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on September 11, 2010
Last week we purchased this Cabrio 5700 washer along with a 5600 dryer(non glass front,Great Buy!). We really did not need the washing machine as we have a Maytag conventional 2 years old; however our original GE dryer died and we went ahead and bought anyway because of the fantastic Labor day sales and $100 in rebates from the local power company and State. We do a lot of laundry. We have two young boys who get clothes dirty, quickly and my wife an I also have uniforms that need frequent washing. I am always a skeptic and overly research items, peruse product reviews into the wee hours of the morning, basically become a bit obsessive over the whole deal (per wife).
As I write, I am conducting yet another experiment to see what this thing can handle. It is on the Heavy Duty cycle-Heavy soil-cool water- Deep clean option. I have in the machine, 6 pair of 11 oz canvas hiking pants, 1 pair of bluejeans (all sized 36/34) and two thick Field-n-Stream non lined flannel shirts. The load is up to the top of the stainless tub and the clothes are semi loose, spread around the center. This is a heavy load for clothes and I would not normally load it this thick. Initially the tub fills with the soapy solution and then agitates. The agitator is definitely under some stress as the motion is measurably subdued compared to a normal load of mixed fabrics. The tub fills 3 more times as the cycle progresses. The manual states on the Heavy Duty cycle that it will do this because the recommended fabrics for the cycle absorb more water than normal type loads. Because the machine has a glass top, I am able to observe the whole cycle. Through out the course of the cycle, all of the items eventually make it through the solution a few times. I had my doubts but was proved wrong. This load when wet looked like quite a force to recon with however the machine did as advertised and being able to observe this through the glass top is a real plus.
Whites cycle is excellent!. Bulky cycle handled a queen size thick cotton hand made quilt very well. The water level in the tub on the Bulky setting is quite a lot. I did have to open the lid and even out the quilt due to it having an unbalanced load during the spin cycle. The wet quilt was sooo heavy that this was sort of expected. Not a concern for us. Today I washed 4 washable silk shirts on the delicate cycle and these came out great as well. The delicate cycle also fills up with a higher level of water and agitator speeds are slower. We have put towels through the Heavy Duty cycle and the Whites cycle and have had no issues. No twisting into knots or ripping. FWIW Front load washers are not exempt from tying items into knots! A feature I wish this had is what Whirlpool put into the larger capacity models which is when the load is going through the initial soak down, the basket rotates so all of the load gets saturated. Currently the load makes it through anyways via agitation so this wish is not a deal breaker. I DO recommend this product. If it did not meet my expectations it would have been sent back, Period!
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on October 25, 2016
Bought this machine with its dryer mate 5-6 years ago. I really had to adjust to the small amount of water that is used, the way the lid locks and takes at least 30 seconds to unlock when paused if I want to add an item after beginning the cycle. Large loads do not come out smelling very good in this machine, and after a year or so, I noticed a strange odor and diminished satisfaction with my laundry. The interior needs to be maintained with a cleaning cycle using the specified product or just using some bleach and running an empty hot cycle at regular intervals. The first few loads following this cleaning cycle tend to smell great, but that quickly fades away, and I am back to battling odors, particularly with towels. It isn't that they stink, but they do not smell fresh and "clean" the way they do when I use my mother's older machine that is not high efficiency. I did realize it was a water efficient machine when I made the purchase, so I cannot blame Whirlpool for that. I think I am not a convert to this new technology, either its results or longevity, both of which leave much to be desired. My dryer needed repair 2 days after the 5 year warranty expired. Seven months later, my washer is now leaking. My mother's old washer didn't need any attention throughout my entire childhood. It just ran and ran. It never needed a "clean" cycle or "extra rinse" cycle. Yes, it used water. That seems to get the job done.
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on May 13, 2011
People, come on. This is NOT a bad washer. First of all, the selling point of this and similar HE (High Efficiency) washers is that they use unconventional and cost-saving cleaning methods. In other words, these HE washers are nothing like what your mother or grandfather is used to. From my experience with this washer so far, it cleans clothing remarkably well considering the little water it uses. Because it's designed to use less water than normal washers, it periodically dispenses water over the spinning clothes instead of conventionally having them drenched in water. This method allows for a much lower level of water in the drum, thereby saving the operator some money. Due to the lack of an agitator, it's allowed to spin at a higher RPM than agitator-based washers without roughing up clothes. In other words, the faster spin means a bigger centrifugal force to "launch" away dirty water outwards. The spinning thing that replaces the agitator is called the "washplate", which creates a whirlpool (no pun intended) to help move clothes around and downward. In my opinion, the washplate and faster RPM makes up for the agitator to a respectable degree. However, some people may miss the ole agitator despite its roughness.

