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on August 22, 2015
This is the first book I read of this series, and it was a wow! The story was great, fast paced, with many twists and turns, but never neglecting the intense romance of the main couple. Both hero and heroine were wonderfult, and together they were magic, I particularly enjoyed their psychic/emotianal connection. I did not mind one bit their almost instant love, as a matter of fact I am always delighted when the hero falls hard for the heroine quickly, and is not in denial about it either (it is a matter of personal preference). There were so many aspects of this story I loved, for example I love how the hero loved the heroine, how invested he was in their relationship and how eager he was to fight for it. Another thing about this book that had me over the moon, was the fact, that for once, it was the He who was so insecured about his appearance. I'm so sick and tired of reading about women who feel they don't measure up in the looks department to the "gorgeousness": of the hero. I also very much enjoyed that there was a lot of his point of view in the story, especially during love making, it was not all about what she was feeling. And I was very grateful that the heroine's every other thought was not about her body's lustful reactions to the hero. Yes, I wish there had been fewer love scenes, and definitely less explicit, but those are easy to dismiss for me (by glossing over them). What I cannot dismiss is a jerk of a hero, and Nathan was just about perfect for all his imperfections. I was shock when I realized that the author was Maya Banks. I have read other books from this author (but not from this series) that I absolutely hated. But this one is a gem.

However, I will not be reading "When Day Breaks", even though I am a sucker for a Beauty & the Beast theme and I like it best when the heroine is very beautiful, as in the case of this book. The reason being that I can't stand when the heroine does the persuing (regardless of the reason), and by the reviews I read, she not only does all the pursuing, but she does so aggresively. And when I read one of the reviewers state, that even though Eden was a virgin, she forgot all about it, because she was so turned on by the hero, I was completely put off. This scenario (for me) falls into the, please, don't insult my intelligence category.
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on July 19, 2017
I love the basis of this story. Telepathy is fascinating premise anytime but in the context of this romance it is absolutely enthralling. Shea and Nathan's telepathic connection during his captivity was gut wrenching. Those scenes were so finely crafted that you, the reader, were drawn into the emotional, psychological and physical pain he felt and the relief she gave him while instilling him with the courage to keep fighting for his life.

I thnk this book maybe one of the most intense paramilitary romances I have ever read. The last few chapters were heart stopping and mesmerizing to the point that I could not put the book down. These characters are so rich and multilayered. The storylines capture your attention and keep you riveted with every word written.
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Whispers in the Dark could have easily been a 5 star book, but I am really sick of the Kelly brothers and their wives or mates getting their Butts Kicked!!! Again in Whispers the Kelly's get outsmarted. Resulting in the Shea being horribly tortured. The story starts off with Nathan Kelly being captured and horribly tortured for months in a cave in Afghanistan. When are the Kelly's and the KGI teams going to kick some butt they said they do. Their attacks are limited to a few gun shots and hand grenades when they go and recapture who ever in their family that has been captured tortured and rape and badly abused, But the reader never reads what they do to the villains of the story. Please Ms. Banks give us some retribution and retaliation on the evil guys. Instead of all the abuse dished out to the Good Guys. The paranormal aspect of the story was good. Although I glean she got this idea maybe from Christin Feehans GhostWalker series, which I might say is OUTSTANDING in comparison to tthe KGI. The GhowstWalker Kick Major Butt. If you attack them or their mates you are going to get it and the readers gets to read how they get revenge. Overall as Ms. Banks KGI series goes Whispers was one of the better ones. I liked both Nathan and Shea. I really enjoyed Shea's ability to take away a persons pain using her telepathic abilities. I knew Adam Resnick was up to something from bk1 but it was a surprise as to what that was.
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on January 3, 2012
I preordered this yesterday 'cause I knew it was coming out today. I was up in the middle of the night and downloaded to my K. I thought I'd read a page or two to get the feel. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I finally climbed in beat at 5:30 this morning to get up at 7 to get to work!! First time in a very, very long time that has happened. I prefer straight romantic suspense but have given up on the genre ever having enough books to keep me going. I read some of the lighter paranormal and enjoy them. This was a very good blend of the two! I have really enjoyed all of the KGI books and look forward to the next. I was out on the data bases looking for the release date for the next one. So you know it looks like it comes out 7/3/12 if it does not get changed.
Grab this one and hold on for the ride. Be sure you gather your snacks and let the dog out before you start so you don't have to stop unitl the very end. Well worth the price of the book!
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on April 8, 2013
Just love the KGI novels by Banks. I have all of them and this one is one of my favorites.

Every one is a great read and full of action, action and oh yeah, great sex.

Nathan and Joe are twins. They are just two of the Kelly Brothers. Neither one belongs to KGI yet. They are both enlisted in the Army and are in Afghanistan.

KGI is a company run by the Kelly's. Its a spec ops operation that does work for the Govt and private individuals. All the Kelly brothers are ex Spec Ops and members of KGI. Joe and Nathan will be as well when they're enlistments are up.

Nathan heads out on patrol in Astan. His brother Joe was wounded earlier and is in the hospital with a broken leg so not on this mission.

Nathans patrol is ambushed and Nathan, Swanny and a few others are captured. The rest are dead.

Back in the States his brothers are going crazy trying to find out where Nathan is. Astan is a big place the info given by Joe just doesn't pinpoint Nathans last location.

They finally get lucky when a e-mail, sent by an unknown, lands on their boards. They now know where to look for Nathan.

