Customer Reviews: Wicked Business: A Lizzy and Diesel Novel (Lizzy & Diesel)
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on June 29, 2015
Another lesson I need to learn: do not trust the best-seller lists. If someone is a best-selling author, it means absolutely nothing. I know I'll be learning English all my life, and there's no better way than reading acclaimed authors, who are famous for their writing skills and vocabulary. So, when I saw that best-selling author Janet Evanovich's book was on sale for just $1.99, I thought I couldn't lose an opportunity to learn from her. She has so many bestsellers, she has to be great, right?

This book was painful. So painful I had to force myself to keep reading. Do it, I told myself. Even if you don't like the plot, just keep reading it as a textbook. But that was hard. I have long stopped enjoying Stephen King novels, but I still read them as textbooks. But reading Wicked Business wasn't giving me anything. I wasn't learning anything, I wasn't becoming better, wasn't writing down new words into my notepad, wasn't stumbling upon great sentences. This book only wasted my precious time. Letting it abuse my mind, I reached the 50% point and knew I couldn't keep going. Nothing was happening. There were just some random characters talking, sleeping, eating, cooking, talking, walking, eating, shopping. I swear I'm not exaggerating. I know this was the second book in the series, but it's not like something was happening there, and I couldn't understand what because I hadn't read the first one. Absolutely nothing was happening in this book apart from talking, sleeping, eating, and talking again. But how is this even possible? How could this book become a best-seller?

There was a cat named Cat. There was a monkey named Carl. Sometimes they hissed and leered at each other. There were some women doing something. Yes, doing something. There was a Lizzy, who couldn't decided if she had to sleep with a guy named Wulf or a guy named Diesel. They discussed it a lot. They went to places, they talked, they ate, they went to places. At 50% point I knew I couldn't keep reading. Life was flowing out of me. I can't remember ever doing this, but I skipped. Yes, I skipped. I thought I'd just read the last two chapters to see if anything exciting would happen. And you know what? I skipped them, too!

There was a very, very lame action scene, some fire, and some more lame action that happened while our protagonist was unconscious and we saw nothing of that. I honestly think it was for the better. Reading this book, I felt like Miss Evanovich had a deadline, had to give a book to her publisher, so she patched up some words and sentences, and thought she had a book to publish and sell. I don't know how this book is a best-seller, along with other books by this author, but I know I will never in my life touch a Janet Evanovich book. Not even if my life depends on it. Just no.
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on June 26, 2012
I only recently discovered the Plum series and loved those books so much I tore through all 18 in a matter of weeks! I quickly discovered that as the series wore on, the author was relying more on old gags and immature humor rather than solid plot. The first Lizzy and Diesel book changed that perception - I found it funny, fresh and exciting, more like the older Plum novels. Not so for the second in the new series. It has a good premise, what could be more interesting and potentially giggle-inducing than the Lust stone? But nothing was done with it, there was no lust to speak of, there was really no important character interaction at all between Lizzy and Diesel. It felt like they did the same thing about five times in the book - magically pull a clue out of a premise that really made no sense, steal something, drive to Boston to investigate and find a new clue, then find out it all was for nothing since Wulf beat them to it but keep doing what they were doing anyway. "Wicked Appetite" felt like the same plot with not as much effort...when I got to the end I was left scratching my head, thinking "where's the rest of it??" It really felt like Evanovitch couldn't be bothered to even finish the story, let alone tie up the many loose-ends. And this wasn't left open-ended as in it's part of a continuing series, this was more like the author couldn't come up with any creative or interesting ways to wrap it she didn't. And the bonus content in the ebook was a joke - I really wasn't all that interested in knowing what the various areas around Boston looked like, I don't think the setting added that much to the story and maybe if Evanovitch had spent more time on plot and character development and less on cribbing pictures from Google Images - the darn novel might have been better!
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on August 24, 2012
What a HUGH disapointment!!!! I can read one of Janet's books in a day and this book has been three weeks and I am still only 55% finished and do not even care if I EVER finish this book. I am only coming back to it because of the high price I paid. Do NOT waste your time or $$$$ if you are a fan of hers.
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on November 29, 2012
It was a bit of a slow start and the writing was a little choppy, but this novel was a marked improvement on Wicked Appetite, with a more thought out plot line and better pacing of action and suspense. My buy in was a lot higher this time, meaning I actually cared somewhat about what happened. I felt more connected to the characters and found the sequence of events able to hold my attention. Wulf is starting to become a more fleshed out character and I enjoyed the different dynamic in the group of characters when a new more potent villain was introduced. Over all I am much happier and the Lizzy & Diesel series has won a sort of reprieve. With some reservation I plan on reading the next book- with tempered hopes of it improving even more- instead of abandoning the series like I planned if I didn't see enough progress.