A benefit I noticed is that dyed clothing lose much less color than in conventional washers, making HE washers excellent for delicates.

A downside with HE washers is that more lint gets trapped in the folds of larger articles than with Non-HE washers, because the lint can't simply "swim away" in low water systems. DO NOT confuse this with dirt and think that your HE washer is a dud. However, a good dryer will suck that excess lint right out.

Seriously, if you're really worried about cleanliness, then play with the settings some more (ex. turn off 'ecoboost'; use 'deep clean' and 'extra rinse') or wash it again! I bet that even with two washes, this washer will still use less water and energy than a classic one.


Overall, I love this washer; it looks and cleans great and I wouldn't trade it for anything else. Remember, HE washers may look like your old washer, but they work in a very different way.
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on March 1, 2013
I've read about as many reviews on the Cabrio line that I could, and still went ahead with buying one myself (WTW5700XW3), plus the matching Cabrio dryer. Instead of just being a cheerleader or basher...I'd like to just dive in and list some observations about what I see when I wash clothes in my Cabrio and then contrast it with what I read in all the negative reviews. You can be the judge on what you think.

First off, this Cabrio doesn't just shut off in the middle of a load. It actually pauses to let gravity drain the load for a minute or two and also does water level checks. Yes, it sounds like the washer just died; falling completely silent. Yes, your traditional washer doesn't do this. Yes, there seems to be a lot more logic in this machine making decisions for you along the way to optimize the washing process. In the end....it will continue on just fine, if you let it...

In the beginning cycle where it does the sensor stage to determine the load, you would think the sensor stage is done after a few brief spins with no water. I thought the same, but the sensor cycle is a little longer. The washer runs for a couple minutes with just a little water added, but it's STILL part of the sensing cycle (note the light hasn't changed to the wash cycle yet). The clothes are actually absorbing the first dump of water as the machine tosses them around. The washer will pause again and then add additional water after it has checked how much the clothes have absorbed. Of course, the water level will never be above the clothes like a traditional washer, since the clothes need to press against the bottom washer plate to be moved around. This is also the part that most are getting hung up on, or can't accept. If you watch closely between the clothes, you will see a level of water under the clothes. The clothes will churn out, under (into the water/detergent brine mix), and the back up the center.

The clothes actually do move throughout the washer from center to outside in a donut fashion, it's just in slow motion. If you are used to a traditional washers, where the clothes slush around gallons of water in a fairly fast pattern, then you will need to re-adjust your brain for how this HE process works......and yes.....it does work!

Now for big sheets/towels/blankets/etc.. the "bulky" setting is the one you want. It'll use much more water, but it will also allow the large items to churn in the wash cycle correctly. Using the Bulky cycle is next to worthless for regular loads, because the wash plate at the bottom will not come in contact with the clothes and move them correctly. It's tempting to set all your regular loads to Bulky to satisfy your old cravings for gallons of water sloshing around, but that is not how an HE washer works. Do that, and you will be frustrated (hence the gobs of negative reviews).

My favorite cycles are "quick wash" and "normal". Quick wash is really useful if you just have lightly soiled clothes. Let's say something like the clothes wore to an office, verses construction work. The cycle is pretty much identical to the Normal cycle, but runs about a one half hour only. The Normal cycle handles most everything else, plus whites. The washer has a whites setting, but then it burns hot water and runs a longer than normal cycle. If your whites are in hurting condition, then by all means go for the whites setting. For me, my whites are not in that much of a need for aggressive cleaning.

