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on May 1, 2011
As others have found out, the bellows ( the rubber gasket between the door and the drum ) will develop mysterious holes that will cause the unit to leak. It will start with a few drops in the drawer under the unit and turn into a flood in time. If you don't have the extended warranty it will cost you $300 to fix and take forever for the part to arrive. I have found that tire patch kits will fix the holes. Just make sure to inspect the bellows on a regular basis and hope that nothing else goes wrong.
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on August 14, 2011
As my Mom would often say to me as a teenager, "if you'll listen to just one thing I say, hear this"... Well, in honor of my very wise Mom, if you listen to just one thing I say, DON'T BUY A WHIRLPOOL WASHER. I had the first generation Maytag Neptune front load for 12 years. Loved it. finally died so I replaced it with the Whirlpool Duet 4 CU washer May 2010. Its been a laundry nightmare every day since it was installed. During the year warranty had bellow replaced twice, and had service out at least 5 times. Whirlpool CS is useless and they will not take back any product- was politely told on 7th phone call to them in 6 months that "there is no lemon law on appliances". So, I'm about 2 months out of warranty and now I've come home to a completely flooded wood floor. Oh and if your washer is in your house, when this unit is running, you can't hear yourself scream its SO LOUD. So instead of throwing more good money after bad, this practically brand new washer will be trashed and I will replace it with a Samsung, Bosch or LG- all of which get much higher reviews. Again, PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT BUY THESE HORRIBLE PIECES. I feel a little better now!
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on November 19, 2011
We purchased our washer at Lowes in March, 2011. It was working great, I was happy over all, though I was a bit annoyed at the exaggerated advertising that this washer will hold 16 pair of jeans (5-6 is more like it). On September 11, the rubber boot pulled completely out of place and the wire wrapped around clothing and ruined them. I called the Service Center at Whirlpool and had them come out. They were out within a week. The repairman said that he would have to replace the boot and the part would take 2 weeks to get in. I was without a washer for 3 weeks at this point. They came and repaired it, and within a month it started leaking again. This time the boot was still in tact. We call the service center at whirlpool again, a week later a new company comes out and they declare it has the same issue - a leaking boot. They order the part and it takes 2 weeks to get in and installed. Again, we are without a washing machine for 3 weeks. A few weeks pass and I run a self cleaning cycle and the machine starts leaking yet a third time! I get on the phone with Whirlpool and demand a new machine. They refuse and tell me they are 'honoring the warranty and standing by their product by sending out a repair service'. The Service center tells me there is no one else to talk to - no case manager, no manager, no one at all higher up and the only way to get a new machine is to have a service repairman declare the machine is unrepairable. Yet a third company comes out and fixes some minor issues saying that's been the problem all along. They say they ran a self cleaning cycle and it was great - no leaks. They leave and that night I do laundry. The first load I run I know something is horribly wrong. It smells like burnt rubber. When the cycle finishes, I open the door and am greeted with rubber grit all over my clothing. They smell awful. I run the load again, thinking perhaps the grit was left from the service call. The smell during the second load worsens. When the load finishes, the grit is gone, but the smell is horrible. I dry the clothes, thinking I'd rewash them after the smell was gone from the washer. I run a self cleaning cycle with Affresh. Not 2 minutes into the cycle and the machine leaks all over. AGAIN. I call whirlpool the next morning and the soonest they can have someone out to fix it is a WEEK later!

Whirlpool by far has the WORST customer service I've ever dealt with. If you don't believe me, check out their facebook page. It is littered with people just like me. So far, Whirlpool refuses to replace my machine, and I continue to be a working mom of 3 kids who can't do laundry. Unacceptable, Whirlpool. My husband and I have missed 6 days of work waiting on repair service calls and our machine has yet to be fixed. We did the math, and at this point, we are out enough money it would have been cheaper to just purchase a new machine rather than miss so much work and do laundry at a laundromat.

Buyer don't just beware, RUN far away from Whirlpool and their products.
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on October 18, 2011
We bought this item from Sears. Gradually the spin cycle would get louder and louder over time, until about a month ago you couldn't even have a conversation in the next room because it sounded like a jet engine.

The bearings went bad and the repair was going to cost more than the machine cost me brand new. The repair technician blamed us for using any detergent other than Tide! We called BS on that. We did ONLY USE high efficiency detergent at all times, but apparently that isn't good enough. He said Kirkland brand from Costco was the worst to use.....

Sears offered to replace it with a machine of our choosing + $100 credit. This was after hours on the phone and TERRIBLE TERRIBLE customer service. I will NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS AGAIN.

