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on April 2, 2015
What a great book for the price! I would expect close to double what I paid. The photos are excellent and the book is nicely laid out and informative for those of us VU nuts. The only negative is that the print IS ABSOLUTELY INSANELY SMALL. I have no idea what they were thinking. If there is a kindle edition, that would be the way to go. I have never seen smaller type in a book. Picture trying the read the fine print on the back of a bottle of aspirin or something. Unless you have owl vision, you will need one of those plastic magnifiers to be able to read this. I saw Ritchie recently at one of his presentations at a library here in Marin and he is certainly knowledgeable. I assume the printing decisions are out of his hands, but this book will require a few bottles of the above-mentioned aspirin and the reading glass. There should be some minimum standard. Yikes! Happy reading....
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on November 17, 2014
For the most part I love everything that Richie Unterberger has done. While he maintains that his favorite band is The Beatles, his love for the Velvets shines through in such a way here that makes you want to keep the Velvets on repeat for weeks on end.

This book is what the title says it is; a day by day, or in some cases week by week, analysis of the Velvet Underground, with the bulk of the story covering the years 1965-1970, and especially the mid 60's. The print is small, and while there are plenty of awesome pictures, this is a long read. It's a terrific reference tool and it puts their career into the appropriate context. I only wish that Unterberger would have given more of his opinions in regards to specific songs.

This is not light reading, and it's not a traditional biography. But, you will get more information regarding the group from this book than any other, no question.
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on January 11, 2016
This book is HUGE. Not necessarily in length, but seeing the size made me anxious. Every time somebody saw me with this book, they assumed it was a textbook and would ask if I was in school!! I even requested to return this book but couldn't, so I had to stick with it to the end.
I am so glad I made myself read this. In all fairness, this book really is basically a Velvet Underground textbook. I've read tons of band biographies (mostly nirvana and Kurt cobain) but I realized I've never read a VU one, so it was about time. I've learned so much about them in such a short amount of time, if you've ever wanted to know about the VU, this book will not leave you with a single question. I would recommend this to any die-hard fan. Excellent work despite a couple of typos here and there.
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on November 2, 2015
How on Earth did this author come up with this many details on a relatively obscure pop music band? The depth of this book is mind numbing. You can't really read it unless you want to live through it. I'd love to see an abridged version that leaves out the less interesting ephemera. But if you want to know all there is to know, have at it. Also, docked one star for Jawbone's typically atrocious editing job. They really don't even try, and they never have.
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on January 12, 2017
Love this book so much! So much detail and love that it's formatted like a magazine. Would recommend to any VU lover!!!
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on October 4, 2016
great book about a great band and individual talents in their subsequent solo careers
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on July 23, 2014
Well written and I love the photography about story of such an amazing band.
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on May 18, 2011
to a fault this book leaves no stone unturned - more info than you would ever think you were going to know about the Velvet Underground
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on August 17, 2009
This is an incredible book! If only the print size was bigger, it's like trying to read the bottom of a loan agreement. I can't see anybody else covering this story this well. Good Job Richie!!!
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on June 15, 2009
Just received this book last week and delved right in to a very eagerly-awaited tome
on the Velvets. I'll try to boil down my issues with it as succinctly as possible: Unterberger's a very good writer, his research and attention to detail are excellent, and Jawbone's designers/artists did a bang-up job designing and packaging the volume, but why, oh why, is the proofreading and editing of this book so ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS? It's generally really, really bad, tons and tons of glaring mistakes, misspellings of names (John Cassavettes for John Cassavetes!) that are easily fact-checked online or elsewhere, and repeated text, omitted conjunctive words and phrases, and irritating substitutions like Marsh 5 (!) for an entry on Nico meeting the Roling Stones in London in 1965 that should have been March 5 (obviously). There's no excuse for a commercial publisher to let titles go to press in this sorry a form; the field is getting more and more like this, and it tends to mar an otherwise wonderful project, such as this one. Next time, guys, you have to go against the current trend towards stinginess and austerity and crack open that piggy bank and actually PAY a proofreader/copy editor to go over the manuscript as thoroughly as possible, so this type of thing doesn't keep happening. A few errors wouldn't be so bad, but when it keeps happening, seemingly in every other paragraph, it gets really irritating really fast, and interrupts one's reading experience. It also calls into question the integrity of the writing, editing and research of the author and/or publisher, even though we know in this instance that it's obviously the fault of the publishers/editors and not the author, since Unterberger has clearly delivered a solid book here, it's just that the ball was dropped, editorially-speaking, big time. I'm going to try, as a major Velvet Underground fan and scholar for many years, to keep enjoying this otherwise well-done book, although it's tough at times, given the above glaring issues, to do so. I loved Jawbone's earlier tome by Thomas Jerome Seabrook on David Bowie's Berlin period, Bowie in Berlin, which was likewise excellent but not given, as I recall, to such egregious errors and typos, and shoddy editing. Better luck next time, guys: I'd be praising this book to the skies if not for the total lack of editorial control exhibited herein. As it is, we have a "classic" book with tons of worthy material, let down by the seeming incompetence of its own publishers/editors. Not a great situation.
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