I have thrown just about every type of clothes at this washer (work, play, blankets, towels, sheets, etc...) and it has performed flawlessly. The clothes are clean! The water usage is low. The washer is reliable with no baby-sitting/re-balancing of the cycles required so far. Since my model of Cabrio (5700) has the glass lid, I can see the clothes churn several times down and around the drum; coming back up the center every 2-3 minutes. All clothes are cycling through the water/detergent brine several times. I have seen nothing that is left bobbing on top totally dry at the end of the cycle, like some other comments have said. Dryer time is also reduced significantly because the washer does such an excellent job on the spin cycle to remove most of the water from the clothes. The clothes come out of my dryer with no wrinkles. I can understand what folks are seeing when they take the clothes damp, to almost dry, out of the HE washer. The clothes will dry just fine in the dryer with the wrinkles gone. Again, folks with traditional washers might be used to their clothes being a lot wetter coming out of the washer; but I never found that to be a feature/benefit.

In conclusion, I don't fault the consumer as much as the companies that have designed these HE washers. They have obviously dropped the ball on educating the public about what really is going on with these machines. Just saying they use less water, and the water line will be below your clothes doesn't cut it. You make a new technology HE washer, and then the consumer sees it stop at times for minutes thinking it died, then not explaining the details of the cycles and what it's accomplishing (sensor technology? tell the consumer more about how it does this and the fill lines, the flow of the clothes, etc...), and then these companies just tell you it makes different sounds you not used to and all is fine??? ....well....to me this paradigm shift is like we're going from horse-n-buggy technology to gas powered automobile technology with these HE washers .....and the folks using them are still looking for the ropes to giddy-up.

I would highly recommend this HE washer to anyone that wants to significantly reduce their water consumption and have clean clothes. My water costs were high. This HE Cabrio washer put a significant dent in the water consumption. Now, if you can't get your head around what's going on inside these HE washers and agree with how they work, then stick with what you know. Buy a traditional washing machine that fills the bucket full of gallons of water, and be at ease with your decision. As for me, I look forward to doing laundry every time with my Cabrio, and the savings it brings.

UPDATE 1/25/2017: Well, it's been a few years and the washer is still going strong. Enjoy using it just as much as the first year. Only repair I had to make was a shift actuator module Whirlpool W10006355 Actuator that prevented it from spinning. This occurred about 3 years into having the washer. The part cost me about $30 on Amazon and replacing it only took removing a couple screws to replace it. About 10 minutes of work. Other than that one repair, it's been rock solid. Clothes still come out clean and everything functions just perfect.
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on December 26, 2014
Bought this washer 11-26-12, great sale at HH Gregg. After two years, even though it is still in perfect working condition, we just got rid of it, literally gave it away. Today we replaced it with a Samsung front loader.

I have no doubt of its energy efficiency. It was also quiet and mostly vibration free. Super high spin cycle meant the dryer didn't have to work as hard...Why did we part ways with it??

IT BEATS THE CRAP OUT OF YOUR CLOTHES!!!!!!!!! Every time we used it, all of the clothes looked as if they were hand-braided. They were convoluted, braided, wrinkled, stretched-out messes. VERY hard on clothes. And, unless we put EVERY cycle on "BULKY" to give it more water, the clothes would come out half-clean. Even on this setting, often the clothes weren't really clean. And the bedding (sheets, pillowcases) always came out as a "mushroom", one sheet puffed up in the middle, with all the braided sheet and pillowcases stuffed witin. Very odd....

So, goodbye to Whirlpool Cabrio. Three loads done so far in the Samsung front loader, and it's a world of difference..........
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on March 13, 2011
Have owned this washer and matching dryer for three years. There is not much to say about the dryer; it works like its supposed to.

The washer took some getting used to. As you see in other reviews the buyer has to be aware of how little water it uses. And you have to get used to the time it takes the "sense" the load.

The good. It does a fantastic job with small to medium size loads of laundry with multiple items with light soiling. It does a good job with permanent press and delicates. It does okay with bulky items, i.e. car seat covers, small soft coolers, small rugs, about 50% of the time.

