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on November 3, 2015
Tobias Sammet somehow manages to produce extremely consistent albums. If you have listened to one of his albums, and liked it, you'll probably enjoy most of everything else he does on the whole. With most bands I'll like a few of their songs, or one of their albums, and that'll be it. With Tobi, it's pretty much the other way around. That isn't to say he's not flexible, it manages to stay fresh, in my opinion. My favorite tracks from Angel of Babylon include "Stargazers", "Down in the Dark", "Alone I Remember", and "Promised Land". From Wicked Symphony, they include "Wicked Symphony", "Blizzard on a Broken Mirror", "Runaway Train", and "Black Wings".

I don't know if my copy was a fluke, but there are a variety of errors on the disc for Angel of Babylon. Nearly every song on the disc had a skip at the end that shouldn't have been there, and then repeated the last few seconds. It made it practically impossible to listen to, so I had to find a good recording of it from another source. I don't know if perhaps my copy was just messed up, or if it might have been the seller doing something gimmicky, but just thought I'd say that because it was frustrating.
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on May 13, 2013
I've know about this band for a number of years now, but I literally just started listening to them a coup'la weeks ago w/the stellar "The ScareCrow" from '08, & this, the 2nd part of the trilogy that started w/'ScareCrow' is almost as equally amazing too! Tobias Sammet is just an amazing & passionate singer, w/this band/project & his own band EdGuy-I saw them open for Kamelot in '08 at B.B. Kings in N.Y.C., & it was my 1st time ever seeing EdGuy, & they just blew me away w/their live show! I even met Tobias Sammet after the show too, & got my pic taken w/him & he autographed my ticket as well. He was a really down to Earth & cool dude! He didn't come across as rude, nor arrogant-genuinely nice guy! He patiently talked to & signed LOADS of EdGuy & Avantasia CD's & merch for fans. I also met Casey Grillo that night too, & got y pic w/him & my gf, & his autograph as well.

Anyway, back to the review: :P
The only song on here that I'm kind of not too sure about is "States Of Matter", despite the phenomenally talented Russell Allen of NJ Prog Metallers Sym X on lead vocals on this track, the lyrics just seem to not connect w/the rest of the CD, & I just don't get it is all. Maybe after some more spins in my BR player, I will? I don't know. But, the rest of the album is just amazing! Some awesome contributions on here from the likes of the aforementioned Allen as well as Tim "The Ripper " Owens (ex. Priest, Iced Earth, Beyond Fear,...) on the Speed-Metall-y "Scales Of Justice" which just is right up Tim's alley. It was nice to hear him singing something new-er, as I LOVED his contribution to the 2 CD's he sang on for Iced Earth (too bad Jon Schaffer screwed him over BIG time!-he'd be a much better replacement for Barlow-AGAIN-then a Death Metal grunter!), as well as his singing for Priest & more recently his own band Beyond Fear.

Jorn Lande-(ANOTHER phenomenal singer!)-& Michael Kiske also sang their lungs out on this too! I was never a fan of Helloween, I just always found them to be cheesy, but Kiske's voice is just awesome! Not tom mention The Scorps's Klaus Meine giving it his all on "Dying For An Angel" in a passionate ballad duet w/Sammet.

I wish that they had noted which sections were sung by which guest vocalists though, as some who appeared on this album, well, I'm not familiar w/their work, nor their voices, I'd just like to know who's who, as many guest singers collaborated on the same song(s) & Jorn Lande on the title track sounds quite a bit like Russell Allen-well, to me anyway-& I've been listening to Sym X since '03. I've only heard the CD once since I got the other day, so I can't do a song-by-song breakdown w/a more explicit review of this album, but suffice it to say that if you love melodic Symphonic Power Metal w/soaring, passionate vocals, great melodies & harmonies, as well as some killer guitars & drums coming from such talents as Eric Singer & Bruce Kulick of KI$$, Sasha Paeth (long-time Kamelot producer), & a guy named Miro who did orchestration on here & who's done work on just about EVERY Kamelot CD, then you will LOVE this band!

