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on November 11, 2012
Runs forever. No problems in 16 years! We have done tons of laundry. Family of four. Highly recommend. Great value
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on November 6, 2014
Like others, I object very much to this model's "answer" to greater energy efficiency standards. We replaced our 10 year old combination Whirlpool with this new model last year. Instead of building a better efficiency motor, Whirlpool has provided an inferior design that did not cost anything more to manufacture. First, the temperature settings (as others have noted) do not actually allow a hot wash, or a warm or hot rinse. This counts toward "energy rating" goals, but the washer is useless for sanitizing, stripping mildew, or...just washing with hot water. Second, this washer skimps on water (the "large" setting only fills the tub half full with water) and the controls provide no manual over-ride, which counts as "saving energy" for the manufacturer, but leaves items in a large load sticking out of the water for several minutes of the wash cycle. Third, because of the very small volume of water in the tub, the agitation is more severe than in previous top-loaders. We have had small holes develop in all our sheets that are more than one year old, especially on the fitted sheets near the elastic. I suspect the agitator catches the material and exerts more force on it than with the greater amount of water that the agitation was designed to move. We have never had holes develop before, and we have only premium sheets (Lands End, Ralph Lauren, Cuddledown of Maine). Whirlpool: build a better motor to meet energy regulations, don't take your energy savings out on your customers!
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on February 28, 2015
I am giving one star because zero is not an option. I had a Whirlpool Thin Twin and had no problems for 20 years until the transmission went. I could have fixed it but I felt it was time for a new machine so I replaced it with the current model. I checked the reviews at multiple sites and was surprised by so many negative ones but after my stellar experience I considered them to be unenlightened. How wrong I was! I wish I had listened. They were spot on! The new version is NOTHING like the old. This machine is so badly designed Whirlpool should apologize to us and get rid of the executive that authorized production of this travesty and provide a retrofit to fix what can be fixed, without charge, to all of us who are stuck with this sorry excuse for a Thin Twin.

First, the washer: The pressure switch from the original model has been replaced with a very sensitive switch that only allows the tub to fill at most to 30% of capacity. The company claims the most water will fill using the heavy duty cycle but that is not my experience. The pressure switch shuts off upon reaching the medium level and will not add more when set for a large load. The clothing will absorb the water and there is not enough liquid for the dirt to dissolve so it can be drained away. The level is more like the extra-small setting on my old Thin Twin. If you put your clothing in first (which is what Whirlpool recommends) then even LESS water fills the tub and the clothing on the top stays dry. There is so little water it will not dissolve powdered detergent and white flakes will be stuck to your clothing unless you manually run a second or third rinse cycle (which you should do anyway because there is precious little water in the rinse cycle and we got rashes from the residue left in the fabric). Don't think using the hot setting will help - it does not get hot enough to dissolve the powder. Liquid detergent manufacturers do not recommend putting detergent directly on clothing as it will weaken the fibers and cause holes. Well, you may ask, why not simply add your detergent into the water first? With my old machine I could do that. The new one will not fill with water unless the lid is down. Apparently, one of their companies was sued some years ago so now they only make machines that fill when the lid is down. Well, fine if that's the case, at least put a window in the lid or have it clear like LG or Samsung so you can see what's going on in there! There is no detergent cup (although there is a bleach dispenser and fabric softener dispenser) so this is just another indication that Whirlpool put someone in charge of the design that probably never did laundry in his life and instead used the drop off service at the local laundromat.

The agitator on the new machine is different. It is very aggressive and will create holes and pill your clothing. Fine linens will develop rips and tears in them so stock up on polyester blend sheets. Yes, poly blend sheets can make you both hot and clammy at night and tend to pill but Whirlpool doesn't want you to get a good night's rest either. The harsh agitation on the new machine (on all settings) pulls much more lint from the clothing and you will immediately notice lots of lint in the dryer as well as premature fading of your clothes. I was shocked at the amount of lint in the trap after doing a load of fine cotton sheets. The lint trap looked like I had done a load of towels instead! Some of the reviewers on Amazon have offered helpful tips such as adding additional water to the tub. This definitely helps. Be sure to add it after the washer fills. If you add it too early the pressure switch cuts off the flow and it's that many more buckets you will have to schlep from the sink over to the washing machine. I have to add 5 gallons to do a decent load and that doesn't even fill up the machine. I found I have to run 2-3 rinse additional cycles to get rid of the residue.