For the full review and others visit whymsylikesbooks dot blogspot dot com
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on April 23, 2013
Did you read and enjoy Janet Evanovich's book "Wicked Appetite" where we met newcomer Lizzy Tucker who had just moved to town to work in a bakery making the most gorgeous sounding cupcakes only to discover she holds a supernatural talent and landed with Diesel - her new supernatural partner , Carl the monkey and Wulf - a bad guy and Diesel's cousin. Lizzy has been paired up with Diesel to find the Seven Stones that represent the Seven Deadly Sins and destroy them otherwise all hell will break out on earth and literally too. In Book #1 we saw Lizzy and Diesel find the Stone of Gluttony and now in Wicked Business the pair must find the Stone of Lust. Though this one is working out a bit harder than the first as the original owner has turned up dead - it looks like suicide to the normal human eye but to Lizzy and Diesel it smells like murder and not by a human either. With the key in Lizzy's possession it's a race for the clock to retrieve the Stone of Lust before it falls into the wrong hands of Wulf and his renaissance sidekick who dresses like a Shakespeare wannabe.

I personally didn't enjoy this one as much as Wicked Appetite and I am not sure whether to accredit it to the fact that it was a bit slow for my liking or to the fact that I have been reading alot more of Janet Evanovich than I had in the past when I read the first book.
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on January 15, 2013
Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich is the second romantic-mystery in her hilarious new Wicked series. The books follow Diesel, the man with unmentionable powers that was first introduced to use in the Stephen Plum books, and his partner Lizzy Tucker, a cupcake baker that also posses the power to detect enchanted objects, as they roam Salem in search of the 7 SALIGIA stones that represent the 7 sins. Their search for the stones get complicated by Diesel's cousin Gerewulf Grimorie (Wulf), who also has unmentionable powers and is searching for the stones; Steven Hatchet, Wulf's minion that also has the power to detect enchanted objects; Lizzy's job at the bakery and life in general.
In this book we find Lizzy enjoying a day off from work when Diesel appears in her house set to sweep her off onto their last adventure. He whisks her away to a murder scene where Diesel's pet money Carl finds the first clue setting them chase to track down the Luxuria stone (lust) before Wulf can get his hands on the stone. To find the stone they must unravel a set of magically set clues that can only be deciphered by someone one with a certain purity. The problem is that neither Diesel nor Lizzy have what it takes to decipher the clues. They are forced to enlist the help of Lizzy's co-worker Glo, who think she has wizard tendencies, since she can decipher the clues. Involving Glo makes matters more complicated with her spell casting that usually doesn't work out the way they are intended. If dealing with Glo's spell-casting and trying to stay ahead of Wulf and Hatchet wasn't enough now they have the mysterious Anarchy, another person with unmentionable powers, vying for the stone.
Anyone that enjoys mystery, romance, fiction or just a good humorous book will enjoy reading Wicked Business. You will find that once you pick up the book you will have a hard time putting it back down. The action is fast paced and the situations will keep you laughing. The only problem you may have with the book is that is over way too soon and leaving you wanting more.
Once again with this book Ms. Evanivich shows why her style of mixing mystery, romance, humor and eating has kept her at the top of the bestseller list.
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on July 19, 2012
I pre-ordered this Audio CD for the commute and I think some books are more enjoyable in that format and this was the case with this. Lorelei King did a very nice job of creating all characters and keeping the story moving at a nice pace. I was disappointed at first, because it initially was far too repetetive, in an attempt by the author to set up the story from the first book for anyone who had not read it, but it actually would loose many readers of a book in print, if they had read the first in the series. It was hastily and slopily done.

Once the story actually unfolded it was entertaining enough, and one of the features I always like about Janet Evanovich is when there is a portion that can make me chuckle out loud. I was not disappointed on this point, in more than one location. I plan on keeping this and relistening to both the first book and this one, before donating them to my workplace library for others to enjoy. The true question would be whether I would put out the cash to purchase another in the sequel? I'm not really too sure of that. I truly enjoy Diesel but the stories need to have more substance to them to succeed.
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on March 26, 2013
I'm a long term Evanovich fan, especially the Plum books, and have read most of what she has written. So far the Wicked books are a bit of a disappointment. The characters are pretty good and parts of this story are entertaining, but it just lacks the spark that the Plum books had - especially the ones around 4-6. Those entertained so much that I actually laughed out-loud repeatedly while reading. I loved those characters, Stephanie, Joe, and Ranger especially, so much that I looked forward to the next book so I could visit them again. Sadly, this doesn't happen for me with the Wicked series. The price being charged for these books (including the most recent Plum books) just isn't justified by what you get. There are a lot of books available that are equally or more entertaining at way lower prices.
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on June 28, 2012
I loved the first book in this series so I didn't even read the first few pages before purchasing it. Boy, am I sorry. I forced myself to read the whole book in a vain hope that the book would improve. No. There were flat characters, boring plot, and no humor. I will be looking carefully at the next in the series before chancing a purchase. My recommendation is not to bother buying this one.
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on July 12, 2012
Please stop with the inane drivel that she calls novels! These stories have to be a read for someone without a brain or common sense! I loved the Plum series up to about 11 and then it was the same thing over and over and over........... Writers HAVE to know when to stop!!!!!!
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