The bad. I have never been able to declare it did a good job on a large load of laundry. I've had items that had simple stains (light mud) and it didn't touch it. I've had kids clothes with washable paints from school come back out with the washable paint still on the item. And I did not overload it.

This washer is ideal for someone who likes to do small to medium size loads with light soiling. I would not recommend for anyone with a large family of boys, unless you like to do a lot of laundry (in small to medium loads!)
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on April 23, 2013
I agree with all the one star ratings. This is absolutely the worse washer invented! Clothes come out with dry spots, residue and obvious spots that should have come clean. Gym clothes still smell after washing. Sheets, jean legs and shirt sleeves tangle into tight knots that are difficult to undo. Loads frequently go out of balance and after the machine tries to re-balance itself several times the items need to be manually adjusted.I have to wash everything on the bulky cycle with an extra rinse to get marginally clean clothes. This uses extra water, extra electricity and extra time with most loads taking 60-90 minutes. My clothes look dingy, especially the whites and light colors.I tried to return this machine after the first week but the small independent appliance store where I bought it would not take it back. My calls to Whirlpool resolved nothing. They sent a repair man out and determined it was working as it should. I have read the manual thoroughly, followed all instructions and recommendations. This machine is so poorly designed I can't believe it could even be on the market. Whoever designed this machine should be fired and forced to do laundry with it 24/7. Whirlpool and Maytag will never get my business again and I make sure I let everyone I know about the problems I've encountered with this machine & my previous, Maytag Neptune which were both expensive, high end machines. (The Neptune "died" after 2 years of use)
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on March 22, 2015
From day one when I bought this on sale in 2012, it's been nothing but a headache. First off, it cannot handle heavy loads - it will stop and give you an error.Fine, lesson learned. However even on small loads, it will run it's cycle. End. Once you're ready to throw the load into the dryer - well nope, not just yet. Clothes are totally soaked and way to heavy for the dryer to handle. Some days it dries the clothes fast, some days it simply didn't want to. Another 14 minutes on a DRAIN/SPIN cycle. Now the issue I have today after doing one load of towels, it stopped. Flashing green lights all around. The washer is filled over 1/4 of dirty water which will not drain after 2 hours of working on this. I had to manually remove the water with a bucket. large plastic empty WonTon soup container I had. I found a video to run a diagnostic mode - seemed to work through 9 tests. Basically it's not working. I've hated this machine and have big regrets not returning it after 60 days. My previous washer lasted 17 years with very little problems. This thing, owned it for 2 1/2 years and it can't go without 2 months without some issue! Stay away from this mess if you can.
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on September 2, 2013
I agree with all the negative comments on this site - but my experience also includes the machine permanently staining many clothes. Again last week - I put in a new knit shirt, worn once, that emerged from the washing machine with huge rounded spots all over, that cannot be washed out. Another piece of clothing ruined! The Whirlpool customer service people condescendingly told me that I obviously don't know how to use a washing machine.

Would one of you people who love this machine please buy mine? I'd give you a great deal on it, and you can give it to someone you like.....
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on August 28, 2013
I have a Whirlpool Cabrio washer. WTW5700WZ0

I really hate it and wish I had done more research before buying.

I have a family of 5 and a lot of washing to do so I was attracted to the super large capacity. The problem, it doesn't clean the clothes.

I am a big fan of high efficiency when it works. This one doesn't. My big complaint is that it doesn't fill up with enough water. I actually took it apart to see if the water level might be adjustable and its just a big motherboard. If one sensor in this thing breaks then you have to replace the whole motherboard. Ouch.

There does seem to be a tube that leads to a water level sensor. I've been thinking of extending the length of the tube, or widening, to get the level where I want it.

My suggestion to anyone that reads this, buy the least efficient Washing Machines, Dryers, Dishwashers and Refrigerators. Yes, your water and electric bill will be a little higher but the product will last 3X as long and actually work as you expect.

My suggestion to the appliance companies, give me a way to bypass the super HE setting. Sometimes you really need it. (allergies, bulk items, heavily soiled clothes)
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