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on September 18, 2013
Leftists hates America for what conservatives has made America into. Free individuals living in a free society to make their own decisions as to where their lives take them. This fact leaves out the many that don't have the knowledge as to what freedom means. This is what leftists hate. That they, the leftists, are out of the decision loop for the whole of American society. They demand that these many that are "poor", "racially", "segregated", get what they deserve. That means the "rich" got their wealth on the backs of these "minorities", and they want governments power to confiscate most of their wealth and give it to these minorities. What the left are ignorant of is that this path of confiscation and providing creates a enslavement population that feeds on this entitlement mentality. The conservative thought is to make sure the true indigent are cared for , but the able are to make means for themselves, this action leaves out the leftists, and the reason for the hate.
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on December 8, 2015
Pretty much self explanatory, especially living in the days and times we are in now.
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on December 25, 2008
A book of truth, as honest as Pope Benedict's recent remarks about the nature of mankind and of the differences between men and women and the sanctity of that relationship.

The person who possesses even the smallest degree of true intellect can easily seen that we are racing down a path of self-destruction. Where our society and the worlds character, through nothing more than a corrupt desire for votes and a return to power and dynasty, leaves our nation seeking the lowest level of human nature possible.

The "better angels" of our nature are being drummed out of existence by a corrupt political process, even more corrupt political figures, judicial activist betraying their basic oath and responsibilities, a fallen and failed education system (all levels) and a cesspool of deviant and hypocritical entertainment industries and individuals.

We do need an "ecology of man" as the Pope has called it. An awakening of truth.

Daniel Flynn in this book proves this to be true and identifies those who would plunge the nation and the world into a chaotic mix of greed, pornographic sleaziness and debauchery. All while attacking and removing any and all safeguards, put in place for centuries, that were designed to protect against the failure of the greatest experiment ever conceived by the mind of mere human beings.

He aptly pulls aside that rotting curtain hidding the deviant political, institutionalized world around us. A world that feeds upon the condemnation of all that is right, good, prudent and righteous. Mr. Flynn proves the fact that those who practice unnatural acts and support detrimental policies will never accept truth. They have lost their ability to actually reason, to follow the party line or adhere to special interest lies or defend false studies designed to acheive only the results desired.

Critical thinking for them is the act of calling good evil and evil good and working tirelessly to see that everyone else accepts their falsehoods or is forced to accept their premise or be harassed or assaulted until they do.

In short wisdom has escaped their critical thinking abilities in order to allow them to sanctify what commons sense tells the rational person is wrong.

True common sense has been ripped from the hearts of the left, or the so-called progressives, and many democrats, and has been replaced with a logic emblematic of children following a Pied Pipper. Logic, intellect, rationality and reason have all been sacrificed in the interest of obtaining votes and power at any cost. All in the interest of putting into powerful positions those who profess and in fact insist that deviance and sinfulness be accepted as "civil rights."

Truth no longer exists within them and they could not see truth or accept it if they did find it somehow. They simply want to take all that was good, sane, holy and moral out of the American character and consciousness and replace it with their own concepts and ideologies... ignoring the lessons of history. In fine, "professing themselves to be wise...they have become fools."

It has been put forth, and the same is clear to any rational person, that politics is a circle not a straight line...and ultra progressive liberals or ultra conservatives stand at the back of this circle only one step away from one another.

If either takes one step forward they actually become what they they seem to hate the most. This is where most of the political neo-left-wing progressive liberals are today...the finatics who have taken the leash of the liberal movement. They are stepping back and forth between the Stalinists of the ultra-left and the Hitlerisms of the ultra-right. It is sad that with a media under their command, a judiciary out of control in their favor and a filthy rich entertainment industry in their hip pockets they are winning while good people do nothing.

But it is the acceptance of deviance that makes the left so dangerous for America and the world today.

Having gained all the power now in Washington democrats will rush to make this self-fullfilling destruction a reality and remove any real or true sense of liberty, freedom and "civil rights" from those who do not agree with their twisted version of right and wrong.

