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on June 8, 2017
I purchased my Whistle 3 from Amazon about 3 weeks ago to keep track of my escape artist, and wide roaming, Siberian Husky. I live on a ranch in the mountains of very rural western Colorado where finding a fast traveling dog is virtually impossible without a GPS tracker like the Whistler 3.
A lot of thought went into designing this product. First, there's the physical unit that is small (approximately 1.6"x1.3"x .6") and weighs less than an ounce. It attaches easily and securely to collars up to 1" wide. It uses GPS to determine location when your dog, cat or T-Rex is away from "home" and then sends the location to your smart phone via 3G cellular service (no SIM card purchase required). GPS and 3G is important. There are a lot of pet trackers that use Bluetooth, which has a very limited range (100 feet max), or if they use GPS, connect to the cellular network via 2G, which unlike 3G, doesn't have complete US coverage. On several occasions, I've tested Whistle’s location accuracy and in general it's within about 10 to 15 feet. The app shows a shaded circle around the pet’s estimated location that gives a sense of the accuracy of the estimate. Whistle requires that you have Wi-Fi at home or where you want to designate a “safe place,” of which you can have several. When your pet is within the range of designated Wi-Fi locations, Whistle switches from GPS to Wi-Fi to save power and battery time. And then when your pet goes (escapes) outside of Wi-Fi range, it automatically switches back to GPS. If your pet stays in home Wi-Fi range, you can assume about 5 or 6 days on a battery charge, but if continuously outside of its home Wi-Fi range assume 1 or 2 days on a charge. I try to keep my battery well charged just in case my escape-artist husky decides to go in an adventure. I don’t want it to run down while I’m in hot pursuit. Oh, and for those with hunting dogs, or other water loving creatures, the unit is waterproof.
All too often the electronics of gadgets like Whistle are designed by brilliant engineers, but the apps that drive them appear to have been developed by crazed aliens from planet Blx!#}. Not so with Whistle. The app is really quite good. Setting it up takes about 10 minutes and is pretty easy. While at home or other designated Wi-Fi location, the app’s screen shows your pet within a shaded circle indicating the approximate range of the Wi-Fi router. You can set up the app to send you an alert, test or email when your pet goes in or out of Wi-Fi range. If you open the app while your pet is beyond Wi-Fi range, the screen will show your pet’s most recent location on a map, satellite or terrain view. You can also look at the track of any trips he or she has taken during the latest 24 hours. Location in tracking mode updates about every minute. In addition to showing your pet’s location in either Location or Tracking mode, your location (cell phone location) is also shown on the screen, giving you an idea of how far away your pet is, and what direction to go to find him/her. There is also an Activity mode to give you a sense of how many minutes of exercise your pet is getting each day. Finally, the app shows you the percentage of battery charge remaining and sends an alert if the battery charge is low. If the unit is on the charger, the app will also send an alert when it’s fully charged.
Though I haven’t had a reason to call Whistle’s customer support, I did email them with a question that wasn’t answered in their website’s FAQ’s and received a very understandable response within a few hours and an offer to take care of the issue. When I didn’t respond over the weekend, I received a second email reminding me that they would fix things if I wanted them to. That’s pretty good customer service in my book. Though it’s difficult to tell from a couple of brief interactions, I have the sense that the folks at Whistle not only care about their customers, but their customers’ pets, too.
There is a subscription charge of about $8 a month, if purchased annually, to cover the cost of cellular service to communicate between the tracking unit and your cell phone. For me, $8 is a small price for peace of mind when my four-pawed friend goes wandering. Particularly, if I can catch him. Note, the cellular service Whistle uses has nothing to do with the cellular provider you use for your mobile phone, so it works regardless of which company supplies you with cell service. One $8 subscription allows multiple pets and multiple “owners”—other family members or friends.
All in all, this is one heck of a product. I heartily recommend it, and give it a 5-star rating.
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on March 3, 2017
I initially gave this product a very negative review. I was testing it out in my condo and it often times couldn't find the device or took a very long time. I turns out that my bottom floor brick condo is very close to being a dead zone when it comes to data and cellular reception. I get a signal on my phone but it is very weak. When using the device in more typical situations it performed exceptionally.
I'd like to add that when there are a lot of competing products one of the things that separates one from the others is the customer service. The customer support I received from Whistle was far and beyond what I'm used to.
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on April 25, 2017
Totally mixed review. I think if you have a super strong cell signal where you live, this will work great. If not, it's sketchy. We're sketchy. First let me tell you how I use this (and don't use this) so you can judge this review: I live in a fairly remote location and just want to know where my dog goes when he "wanders off" for too long while I'm working and he's out with me. This usually means he's following deer, rabbits, squirrels, etc., that can take him miles away in no time - Urban/suburban dog owners please close your ears & don't hammer me about "irresponsibility" with my pet - it's a different world. I promise not to judge you on what I think about dogs being kept inside or in a crate all day. So, anyway, the ONLY feature I care about is the GPS tracking (not the wi-fi range, the activity tracker, the health aspects, yada yada yada - can't comment on those). When the GPS works, it's great. When it doesn't, it might be more frustrating than having nothing, because you expect the technology to work consistently. I've gone over an hour with it not being able to pick up his collar. What's really frustrating is that it ALWAYS picks up my location (cell phone) in an instant. I guess maybe I just need to get him a cell phone. But the fact that they let you track his progress, not only from the "Home" location, but relative to you, is a really smart idea. Kudos to the design team. Not so much for the execution team. As an engineer, I understand that they probably had to make a compromise between unit size and battery power; but the one they chose is the wrong one for me.

