just a twist to lock it into place. Holding the filter so that the two straight pieces on the end of the filter are vertical, with the open portion of the filter cover oriented on the bottom, slide the new filter straight into the filter cavity until the button on the left clicks to let you know the new filter is locked into place. Note that these instructions are for a Whirlpool, but I believe most other refrigerators are similar. You should be ready to go!

Had I known refrigerator water filters were so expensive I might have gone with a refrigerator without one, though our local water has a lot of chlorine in it (which is filtered out by the filter).

As with many modern conveniences, this water filter represents a convenience that you did not know you needed until you had it. Now that I have it, I am wondering whether I want it since I have to spend a chunk of change each year in filter replacements. Oh well. I guess I can sleep more soundly knowing that the water filter is now removing a bunch of stuff from my water that my body either did not want or need.

Good luck!
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on August 19, 2012
Weird taste to water & ice after installing this filter... Just like another reviewer stated. Purchased this awhile ago to have on hand when the one in the fridge needed replacing. Installed this filter in June 2012

At first we thought it was our well water or something to do with our water softener. So we Re-disinfected the well and the fun task of disinfecting ALL of the water lines. We also cleaned & changed the salt in softener & re-checked the settings. But still a weird strange taste to the filtered water and ice.. making it undrinkable! Finally we we had a 'duh'-moment.. and like another reviewer we checked the water from other faucets.. and the water from other sources in home tasted clean and pure.. like water is supposed to!!

As the other reviewer commented.. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THESE FILTERS! I'm purchasing elsewhere in the future.
Hope these filters are investigated so we can find what type of substance was causing the weird taste..and find out if it causes any ill effects for those that have consumed the water!! if i could have rated them LESS than one star.. or a scary star I would have. Personally I would also like a REFUND!!!
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on December 8, 2007
Since I had had previous experience with Pur water filters, we purchased a side-by-side water and ice dispenser Whirlpool fridge over a year ago that uses these filters and they have made a huge difference in the quality of our water. We live in Riverview, FL, a suburb of Tampa, and the water here is so foul that I sometimes wonder if I have an odor from it after I shower. Since it smelled that bad coming from the tap I knew I was not going to drink it, cook with it, nor give it to my cats. So, to save us the expense of buying bottled water, we bought the fridge. Yes, the filters are expensive, but they are Pur water filters which, in my opinion, are better than Brita. I would rather have the expense than get sick drinking nasty water. Since I use the filtered water for just about everything, I have to replace my filter more frequently, but it is well worth the cost.

To save a few bucks, I order my filter online and three at a time; this usually saves me $3-5.00 per filter. Just search for the item number of the filter and you will find several places that sell it either as a single, a three-pack, a four-pack or a six-pack. Obviously, the more you buy, the more you save.
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on September 7, 2011
I have purchased this refrigerator filter several times before from other sources, and have never had a problem. This time I found Amazon had the best price, so I bought here and even signed up for the subscription service, which gave me a 15% discount and would automatically reorder the item every 6 months.

The item arrived, and I waited until my then-current filter needed replacing. At that time I got out the new filter and tried to install it. I have done this with replacement filters before and it's always been quick and easy. This time I removed the old filter, took off the cap and placed it on the new filter, and tried inserting the new filter. The new filter went all the way in but would not catch and stay in, it kept popping back out. I switched back to the old filter and it went in just fine. I tried this repeatedly, as did a friend, and we always got the same result.

I tried to request a replacement online at Amazon, but was unable to do so because it was past the 30-day deadline after the purchase. I searched all over the site and found no way to contact an actual person to explain the situation. I contacted Whirlpool directly twice, and both times was told they could do nothing about my defective item because I had ordered through Amazon.

Today on a whim I Googled "contact" and found a phone number. After a lengthy discussion the end result was that Amazon will let me return the item, but will charge me a restocking fee. The kicker is, they won't tell me what the fee is, they expect me to just return the item and then they will refund whatever amount is left after that fee. Despite my pointing out what a ridiculous practice that is, and mentioning that I will both cancel my subscription and post a negative review, that was the best I could get them to do.

So now I am posting this review and will cancel my subscription for future filter purchases. I have bought literally hundreds of items online over the past couple decades, and am really surprised that a company claiming to have such great customer service is responding this way. I don't think I've ever posted a negative review before, but I want others to know that if they buy this item direct from Amazon, they need to check it right away even if they won't be using it for a while, or risk getting stuck with a defective item, no refund/replacement, and lots of time wasted. Better yet, get your filters elsewhere and/or find a different brand!
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on October 31, 2010
Purchased a Pur filter but found it added chemical odor and taste to the water. Returned filter and received replacement. Same story with the second. Alarmed that Amazon is apparently selling defective filters.
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on July 14, 2012
I didn't think the other reviews would be correct but they were. Amazon must allow outdated ones to be used. I have run the water by the gallons to get rid of taste. Haven't used it anymore. Will try whirpool website.
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on June 23, 2010
the water tastes absolutely horrible since changing the filter, even though
loads of water was run through
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on October 10, 2008
I ordered this on because it was about $5 cheaper than ordering from Whirlpool. It was easy to install and worked perfectly with my fridge. Very happy!
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on February 3, 2010
I paid almost as much for this as I would have had to pay in the store, and it has never worked since the day I installed it. I kept thinking that maybe it needed to be in awhile and the bad taste would go away, but it has not. Once in awhile it tastes better for a glass or two, but most of the water and ice are terrible. I had a filter in that came with the refrigerator for two years and never had any bad ice or water, and ever since I changed to this one it has all been bad, so there must be something wrong with the filter. It is supposed to be the exact filter that came with my fridge when it was new according to the website, but it does not work the same. I am not entirely sure if it is even new, perhaps they are recycled or maybe it was just defective, but it is too difficult to try to fix it through the internet and the mail, so now I will be forced to go to the local store and buy another after just paying for a new one. If I were you, I would just get your replacements at a local store, if it doesn't work right, at least you can take it back easily and exchange it. I will not order one this way again, I will use a hardware store or department or appliance store.
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on August 11, 2012
We gave the subscription service a try for two filter changes. With the first filter, the water and ice (both dispensed from the fridge)started off tasting fine but then well before the color indicator light turned yellow, the water had a thick, very obvious bad taste. Even my 7 year old noticed it. The same thing happened with the second filter only it happened sooner. The water from all the taps in the house did not have the same bad flavor. It has to be the filter. I wonder if they are refurbished somehow. Anyhow, we cancelled our subscription and it's back to buying the filters at the hardware store.
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