This machine was great while it lasted, all of 11 months. Gratefully it died before the warranty.
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on April 20, 2011
I purchaced this washer 1 1/2 years ago and we have been very happy with it. Now that the 1 year warrentee is up the saga begins. It started leaking from the bellow in the front. The service tech came out without the part on his truck and confirmed that the bellow was the problem. He ordered the part and we made an appointment for 1 weak later. At that time he saw no evidence that we were abusing the machine in any way. 3 days later the machine started making a terrible noise. I shut it off and saw that the drive belt had let go. I called the tech to have him bring the belt on our upcoming appointment. Today he came to install the bellow and the belt only to inform me that the Basket and outer tub assy were broken. Again today he confimed that there was no evidence of the maching being abused. The parts needed to be ordered and I have an appointment for 1 week from today to have it fixed. I paid $665.00 for the machine less than 18 months ago and my repair bills are currently at $771.00 and I don't have a usable washer.
I called whirlpool to politly complain and was told I should have purchaced the extended warrentee. I informed them and I am telling you , I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER WHIRLPOOL APPLIENCE, or an appliance with another name that is made by whirlpool.
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on May 10, 2012
Bought this from lowe's Jan 2011. it started making a horrible roaring noise that got louder with each cycle. Turns out the bearings are bad. We bought the protection plan and after they came out and looked at the unit, chose to refund the purchase price instead of repairing. This didn't make us very happy because we bought the washer on sale and the price to replace is $400 more! The protection plans only refund you the purchase price, not the replacement cost. Our new washer is scheduled to be delivered this weekend. I do want to give some kudos to our Lowes store mgr.! After telling him the story, he helped out with a discount on the new unit to soften the blow.
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on October 12, 2011
Absolutely pathetic washer. Waste of time and money. Shredded t-shirts, shirts, jackets, whenever it felt like it. Replacement parts very expensive and a complete rip-off because as soon as you pay to replace one item, another one goes wrong. Whirlpool should be ashamed and embarrassed to have this item sold with their name on it. Customer services at Whirlpool should have extra stress/anxiety counselling to deal with all the justifiable complaints from Whirlpool washer customers. Grow up Whirlpool, take responsibility for the fact you have created an incredibly bad product and withdraw it from the shelves until you can do it properly. Maybe use the time to retrain your engineers? If I could stick a 'return to sender' label on the washer and send it to Whirlpool so that they had a washer mountain outside their building to remind them of their ineptitude on a daily basis, I would. As it is, another one is destined for landfill before it reached it's third birthday.
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on May 6, 2015
We bought this washer at Lowes and it seemed to be working OK, but it gradually got to the point that it jumped around on the spin cycle. The warranty had expired, so rather than fix it, I bought a different washer. I can repair almost anything so I took a look at it. There are supposed to be four pneumatic shocks on the tub. This machine only had THREE!! Well that was the problem. I fixed it and will sell it so that will pay for the parts.
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on October 1, 2013
I purchased my Whirlpool Duet washer/dryer set Sept 2011. Two years ago. My washing machine "eats" my dress clothes. Called repair, they couldn't find anything wrong, but it is a problem with these machines. You need to use a garment bag when washing dress clothes. NOW, the machine won't agitate/spin. Repair man says not worth fixing, two electronic boards out and motor. TWO YEARS old!!!!! Ridiculous. Lowes' will be sending me a gift card for a refund. So now, I have to go find another washer, which will, of course, cost me more money, have the old one removed, probably pay delivery and for another warranty, which, I am sure I won't get that money refunded, but THANK GOD, I bought the extended warranty, or I would have been totally screwed!! This machine sucks!!
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on October 29, 2013
I bought a Whirlpool Front Loading Washer model WFW9150WW00 Type 832-A about three years ago. Within a year the washer began to make loud noises. We never had a front loading washer and assumed it to be normal for this type of washer until the noise became a thumping noise. About six months ago, the thumping noise turned into banging noise. We should have attended to this problem right away but our travel schedule kept us busy. Finally, I chatted with a Whirlpool representative and was told that there was no recall on this unit and the warranty was for 12 months only. He was happy to set up a service call for me. The service technician stuck his hand in the basket, rattled it up and down, and advised me that the bearing was gone and that the shaft and the basket all will need to be replaced at a cost of about $1000. I could not believe it and felt robbed by Whirlpool for selling such a poorly designed washer and then not even acknowledging the problem. I paid $95 for a one minute service call. Just to be sure, I called another technician who was kind enough to listen to the diagnosis of the first technician and told me that most likely the diagnosis was right. He then sighed and told me that they don't make them as they used to. What a ripp off by Whirlpool? I now have no choice but to buy another brand of washer.
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