UPDATE 6/27/17: So, after 60 more days of using this, most of my original thoughts still stand. But, unfortunately, I'd have to downgrade this to 1 Star for me. Now that all the trees have fully leafed out, the % of time that the app sees his collar is probably 5% - basically useless for me at this location. Again, the totally aggravating thing is still that it tracks my cell phone (a third party piece of hardware) accurately, within seconds, EVERYWHERE I go, ALL the time. I'd gladly pay more for a model with a higher powered transmitter, even if it was larger.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 30, 2017
The whistle is brilliant and amazing. The one star less than 5 is for a head's up. I have had every whsitle product they've made and they all work brilliantly once you know their limitations. For instance--- the last one updated tracking every 3 minutes--- now it's 90 seconds which to me is amazing but some people complain about that not being good enough. I"ve got a cat who travels up to 4 miles away from home, usually to visit other cats in the area.
The one star less is because in order to use this the 1. company tells me I need to purchase a new modem despite the one I have being currently sold by Verizon as perfectly workable. No suggestions from Whstle. Since this depends entirely on wifi to work I find it 1 star less worthy that there is not a huge ATTENTION before purchasing this as their last 3 models worked perfectly with my current wifi..2. Battery life: they've gotten a new charging station recently to improve the charger. The 5 day battery life is only if the device pretty much is sitting near the base station and your roamer is not out of it's zone. My experience is the battery life at best is 2.5 days, more like 24 hours. Let me explain. We live in a State Park. Houdini enjoys visiiting the feral cats at another house 1 mile away. I get a notice he's gone out of his zone. The map shows his exit usually on a trail leading to I can guess where. I take action and run off to the trail calling his name chasing a bag of treats wihich is likely to get his attention if he hasn't gone into feral mode which he does once he's a certain distance to the woods, meaning he's hypervigilant and acting like prey, not my pal. He won't let me too near. I just tell him to come home. 50% likelihood he will within an hour. So now he's off to his pals place. I have to decide if I'm going over to shake the treats to get him to come home on his own of course, he won't let me near him. So I push track and see he's there. I get there and push track again. ( 3 sightings now). I have to restrain myself from pushing track again because he doesn't let me catch him and I know he hears me. I go home and push it again and see he is in fact on his way home or I push it later and see he's going even further afield back to his old house territory. I wait until morning. At this point the tracker even with this limited use is at 57% capacity. I push track to see where he is, travel to get him and push it again. A third time is required to pinpoint him. I try to cajole him then leave. Later in the evening if he isn't home on his own I push to see where he is. At this point we're at 20% capacity. By the third morning there is maybe 4% battery left. This gives me peace of mind to know where he is and he'll probably be on his way home on his own. So usually I use it to just let him out and stay close to the phone so I can retriev him immediately the second he leaves his zone which usually works great. I give whistle triple A plus for this. Another fabulous side effect that others have mentioned also is I am 100% positive that when he is remote-- more than a mile away and I push locate at night that he totally knows the lighting up of the device is a sign I am looking for him. I am positive because he is conditioned