KGI rescues Nathan and Swanny after they had escaped and gets them home.

So begins one great read.

We have a Nathan who doesn't know how to explain Shea, his family that doesn't quite know how to deal with him since his return, folks hunting for Shea, a Govt guy who's hunting Shea, a Shea with some serious powers, her missing sister, bad guys all over the place and KGI kicking ass.

Just a great read and well worth five stars.
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on February 3, 2012
Whispers In The Dark starts off strongly and finishes very weakly. Nathan Kelly has been take captive in Afghanistan. Tortured, he is at the point of welcoming death, but still refuses to give up the answers his captors want. Mind on the verge of breaking, he hears a voice in his head soothing him. His body starts to feel warmth and the pain recedes. He convinces himself he is going crazy but there is just enough hope that he listens to the voice and starts to hope this isn't the end for him.

Shea is on the run for her life. She has supernatural powers that everyone would love to get their hands on. When she feels Nathan's pain and despair, she can't leave him alone to face the terror. She comforts him, takes his pain and encourages him to escape.

All the time the KGI has not given up hope they will find their brother. When Shea sends them anonymous emails with details on Nathan, they instantly act. Through a series of events, Nathan is rescued, but Shea is not safe and must continue to run for her life. She breaks her connection to Nathan, leaving Nathan lost.

The story jumps six months in the future and we see Nathan home, healing, but not really recovering. He is missing a key part of his soul in Shea. Not understanding if he dreamed her in need of something to hold onto, but the very real emails are a testament that he is not insane.

Suddenly he gets a broadcast in his mind from Shea and he will do anything to find and protect her.

This is where the story lost interest for me. I just couldn't get into the fact that the hardcore KGI was now adding supernatural characters. At first it worked. Saving Nathan was so intense, but after that it just felt like it was pushed into the whole soulmate feeling way to fast.

Shea also has a sister, Grace, who is on the run. She has healing supernatural powers. The story advances on them all running and trying to uncover the whole story. It just wasn't working for me.

The entire Kelly clan makes their appearance. Sam has his way and they are building a KGI compound with houses for each boy, training facilities and main hub. It just felt easy to paranoid and cultish to me.

While I still love this series, I am disappointed with this novel. I hope the next book about Rio and Grace bring the series back up to the level of its predecessors.
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on January 8, 2015
Whisper in the dark is an awesome KGI novel, it's not like the other KGI novels but it's just as good. This book has a supernatural twist to it that makes it more interesting but not OMG WTF kinda of way. I love Nate and Shea's love story/romantic suspense story, they are just too sweet together, you can the feel love within the pages.

Nathan is captured in Afghanistan, and tortured on a daily bases he is about to give up hope but then he hears an angels voice, one that gives him hope and takes away his pain.Shea helps both him and his friend Swanny escape their prison and then disappears causing him to wonder if it was really all in his mind, but then she is in trouble and reaches out to him, and new mysteries and developments occur along the way. Another great KGI book by Maya Banks
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on January 23, 2013
Maya Banks does it again with another sensational addition to the KGI series.

Whispers in the Dark ventured down the telepathic path, which rather than detracting from the story, added to the air of mystery and intrigue. Once again, those Kelly's showed their incredible love of family, and its commitment to ensure that each member feels loved and secure.

Nathan Kelly, twin to Joe was captured behind enemy lines and was being tortured along with others in his group. His energy, hope and desire to live was in its final stages. At his lowest ebb, he receives messages from Telepathic Shea, urging him to continue to fight for survival.

Shea was in danger. She has been on the run from people who killed her parents over a year before, and was somehow connected to Nathan. She was forced to remain isolated from her equally gifted sister Grace, and the loss of family, sense of safety and predictable was taking its toll on her body and mind. Her connection to Nathan though, gave her hope, meaning, purpose.

This story follows their journey. A tough period in which Nathan endeavours to return to 'normal' life, Shea combats an unseen enemy, and their struggle to believe in love, despite the odds against them.

Maya Banks writes wonderful stories, that keep you engrossed and completely immersed. Whispers in the Dark was no exception. Another incredibly well written chapter in the life of the Kellys, and one more stepping stone guaranteeing that I shall continue reading this series. Next stop.....Echoes at Dawn.
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on July 17, 2017
Loved this plot!!! So glad Nathan was saved. Cried my eyes out in several places. Wow. Just wow. HAVE to go to the next book, have to!
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on March 9, 2013
I've been struggling to find books I can delve into a just sit, read, and get lost in that world. I'm a full time college students so my time for pleasure reading is almost nonexistent, or as I like to say, I'm in college now, sleep is for sissies and well I take whatever moments I can and spend them on pleasure reading. I've read the first three books in this series and I'm not disappointeded. I particularly liked this one. I enjoyed that it started out with a paranormal twist on the book. I enjoyed how the talent was talked about and how it wasn't overly used and the main character didn't feel like she was defective for the ability she possessed.

I enjoy Maya's books, I really liked this one, so far it's my favorite. My biggest complaint I think is how sometimes the male characters, just something. They're definitely alpha males, and I appreciate that, the women aren't week or vengeful Valkyries,
But something about the mail characters actions just seem kind of off or forced maybe? If any of that makes sense.

Again, I really enjoyed this book. Trying to restrain myself from buying the next one right now cause, well I need sleep this weekend and need to get homework done, when I'm reading I ignore the world as a whole and get kind of pissy when life intrudes. But anyways, I liked this, I would recommend it, trying to find something like it. Would read it again.
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