Congratulations to Mr. Flynn for saying in detail and eloquence what 60 percent of Americans already know in their hearts.
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on October 30, 2002
Flynn's book doesn't go into great historical and philosophical depth, but is instead more accessible to those who haven't the benefit ofa classical education (dead white males, and all that). That's all to the good. From personal experience, I can say that there isn't anything with respect to his take on the nature of Stalinist demeanor of the Left who dominate academia and their deliberate distortion of history and human nature that isn't true. Nor is he incorrect in his exposure of the Left's willingness to lie in order to achieve their aims. He is absolutely correct in his exposure of the Left's hypocisy when it come to their 'tolerance' for any ideas save for those within their own orthodoxy. In fact, we can judge the accuracy of Flynn's work by the inevitable onslaught of angry, ad-hominem attacks that some reviewers of this book will post here.
Flynn does err in that he differentitates between the Left and modern American liberals, and in doing so, grants liberals somewhat of a pass. Good intentions, as it has been said, pave the road to hell. To the extent that modern American liberals share the same ideas and goals, to the extent that liberals aid and abet the ultimate aims of the totalitarian Left they weigh no differently on the scales of justice. Ideas have consequences, and no one is exempt from them. No one. And the Left simply cannot escape from the fact that various and sundry variations of Leftist thought have been the foundation for more of the mass murder, slaughter and impoverishment than any other ideology or religious movement in the Twentieth century.
The other failing of the book is that Flynn might have engaged more of his audience had he exposed the fundamental premise of Leftist ideology - that is, that your life and the fruits of your labor do not belong to you. All else - the slaughter of millions and the impoverishment of millions more follows from that as history has so clearly and tragically shown. That's why the Left is obliged to discard reason and logic and it is why they must at all costs rewrite history. Flynn exposes the excesses of the Left without getting to fundamental reasons for their murderous mostrosity.
The final point to be made concerning this book is that Flynn, in his introduction, states that it is not possible to have a reasoned debate with those who lack the price of admission to such a debate - a respect for reason, facts, logic and the truth. Having made that statement, he fails to follow it to its logical conclusion: When your opponent's arguments all devolve to the barrel of a gun, the only possible response - if you love your life - is to answer with a gun of your own.
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on November 30, 2003
First a review about the other reviews (something I have never done or felt the need to do but in this case it is warranted) and then a review about the book.


You need to READ and then THINK and then try to COMPREHEND the book before you review it. If you did you would have found out these things. The book over and over states the difference between liberals, who DO NOT hate America and what the book defines as those on the left, WHO DO. The author continually speaks about the founding fathers and usurpation of the constitution as being a threat to America. One of his strongest points is that the first amendment must be embraced so we CAN HAVE discourse on both sides of the issues. Nowhere does he even suggest the antithesis of this.


Each study that I have read has shown the anti-podal of your belief. The higher the IQ the more likely to be conservative, while the lower the IQ the more likely to embrace liberal philosophies. Sorry Dusty, the truth hurts, try to live in reality.


1. The author encourages disagreeing with presidents and even gives a great story about Thomas Jefferson encouraging this as a staple of liberty in the book (198-199)

2. Questioning war is not anti-American, it is healthy as the author points out, what is anti-American is showing only the worst of war and claiming that this is the norm. (30, 45, 86, 129, etc)

3. Please read his book Phillip, you might understand how wrong you are.

JOESPH LINDEN & A reader from San Diego

You say he forgot to mention "slavery" Try READING these pages 9, 33-39, 61, 90-96, 126-128, 150 - 158, 178-180, 211. Flynn covers slavery comprehensively; perhaps if you had READ the book you wouldn't seem so ignorant.


You have your panties in a bunch about fascism, but if you took time to read the book you would find that Flynn attacks Fascism too. It makes sense since the book is titled "Why the LEFT hates America" that the author would go after the left's only success in governing, Fascism. For more info. READ 54-57.


Thank you for reading the book, your review was very well done. Just one comment, you wrote "While he makes a strong case that life in the U.S. is better than most developing countries, he conveniently omits almost any comparison to other industrialized nations." The argument THE LEFT has is that WESTERN civilization is worst than NON-WESTERN civilizations, what the author has done is compare America (representing the West) to non-western civilizations. This is the only fair comparison since it responds directly to the left's argument. BTW he does in many cases, go on to compare America afterwards to the likes of Japan, France, Great Britain, Germany, etc.


First of all the title is BAD and noxious; I wasn't going to read this book because of it, but I was assured by a friend that it was not malicious tripe. I was surprised the writing inside is very good, there is no malice even to those whom the author disagrees with. Instead we have a well researched and fully documented book, complete with footnotes and an index. (Something that is missing in most books from the left)

Let's get a few things clear. The author clearly delineates between THE LEFT and LIBERALS and draws a very distinct demarcation line. Once you realize who the author refers to as THE LEFT you can quickly see that it is true indeed that they seem to have a hatred of this country. The book is also quick to point out that liberals are not on the left and questioning this countries actions, or looking critically at its policies in hopes of making the US a BETTER place, is good. (This is actually one of the most even-handed books I have ever read; I sure wish the author had used a different title, I am sure the sale of this book would have gone up to those on the right, since its invective title seems to actually bait the left and turn-off those on the right.)

While the book itself is fantastic, its biggest is failure is what S Ross points out it in his review, the book does not answer the question of why does the left hate America? The book does try, but the answer itself leaves the reader wanting something more. But to be fair I don't know if the question can be that easily answerable. I think there are varied reasons for each of those on the left. Fear, greed, desire for totalitarian power, lordship all of these seem to play a role in some way with the left's maniacal need for power. Does the left hate America because it proves their theories wrong? I would say no, but they might hate America because it is stopping them in their desire for world dominance.


Excellent book, doesn't answer the main question, but the substance inside of it makes up for that.
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