to know that when it turns on in the dark there is a high likelihood wherever he is that shortly afterwards I will show up calling his name and looking for him. So the light going on is associated with me and our relationship. I got this device because 2.5 years ago my cat would go out at night and I tracked that he was out 60% more than in. He disappered for two weeks and had taken up residence at the local arboretum -- people were feeding him, planning on trapping him and taking him home-- he is microchipped but they may not have bothered to get him checked. The whistle was instrumental in my being able to train my cat to come home, to stop travelling to certain places and break the cycle of his going towards feral or being taken. He is a Norwegian Forest Cat and his nature is to be in the forest but he is also a loving family companion very very very happy at his home. He looks ratty and miserable when he's been out for longer than 2 nights ( this happens once every 4 months now) so I know the whistle helps keep him safe. Be patient and learn it's limitations and you and your cat may appreciate its brilliance as we do. My only real complaint now is that we are moving to New Zealand for a year and I dont' know what I'll do without whistle in New Zealand. The customer service, too, is truly awesome. Yes it has limitations, you know they can't find your pet for you but they sure genuinely express a willingness to do anything in their capacity to help and show genuine concern. Most reps have pets and know the product, too. Photo included of Eric the White with his whistle tracker.
review image
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 9, 2017
This is a great concept, small, easy to set up and use except for one thing, it doesn't work very well. This is my second device and once again very disappointed. It gives false alerts and once my dog leaves the area it can take up to 10 minutes to notify me, the area my dog is in could be a hundred yards off or more according to the map on my phone. The customer service tells me that there is a weak AT&T signal in my area but I don't
buy it. Now for the really bad part, the customer service is as Very,Very bad and that is being polite. I have contacted them at least 5 times and it is a minimum wait on the phone 30-50 minutes. I sent an email request to resolve a problem and it took 7 days to get a response which did not help in any way. When I called today they said it would be 48-72 hours for tech support to get back with me, so here I am with a unit that doesn't work and waiting for days. I expressed my concern to the customer service gal and it was obvious she could care less, not even an insincere "sorry"
If Whistle came up with a unit that worked I would be the first to buy one but for now I will wait for them to get back with me with another song and dance.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 22, 2017
The strap connecting the tracker to the collar broke within an hour of use. The manufacturer is aware of the issue and already working on a more durable strap.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 2, 2017
Fell off on first day with our dog walker, collar attachment was still in place. We were unable to pinpoint it's location, waste of time and money. Customer service offered 10% off a new one, no thank you. The GPS tech is predicated on it's ability to STAY ON THE DOG (ours is 24lbs, cant imagine a larger dog shredding this thing). Dear Generic "Kevin and I'm the Director of Customer Experience at Whistle" please don't insult me further with propaganda post.
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on May 6, 2017
Prior to upgrading to Whistle 3, I had used the prior (Tagg) model for a few years. I purchased the Whistle 3 primarily because I wanted faster alerts when my dog leaves the 'Whistle Zone'.

