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on August 1, 2011
I had a smelly refrigerator that came with the apartment I am renting, so other tenants have used it. It smelled like fish, ammonia, and other horrible smells despite how many times I cleaned it or attempted to deodorize it with baking soda. Everything I put in that thing had this distinct, pungent odor when I pulled it out after awhile. The odor particularly leeched into plastic bags and containers and coffee grinds. It reeked!

While the odor didn't make my food taste bad, whenever I pulled out something I had to hold my breath to let the smell dissipate so I wouldn't loose my appetite! Even then, the odor still lingered and was still detectable. It was that bad. The odor was in the freezer too, and it made my ice have a distinct, horrible taste. I had to drink lukewarm tap water and anything in a sealed container in the refrigerator, because the odor would dissipate into open containers of liquids and spoil their taste. So, I had no ice for quite some time except if I bought a bag at the store!

I had originally heard about putting newspaper into a refrigerator because the ink contained absorbing carbon and the paper itself absorbs odor rather well, too. I did that and noticed a difference after a few hours. I then researched better options and found that activated charcoal is more effective. I looked on Amazon and found these Whirlpool activated charcoal boxes specifically designed for problems like mine. I got the box for the refrigerator and the one for the freezer. I highly recommend you do that, because air mixes into both compartments of the refrigerator.

At first I didn't notice much of a difference, but it was slightly better after the first night. I followed the directions of the freezer absorber box and changed out the ice every day. That helped, but what really helped was throwing away my old ice cube trays after a few weeks when the overall smell had dissipated, because I noticed the plastic tray itself had absorbed too much of that horrible smell. I got new trays and put them in after about 3 weeks of having both absorber boxes in the refrigerator.

It worked like a charm, and I now have a nearly odor free refrigerator! It doesn't smell like it used to at all, but it may have some more to go. It was really smelly. However, I can now put open liquids in both freezer and refrigerator compartments and they do not taste bad at all! It's amazing! If you have a stubborn odor in your refrigerator, get both the ice cube and refrigerator odor absorbers! You'll be amazed at how well they work, and I suggest throwing away your old ice cube trays because these odor absorbers cannot seem to get odors out of the trays. I highly recommend these! You will not regret this purchase!
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on July 9, 2014
That was a bad purchase! I'm totally unhappy with this product. It never worked. My fridge kept on smelling without any change,
after a couple weeks since I bought and placed this product on the shelf in my fridge.
I feel that I would like to have my money back.
Prior to this using this produce I and my husband turned our fridge off completely which Is pretty new, only a few years old and
took all the food and every shelf out one by one and cleaned them under the running water and cleaned every corner of the fridge to try to take out the smell.
Am I using this product wrong way? I simply peeled the protective cover and placed it on a shelf at the middle of my fridge as the instruction says.
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on July 21, 2013
Chicken breasts, eggs, fruit, and a variety of other items were sitting in my fridge for at least two days during a power outage; it literally smelled like something died in there. After trying a number of remedies I read about online (including baking soda, bleach, coffee grounds, vanilla extract, charcoal nuggets, etc.) I took a chance on this deodorizer. Along with the Whirlpool Ice Cube and Freezer Deodorizer, it got my fridge smelling fresh again. I did allow it to run empty for one night, giving the air a chance to fully circulate.

Per the product description, this should be replaced every three months, but I find that one lasts 4-5 if the fridge doesn't have a severe odor problem to begin with and is kept clean.
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on April 29, 2017
This works. I always keep the shelves and sides of the fridge wiped out once a week or so. Do the same for the freezer ice cube container. We also have the water dispenser connected to the refrigerator and ice cube tray to keep the water fresh.
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on January 20, 2014
\Recently something in my freezer or fridge started to stink. I tossed some food, but the fridge still stunk.

I put these in on a Tuesday or Wednesday. By Sunday the smell had drastically improved, if not totally disappeared. I've used baking soda before to try and get rid of the smell -- this worked much better!

I'm sold. Will definitely buy these again. Worth the money.
(and I'm posting this exact same review for the freezer one.)
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on March 5, 2014
Recently we were handed a pre-owned refrigerator. When the refrigerator arrived it was dirty. Absolutely filthy. After hours of scrubbing, the refrigerator finally resurfaced clean and sanitized. To assure continued use of the fridge, we added Whirlpool refrigerator deodorizers, a product we have used devotedly for a long time. While we sanitize our fridge(s) regularly, the contribution by the Whirlpool deodorizer is indisputable. We rarely sense (undesirable) odors of any kind (at times, a particular product or dish will inevitably emanate a fragrance, quickly disappearing when the product or dish is no longer present.) This product has replaced baking soda in our fridge(s) for a while now. Get it; you will not regret it!
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on January 5, 2014
This is an item that is hard to review 'cause if it is working well you don't notice anything. But if you wrap and cover everything and keep the fridge clean you won't know if it's the Deodorizer or your efforts at cleanliness. This is activated charcoal and that is always the best item to use as it has the most edges and surfaces to collect odors. Look up activated charcoal deodorizers if this confuses you. The boxes are a little bigger than I like but there are other ones that are much larger, so take it for what it's worth. I will be reviewing two more activated charcoal deodorizers in the next 60 days that are way more compact and come in a plastic container and may or may not be a better option. Please check my reviews in 2 mos. for the updates. I have already bought them and am waiting until these wear out to use them. Waste not, want not. As always, I will update if anything changes. Thanks and let me know if you like my reviews or what you don't like.
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on March 14, 2013
My husband bought some bean dips, forgot to tell me about them, and then forgot to eat them. We have twin Sub Z's and they have always ventilated well. We had never had an issue. They were hidden at the top and pushed all the way to the back. These are huge fridges - I had absolutely no idea they were up there. Rotting. I can almost gag just thinking about the stench! I searched for some solutions online and tried them. I also tried the arm and hammer sticky things as well as baking soda. Nothing. I found these through Amazon and the ratings made me hopeful, so I purchased one for each fridge. The smell was gone almost immediately!! It was just a couple of hours or less - fridges back to normal. I will use these forever now - replacing religiously every 3 months.
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on June 6, 2014
Got a brand new french door fridge that I absolutely love. When it started to smell horribly after just a few weeks in spite of the fact that I couldn't find a source for the odors, I was truly dismayed. Baking soda just wasn't working. Within a few days of employing this deodorizer, the offensive odor is mostly gone. It's been a few weeks and I don't notice it returning. There's really no reason for not giving it 5 stars. Just waiting to see how long it lasts. Also there seems to be a slight residual odor, though it may be my imagination. Will update for sure.
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on August 12, 2017
Really absorbs smell and odor
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