Customer Reviews: White Collar: Season 4
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on July 17, 2012
Neal and Mozzie are on the run with the money from the Nazi art theft (one assumes) and limited choices of places to hide that meet their demanding standards. Peter is looking for Neal to bring him back safely and to reinstate Neal as Peter's partner, but unfortunately a bounty hunter from within the system is also looking for Neal. Who finds Neal first and how as well as the revelation of where he and Mozzie hid is the meat of the episode, along with a thwarted local romance for Neal, a cute kid as helper and another long-time fugitive as the boss of the island as spicy sub-plots.

White Collar reinvents itself with this episode after a somewhat lackluster third season, I only hope that the show can keep the pace if Neal reunites with Peter. All in all though recommended to fans of the show and the suggestion that newcomers should start with Season One dvds or streaming.
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on September 20, 2012
Neal is a great character because he is both good guy and bad guy. He works with the FBI, but the viewer knows that he and Mozzy still hold all of the Nazi art - a fact Peter isn't aware of, but that strains credulity, especially after Neal and Mozzy were living large incognito in the season premiere so best that the viewer ignores that entirely.

In this episode, Neal and Peter host a panel at an FBI conference detailing why their partnership works and why Peter chose him. In a sweet scene, especially given the tension of late between Peter and Neal over the disappearance of Sam, Peter tells Neal that he chose him to be his partner because he liked him - hopefully making Neal feel at least a little guilty about all the ways he is deceiving Peter. The con of the week is fair this week. The real action centers on Sam, just who he is and what the truth is about Neal's father and the crimes that tore Neal's family apart when he was a child. Peter is convinced that Sam isn't who he says he is and tries to convince Neal to let him help. Instead, Neal and Mozzy con Peter. Peter is really very patient with all of Neal's shennanigans. In the final scene, it is revealed who Sam really is but the bigger questions about the past remain unanswered. A good episode of White Collar after a very solid season. I will be watching the next half of the season with interest.
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on September 13, 2012
Excellent writing, ever-inventive story lines, fine acting, characters who simultaneously amuse and make you care about them--in short, good old-fashioned storytelling.
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on May 10, 2013
We have followed all four seasons and find that the characters remain consistent, the story lines are intriguing, and there is not an overemphasis on sex or violence. The inter-relationship between the three main characters is funny, poignant and suspenseful and each episode leaves you wanting to see the next one. We wish there were more shows like this!!
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on October 1, 2012
White Collar is the best show on TV, I just wish they didn't take a break from filming so there would be more episodes and less wait! Great story line, awesome characters and flawless acting... it doesn't get much better. Neal Caffrey is the prime time James Bond.
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on November 24, 2013
White Collar season four is an improvement over the subpar season three but is still not as good as the first two seasons. The season starts out strong with a two parter filmed in Puerto Rico, showing Neal and Mozzie living the high life (sort of) and Peter going way out on a limb to find them and warn them of a ruthless FBI agent on their trail. This was followed by a semi humorous but poignant return to New York episode where Peter faces the consequences of his actions, while naturally Neal and Moz are unscathed. After those episodes, there is a very interesting one involving a political fixer who can creep out even Neal, let alone Jones and Diana. Peter is the one who stands his ground although there is ominous foreshadowing ahead for the agent. Lots of humor in this episode, though, a White Collar staple when all is running well. In an hilarious segment, Peter and Sara are posing as an amorous couple, being coached by no less than Neal and Elizabeth. It's all for the case but it is so funny.

The rest of the episodes are okay, but not great. This season's theme is the search for Neal's father and we learn more background about the con man. This might have been more exciting season two rather than four. As it is, the chemistry between Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay (who is, after four seasons, finally getting pictured on the cover) is more than good enough to make you forgive some rather ho hum plots.