For this purpose, it has delivered. Here's what I've seen by upgrading:

* The Tagg model would take 7 minutes+ to send an alert when my dog leaves the house. The Whistle 3 has cut that down to about 1-2 minutes. This is EXACTLY what I wanted.
* Multiple home zones. Because this uses WiFi instead of a base station to determine when your pet is home and the tracker can go into power-save mode, you can set multiple "Places". This is useful if there's somewhere you frequently take your pet, like a friend or family member's house.
* Battery life is as good if not better than previous models, despite the smaller size. The longest I've let it go without charging is 5 days and it was still at 60% charge. My preference would be faster alerts over battery life, but they seem to have done a very good job balancing both.
* The size of the tracker is significantly smaller and lighter than previous versions. The smaller your pet is the more of a benefit this will be.
* Trips are logged in the app by showing a map of each journey outside the home zone. Location points seem like they update about every 5 minutes for that feature. Not something I needed, but pretty cool to see.

One thing that is missing:
* They no longer support tracking via the website or by replying to text alerts; you have to use the mobile app. This isn't a huge deal for me because I rarely used those features, but it was nice to know they were available if I needed them.

I give this 5 stars because it delivered the faster notifications that I wanted. I'm very happy with the purchase.
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on July 2, 2017
 WHISTLE 3 WORKS LIKE A CHARM! With 4 terrible scent hounds [and occasionally my brother's black lab] and a farm filled with deer to chase, I needed to do something to help keep track of my dogs. Whistle 3 is small and lightweight and fits on a harness/collar, without my dog's notice. I only have one (1) Whistle 3 - attached to the slowest hound [a Basset Hound] and because the other three (3) dogs are also scent hounds, albeit a bit more agile and quick paced [Blue Tick Coonhound, Redbone Coonhound, & Beagle], they tend to stick together. In one (1) month of use, Whistle 3's GPS Tracking has tracked my loose dogs with 100% success, and that's tracking 1-2x per day [on average].

Also in one (1) month, the device has clearly suffered "wear & tear." To be fair, my dogs are NOT dainty, indoor-only dogs, with monthly grooming appointments and sparkly jewel-embellished collars. They are instead, typically covered in either and/or all: goat and/or geese droppings; dead fish [which they are particularly found of rolling in]; swamp mud; hitchhikers [a type of plant burr]; and/or uncontrollably slobber [a prize earned only after a 4-hour deer chase involving also, 4-hours of constant, full-volume baying [hound dog term for "howl"]. As a result, the Whistle 3 device is marked up with dents and scratches. The rubber piece that secures the device to the collar has ripped, requiring me to have to get creative with attachment & detachment. That's really the only issue I've experienced thus far with Whistle 3.

Wifi switches to GPS back to Wifi as designed. The GPS tracking is EXTREMELY accurately. For me, the battery lasts for only one (1) day [the website advertises "an average of 7-days"], but my dogs are constantly out of wifi reach, but I've never had it die during the day, which is all I need. I just put the charger next my bed and let it charge overnight.

A VIDEO of my Whistle 3 in use is attached to this review. Feel free to check it out.
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on October 15, 2017
Our 10 yo indoor/outdoor cat went missing for three days while we were out of town. (We had a person coming to the house each day to feed the cat, but the cat has a cat window.) When he went missing we had no idea where to begin to search for him. We didn't know where he spent his time when he went out at night. Bad owners! We hired a sniffer dog and prepared flyers to saturate the neighborhood, when the cat showed up under a bush by our house.
When he found him he was almost dead from an extensive subcutaneous infection in his back from numerous pin point bite wounds. After three operations and 2 1/2 months confinement to the house to allow healing of his wounds and multiple incisions, including a big dehiscence, he is back to going outdoors.
We bought this GPS to monitor his movements. We have only had it for just over a week. The GPS is nice and small and light and doesn't bother my 12 lb cat at all. You have to buy your own collar.
It was a nuisance to get it hooked up to my home wifi, but, I have a somewhat complicated system. But, it took a lot of phone restarts to get it to work. But, don't get discouraged. It will work.
Once working, it is very good. The tracking mode works fine when I am awake. When I am asleep, I can just leave the app on at night and if the cat goes out at night, the next morning I can see where he went. Over the next few weeks, we will be able to see just where he goes after dark (He stays close to the house during the day.) and, even if the GPS fails, we will know where to look if he doesn't come back.
I am a techophobe in some respects. I resisted for years getting a cell phone, and then resisted for years getting a smart phone. Now, I can't imagine not having a smart phone. Same for this GPS collar. Having used it, it's hard to imagine letting your cat out at night without a GPS collar.
Battery life is no issue.A charge lasts several days at least and re-charges pretty quickly.
UPDATE-- LOST COLLAR: Working great. However, the cat came back without his collar while I was out of town. The battery in the GPS died after four or five days. When I got back, the app showed the last location of the GPS before the battery died. Considering the big gray circle of uncertainty the app shows for the location, I was doubtful I would find it. I took my cell phone and put myself exactly on the same spot as the GPS (I had to turn restart the app a couple of times to make it update my position more quickly.) I looked over the terrain. From a nature cam I used to track some of his movements, I know he likes to travel on dry stream beds and look under overhangs and into drain pipes. Within 15 feet of where I was standing, I spotted the collar with the GPS lying in the stream bed. Luckily, it hadn't rained hard since the battery died and so it wasn't washed downstream. The GPS is happily charging up as I type this.
Lovin' this thing.
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