There are other contributors but names I am not familiar w/. & for background vocals there is Amanda Somerville, & Cinzia Rizzo, plus Robert Hunnecke who have also done some greta background vocals & vocalizations on several Kamelot CD's as well.

Tobias Sammet just seems to keep getting bigger & bigger w/this band/project, & it seems as though Avantasia is even surpassing his original/current band EdGuy in terms of fame & recognition. But, luckily he is still involved w/them, as they are a kick-ass metal band in their own right.

I have since bought part III of this trilogy "Angel Of Babylon", which I have yet to hear, but saw the vid online for "SleepWalking" w/the gorgeous voiced Cloudy Yang doing a duet w/Sammet, & it's just a gorgeous power ballad! I can't WAIT to hear the rest of that CD too! I REALLY hope that one day Tobias Sammet brings his 'Metal Opera' to the USA for a FULL Headline tour, as that would be just AWESOME! Especially if he can manage to gather most, if not all of the vocal talent that contributed to CD, on the songs they'd play live to tour the USA w/them. I gotta get the rest of their catalog now, & next up is their Live DVD/CD set, as I watched the live vid for "ScareCrow" from that Live DVD, &n it was just killer! Even better than the studio version. & the "Twisted mind" from it as well-it's just too bad that they couldn't get Khan to do his parts on that song live too. But, it's KILLER nonetheless!

So, just get it if you are into this style like I said above, you will not be disappointed! \m/ \m/
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on June 7, 2010
The music on this release has received detailed analysis in other reviews. Both albums are great, and I think they will grow on me over time. Since I discovered Tobi's music last year, I've purchased almost everything he's done - Edguy, Avantasia, other side projects, and guest appearances. I love the guy.

I just wanted to warn folks to avoid cheaper versions of this package. I thought I'd found a great deal on the Deluxe Edition ("12 new from $29.99"), but what I recieved was 2 cheap digipacks and no code for bonus content - NOT the hardbound deluxe edition that I was expecting. I don't know if it was a bootleg, but there were glue strings from the digipacks stuck to the faces of the CDs, and the carboard was very thin with visible scoring marks on the edges.

While I would have purchased both of these CDs separately, I wouldn't have paid $64 for the fancy version anyway. Once I removed the glue, I was mostly satisfied.

I got what I paid for.

For anyone who DOES need the hardcover books and bonus material, stay away from the $29.99 version!
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on October 24, 2012
The double album deluxe edition is really good choice for people who know and like the Avantasia style. It's cheeper to buy this box than "The Wicked Symphony" and "Angel of Babylon" separately. And you have also 40 pages booklet with documentary and photos about "The Wicked Trilogy".
Music is great as in all Avantasia albums.

But, the box itself and digipacs in it are poor. The materials used for them are cheap. After few times of using I have scratches on the box and the paint from digipacs are gone in some places.

Anyway, I can still recommend this item because of the music, the booklet (wich is well made) and the price.
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on January 10, 2011
My co-worker and I have been sharing music, she turned me onto this band. I instantly loved it. I now own many of their albums. Great combination of harmonizing, heavy metal and symphonic metal. If you like fantasy baised music this album is for you.
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on October 11, 2017
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on May 6, 2010
Tobias has prepared a special CD set here. It's literally two hours of non-stop awesomeness! I cannot stress enough that every song on both albums are of the highest quality. Doesn't matter if you buy the Deluxe set or buy them both individually, so long as you buy them both. Don't deprive yourself of this epic set. There is something here for everyone. My life has truly been enriched by this music.

Keep Rockin!
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on January 9, 2013
First off, the CD was great and the actual disc was brand new. But the CD was conditioned as "New" and "Factory Sealed" yet when I got it, the CD case was cracked and the cover fell off. A little misleading, but at least the actual disc was brand new and without a crack. Perfect for the price, but not meant for a collection.
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on March 4, 2013
What can I say? It's an Avantasia album, so you're guaranteed a good listen. Like most, if not all Avantasia songs, they're extremely catchy and the musician ship is amazing. Not much to say (well, not really, I just don't want to take awhile), but GET THIS ALBUM! NOW!
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on October 21, 2015
Great album, although I think it's my least favorite Avantasia album.
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