I did not use the store's installer to put in my machine. I hired my own. When he tested the machine he told me the pressure switch is defective because it's shutting off too soon and the tub is not filling with the correct amount of water. He repairs as well as installs Whirlpool washers and advised me to call Whirlpool and have them send someone out to put in a new switch since the machine is under warranty. Whirlpool refused to do so. They told me to read the manual as it clearly states this model is energy saving and uses less water. I told Customer Service that I timed and measured the water while it filled the tub and without a doubt the switch was cutting off after the medium load and would not allow more water to go into the tub. She said if there was a problem, it's because it wasn't installed correctly and asked if the faucet was turned on (duh!). You get the picture...Whirlpool first blamed the installer, then blamed me, then blamed the US Government. Yes, that's right. They said they were forced to cut back on the amount of water in the washing machine by US Government regulations. I asked where I might find these regulations and I was directed to the US Government Energy Star website so I could see for myself. While I was on the phone with them I went to the Energy Star website and found that Whirlpool is of crap. The regulations clearly state there is no water saving requirement for machines with a capacity of 3.0CF or less. The 27" Thin Twin is a 2.5 CF and therefore EXEMPT! Whirlpool has visited all this misery on us for what? A PDF of the Energy Star guidelines can be found here: 2015 Final_ENERGY_STAR_Most_Efficient_2015_Recognition_Criteria_Clothes_Washers.pdf?327f-715b

I brought this to their attention and customer service refused to budge from the script and kept repeating the same thing over and over: The machine is fine. It's supposed to use very little water. Your clothes are supposed to be wet after the spin cycle. Your clothes are supposed to be damp after drying for 45 minutes. It is obvious those poor folks in customer service have no ability to help you. They cannot deviate from the script or they probably get fired. It's a waste of time to even call them.

But wait! It doesn't end there. Once your load has been washed and rinsed two or three times, it's time to put it in the dryer. The clothes will be heavy with water, and I mean dripping. It's not just jeans and towels that are heavy, it's sheets as well. When I complained to Whirlpool I was told this is normal because the new machines have a much smaller motor. According to Whirlpool, they had to put in a smaller motor to meet the Energy Star requirements. This motor only does 640 RPM's. Quite the crock as Whirlpool makes other front load machines with 700 RPMs or more. Aren't they worried about the Energy Star guidelines in those washers? Check out the competitors (I wish I had), their spin speeds are way higher that that! So when you finally get your wet laundry in the dryer, it will shut off before the clothing is dry. According to customer service this is so your clothes done get "too dry." I live in a humid part of the country and unless laundry is bone dry it will quickly develop a funny smell. So after the dryer is done, put it back on the timed drying as needed until your laundry is dry. Laundry has become a back-breaking time consuming chore. Instead of making my life easier, it's done the opposite. I waste of time and money.

Let's review the ways we have saved energy with the Whirlpool Thin Twin 1) added an additional 5 gallons to be able to do the wash. 2) run the rise cycle two or more times to remove lint and detergent residue 3) run an extra spin cycle (futile but at least you know you tried) 4) Extend the drying time again and again. it's really supposed to cost only $31 a year to run this machine? I don't think so. For some reason Whirlpool has decided to trash it's most fabulous laundry product. instead of building on the design and making it better than ever (who doesn't want to save space and not not bend over to get to the dryer?) they have swapped out quality components for smaller, yet incredibly noisy motors, filled it with defective switches and sensors and worst of all, instead of admitting the shortcomings and fixing bad sensors and switches, they blame everyone else.

Don't buy this machine.
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on October 2, 2014
Was very nervous with buying this on-line and having it shipped. Now I'm singing "Don't worry be Happy!" everything was great with this transaction the washer is even more than expected. Excellent!! Very Happy! Shipper even helped me move it inside and took the packing with him. I live in rural Utah this was air freighted to Grand Junction CO. then delivered by truck to me! FREE Shipping.
:) The washer is awesome Too small for a family unit but you could make it work, great for singles or couples, Not too noisy easy to hook up for me, a guy with some appliance experience. I was impressed at how well it was packed and it arrived in perfect condition!! After a few loads of clothes I am more than happy with the performance of this washer dryer unit!! Recommend!!
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on November 1, 2014
I converted the dryer to run on propane from nat gas and installed it in my 7x12 trailer i pull with my motor-home.It works perfect and saves me the high cost and waste of time sitting in a laundromat
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on May 15, 2015
I don't have any complaints for this combo.I love that I can use it daily so I never have tons of clothes I also like that it agitates good.It also fills up water to the top so I can see this while the top is open.It dries my clothes good no wrinkles since I take the clothes out right after it's done.I'am happy with the space it saves and the price was great.It's easy to clean the lint trap.Great buy coming from Whirlpool.
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