All in all, a good but not really memorable White Collar season.
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on March 7, 2013
I watched seasons 1 through 4 in 1 week. saw a trailer one day while at work and decided to watch. seasons 1 through 3 were available on netflix, but not season 4. purchased season 4 from amazon. loved, loved, loved it. neal caffrey is gorgeous, smart and very charismatic. i can also see him playing christian grey in the fifty shades movie. i really and truly love the white collar series. it's exciting and at some points nail biting, so it did not disappoint. recommend anyone watch it!!!
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on February 23, 2013
Neil, Mozzie, Peter and the rest of the team are SO wonderful! Neil is just yummy, brilliant and funny. Mozzie is hysterical and also very brilliant. Peter... who couldn't love Peter? He's such a solid guy. This series is void of foul language so the entire family can enjoy it together. There is no excessive violence and no unnecessary creepiness.

The only problem with this series... it isn't available often enough!!! We have seen every single show and can't hardly wait for the next episode. And this from a family who doesn't watch 'TV' shows hardly at all. One single show and we were hooked! Watch it and you will be, too!
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on March 24, 2013
This review is mainly for those who are already familiar with the show-- if you're new, you may catch on but as is true with most shows some of the jokes, relationships, and plot reference earlier seasons. It might be best to start at season 1 or alternatively (if a rebel who dislikes chronology) find a popular episode and see if you connect with the general premise and characters then you can go back and start at season 1.

I will try to keep the details of what happens in a general and fairly non specific fashion.

This season focuses mostly on Neal and his search for the truth regarding his father (and family). The ole nature vs nurture question. The themes are thoughtfully done and not at all simply answered.

There are many ups but also downs for our favorite pals-- being a fugitive (1), murder, breakups, secrets, blackmail, demotions, a FBI workplace shake-up, lies, and trust.

Although at times it may seem as if they are repeating the same themes (especially the trust one) Neal and Peter seem in a much better place then in seasons past. Peter explores more grey area decision-making which creates some tension in storyline. Mozzie is well Mozzie. He is especially the focus in episode 6 "Identity Crisis" and is often around in other episodes . Alex is in episode 8 "Ancient History". Sarah is not in many episodes but pops up now and again-- "Parting Shots" (4); Compromising Positions (7); "Shoot the Moon" (14) "In the Wind" (16)-- I'm sure she pops up in a few other episodes, as well. Elizabeth also makes more of a presence in the storyline -- the second half. Episodes that come to mind are: 14 and "Empire City" (13).

I gave it 4 stars b/c White Collar is one of my faves and this season was still cohesive, fun, and had thoughtful character development.
However, if I were not a fan -- there are some problem areas (though largely forgivable ones)-- Elizabeth toward the end of the season makes a choice in a way that, is to me, out of character. The season does focus more on the Neal's family corruption storyline and less on case of the week. The case of the week is still there but has less of a presence. Some of the things happening are hard for our characters to go through. And of course the perilous cliffhanger end (16). But, overall I feel hopeful for the characters and think the show is still strong. Some shows you watch for just for the characters -- but this show still has interesting coherent stories. That said, there are some instances of the writer's clearly trying to create drama-- that is implausible. The best stories are the more down-to-earth ones-- after all the show's premise is already big enough.

My top 3 favorite episodes (right now), in no particular order, are: "Parting Shots" (4), "Empire City" (13); "The Original "15"
(judged based on repeated viewing not brilliance)

I'm sure I missed a few things-- the season was split into two parts so the first half is a bit vague. I tried not to give any real spoilers--most of this can be found on a brief detailed synopsis.

Overall, I enjoyed the season and humbly recommend it.
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on February 21, 2013
this is a creative show that doesn't keep having the same story, week after week, with different characters. Each show is a great story of good over bad. The characters are really developing nicely and I love the occasional bits with Diahann Carroll ... who is still an amazing singer all these years later.

The only thing I am getting a little annoyed with is the constant, end of show cliff-hanger that hasn't been dealt with all show and then pops up at the end .... he needs to find the bad guy and "bring his dad home" already!
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